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Subject: Training the Coopers Training the Coopers Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended. The author maintains full copyright of this material and licenses the use of it by fty as specified in information on the website. Please do not use it in any other published manner without the permission of the author. As this is erotic fiction featuring male to male sexuality, please leave this site if such stories are offensive to you. Please note that this story features sex between relatives of various connections. If this offends you, please leave this site. Some of the characters in this story are under age. If this offends you or is illegal in your jurisdiction, please leave this site. I have followed fty policy regarding these matters. If you are under age in your jurisdiction, please leave this site at once. If you enjoy this story and others like it, please consider contributing to support fty at http://donate./donate.html . Thank you! I hope you enjoy this story, which concerns a rather unusual family that trains its adolescent sons in sexual practices. To add realism to the story, much of the story is set in real cities and places of business. No implication that these places are accepting of homosexuality is implied. Should you visit any of them, please maintain normal caution and do not assume you will be accepted. This story is set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, before the AIDS crisis began. Therefore, it is strictly condom-free. However, please note that neither the author nor fty is encouraging men of the 21st century to ignore the consequences of unprotected sex. Please love yourself and your future partners enough to be careful! Just so you know, this story has 34 chapters, so please keep reading and feel free to send me your feedback or comments. None of the story has been posted until it is complete. Posting on fty takes a while, but the entire story will be posted in due time. This story is the backstory of characters who will be included in a book to be published in the Fall, 2019, tentatively titled “The Deputy Boys Book 2: The Induction.” The story of the Cooper Family is entirely separate from this book, although several Coopers are characters in that book. At the beginning of each chapter and occasionally within the chapter, you will see a name written on a line by itself with no explanation. This is the name of the author of that section. The point of view shifts between various members of the family to tell the most detailed story. Hopefully, this will not prove confusing to you. One of the faithful readers of this epic has asked for a character listing to help him keep everyone “straight” in his mind. So, here is a listing of all the characters we have met thus far. I hope this will help you as you enjoy the exploits of the Cooper family. The Cooper Characters 1969 Dwight Cooper father of Denton, Dalton, and Darrel Dalton Cooper, b. Jan. 3, 1937 The twins’ older uncle Doug Cooper, b. June 20, 1953 Dalton’s oldest son Dell Cooper, b. March 18, 1930 Durland Cooper’s nephew Drew Cooper, b. Nov. 13, 1949 Dell Cooper’s oldest son; the twins’ cousin a few times removed Dillard Cooper, b. Jan. 10, 1951 Dell Cooper’s youngest son; the twins’ cousin Darwin Cooper, b. April 21, 1927, Dell Cooper’s brother; Durland Cooper’s nephew Darren Cooper, b. Aug. 18, 1948 Darwin Cooper’s oldest son Darold Cooper, b. Oct. 20, 1950 Darwin Cooper’s youngest son John Toffermann, b. Oct. 22, 1943 Alumni member of The Club; friend of Darrel Cooper Hershel Toffermann, b. Sept. 11, 1923 John’s uncle Jimmy Joe (JJ) Barnes, b. June 14, 1940 Plumber in Hilton Head, SC; friend of Hersh Toffermann Art Vinton, b. Nov. 9, 1948 Carpenter, works for Hersh Toffermann Charlie Vinton, b. Oct. 14, 1946 Art’s brother, carpenter, works for Hersh Toffermann Eddie Joe Englehardt, b. July 10, 1946 Personal trainer at Downtown Health Club in Greenville Curtis Fleming, b. Jan. 2, 1933 Lawyer; co-owner of Downtown Health Club in Greenville Pedro Archuleta, b. Nov. 19, 1938 Physician; co-owner of Downtown Health Club in Greenville Anthony Nuzzio, b. Sept. 20, 1929 Detective, Greenville PD; co-owner of Downtown Health Club in Greenville Coach Percy Randolph, b. June 1, 1938 Head Football Coach at Greenville Senior High School Coach Bert Blaylock, b. March 29, 1943 Assistant Football Coach, Greenville Senior High Coach Joel Kern, b. July 15, 1948 Assistant Football Coach, Greenville Senior High Without further ado, enjoy “Training the Coopers”! Best Wishes, Kenneth Kirk Chapter 23 Daniel At dinner the Monday after they returned from Tampa, Darrel announced that my training would start that very night with me sleeping in his room with him. Yippee! I couldn’t have been happier! We started things off a little slower than I would have preferred, but I was very glad for anything. That first night he held me close (naked, of course) and let me play with his erection. We kissed a bit and practiced some mutual masturbation, which was very nice. After we came, he gave me a finger scoop of his jizz to taste. I’d tasted mine lots of times, so I wasn’t squeamish about that. But taking his finger, dripping with his come, into my mouth to “clean it off” was a bit of heaven. I absolutely loved the taste