The Window

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Female Ejaculation

Dina is a very beautiful, very sexy and very sexual woman, and she knows it. She knows what she likes, she knows how to turn him on, and she knows how to turn herself on. She loves dressing up and walking around her house. The act of dressing up and seeing how beautiful she looked turned her on, and always ended with her sprawled out naked somewhere in her house bringing herself to orgasm.

Dina also loved to walk around topless, in lingerie and even fully naked. The backyard of Dina’s house opened onto a large and open area. There were probably 20 other houses around the park like setting, all of which could see each other. Her house had a lot of large windows and glass doors in the rear that, and Dina would often stand by them, wondering who could see her, hoping someone was watching and not caring who saw her. She often stands there, topless or naked, and touches herself. She’d massage her beautiful breasts, playing with her nipples, her fingers eventually finding their way to the soft wet folds of her pussy.

But she could never finish there. Something always spooked her, usually something in her mind.

They’d discussed her desires in the past, and he’d decided, without telling her, that her fantasy was going to come true.

He loved making her fantasies come true, because he loved her, and wanted her to be happy and fulfilled in as many aspects of her life as he could.

Their meeting for the morning was arranged. What was going to happen was not. They both knew that they would play it by ear, but Dina decided to stack the deck in her favor.

Dina decided to dress to turn them both on. She put on a white blouse with no bra, leaving enough buttons open that he would get a great look at her tits. She wore a black pencil skirt that showed off her beautiful ass and legs. On her feet she wore black patent leather pumps with a four-inch heel that made her calves look great. Naturally, she wore no panties. Her dark hair was pulled back in a bun, so her smooth neck and collarbones were visible. He loved kissing her there, and she wanted that today.

Putting on this sexy outfit, seeing how she looked and anticipating his reaction all turned her on so much that she could literally feel her pussy dripping. She positioned herself by a large set of glass doors overlooking her patio and backyard and left her door slightly open so that he could walk in and find her there.

He walked into her house, and saw her by the door. She took his breath away. He stood there for a minute, just taking her in, taking in the scene she set up for him. His cock grew, immediately.

She knew he was watching her, and that triggered her fantasy. She let out a low moan.

He walked up to her, and put his hands around her waist.

“Hello beautiful. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” she responded.

He immediately leaned forward and inhaled her scent. He loved the way she smelled. It held so many good thoughts and memories for him.

She leaned her head to the side, signaling that she wanted her neck kissed, and he gladly kissed her, kissing up and down her neck, gently sucking her earlobe. As he did so, he began to run his hands along her torso, just feeling her.

As he did so, Dina slid her hand around her back and felt his hard cock. She was rewarded with a happy moan.

Dina turned her head so they could kiss, and they did, softly, deeply and passionately. She began turning her body so they could face each other, but he held her the way she was.

“No”, he said. “Stay the way you are. Today your fantasy comes true. Today you cum by the window. Today WE show you to the world.”

Dina hoped he was right; she hoped her mind didn’t get in the way. “Alright” she responded.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“I trust you. I trust you completely” she answered.

“Will you listen to me? Will you do what I say? Will you let me help you cum?”


He kept kissing her neck and running his hands from her Lara Travesti knees to her shoulders, across her breasts, gently feeling her nipples, and loving how they responded to his touch.

“Show them your tits. Unbutton your shirt, leaving the bottom three buttons closed.”

He knew that Dina had a “thing” about her stomach. He disagreed, but he wanted her to be comfortable.

She began unbuttoning her blouse, and he took the opportunity to watch her perfect breasts come into view.

When she’d unbuttoned, she pulled each side of the blouse open, exposing her tits.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

Dina did, and he slowly slid her blouse down. When the sleeves were by her elbows, her gripped her wrists with his left hand and arched her back slightly.

He ran his fingers around her nipples, pulling on them gently.

He whispered in her ear “Everyone can see you. Everyone is looking at your tits, they’re watching me play with you and they’re all getting turned on.”

Dina moaned. He looked down at her breasts, and saw the goose bumps rising, the tiny hairs on her skin standing up.

He released her hands, slid the sleeves off, left the shirt bunched around her middle.

“Rub your tits. Rub them the way you do when you’re alone. Rub them the way you do when you want them to see you, to get turned on by you.”

Dina slid her hands up and began running the tips around her breasts, dragging her nails across her nipples, pulling them out. She gave them a hard tug, the way she liked and her pussy contracted. She could really feel her wetness now.

