Gina and Brandon

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I dated quite a bit in college but only had 2 serious long-term girlfriends. The first of these was Gina. Gina was a good girl with a bad girl living just below the surface. She was 5 foot 6, with medium length dark brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She was beautiful, with a wide perfect smile that would light up the night. She was truly stunning. She was just a little bit on the heavy side but in a luxurious and voluptuous way, not fat or flabby. She had lovely breasts, heavy enough to be full and round and wrapped in tight young flesh to keep them high and soft. Time and gravity would do terrible things to her someday but in those days she was perfect.

When Gina and I first started dating she was a virgin and very inexperienced in sexual matters. Or so I thought. It turned out that she just had different experience. Gina was the kind of girl who would make the first guy work hard for something new – a hand up her blouse, a finger in her panties, whatever – but the next guy got it on the first date with no effort. She never did tell me how many dicks she had jacked off.

Our first sexual date was a race up to a very hard an unfortunate end – full nudity with in 20 minutes, but only an incomplete hand-job to send me home with. I was not thrilled but she was a quick study and after some serious discussions and lots of fooling around she eventually became quite the little sex kitten.

After several months our relationship had progressed to a point where her desire for sex was surpassing my ability to give it. She was talking more and more about a three-way with another girl but I knew her well by then. She was proposing a trade. She was trying to tell me that she would do a female-female-male three-way for me if I would do a male-male-female with her, but she didn’t quite have the courage to come right out and say it. Her passive-aggressive ways were one of the primary causes of our downfall but it did make her motives fairly transparent.

It was summer vacation and we both had jobs so we didn’t see each other very much. She lived about 45 minutes away so I couldn’t just pop over to her place every night. Besides, her parents were the suspicious types. I had a job at a warehouse with overnight 12-hour shifts during the week. Hard work, but I needed to save up for college. I think Gina was working in a library or a day-care or something. She had nights off and I did not so we were rather restricted to weekends. They were fun weekends, though. We fucked in every room in her house, even the garage one night when her parents were still awake. She liked to live on the wild side.

One week Gina’s parents were going out of town for a long weekend to visit their other daughter a few hours away. Gina and I had plans for Saturday – all day – but I couldn’t be there Friday night because of work. She asked if it was OK for her to hang out with an old friend of hers from high school, a guy by the name of Brandon. I had heard about Brandon and I knew I had nothing to worry about from a relationship point of view but I also knew how voracious Gina’s libido could be and I was curious if she would fool around with him.

I didn’t mind, really. I always had a nasty little fantasy of seeing Gina having sex with another guy, and the thought of it gave me an instant boner. I suppose that may have meant that I didn’t respect her, or saw her as a sex object, or didn’t really love her – I don’t know. I just know that I really wanted to see it.

I gave her my permission, telling her she didn’t need it and that I trusted her. She decided to push it a little further and asked if I would buy a bottle of alcohol. She was 19 at the time and I was 22 but she already knew she liked to get a little tipsy. And she got horny as she got tipsy.

I wasn’t sure she planned to cheat on me but I knew her well enough to know she was telegraphing her moves. She wanted me to know what was going on and she wanted me to make a decision. She was always trying to put the big decisions in my hands so she could claim innocence later. It got annoying after a while.

I bought her the bottle of peach schnapps and sent her on her way, telling her I couldn’t miss work. It was the busy season and jobs were a little hard to come by and this warehouse was giving good base pay plus a ton of overtime. I needed the job and the income but as we parted and I went to work my mind was on Gina and what she might be doing that night.

I was sloppy at the job and managed to puncture a box with the forklift forks and destroy a few hundred dollars in merchandise. The supervisor was not happy with me, but nearly everybody had a similar experience at one time or another so he let it slide with some grumbling and an admonishment to pay more attention. I couldn’t. It’s hard to fill a pick list with a raging hard-on and your mind filled with images of your lovely girlfriend sucking another guy’s dick. I screwed up again.

I lifted the palette on the third tier too fast and it toppled a few boxes of books, gaziantep bayan escort ruining many of them. The supervisor actually saw it happen and was quick to explode at me. I deserved it – it was an easy task that I had done a hundred times before. I tried to make up an excuse about having a migraine and it was affecting my concentration, but I don’t think he bought it. He did, however, send me home. It was unclear as to whether or not I was welcome to return the following evening.