of his cum. I’m sure one reason it tasted so grand was the mere fact it was spunk, but the bigger reason was it was his! Tuesday night we had a guest for dinner that surprised everyone but Dad. He’d instructed David and me to cook a good dinner and enough for an extra person. He’d instructed Dwayne to set an extra place at the table, too. And we were told to be fully dressed by 5:30. There was a lot of whispering amongst us about who was coming to dinner. Darrel claimed he didn’t know, but David, the twins, and I weren’t sure if we believed him. Donald had only been home from football practice about 10 minutes when a knock was heard on the front door. The twins outran the rest of us to get to the door first. They were unsure who the big man on the porch was, but David correctly identified him when he came up behind the twins. “Coach?” David asked incredulously. “How are you, David?” the man responded as David pushed open the screen. “Good, Coach. Good. Please, come in.” Coach inspected David closely, smiled, and observed, “You are looking really strong, young man.” David grinned. “Thanks, Coach. I’ve been working out a lot. You know I’ll be on the wrestling team at UNCA this year.” “That’s wonderful!” Coach smiled as he patted David on the shoulder. Dwight bumped against David’s leg. “Oh,” David said. “Coach, my brothers.” Erzurum Escort “Hi,” Coach said to the twins. “I’m Coach Randolph.” They introduced themselves and shook his hand. By that time, Dad and Uncle Darrel had come into the living room. Dad and Coach shook hands and Dad introduced Darrel as “my brother and our chief trainer.” They shook and shared some small talk. Donald appeared at the top of the stairs, but didn’t come down for a while. Finally, Dad sent Dwight upstairs to get Donny, who started down when he heard Dad’s instruction. David got a bunch of beers out of the fridge and disappeared into the living room. Soon the twins came in to help me finish up tossed salads and spaghetti with meat sauce while the others talked in the living room. Eventually the meal was ready and everyone congregated in the dining room, where I met Coach also. He was taller than Dad by an inch or more and was built strong, hairy, and rugged. He wasn’t as handsome as the Coopers, but he was an attractive man. And his rugged, muscular virility made him damn sexy, I thought. Maybe I should have gone out for football, I considered momentarily before realizing that music was much more interesting to me. During the meal, most of the conversation was sort of chit-chat between Dad, Darrel, and Coach, with David occasionally making a comment. The rest of us ate in silence, except when someone asked Donald a direct question. He would give a short answer and shut up. I thought he seemed quite nervous. After dinner, Dad, Darrel, and Coach got fresh beers and went out to the back porch while the rest of us tidied up the kitchen and whispered about what was going on. Darrel Coach Randolph, Denny, and I had an after-dinner beer on the back porch that hot August night. Contrary to what the boys thought, I was well aware of the coach’s dinner invitation. Denny and I had discussed the ramifications of his questions at length most of the afternoon, locked away in his basement bedroom away from little ears. Denny’s impression from their visit a week earlier was that the coach suspected there was a sexual component to the training and that he wasn’t offended by that idea. Denny didn’t think the coach intended any harm and that the only judgment he was making was that the training had been very effective with Donald. Ultimately, we agreed that we needed to show the coach how Donny reacted to domination and that we would encourage the coach to participate so he would be unable to point any fingers at us without incriminating himself equally. When we were alone on the porch, Denny said, “Coach, Darrel has been the primary trainer for the boys since I’m still recovering in my grief. I’m participating a lot more lately than I did at the beginning of the summer. However, Darrel has taken the lead role, so I’ve asked him to share it with you so you can understand.” “Thanks, Mr. Cooper,” the coach said and then turned toward me. “Thank you, too, Mr. Cooper.” “Please, Coach,” I said, “I think we should be on a first-name basis since there seems to be an excess of Mr. Coopers in the house.” We all laughed politely. “Of course,” Coach said. “Please call me Percy or by my nickname, which is Randy.” “Sure, um, Randy,” I responded. “More importantly, however, what we’re planning to share with you tonight is quite personal, intimate even.” “I gathered as much from my discussion earlier with Denton. I’ll admit I’m quite curious.” “Well, if you’ll bear with us, you may have your curiosity satisfied before you go home tonight.” “Excellent!” He smiled and rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “First, would you mind answering a couple of questions for us, Randy?” Denny asked. “I should say nothing you say will leave this porch.” “Okay. Ask whatever you need.” “Are you married, Coach?” “Yes,” he smiled. “Lucy and I have been married six years and we have a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter.” “Is it a monogamous relationship?” Coach seemed surprised. “Yes,” he said slowly. “Were you with others before you were