He inhaled deeply and said, “I can smell your pussy. You’re so turned on. I love it.” Dina smiled.

“Are you ready for more?”, he asked.


“Unzip your skirt, drop if and step out of it.”

She did, and was soon wearing nothing but a pair of heels. She was naked in front of a huge piece of glass with a man hugging her from behind. She loved it, but she wasn’t sure her mind wouldn’t get in the way again.

“Do you want to touch your pussy?”


“The do it. Rub your pussy. Rub it for you, rub it for me and rub it for them.”

Dina ran her hands down her body and slid her middle finger through her slit, which was already open for her. She spread her lips with her index and ring fingers and rubbed her clit firmly. He watched her reflection in the glass and decided to help.

His left hand joined her right and together they played with her pussy, his finger sliding inside her while she rubbed her clit. His right arm still holding her firmly and lovingly. Dina leaned back into his body and laid her head on his shoulder, and masturbated for all of her neighbors to see.

As she rubbed herself, he whispered in her ear “I brought you a gift. Would you like it?”


He backed away a bit and she heard him open a box. Soon she felt a silk scarf sliding around her body. He held it up for her to look at. She loved it, but wasn’t sure why he was giving it to her now.

“Do you know what this is for? This is for you, for your mind. It’s for you to not worry about what’s out there, so you can focus on what you’re doing, so you can let your fantasy run wild.”

Dina laughed. “I don’t know, I have some pretty wild fantasies.”

“Good. Enjoy them now.” As he spoke, he slid the scarf around her eyes, tying it tightly under her bun. Everything went black, but the feel of the silk was amazing.

Dina kept rubbing herself, and she found that without seeing everything, without worrying, she could rally focus on her exhibitionist fantasy, and felt herself getting closer to orgasm.

Moments later, she was shocked when he stopped her.

She heard noises of chairs being moved, and he sat Dina down. He stood in front of her, and lifted her right leg and hooked the heel under the seat of another chair. Then he did the same for the left. He put his hands behind her, sliding her forward on the chair.

“I Manavgat travesti know this is how you masturbate in bed, and I want you to be comfortable. Are you?”

Truthfully, she was, but still felt a little exposed, and told him so.

“Right now, I’m right in front of you. No one can see you directly, but they know what is going on. They know, for example, that I’m doing this.”

And he slid his middle finger about an inch into her pussy, delighting in her wetness. He loved the way her inner lips opened, and how they felt to his fingers.

Dina arched her head back and sighed.

Dina continued to rub her clit while he played with the entrance to her pussy. Soon he put another finger inside her, opening her further, sliding his fingers gently in and out of her pussy.

Dina started to rub faster and faster, pushing down harder on her clit as she felt her orgasm coming.

He leaned forward, leaving his fingers inside of her opening and whispered in her ear “Come. You can do it. Let it happen. I want to feel your come on my fingers.”

As he spoke, he leaned the weight of his body onto hers, holding their hands tightly against her pussy.

As Dina started to convulse, he briefly kissed her on her beautiful soft lips, pushing her over the edge. She came, the orgasm causing her to tense up. As she came, he quickly slid his fingers deep inside her pussy, twisting them, adding to the sensation of her orgasm.

As she came, she felt his weight slowly being lifted off of her body, and sensed him moving around to her right side. His fingers never left the velvety soft warm wetness of her pussy.

As he stood next to her, he curled the tips of his fingers up and stared pressing on her g-spot, and slid his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Take a break” he said, “I’ll take care of the next one.”

Dina took her hand away from her pussy, and as she did, he saw how wet her fingers were.

He took her hand and brought it to his mouth, sucking gently and thoroughly on each finger, loving the taste of her pussy. He took each finger fully in her mouth, and licked to the tip of each manicured nail. Dina loved the feeling, and she loved having him taste her pussy that way. She thought it was so hot.

He kept manipulating her g-spot, and Dina felt another orgasm building. She loved the feeling, and realized it felt different somehow. Dina could easily make herself cum, but had never had a g-spot orgasm. She gave in to the feeling, and soon, wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her body.

Dina felt spent. She had two massive orgasms in a place she’d always wanted to.

She sat, contented, and enjoyed the blissful after effects. Soon she felt his fingers slowly withdraw from her pussy, and then felt him rubbing up and down her body.

