The Wake Up Call

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Mark woke early, struggling for a few moments to register where he was. The clock said 5.45 and the room was dark, except for the pale green light as the clock face glowed. He took a few moments to let his eyes get used to the dark and smiled as the shape that lay next to him came into focus.

It had taken a long journey to get to this point – months of conversations, online at first, then e-mail after e-mail and eventually the phone calls. The time zone difference had been a killer, one never being in the same place and time as the other, snatching conversations whilst one or other was at work or in the rare moments when they’d both been home at the same time. Despite the difficulties, the connection had been obvious from day one, the spark between them intense, the discussions moving quickly on to likes and dislikes, to sexual preferences, to the fantasies that they shared. They knew that the ocean between them, the age difference and a myriad other things made anything permanent unlikely, but the passion and desire between them was beyond strong, leading to many masturbation fuelled fantasies of the other.

It hadn’t taken Mark long to realise that he had to meet this woman, touch her, kiss her. He knew that they deserved the pleasure they both desperately wanted to give to the other, even if it was just once. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her till he’d put a touch, a taste, a smell to the words and images they’d exchanged. It took courage to book the flight – after all, there’s a safety behind a computer screen or a telephone. The distance limits the hurt that rejection or, worse, stronger feelings can cause. He did it though – found the flights, booked a hotel and invited her to meet him for dinner.

He smiled as he remembered that dinner, just last night. The plane had landed just a few short hours previously, but neither of them could wait any longer, regardless of the effects the jet lag would have. It couldn’t have gone any better, from the smile on her face as she walked into the hotel bar and saw him at the bar, to the electric charge between them as they hugged slightly nervously. She had looked amazing in her black cocktail dress and heels, hugging her gorgeous curves. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off her as they sat at the bar, nor as they ate dinner in a secluded corner, laughing, gently teasing each other with flirtatious comments, hands touching increasingly often as the level in the wine bottle slowly went lower and lower. The Shiraz they drank relaxed them both, taking the conversation from nervous and ever so slightly stilted to their standard relaxed banter, fuelled by desire for each other.

Once the pair had eaten, there was nothing more natural than to walk hand Bornova travesti in hand to the lift lobby, going upstairs to his hotel room, to finally get to turn all of their words into actions, exploring each other, connecting in the most intimate and carnal way possible.

Now, the morning after, Mark smiled as he looked at Linda’s sleeping form, remembering the sensations of the previous evening. He’d known she was beautiful from the photos they’d shared, but nothing had prepared him for the beauty he saw as they undressed each other. The way she carried herself, the desire that was obviously inside her made her the sexiest woman he could remember. The sex had been intense, driven by passion and a fulfilment of several months’ worth of teasing and imagining. They’d both orgasmed quickly, exploding with pleasure whilst joined together. Much as they would both have liked to carry on, the strains of the nerves that both had felt all day, plus the jetlag from his flight meant that they quickly fell asleep, curled up together.

It was that jetlag that had woken Mark so early and he lay there gazing at the sleeping woman beside him, smiling. He didn’t feel awkward about the night before – just certain that coming to see her had been the right thing to do. She was laying face down, her gorgeous blonde hair splayed across the pillow and down to her shoulders, poking out from the sheets. He knew that she never normally slept naked, but there had been no incentive to leave the embrace they shared last night to find clothes, so he knew that her beautiful body was completely bare under the covers.

As he watched her sleep, a thought crossed his mind, making the smile broaden. They’d spoken many times about how they both preferred morning sex and he decided that he should show her just how he thought a woman should be woken.

Mark lifted himself to his knees, taking care to move slowly so as not to disturb her, not yet anyway. He bent over and kissed her head gently and then moved the covers slowly down, uncovering her back. He started to gently run his hands over her skin, not massaging as such, just touching, rubbing gently, up and down, covering every inch of her back, sliding his hands down her sides as well. He could feel her start to stir as he caressed her, enjoying the feel of her silky soft skin under his palms. He leaned over again, gently brushing her hair from her neck, kissing that sweet spot at the nape, before resuming the caress. Her breathing changed as he moved, suggesting that she might have woken.

“Good morning beautiful”

She murmured a response, not really words, just that post-sleep, not quite awake moment when feelings are expressed with noises.

