Gnip Gnop Anyone?

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Anita’s birthday party was in full swing and the guests were having a wonderful time. The fire was crackling in the large fire pit, and the smell of cooking meat wafted through the air. Pork, fish and beef mixed and filled the nostrils of those already digging into the salads and appetizers laid out on the table.

They were a lively bunch, some family, some friends and some lovers. Such was the case between Gem and Dean. They had only recently started seeing each other, but they had known each other for more than two years now. They were both involved with other people when they met, and they instantly grew close. Now both single, they rekindled the friendship.

They met a couple of weeks earlier, and immediately fell into each other’s arms, beginning their own adventures together, yet Dean anxiously waited for the perfect moment to tell her that he had fallen in love with her.

Carol and Mitch were also another couple at the party. Carol was Gem’s sister, and her and Gem roomed with Anita at the large house that housed the birthday party. Both Carol and Mitch had been through many problems together and apart, but now enjoyed a happy life.

Anita, the woman of the hour, was still alone in her life. She did invite a fellow coworker to her own party though. This is where Ike arrived, carrying a large bouquet of flowers that he grew in his own garden. He was a taller man, well defined with brown eyes and dark hair.

He arrived a little later than the rest of the group which now stood oohing and aahing as he presented the flowers to Anita, kissing her lightly on the right cheek. Anita’s mother, Sara and Gem & Carol’s mother, Danielle along with the rest of the guests embarrassed the newcomer with their witty comments.

Anita’s children happily ran around the adults, bouncing from one person to the next, trying in vain to persuade someone to play a game of badminton with them. Finally Dean and Mitch joined them and se up a makeshift net using the front driveway’s gate. The two adults suddenly felt their age and conceded to the two youngsters.

The day passed into evening, and evening brought out the laughter and giddiness in all. Some of the group were slowly leaving, but still a handful remained, engaging in a stimulating conversation about ways of the world. Conflict erupted, so Anita quickly changed the subject to one of complete and utter silliness.

She leaned close to one of her friends.

“If you were stranded on a desert island, which three items would you like to have with you?”

The debate about articles that each person would bring was both hilarious and captivating, ranging anywhere from a dictionary to a satin robe.

More and more people left, leaving only the three couples together. Dean and Gem were huddled close together in front of the crackling fire as Carol and Mitch were inside the house upstairs preparing drinks for everyone. Anita and Ike grew a little closer, their friendship seemingly reaching newer heights.

Carol and Mitch returned gaziantep bayan escort from the house, holding the drinks for the two other couples.

“I think we’re gonna head over to Mitch’s tonight. Happy birthday Anita” said Carol, tenderly kissing Anita on the cheek.

They waited until their cab arrived and whisked the two of them away from the backyard, which was quite full earlier in the day.

Anita and Ike, Gem and Dean moved their chairs in closer to the fire and talked about their jobs. Gem was telling them how the lounge was slowly picking up and how Dean was stirring the crowd up every Saturday night. He had even managed to keep the secret relationship hidden, drawing in more of the eligible single women to the lounge.

Anita excused herself and strolled into the house. Ike and Dean walked toward the house, admiring the large wooden table next to the front porch.

“Hey! A ping pong table! Cool!” said Ike.

Gem’s eyes glistened and hugged Dean. He glanced at her and immediately knew what was to come next. Anita herself had heard Ike’s exclamation and a smile crossed her face.

“Anita? Are you up for a game of Gnip Gnop?” Gem bellowed to her roommate.

“You’d better believe it!” Anita replied, sticking her head out of her bedroom window.

The two men picked up the table and moved it over to the patio, a few feet from the fire. Anita followed behind them, her attire changed, carrying four small ping-pong paddles and six little white balls.

“The rules are simple. Place your drink on your side of the table, in the middle. You play the game trying to hit your opponents glass. Hit the glass, they take a drink. Hit the rim, they take two. But, if you sink the ball in the glass, they have to drink the entire glassful. Easy isn’t it?” Anita explained.

The two men nodded their heads and allowed the women to begin the game. The drinks flowed easily as Dean was having a streak of beginner’s luck, making the other three finish two drinks each before finishing his first. Anita was getting pretty tipsy by now and very open toward Ike. He caught on rather quickly and his moves got bolder and bolder.

As Anita was about to serve to Dean, Ike moved behind him and knelt to get himself another beer. Unfortunately, Ike missed as Anita lifted her half-shirt, exposing her small breasts, causing Dean to completely miss her serve.

The click on Dean’s glass caused an uproar between the two women, signaling that it was now Gem’s turn to step up.

“Go ahead and try that one again!” she teased Anita.

Anita took her dare and lifted her shirt once again, this time removing it entirely. She tossed the now discarded shirt on the chair behind her, and turned to face her roommate. She now stood topless to the bewildered eyes of her guests. Ike’s face broke out into a devilish grin and he moved in behind Anita, holding her by the waist.

Gem not wanting to be outdone, pulled her own shirt up and over her head, her breasts feeling the coolness of the night air on them. Dean looked at her and instantly felt the bulge in his pants grow. He looked at her, catching her eyes and slowly licked his lips. She motioned for him to come closer, and within seconds his lips were on her swollen nipples.