I raced to Gina’s place, nearly an hour from the warehouse. It was getting a little late by now and I was thinking I might have missed my chance, but when I got to her house I saw a strange car in the driveway. I knew Brandon was still there.

I wasn’t sure what I was after. I didn’t know how to broach this subject and make it happen, even if it was possible. I didn’t know this guy and had no idea how he would react. I knew they had messed around a little and that Gina thought he was well endowed, but details were sketchy.

I decided to be sneaky. I grabbed the hidden key from the garden and snuck in the back door. The house was well built and new with a solid foundation so there would be no creaking of floorboards. The family room was empty and I saw no lights from the living room, so I continued back to the bedrooms. Sure enough, Gina’s bedroom light was on and I could see the flickering of a TV. I heard the TV now that I was close, but no voices from Gina or Brandon.

I peeked through the narrow opening in the almost-closed door and saw them lying on her bed, close but fully clothed. Brandon’s arm was around Gina’s shoulders and was lying almost negligently on her breast, his fingers moving slowly around her nipple. Gina squirmed ever so slightly at his touch, but made no move to stop him.

My first impression of Brandon was to be impressed. I knew he was a black man but I had no idea how tall he was. Even lying down I could tell he was over 6 feet, though not especially athletic in build. I am a bit touchy about my height, barely reaching 5 feet 10 inches with shoes on. He was also good looking, or so I guess he would be labeled. I started to worry that I might have real competition here.

I stepped back and thought it through. What should I do? The thought of watching her with this guy was really hot, and the thought of both of us on her at the same time was even better. I’ve never really been the sharing kind, but something about Gina made me want to try it. But would they go for it? There was only one way to find out.

I knew her father had a separate phone line in his office, so I went in and made a call to the main house line. Gina picked up quickly.


“Hi Gina, it’s me.”

“Oh, Hi. Are you at work?”

“Nope, they let me go. I ruined some stock and they sent me home. Can I come over?”

“Um, sure. Brandon left a little while ago.” Her lie was blatant, even if I hadn’t seen the evidence myself. One thing Gina could not do was lie to me. I decided to call her on it.

“Bullshit. I can tell he is still there. That’s OK – I’d like to meet him.”

“No really, he’s gone,” a pause, probably her motioning him to be quiet, “what makes you think he is here?”

“I can tell. Hey it’s OK. Listen, do me a favor. Go to your dad’s office and see if his computer has the number for the warehouse. It’s a long shot but maybe he can pull some strings and make sure I don’t get fired. I’ll wait.”

“Um, OK, give me a second,” and she put the phone down. I hung up and listened for her footsteps into the darkened room. She was fast.

She hit the light and then nearly hit the ceiling in surprise. She swore at me for a minute but I still got my hug and kiss hello. I’m not sure if it was the scare or the guilt but the hug was very stiff and unsure. Brandon heard her squeal and came to inspect.

“Brandon, right?” I said as I held out my hand. He took it and gave a good shake, introducing himself before Gina could collect her thoughts. Brandon was a good 4 inches taller than me but I outweighed him by a bunch with my massive physique. I worked hard to maintain a powerful body and it came in handy, especially when I was feeling self-conscious about my height. Like I was right then.

“So what’s going on? Any of that bottle left?”

“Yeah, a little,” replied Gina. “Lets go to the kitchen.” We did and she retrieved the bottle from her room. It was three quarters gone and I knew Gina’s tolerance was not up to that amount. She was definitely tipsy but I couldn’t read Brandon. If he had consumed half the bottle then he was likely a little buzzed as well.

We sat around and chatted for a little while, just small talk about college and whatnot, getting to know Brandon. He was a nice guy, doing well in college and was obviously a sharp guy. If I hadn’t been studying physics I might have been intimidated by his intellect, but when one actually studies rocket science that subject is usually not a problem. It was obvious that he and Gina knew each other as they shared a certain conversational shorthand and often made reference to people and places I didn’t know. They also referred a few times and in veiled terms to their previous physical encounters. Gina laughed a lot and did the best flirting I had seen in months. I decided to make the move.