married?” “Um, yes.” “How many women?” “Oh, five or six, I think.” “Girlfriends?” “Mostly. A couple of them were basically bar hookups that didn’t go past one time.” “Thanks for your honesty. This is relevant to our discussion. One more very personal question, if I may.” “I guess so.” “What about other men or boys?” Coach was silent, looking out at the swimming pond. Finally, he sighed. “Yes.” “When you were a teenager?” “Yes. It was a kid down the street. We, uh, beat off together a few times and when we were a little older, gave each other awkward blow jobs a few times.” “Thanks. I know that’s not something you talk much about.” “I’ve never told anyone.” “Was there anyone else. Since the kid down the street?” “My roommate in college. Three or four times when we got drunk, he sucked me off. Once he asked me to fuck him.” “Did you?” “Yes, but it hurt him too much, so he stopped me.” “We appreciate your openness about this. We need to be open with you, too, so understanding your history helps us.” Denny paused and we all sipped our beers. “We are hesitant to share the details of the training for a couple of reasons,” Denny went on. “One, our methods are very unorthodox, and some people would judge them and, by extension, us very harshly. So, we need to know if you are highly religious or otherwise have inflexible rules of right and wrong.” Coach was silent for a moment, rubbing his rather sharp jawline. “I consider myself a spiritual man, but not a religious one. I think the various religions strain on minutiae and let the basics of loving God and other people suffer as a result. So, I guess I’m somewhat flexible about right and wrong. I consider things right that are good for people and wrong that hurt people.” Denny smiled. “Great philosophy, sir!” He paused a moment. “Second, if we explain our techniques and you do not agree with them or think they are wrong or illegal, would you report us to the authorities?” “I would report you if I thought you were harming your sons. From observing Donald in practice this past week and a half, I see some very positive changes in him and nothing that suggests he is being abused or harmed. Seeing all your sons at dinner tonight, I think I can tell they feel safe and loved in your home. I’m confident that your methods are bearing good results with them. I cannot in good faith give you an absolute guarantee that I would approve, but I would be quite surprised if I felt different after learning more.” Erzurum Escort Bayan “If there’s any doubt at any point, you certainly have my permission to talk privately with David or Donald. The others have not begun training just yet, though Daniel will this week, we think.” “Thanks, Denton.” “Please, Randy, my friends call me Denny.” “Of course. Denny.” “Darrel, are you comfortable with Randy’s answers?” “Yes.” “Then, please tell him about the training.” I nodded. “Coach, the training David and Donald are receiving is a combination of some of the physical training I received in basic training for the Marines and some training Denny and I received from our father when we were teenagers. This training has been prevalent in our family for at least four generations now.” “First, the physical stuff, which is basically daily jogging coupled with weight training and some flexibility work with direction from me as a sort of personal trainer. We can go over the details at another time, if you like. The more unique training is our family training. We don’t know exactly when it began, but at some point a few generations back, one of our ancestors had a great admiration for the culture of the ancient Greeks. In particular, he thought two things about their men. He thought they were quite virile, well-developed physically and very capable in physical ways. He also thought their accomplishments of intellect were remarkable; their art; their society; their political accomplishments. He believed the most unique aspect of their society was the way adult men mentored their youth and that it was this practice that so elevated Greek masculinity above all others of their time. The goal of our family training is to instill sensitivity, understanding, and concern for others in our young males. We are trained to submit to the authority of those above us. I believe you’ve seen this in Donny.” “Very much,” Randy nodded. “When we’ve learned to submit appropriately and unquestioningly, we then learn how to control the actions of others, but only for their and our benefit. David is in that portion of his training right now and Donald is just about to begin.” “That all sounds very effective, Darrel.” “Generally, I believe it is. My childhood training gave me a big leg up when I went to basic. The other goal of our training is to help us build strong, mutually satisfying relationships with our wives or other sexual partners. Our family has largely had successful, happy marriages, such as the one Denny and Sarah Ann had. As a result, our children grow up in stable, loving homes. Denny and I are strong believers in the value of the training we received and want our kids to have it, too.” “I can understand, Darrel. I’m sitting here thinking maybe I missed out by not being born into your family.” We all chuckled. “Perhaps you did, Randy,” Denny said. For a moment, I was silent in order for everything said so far to sink in. “Since I mentioned the Greek’s mentoring, I’m sure you are thinking `sex.’ Our unknown ancestor felt that if a man knew how to please his wife and how to assure that she can meet his needs, that they would have satisfying sexual relations that would form a solid foundation for their marriage. Over the generations, we have developed some techniques to teach our boys how to achieve their greatest sexual satisfaction and also how to sense their partner’s needs. By teaching them to submit, they can see the submissive side of sexuality. By teaching them to dominate with kindness and sensitivity, they become dynamic, exciting lovers without becoming abusive or manipulative.” “I see your hesitancy to discuss this,” Randy said. “The idea of adults teaching adolescents to submit and dominate would draw a lot of judgment from many directions.” “You got it,” Denny said. “But, to be honest, it sounds logical and beneficial to the boy and his entire adulthood.” “Obviously,” I said, “we agree with that statement.” “So,” Denny said quietly, “would you like to see Donny in his submissive role?” “Um,” Coach hesitated. “I am very curious, but would it be good for him?” “Coach, you are one of the people in his life who by rights he should submit to. Once he has submitted to you in this very personal, very intimate way, a pattern will exist that will make it natural and easy for him to submit to you in other ways. You’ll be able to control him very effectively. We think it would be good for him to experience a new dominant in his growth because each person’s needs must be met a little differently. If you want to participate, we are offering you the opportunity to have Donny meet your sexual needs, with us present, of course.” Coach’s face was red in a deep blush and he squirmed a bit in the deck chair. After a couple of moments, he couldn’t help adjusting his cock in his tight satiny workout pants. “Um,” he hesitated. “Of course, it’s completely your choice, Randy,” Denny said. “But please understand that Donald loves submitting his body to serve the needs of his dominant male. Since he already sees you in a dominant role in his life, he would easily accept you in a dominant sexual role, I’m sure.” “I understand,” Randy said. “Denny told me that you might be interested in adapting our training to select boys on your team,” I added. “If that’s to happen, I think you need to be comfortable in this domination role. We don’t abuse or mistreat our boys and this is not a euphemism for sadism. We simply control the boys and teach them to willingly accept the control of someone in authority over them.” “I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.” “Of course not. We do use some light restraints, but if the boy ever complains we release him immediately. Sometimes we need to apply pressure, but we never force anyone. And we certainly do not practice rape or assault.” Coach adjusted himself again “If you try this and it doesn’t work for you, it will never be mentioned again between us or to anyone else. Donald is very trustworthy, so you needn’t worry about him talking either.” I could see the back and forth going on in the man’s brain for half a minute before Coach took a deep breath. “Yes, let’s do it!” “I don’t think you will regret it,” I said. “I’ll get things set up.” I excused myself and went inside while Denny and Coach continued talking. I called David aside and instructed him to take Donald downstairs where they were both to douche and shower. When finished, they were to put the cuffs on Donald’s wrists and ankles and lie in Denny’s bed together, naked, to await us. “Yes, Sir!” he said and went off Escort Erzurum to get Donny. I got three more beers from the fridge and went back onto the porch. Coach thought there might be as many as a dozen of the football players he would like to train and there would be perhaps eight wrestlers, but at least half of them were also on the football team. “Wow,” I said. “I don’t think we can handle that many at the same time. There’s a lot of individual work involved and to learn true submissiveness each boy needs to have more than one dominant. If you participate with us, we could manage at most four at a time, I think. And we have Donald to finish and Daniel not even started yet. With school starting, our pace will have to slow down.” “He’s right, Coach,” Denny agreed. “Donny will be finished about the time school begins and Danny will probably not finish until around Halloween. We also plan to begin training the twins as soon as they hit puberty, possibly early next year.” “Also, if we are training other people’s sons, we might risk a lot of potential problems, lawsuits or even being reported for criminal prosecution.” “I see there are a lot of issues to be considered,” Randy said. “Yes,” Denny said. “Our training is more or less a full-time discipline because our boys are staying at home. They run in the morning, work out in the afternoon, and spend a couple of hours with one of us before bed. That’s every day.” “And they sleep with either Denny or me every night. Right now David is learning to dominate Donny so Donny is serving the needs of three men every night. In a few weeks David will be leaving us to go to college. We should have Donald’s training complete before David leaves, but then we will be training