“Hey you two! Enough of that, we have a game to play!” yelled Anita.

Gem pulled Dean’s head back, looking down at him.

“Bossy little wench isn’t she?” she said giggling.

The game continued for awhile longer, that is until Gem decided to up the ante. She stood facing Anita, as she was about to serve and dropped her shorts. Gem’s white panties distracted Anita long enough for her to blow the little ball past her roommate.

“Game!” screamed Anita, walking around the table toward Gem.

Anita’s hands were all over Gem’s half-naked body, and Gem’s head tilted back. Dean moved over to his lover and kissed her lips as Anita worked Gem’s panties to the ground. Ike moved closer, already pulling off his shirt.

Anita’s tongue searched the folds of Gem’s moist pussy as Ike leaned over Anita and fondled her ass. Dean whispered that maybe they should move the party inside as the bars were closing down and traffic was about to get a little busy.

The four of them walked up the stairs just as the first car whizzed by, and they knew that the driver must have gotten quite the view as Gem’s naked body was in full view due to the balcony light.

Once inside, the two girls stripped the men of the last remaining clothes they wore and pushed them down on the sofa. Anita slowly removed her skirt, baring her already bare pussy. She let one finger slide between her lips, then brought it up to her lips.

“Umm, tasty.” She said.

Anita knelt between the two men, holding a cock in each hand. She gently stroked them each in turn, purring softly as Gem laid down on her back, nestling her face between Anita’s legs. Gem softly pulled on Anita’s bum, coaxing her to let herself be eaten as she played with the two men.

Anita’s hands moved quicker and quicker as Gem’s tongue slipped between the wet lips of Anita’s labia, pushing back the folds and searching for her clit. Gem’s own hands were busy, her right twisting her left nipple as her left hand felt the juices from her own pussy.

Ike was the first. Anita’s lips parted, allowing his cock to slip inside her warm mouth as she licked her way to the base. As she did so, her right hand moved up and down Dean’s shaft, matching the rhythm of her mouth on Ike’s cock. A couple of minutes passed, and her mouth was now on Dean’s.

A soft moan erupted from Anita’s lips; steadily growing louder as Gem’s tongue continued its marvelous work on Anita’s pussy. Her body rocked on Gem’s face as the first orgasm that had been building up finally took over. Gem happily licked her cum from her pussy, sending Anita over the top again.

Anita’s pace slowed down and Gem smiled at her as she moved between her roommate and the two men. She kissed Anita deeply, Anita tasting her juices on Gem’s lips.

Gem lifted herself off the floor and straddled Dean’s stiff cock, facing away from him. She lowered herself slowly, her head tilting back onto his shoulder, allowing him to kiss the exposed skin of her neck. Anita moved in front of the couple, spreading Gem’s labia with her fingers. She watched as more and more of Dean’s dick entered her roommate until it was completely inside her.

Ike got up off the sofa and took up position behind the kneeling Anita, and gently nudged her forward until her mouth was inches from Gem and Dean’s entwined sex. Her lips salivated and her tongue darted out to taste the two of them at once. She licked at Gem’s clitty, then felt Ike’s fingers behind her, spreading her own pussy.

Ike entered Anita from behind as she licked and nibbled on Dean’s swaying balls. Her pussy accepted Ike’s cock with glee, showering it with her juices. Gem bounced on her lover’s lap as Anita pushed back onto hers.

Dean felt Anita’s warm tongue sneak another lick on his balls, and the rapid movement of Gem’s pussy on his cock was more than he could withstand. He came with force, rocketing his come deep inside Gem’s wet pussy. Gem felt the explosion inside her, which sent her into her own orgasm. She bucked on her lover, her juices squirting out and Anita was there to happily taste all of it.

Ike rocked back and forth inside Anita, and when he saw Gem’s contorted face, he knew she had climaxed. He could feel as Anita’s pussy pulsed around his shaft and her tight little box was about to be filled also. Ike pushed deep into her, letting out a whimper as he unleashed his own orgasm. He filled Anita completely and even some of it slipped out, landing on the floor beneath them.

Gem lifted herself off Dean and turned to face him. She smiled and lowered her mouth to his limp cock. She licked and sucked the last drops out of him, tasting the mixture of his cum and her juices together. Ike also pulled out of Anita and collapsed on the floor behind her. She also smiled at him.

Gem and Anita looked at each other.

“No use in letting this go to waste. Wanna taste?” she pointed to Ike’s cum oozing from her pussy.

Gem pushed her roommate to the floor and straddled her face.

“Only if you want some of mine.” She replied.

The two women greedily lapped at each other’s pussy, licking and sucking the cum out of one another. Gem’s whimpers grew steadily louder and more frequent, and Dean had heard them all too often. Her back arched and her head tilted toward him. He leaned in closer to her and kissed her moist lips.

“Cum sweets. Cum for me.” He whispered.

She let herself go, letting the feeling envelop her. Anita continued to ravage her roommates pussy as the climax rocked Gem’s body and soul. Gem returned the favor, and licked Anita’s pussy until Anita’s body stiffened beneath her. The two women lay together Gem still on top of Anita, still with each other’s head by the other’s vagina, both of them smiling.

The two men looked at each other, smiled and gave each other a high five.

This would surely be a night to remember!

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