The Train Journey

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Juliet was going on a train journey from London to Aberdeen to meet her boyfriend. It was summer time so she had dressed in light summer clothes. This outfit consisted of white lacy panties, white camisole top, stockings and suspenders because she hated wearing tights, and a floral print dress which was button through, a matching silk scarf was around her neck. As she was travelling early this was covered by her coat, to protect her from the early morning cold. A handbag and a pair of matching cream heeled court shoes completed her outfit. She was struggling with her suitcases along the platform and on arrival at the ticket barrier began to wish she had not agreed to take her boyfriends clothes up with her, his was the two large cases and hers was a weekend case. Still she was early and had plenty of time to get them onto the train and into the carriage where she had reserved her seat.

Once there she started to relax and opened the coat, cooling down from the exertions of the long hard struggle with the cases. The carriage was empty as the train started on its northward journey and the heaters soon had the carriage nice and warm, .Juliet slipped off the coat and after folding it placed it onto the luggage rack above her head, and slipped off her shoes before placing her feet up on the seat opposite, she began to read her newspaper. After a while with the steady rocking of the speeding train and the early morning start to her day started to have an effect on her and she slowly started to drift off to sleep knowing it was miles to the first stop.

She woke just as the train was pulling into the station and through half closed eyes watched as passengers either left the train or climbed aboard. Still no one joined her in the carriage and it was not long before she was asleep once more.

She was not sure how long she had been asleep but she woke when the train suddenly jolted and began to slow. Looking out of the window she could only see open countryside, the turned her head towards the other side window.

She jumped in shock as sitting next to her feet was a man in his late thirties or early forties looking at her long legs. She quickly moved her self and tried to cover her legs as she got them off the seat and back to the floor.

The stranger told her not to hide such beauty or feel shy about showing the stocking clad legs to him, it had been a long time since such a wonderful sight had been seen. His voice was firm yet relaxing to her. The man introduced himself to Juliet as David. He was travelling to Aberdeen on business and could think of no better way than to share a carriage with such a lovely maiden.

Juliet was charmed by his voice and firm manner, and lifted her Çankaya travesti feet back onto the seat knowing as she did that David could see her stocking tops, but his smile reassured her that he liked what he saw, and in a way the thought of him looking at her like that started to make her feel sexy. This was something her boyfriend had wanted her to do several times when they were out together, and here she was partially exposing herself to a total stranger. Her mind started to work overtime to all the things her boyfriend had wanted her to do. She raised her knees slightly and brought her feet to the edge of the seat, knowing that this position would give David and even better view of her legs. Juliet closed her eyes once more pretending to go back to sleep but secretly hoping to find out if looking was all he was interested in doing. But it was not long before sleep did take over her once more and she slept for about 30 minutes. When she woke the blinds had been pulled down stopping anyone in the passageway from seeing in, her dress had ridden up and her knees were slightly apart, David was watching her, she smiled then realised that David could see right up her legs to her scanty panties. She went to pull down the dress but with a firm ‘No’ from him she stopped what she was intent on doing.

David then said ‘I thought the sun was going to come out but some clouds hid it from view.

Juliet said that she was going to go to the toilet, and as she made her way along the carriage she thought of his words, and with a sudden realization knew what he was really saying. He wanted to be able to see her naked under her dress.

After she had finished she stood up and washed her hands her stomach was a mass of butterflies as she dried her hands. Then in a trance like state she lifted her dress and pulled her panties down again then slipped her feet out of them. She screwed them into her hands, and left the toilet quickly before her nerve failed and the need to put them back on again.

On reaching the compartment she found that David had poured her another drink which she drank down quickly to steady her nerves. Before she slipped off her shoes and carefully placed her feet up on the seat again. She was looking out of the window at all the fields and small villages speeding past the window, her body was swaying to the rhythm of the train. David was sat back in his seat looking at Juliet and the scenery passing by then back to Juliet again.

Juliet was relaxing again and started to drift off once more, then a jerk of the train and she was awake again.

This happened two or three times before sleep finally took over.