Daniel.” “But, before we worry too much about such issues, let’s just enjoy Donald for a while, shall we?” Denny asked. “Yes,” said Randy with excitement showing in his voice. We went into the house and said goodnight to Danny and the twins. I noticed Danny’s eyebrows went up when all three of us headed down to the basement. We showed Randy the workout equipment and talked for a moment about the quality of the equipment and I described some of the routines the boys were working through. In the bedroom, David and Donald were naked and cuddling on the bed when we walked in. Donny looked nervous and uncomfortable. “Boys, this is Randy,” I said. “He’ll be joining us tonight.” “David,” Denny said, “why don’t you help Randy get undressed?” David jumped up as quickly as he could. “Of course!” While David pulled the satiny workout suit off the coach, Denny and I undressed. When his jock was removed, I was pleased to see the coach was sporting a thick and quite erect 8″ with a large set of balls. In fact, we were all erect as Denny and I tied Donny’s wrists to the bedframe and then tied his ankles over his wrists. It had become clear to us that being in this position was a big turn-on to our barely 17-year-old. As I was tying his ankle restraint, I noticed his cock throbbed and released a big dollop of precum onto his belly. David steered Randy to Donny’s head and manually inserted the coach’s hard cock into Donny’s receptive mouth. “Oh, my God!” Randy’s automatic response to Donny’s oral skills showed surprise and excitement. David urged him to move closer to Donny’s face. When the turgid cock pushed into the boy’s throat, I thought the big muscle stud might lose it right then; luckily, he did not. He did, however, yelp and let his eyes roll back for a moment. “Fucking great!” I stepped beside the coach to help David pull him back to give Donny time to breathe. We showed him a good rhythm while Denny began to rim the open asshole in the middle of the bed. We prepped Donny quickly and then brought Randy around the bed so he could enter Donny’s hungry hole. “Jesus!” the coach cried out when his cock slipped through the accommodating sphincter. Donny moaned loudly and wiggled on the mattress. Looking down into Donny’s worshipful eyes, Randy said with amazement, “You’re so fucking tight, baby!” “I’m all yours. Fuck me, Coach!” Donny cried. Randy leaned his massive body down onto his hands as he plowed his new favorite footballer for all he was worth. Soon the bottom boy was panting and howling with lust, desire, and ecstasy as his prostate got a major massage and his butthole got a major workout. David, Denny, and I watched the dominance and submission while slowly jacking our own dripping cocks. After about 10 minutes, Randy was obviously approaching a big blow, so I told David to suck Donny. He leaned down and took his brother’s throbbing cock into his warm mouth and brought him off a couple of minutes later. No sooner had Donny screamed out in orgasmic excitement than Randy started yelling, “Oh, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” When it was over, David kissed Donny and fed his load back to hm, allowing Randy to collapse gently onto Donny beneath him. Over the next fifteen minutes, Denny fucked Donny while David alternated between sucking Randy and me. When Denny came, I was ready. We untied Donny for a couple of minutes, then put him in the middle of the bed on his knees and retied his wrists to the headboard, leaving his ankles free. As I pounded young Donny, behind me David lay cross-wise on the bed with his head off one side. Randy put his nice cock into David’s open mouth and Denny bent to rim the bottom boy. After a few minutes, Denny lubed his fingers and Dave’s sphincter. I heard Denny say, “Randy, do you want to fuck some more?” “You bet!” Denny untied one of Donny’s wrists and had us scoot to the side. He got David onto his knees beside Donny and soon Randy penetrated the luscious butthole. For a couple of minutes, we fucked in tandem as our excitement built. I was proud of both Davey and Donny as they used powerful reverse thrusts to do most of the work and earn the gift of cum each would soon receive. The bottoms moaned and grunted as they slammed their asses back to meet the forward thrusts Randy and I were giving them. Softly Randy repeated, “Oh, fuck! So fucking tight! Love it! Oh, oh, oh!” As he often did, Dave achieved a hands-free ejaculation, spraying a hefty load onto the bedsheets beneath him and milking Randy’s load out of those big balls he had. By the time he was done, Donny was spraying the sheets with his load and I began screaming as I added my load to Donny’s asshole. Denny was ready with towels for us. We released Donny and everyone collapsed in a gasping heap on the bed. After a few minutes, Denny suggested a group shower and we trooped into the bathroom. I thought Randy particularly enjoyed the boys’ tender four-handed soapy rubdown as a final act in the evening’s experiences. Later we agreed Randy would visit us again on Friday night after dinner with his family. He hugged each one of us goodnight, saving Donny for the last and longest embrace, complete with a two-handed butt cheek cupping and final squeeze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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