If Ever Ch. 02

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Swish… slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, the tails of the flogger makes contact with the right cheek of her ass, and the fingers find the crack… She let’s out a gasp, her ass cheeks clench.

I move slowly around the bed… Swish… slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, her left cheek now reddens and her ass clenches she gasps again. Again I move slowly, again I let loose with the flogger, her body recoils and her thighs begin to quiver.

Moving again, changing the angle, the flogger rips onto her now red streaked ass, the welts begin to rise, her thighs now shaking as the tips wrap themselves onto the soft tender flesh located there.

I caress her now hot pink cheeks, my fingers moving to her excited swollen pussy, seeking her wetness, dipping into her cauldron and the slick tight hole. The clip now expressing her swollen clit, I can feel it throbbing as with each deep breath the chain tightens and releases its manipulation of both her nipples and her clit.

I begin flogging her inner thighs and with each stroke I can see her pussy twitch, closer and closer I bring the strokes to my goal, she knows what is coming, she knows I will have no mercy, she knows the fingers of the flogger will land and wrap themselves over her most sensitive area.

With precision I begin to attack her enraged pussy in such a manner as the base of the flogger lands just above her clit, the fingers landing across her clit and wrapping themselves on, around otele gelen escort and into her wet swollen pussy lips the tips wrapping around and striking her asshole…

She screams… her body tensing the chain tightening, the clips staining as they are pulled taunt her nipples and clit stretching, before she relaxes I deliver another blow in the same manner, the fingers first landing just above her clit, striking it directly, and then around and through her pussy lips and the tips striking her ass cheeks with one finger landing on her asshole… She cries out, her body convulsing as she is approaching that area between pain and pleasure, I do not speak to her, I deliver another precise blow, she is beginning to sob, another strike, she is beginning to whimper, another, her lips quivering, another her body begins to quiver she begins to shriek!

“Oh gawd yesssss fucking whip me I’m CUMMING!”

Her pussy again began to squirt like a fountain, which I immediately cover with my mouth, drinking from her carnal fountain.

As I drink from her fountain of pure ecstasy I remove the clip from her clit and suck it between my lips, and taking it between my teeth, batting it with my tongue, she screams!

“You fucking bitch! You pussy whipping CUNT! EAT ME! OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!

As she screams her pleasure, my finger rim her asshole, she clenches her cheeks and thrust her hips, pushing mecidiyeköy escort her hot throbbing wet pussy onto my face…


“Linda!” I yelled. “Get in here now! She needs you now!”

Linda came into the room, her strap-on dildo protruding from her legs.

I lowered Beth to the bed and held her thighs up over her body as Linda positioned her massive dildo at the anal entrance.

I once again I drop my face to Beth’s cunt as Linda pushes the dildo into Beth’s asshole with one swift thrust.


I give her pussy a kiss and reach for the controls, spreading Beth’s legs wide giving Linda better access to her lover’s ass. I watch as Linda begins to thrust her hips establishing a slow but steady rhythm. I reach down and pick up my riding crop, moving it slowly up and down Beth’s sensitive inner thighs, she withers under my touch, I watch her tummy muscles ripple as her ass begins to respond to Linda’s assault on her asshole. I place the paddle of the crop on her wet pussy. “Do it.” Linda exhorts. “Do it now! She thrust the Dildo deep into Beth’s ass, I bring the crop down with a sharp crack onto Beth’s clit! Her body stiffens and shakes, her ass clenching the strap-on cock deep inside her, her shriek pierces the room. Linda pulls the türkmen escort rubber cock out to the bulbous head. “Again she exhorts. SMACK, my crop splashes against Beth supercharged clit and pussy. Again her body stiffens and quakes as Linda thrust hard into her.

Now picking up the pace, Beth gasping for breath she begins chanting “FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK MY ASS! WHIP MY CLIT BEAT MY PUSSY!”

I begin tapping her clit, Beth swoons, her body bucking to meet Linda’s thrusts, convulsing as her orgasm takes her to beyond her dreams… Her pussy is gushing, her ass contracting and releasing it’s own orgasmic fluid the dildo now sliding effortlessly in and out of her well-fucked ass.

As Beth’s orgasms gathers momentum, Linda begins to shudder, her orgasm grabbing her soul, as Beth thrust hard against the cock one last time impaling herself on the thick hard rubber cock, her body stiffening, her back arching, her toes curling, as the orgasms keeps building until it finally culminates in sheer ecstasy her eyes open wide, she gasps for breath and collapses totally spent.

Linda her own orgasm racking her body falls away pulling the dildo out of Beth’s ass with a sloppy slurping noise collapsing on the end of the bed.

I caress Beth’s body, “You okay?”

She smiles weakly.

I continue my caresses releasing her from her bondage, we slowly embrace, kissing passionately…

she reaches for the paddle. “My turn…”

Hi guys and girlfriends! Again I thank you for your comments and encouragement. I know it has been a while since I have written, frankly I’ve been busy, but I promise that I will continue to write, if you will. Please vote, and your comments are always welcome. luv ya Bliss. (Beth write me soon!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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