She pictured herself, spread eagle, basically naked in front of the window. Dina had watched enough porn of similar situations to know what she liked, and knew how hot she must look. She only hoped that someone had seen her.

Dina felt him turning her head towards him, and as she did, she realized that he’d opened his pants and that his rock hard cock was by her mouth.

Needing no further encouragement, Dina took him inside her mouth. She brought her left hand up and put it around his back, pulling him deeply indie her. She took him all of the way in her mouth, expertly using her lips, muscles and tongue to make him feel amazing.

He loved Dina sucking his cock. Truthfully, he’d never been a huge fan of blowjobs, but he realized that he only been on the receiving end from women who either didn’t want to give one, or weren’t very good at it.

That all stopped with Dina. She was not only fantastic at sucking is cock, she was eager to do it. She waned to give him pleasure the way he wanted to give her pleasure.

As she sucked his cock, Dina heard his camera going off, and realized she’d heard it before as well.

She smiled to herself. Side travesti They loved taking pictures of each other and of them themselves and sharing with each other. Dina was particularly proud of a short video she’s made for him of her coming from a combination of her rubbing her clit and sliding a vibrator up her ass. She decided to take him all of the way in again so he’d have a good shot.

Dina’s expertise soon began having the intended effect, and he felt an orgasm building deep within him. However, didn’t want to cum yet, so he pulled out of her mouth.

He leaned down and kissed her, deeply and passionately, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Dina felt his hands running across her body, back and forth between her tits, across her legs, behind her knees and eventually back to her pussy.

He stood up again, and knelt between Dina’s legs. As much as Dina loved sucking his cock, he loved eating her pussy. Dina had a perfect pussy, and it was so responsive to being played with.

He slid the tip of his tongue across her clit, and flicked it. Dina loved the feeling. He began to lick her entire slit up and down, licking and sucking on each lip individually, paying attention to her whole pussy. He slid his tongue as deep as he could inside her, and fucked her with his tongue. As he did so, he made circles around and ran his thumb firmly across her clit. Dina was lost on the feeling.

Soon he moved back to her clit and sucked it into his mouth, tugging on it. As he tugged on it, he curled his tongue and slid it across her clit like a sleeve, darting it back and forth.

Dina came again and again from his mouth. She loved having her pussy eaten and the fact that he loved eating it only heightened her pleasure.

Her body felt like it was convulsing with orgasms.

As the orgasms were slowing down, Dina felt herself being stood up, and then felt herself seated on the edge oh her table, his naked body pressed up against hers. She felt his cock nestling between the inviting lips of her pussy, making it slippery with her juices.

He leaned forward, kissed her and whispered in her ear “We’re going to fuck now, in front of the window. Are you ready?”

Dina nodded and said, “Yes. Fuck me now. Fuck me right here.”

He positioned his cock at her pussy and slid it inside her, taking his time. When he was fully inside her, he held it for a moment.

“Best feeling in the world” he said, and began to fuck her slowly, pulling all of the way out and sliding all of the way back in.

He began increasing his speed and put his arm behind her, pulling them tightly together as his hips thrust into her.

The combination was enough to bring them both to the edge. He whispered in her ear “I’m ready. Are you? Do you want to come with me?”

Dina answered loudly and clearly, “Yes. Oh God, yes. Come with me.”

With that, Dina came, and he came too, just as hard, deep inside her, his cock filling her with his cum.

Eventually, the high stared to wear down, and the convulsing of his cock inside her stopped. They looked deep into each others eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too”.

“Thank you for that. It was amazing.”

“No, thank you. I’m so happy we finally got to do this together.”

Leaving his cock inside of her, he had Dina wrap her sexy smooth legs around his back, and her carried her to her bed. They lay next to each other and held each other and drifted off.


Later on they woke up, and showered together, teasing each other. They talked about how Dina was so glad she was able to fulfill her fantasy, and how she wondered if anyone had seen what went on. Honestly, she didn’t care as much as she thought she would, but she hoped…

When they got out of the shower and dried off, Dina decided she was ready for more, and had a thought.

“Let me see the pictures you took of us.”

He went and got his camera, and handed it to her.

Dina brought up the pictures; she saw that there were 10 or 11 of them, but that she wasn’t “really” in any of them. Sure, some showed her from behind looking out of the window as she masturbated, but most showed joggers, men and women and landscapers, all obviously looking towards her house…

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