“Gina, I haven’t seen you in that little dress I got you last month. Why don’t you go put it on and model it for us?” It had a short skirt and a plunging neckline, a sexy outfit she might wear out to a party. Gina was a flirt and loved to show off so it wasn’t a hard sell. With a smile and a wink she went right off to change. As soon as she was gone I turned to Brandon.

“Look, I saw you two on her bed. I know what was going on and I know where it was going. Understand that it’s OK – I’m not mad.” He was a little dumbstruck by this and didn’t know how to respond. “I know Gina and I know she planned it. She wanted to get you drunk and mess around. It’s her way. Hell, you know – you dated her, right?”

“Yeah, I did. She is a hell of a flirt.”

“She is more than that. She is a hot little thing and she wants you. You know how she gets when she is drunk? Horny. Very horny. If I were 10 minutes later she’d have been naked.”

“Um, look, I don’t know what you think was going on in there but I was not trying to move in on your girl.” He sounded a little panicked, so I adjusted my body language and tried to look calm.

“I saw your fingers on her left nipple and I saw her enjoying it. It’s OK. I am not upset. She put some alcohol into you and then made herself available to you. I imagine she was as hot and sexy and forward as she knows how to be all evening. Am I right?”

The look in his eye told me I was.

“Just watch. I think she will make it obvious” I shut down the conversation as Gina returned.

Sure enough, she looked great in the dress. She had fabulous legs and nice heavy breasts, wide inviting hips and a slender waist to put it all together. The little black dress was very nice on her and she modeled for us. She came to me and wiggled her ass at me, then turned and gave me a playful cleavage shot. I was appreciative but admonished her not to keep her guest out of the loop. She was drunk enough to not argue and went to give Brandon a similar show. She danced around a little and beamed her lovely smile at us both.

“Very nice. Hey, I know another outfit I haven’t seen on you yet. Remember the long slinky thing I got you at the end of the school year? I never got to see that in the light. You want to go put that on?”

This was something she had to think about as the sheer floor-length red nightgown was significantly more revealing than this dress.

“You mean the red one? Isn’t that kind of, you know…”

“Yes, the red one. Go put it on for us.”

She hesitated, but went nervously back to her room. I started in on Brandon again.

“Listen, we both know what a slut she can be. And I know how bad you want to fuck her.”

“No way, man. She’s yours.”

“I saw you playing with her tits so you can’t say you weren’t thinking about it. Besides, I know you’ve explored her a little in the past. She told me so. Said you were huge. This is going to sound crazy but I am dead serious. Go ahead and take her. She wants it, you want it, and I want to see that little bitch get her brains fucked out. I am officially offering to share her tonight, and tonight only.”

“I don’t know,” he replied, very uncertain.

“Yes you do. When she comes in she’ll be wearing a sexy see thru gown. She’ll have to choose what kind of underwear to put on, if any. The pair that comes with it is a thong but she doesn’t have to wear it. I am betting she will anyway. She wants you and I’m OK with it. Look, she probably just wanted to paw around a little and get you all hot and bothered and then leave you hanging. She’d let you have her tits and maybe get a hand in her panties but she wouldn’t give you satisfaction. You would have left here with blue balls. I know she has done that to you before, right? I’m offering her to you, to have whatever you want. Trust me. With me here to tell her it’s OK she will give you absolutely anything. Look, I’m not gay or bi or anything deviant and I don’t want to suck your dick or anything, OK? But she was planning to cheat on me tonight and I want to get a little revenge. I just want to see this little cock tease get what she deserves, and pushing her boundaries that far will definitely be a nice revenge. Besides, with this girl watching is almost as good as doing.”

“You sure she’ll go for it? She was always real clear about not going all the way until she got married.”

“She changed her mind. She hasn’t been a virgin in over a year. She looks at other men all the time and I can see the hunger in her eyes. We watch porno all the time and she loves it. If I broke up with her she would fuck every guy on the first date. Judge for yourself when she comes out. I’ll bet you she will be hotter than hell and showing off more than you expect. Why would she do that if she didn’t want it? Seriously, that is how she operates. She lays all the groundwork and makes it painfully obvious what she wants but leaves the final decision to others. If she resists then of course we stop, but I’m telling you that she will make it hard for you to ignore her.”