“Don’t move darling”, Buca travesti he said, “just lay there and enjoy…”

He felt her body react under his hands as he continued to run them across her back, gradually going lower, pushing the covers further down so that he could see and stroke her butt, the part of her body she considered her best feature. Mark wasn’t about to argue about that as he ran his hands over the gorgeous curves, before continuing down to caress each of her long legs. As he moved up and down her body, he heard her murmur again, this time almost a whimper of a noise, heading in the general direction of a moan. He felt her legs part ever so slightly as he ran his hands over the upper part of her legs, but he ignored it, moving his hands upwards again, over her back, rubbing her shoulders before kissing the nape of her neck. Linda’s eyes were open now, and she smiled he came into her eye line.

He moved his body so he was laying beside her again, brushing her hair away from her face with a finger, before leaning in to kiss her gently. She responded in kind, melting into the touch of his soft lips, feeling a warmth pass through her body. He slid his arms round her and gently turned her so that she lay on her back, kissing her all the while. The kisses were soft, gently exploring each other’s mouth, both of them now fully awake and full of desire for the other.

Mark pulled away, smiled and resumed his caress of her body, now running his hands over the front. She made as if to speak, but he put a finger on her lips and smiled. She returned his smile, and lay back, awaiting his touch. He took his time, caressing her all over, mostly with the palm of his hand, but occasionally using his index finger to circle her nipples, nipples that were now hard with excitement. He ran his hands over her stomach, her hips, calves, feet, always gently, feeling her muscles contract and relax in anticipation. He took care to avoid the area between her legs, running his hands up the inside of her thighs, but stopping short of the ultimate prize. Each time he stopped, or diverted his touch, Linda whimpered, ready to beg for his fingers to find her clit. Her hips started to thrust, trying to find his hands, but he continued to move around the rest of her body.

“Please…..”, she sighed. “Please touch me.”

He smiled; those were the words he’d been waiting to hear. He slid his hand down from her stomach to between her legs. He kept his fingers straight and clamped together, running the entire of his hand up and down her moist lips. She sighed and wiggled, to try and maintain the contact. He leaned over, keeping his hand stationary between her legs, and kissed her, harder than at any other time Konak travesti that morning, enjoying the response from her body and her lips. Their kiss continued for some time, with duelling tongues and gently but insistent nibbles on lips, but his hand didn’t move, despite her bodily protestations and obvious desire for more.

He broke the kiss and started to slide down the bed, kissing her body as he went, flicking a tongue over each nipple, kissing her stomach, her thighs, her knees, her feet, before positioning himself between her legs, tongue drawing circles on her inner thigh. He took a long lingering look at her shaved pussy before, with a wicked smile, blowing gently and repeatedly onto her hardened clit. The pleasure she felt as the cold air flowed over her most sensitive spot was both exquisite but also tortuous – she needed more, and needed it quickly.

“Suck it, suck my clit for me baby.”

Again, he didn’t need asking for a second time and moved his lips forward to circle that hard bud of flesh, running his tongue around it. She bucked immediately, the sensation being almost too much, but he refused to let go, caressing her clit with his lips and tongue. Her moans were getting louder as he teased, looking for the spot or the motion that would send her to ecstasy. He moved away for a moment, caught his breath and then ran his tongue up and down her slit, tasting all her juices, before returning to her clit. Her hands were on his head, running over the short hair, trying to hold him in the perfect spot.

He could feel that she was getting close, but wanted to me certain that he made this a memorable orgasm. His hands slipped from her thighs underneath her, caressing her cheeks as he lifted her pelvis towards his mouth. His tongue was working faster and her breath getting shorter and quicker, a sure sign she was approaching the point of no return. He stretched a finger and rubbed up against her asshole, gently teasing. Her legs wrapped round his torso, pulling him into her and opening her butt to his touch, enabling him to slide his finger inside her. As he did so, he redoubled his attention on her clit, drawing figures of eight with his tongue.

The twin sensations pushed her over the edge and her orgasm blew through her like a whirlwind, moaning his name as the pleasure took over, her heart racing at a speed far higher than exercise had taken her for a long time. He felt her body relax, her legs fall from around him, her hands reaching for him.

Reluctantly, he began to move, running his tongue over her lips one last time to taste her sweetness, before moving up her body slowly, leaving a trail of kisses as he went. He lay beside her, opening his arms for her to slide into, brushing her hair as she gradually regained composure.

“So,” he said, “can this be a morning plan for the next few days?”

She smiled, pulled him close and drifted towards sleep, contemplating what she could do to pay him back for the best wakeup call she’d ever experienced.

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