I Met My Master Online

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I stared down at my phone, I had texted him asking him to come outside so that I could find his apartment number. I met him online, only a few hours earlier. He told me to call him Mr. Hunter. He was my master. I was going to be punished for keeping him waiting.

“Behind you.” I deep voice said, causing me to jump and turn around. He was walking up behind me with grim look on his face. “This way.” He said walking past me and up the stairs. He was wearing black dress pants with a purple dress shirt and a tie. I stare at his butt as I follow him up the stairs.

We walk in to his apartment. I drop my purse by the door and slip off my heels. I follow him into the bedroom. He grabs a bottle of whiskey from the floor at takes a swig. He doesn’t offer me any. I am so nervous that I am shaking, my breath is quick, from fear or excitement, maybe from both. He closes the bedroom door and then turns to stare at me.

“Take off your dress.” He doesn’t ask. I nod, he’s my master and I must do what I am told. I slip my black leggings off first. Then I lift my dress over my head. I am standing in my bra and panties.

“Do you want me to take it all off sir?” I question hesitantly, he only asked me to take off the dress.

“Yes.” He stared down at me, desire turning in his eyes. He takes another swig off the bottle as I unhook my bra and pull down my panties. Then he sets the bottle down on the ground.

“Get down on your knees.” He demands me. I slip to my knees in front of him as he unzips his pants and pulls his semi hard cock out.

“Suck on it.” He grips my hair and pulls my mouth to him. I take him eagerly, my wet mouth glides over him and I feel him get harder. I run my tongue along him, kiss my way down his shaft and lightly suck his balls into my mouth. He starts to remove his levent escort tie and shirt and I reach up and undo his belt as I suck his cock and look up and him.He is moaning now, and I pull back a little to catch my breath.

“Did I say stop? Keep going.” He shoves himself back into my mouth. He is more forceful now, shoving himself deep into my mouth and I start to gag around him.

“You like that don’t you. Only filthy sluts like to suck cock. Are you a filthy slut?” He asks as he shoves himself even deeper inside of my mouth.

“Mmmhhmmm…” I moan out a confirmation around his cock. He pulls out of my mouth.

“Say it, tell me what a dirty slut you are, tell me how much you love my dick in your mouth.” He pulls my hair hard, forcing me to look up at him.

“I am a dirty slut, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!” I cry out. He shoves me against his bed. My knees are being scratched by the carpet and his bed frame is digging into my stomach and chest. He goes away for a second, I hear him drop his pants, then he comes back and pulls my hands behind me. I feel a rope being tied around my wrists. He is really good at tying knots, my hand are completely trapped. I get a little nervous, maybe I shouldn’t let him tie me up… But then I feel his hard cock against my ass, and I can’t help but grind my wet pussy against him.

This earns me punishment. He growls and slaps my ass, hard. I moan, and I do it again just to see if I can feel his hand against me again. It makes my pussy clench in need. He finishes the knot then grabs my hair and pulls me back around to face him. He shoves his cock back inside of my mouth, punishes me with it. I gag around it, he is so big, it’s hard to keep it all in. He pulls out of my mouth and begins to slap mecidiyeköy escort my face with his cock.

“Fucking naughty slut.” He rams his dick back in my mouth, all the way down my throat.

He pulls out of me with a groan then grabs my hair and pulls me up by it.

“Get on your feet.” He orders, I have no time and he yanks on my hair. He shoves me face first on his bed.

“Where is the lube that you were told to bring?” He asks.

“In my purse.” I groan. He lets out a frustrated sigh.

“Where is your purse?” He asks, agitated and angry now.

“In the living room.” He smacks my ass, hard, part of his hand slapping my pussy. It feels so damned good. He gets up then comes back with the lube, I can hear him rubbing it over his cock, stroking himself. He lightly rubs some around my ass, then I feel my hovering at my entrance.

“Should I give you my cock?”

“Yes, please give me your cock sir!” I cry out, I am desperate.

“Only sluts take cock up their asses. Tell me what a slut you are, tell me you want my cock up your asshole.” He demands of me.

“Please shove your dick up my ass sir! I am a dirty slut and I want it so bad!” I scream a little as he starts to shove himself inside of me. The pain/pleasure is unbearable.

“Does it hurt?” He asks me, grabbing my hair.

“A little.” I say, wincing as he slides in me a little more.

“Well to fucking bad.” He rams himself deep inside of me. I scream out and he pulls my hair back as he fucks my ass hard.

“You fucking love this don’t you, you fucking whore.” He demeans me as he leans forward and wraps his arm around my neck. My hands dig into his stomach as he pulls my neck back and begins to choke me.

“You realize that your just another asshole to fuck to kağıthane escort me don’t you? A dirty fucking slut not worth the time it would take to get you off. How do you like knowing that I am using you just for my pleasure?” He growls into my ear, his dick starts fucking me faster and harder.

His words, his cock ramming deep inside of me, his arm choking me. I moan loudly, “Please fuck me harder, make me cum. Please! Please!” His nails rake down my ass as he pounds even harder in to me. Then, with a gasp, I cum. I can feel my pussy and my ass clenching around him, my juices are running down my leg. I am screaming loudly as I cum.

“That’s it you fucking whore. Now do you want me to cum?”

“Yes sir, please cum in me!” I beg him. He slows his pace.

“I don’t know if your even worth my cum. Should I cum inside of such a filthy little slut?” He slaps my ass again as he stops choking me.

“Please! Please cum in me! I want you’re cum so bad! I want to feel you shoot inside of me! Fill my dirty little slut asshole up with your cum!” I am desperate, pleading with him now, I am close to coming again and I know that feeling him fill me up with his cum will get me off again.

“Fine you fucking whore, you will get my cum.” He starts pounding himself deep inside of me. I know I am going to be sore tomorrow. He rams deep inside of me, his nails bite into my ass as he uses me for his pleasure. He starts to moan as he gets closer and closer. He pounds into me again, and again I cum, my ass clenches around him. I start to feel him spurt inside of me, his cum filling me up. Another pump, another thrust inside of me, then he pulls out. I can feel my juices and his cum running down my thighs.

He leans against me for a second, his breath hot on my back. Then he begins to unbind my hands.

“Thanks for coming over.” He says when I am free.

“Thank you for having me over.” I say with a smile. He smiles back contently. I grab my clothes and go to his bathroom to clean up. Who would have thought I would have such a good time with some random guy I met online?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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