He wasn’t quite sold. He looked at me through suspicious eyes. “So what do you get out of this?”

“Like I said, I love to watch her. And I’ll be honest; I have always had a fantasy of watching her get screwed by some other guy. I don’t want her cheating on me but I want to watch her do it. With my permission, it isn’t cheating.” It was about time for her to return and I was really excited about this possibility, so I tried once more to really punch it home. “I won’t offer you this chance again. The next time I try this will be at college and I can assure you that I’ll get somebody to do it.” His face was still uncertain as the sounds of her approach reached us.

Sure enough, she wore the matching red thong under the sheer red gown. Her ass looked best in the high-bottomed ‘V” shaped panties that left the lower cheeks bare, but the thong was always nice too. Her ass was slightly generous but her young tight skin kept it smooth and lovely. The top of the gown was form fitted to her breasts and the sheer material left little to the imagination, but she was covering her chest with crossed arms, still too nervous to expose herself completely. She was as hot as I had ever seen her, standing there exposed and in mock embarrassment, her lovely face innocent and afraid. I knew her too well. I knew her little pussy was quivering in the hopes that I would do what I was trying to do.

Brandon and I shared a knowing look, but a brief one. We both wanted our eyes on Gina.

“Very nice. Now give us a little dance, like you did last time.”

Still she looked nervous and was reluctant to expose herself by dancing as she had before. I stood up and walked to her, holding my hands out for hers. She took my hands and I spread her arms wide, allowing her dark nipples to be seen through the mesh, then turned her around so Brandon could see her well. She let me lead her but was still nervous.

“Looks good, doesn’t she?”

“Hell yes she does. Damn, girl.” His eyes roamed hungrily over her barely covered flesh and I knew I had convinced him.

“Gina, why don’t you go over and show off for Brandon. I’m sure he’d like a closer look.”

This was almost too much for her and she balked at first. I insisted and gently pushed her towards him. She half-heartedly wiggled a little and stuck her ass at him, then moved as if to come back to me. I moved in and stopped her. I stood in front of her, and she stood in front of Brandon who was still on the barstool. Our hands met and clasped and I gently pushed her back into him. Her eyes were wild and worried, but mine were calm and sure. I smiled ad nodded as her ass touched Brandon’s hips. She jumped a little, but made no sound.

I let go of her hands and motioned for Brandon to touch her. I could tell he was nervous as well, though I think his racing heart was more due to anticipation and lust than fear. He moved his hands around to her front and placed them on her breasts. I had pushed this about as far as I could and would just have to sit back and see if the fire took hold.

I was not disappointed. Brandon took up her ample bosom in his large hands and pressed her back against him. He nuzzled away her dark hair and started to nibble and suck at the base of her neck, one of her many sexual hot buttons. Gina’s hands went to his and her face showed shock. I looked her straight in the eye and maintained my little smile as I backed up and took a seat at the dining room table a few feet away.

Her shock visibly diminished, overcome slowly by her lust. Brandon knew how to get her going and he dug in with a mission. His hands kneaded her breasts firmly, giving her the slightly rough treatment she liked but denied liking. The moans of passion don’t lie. She put her hands down on his thighs, his legs spreading to let her ass in close, and started to push herself into his crotch. She writhed against him hard, using his strength to push into him. Her eyes were closed in concentration, focusing in the feel of his mouth and hands on her. Brandon switched to the other side of her neck and she flicked her hair out of the way to give him access. This pointed her head closer to my direction and she knew it. Her eyes opened and locked with mine as they continued to grind and paw at each other.

Brandon had had enough of her backside and wanted a change of scenery, so he let go of her tits and turned her around to face him. They kissed passionately and his hands went to her ass, pulling up the sheer nightie to press his flesh on hers. I could see their tongues dueling and could hear their breathing quicken as the excitement rose. Gina fell fully into the swing of things as her hands went to Brandon’s belt and started to undo it.

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