She was not sure how long she had been Dikmen travesti asleep but she woke and just opened her eyes . David was looking straight up her skirt, the feeling that came over her was so exciting she felt a climax building up inside her. She moved and felt her dress ride high up her legs, well if he could not see before he must be able to now, she thought, then just to make sure she relaxed her legs and allowed her knees to part.

She then pretended to awaken once more , just to see his reactions. As she moved he said ‘ Well the sun is now in its full glory’ he was smiling as he spoke, and she returned the smile. “Maybe the top of the dress is a little tight and you might want to relax even more.” He said in that firm voice of his.

Without giving any thought as to where she was or the fact that someone just may walk past their carriage she undid the top few buttons on her dress stopping only at the waist. “There, ” she said. “I am nearly naked for your eyes.”

“What a beautiful thought and sight that would be. But you would not dare do such a thing even if I ordered you to do so.”

Juliet is still unsure as to why she replied. “You will never know until you try.”

“Juliet, I order you to remove the rest of your clothes.” He said very firmly.

She stood and finished off undoing the buttons then slipped it from her shoulders , this was followed by the camisole. She went to un fasten her stockings from the suspender belt. “I really do think you should leave them on, they make a perfect frame to show off your beautiful Mons Venus.”

At that point they heard from the corridor a voice say in a loud voice ‘Tickets please.’

And David told Juliet to get back into her dress but not the camisole. Which he had picked up and folded it neatly.

After the ticket inspector had been to them the atmosphere in their carriage was charged with expectancy. (Juliet really wanted David to see her naked again.)

” Juliet, you really are a most wonderful lady. I must admit that I wanted to make love to you. But to be fair to you we are now within a half hour of our station and that just is not long enough.”

Juliet just opened her dress then reached down to David’s trousers and started to

Undo them, “Please do it to me, ” she begged, “I feel like I am on fire.”

She pulled his trousers down to his knees then straddled him. Finding his very stiff penis, she guided it in to her wet hungry body. It was she that was doing the love making and using David to satisfy her needs. Her climax was so intense that she collapsed against him totally spent and unable to move at all for several minutes. David was bemused by this, and after giving Eryaman travesti her time to recover he helped her to climb off him and let him get dressed again. He was the one that did up the dress, just as the train was pulling into the station.

David gathered the suitcases and got them onto the platform then went back into the carriage to collect Juliet, she was still feeling the effects of the climax. On the platform he found a porter and asked if he could manage the cases to the concourse.

David led Juliet down the platform where her very lucky boyfriend would be waiting.

On the concourse David paid off the porter with a generous tip after he had hailed a taxi, David’s suitcases had been placed in the cab, when up strode the boyfriend.

Juliet was standing next to David when she heard her boyfriends voice.

But instead of the words she wanted to hear, he was shouting at her. The words he was saying were causing other people in the area to stop and stare.

He grabbed his two cases from her and telling her that she was a tramp and dressed like a whore and that he wanted nothing to do with such a trollop. He then stormed off leaving Juliet standing by David with tears rolling down her face.

David being the gentleman he was helped to dry her eyes. Juliet said that except for the meeting of him the day was a complete waste of time and she had better start to think of returning back to London. David suggested that instead she might like to consider coming to his hotel and at least having a meal before such a long journey could be considered. She nodded her head in agreement and allowed herself to be seated in the cab.

During the car trip her mood brightened a little and by the time the hotel had been reached she had managed a smile.

But once alone in the room she fell into David’s arms and had another bout of sobbing. He had both his arms around her as his shoulder of his shirt became wet with her tears. Suddenly she stopped sobbing, and pulled away from David, she went into the bathroom and David heard the sound of the bath being filled.

He sat on the bed and thought that he had done wrong by doing all the things he had on the train, and further complicated matters by bringing her to his hotel. As these thoughts were going through his mind Juliet walked back into the room went up to David and kissed him full on the lips. She then picked up her case opened it and took out some clothes then disappeared back into the bathroom. She returned to David and said “Thank you for being so nice to me, and for today. But now ask what you want to do?”

“In what way, do you mean?” he asked.

“Well you seemed to be in total control on the train and….well…I just wondered.”

“If I would like more.” David read her thoughts and put them into words.

“Yes” she replied.

“Of course I would.”

Juliet then opened her dress and let it fall to the floor and asked David if he would like to wash her back.

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