The Gift

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Note that the following event took place in 1985 during the events depicted in ‘Your Silver Nights and Golden Days Pt. 02’.

© 2020 Candy_Kane54


When the alarm went off, I pried my eyes open and reached over to turn it off. Another Saturday morning and another long day at the fair on Manhattan Beach Pier loomed ahead. I turned back to look over at my partner of twenty years, Becky, who laid there looking so lovely, her black hair haloed around her head.

“Becky, it’s time to get up,” I whispered in her ear as I gently shook her shoulder.

“Don’t want to,” Becky muttered as her eyes fluttered open.

“I know, sweetie. I don’t really want to either, but the sooner we get up and going, the sooner we can get set up,” I said, leaning in to kiss her luscious lips.

“MmmmHmmm,” Becky muttered against my lips as she returned my kiss.

With a sigh, I broke our kiss and rolled out of bed. My mind drifted back to long ago Saturday mornings spent in bed. Becky and I would be making mad passionate love until hunger and nature’s call would force us out of bed.

“Those days are over,” I mused to myself as I went into the bathroom to perform my toilet. I evaluated myself in the mirror, my green eyes popping while putting myself together. “Not bad looking for fifty,” I thought to myself as I put my auburn hair up into a high ponytail. There were a few strands of gray, but overall it still looked beautiful. My 5′ 6″ 32C-24-32 evenly tanned body looked nice although I was getting a little thick around the waist. My breasts sagged a bit, but gravity always wins in the end, so nothing to worry about there.

When I came out, I could smell coffee brewing and eggs and bacon cooking on the stove. I went out to the kitchen and relieved Becky, giving her a quick hug and peck before shooing her off to the bathroom. I finished breakfast, plating eggs and bacon for both of us, and pouring two mugs of coffee, setting them on the breakfast bar.

While waiting for Becky to come out, I planned our day. We’d already packed the minivan with our folding tables and chairs. All we had left to do was pack the vehicle with our goods before leaving for the pier.

When Becky came out for breakfast, I couldn’t help but run my eyes over her. She was five years younger than me, 5′ 3″ black hair, brown eyes, 32B-22-32, her toned, tanned body contrasted by the white high-waist shorts and white polo top she was wearing. I could see that Becky wasn’t wearing a bra under her polo, her nipples tenting the fabric. When she came up to the breakfast bar, she gave me a quick side hug and peck on the cheek, saying, “Love you, Cindy,” before sitting down to tuck into her breakfast.

“It’s going to be a nice day today, so there should be a lot of people out,” I said.

“Good,” Becky said, looking me in the eye, “we’ll be able to lower our inventory. Then I can start on some new projects I’ve been thinking about.”

“Oh,” I asked, “what kind of projects do you have in mind?”

“I’ve got some ideas for some bangle bracelets,” Becky replied, flashing a smile, her enthusiasm enchanting. “Also, I was thinking about making some beaded necklaces. I saw some interesting Native American beadwork, and I thought I could do something like that with a California twist on it.”

“That sounds nice,” I replied carefully, not wanting to reinforce her enthusiasm. Becky tends to get carried away and then creates a whole lot of inventory that we then need time to sell.

We finished our breakfast and got ready to go. We carried our inventory out to the minivan, and I drove us down to the parking lot next to the Manhattan Beach Pier. We managed to get a close enough parking spot that carrying our tables and chairs up onto the pier wouldn’t be too hard. We greeted our fellow vendors as we got set up, everyone helping everyone else as we all got set up. While there were no formal vending spots assigned to people, we’ve all been there long enough that there was no squabbling over who got set up where. By 8 AM, we had our tables set up, wares displayed, and our sunshades up so we wouldn’t burn during the day.

On such a beautiful day, people were already strolling along the pier. Some were already stopping at our booth to look and shop. We actually were doing a brisk business, Becky mesmerizing customers with her enthusiasm over her wares. She was a natural salesperson, so I let her do most of the customer interaction. Not that I was a slouch myself. I could be just as enthusiastic, especially since I knew Becky’s thought processes almost as well as she did while making her jewelry.

I just loved watching Becky interact with the customers. I mused about the fact that we’ve been together for a long time. The enthusiasm Becky displayed toward the customers wasn’t in our interactions as much as it used to be. Just then, Becky glanced over and noticed that I was watching her. She flashed me a quick smile before turning back to the customer, and for that brief moment, I felt some heat down below.

Eventually, the initial rush of customers faded away, leaving Becky and me alone for a while. I walked over, and side hugged her, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. For a beat, we just stood there, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Just then, a vision of beauty walked up to our booth. We both frankly stared at that vision. The woman returned our stare with one of her own. She must have been about 5′ 2″ with brown hair in a low ponytail halfway down her back and brown eyes. A beautiful face and a toned and tanned svelte body, she sported a cute mid-thigh skort and spaghetti strap tank top. She was probably about twenty years younger than me.

We pulled apart after sharing a quick glance and approached her as she started looking at our wares. I suddenly realized that I had seen her a few times before, strolling along with another woman and two boys.

“Hi! I’m Cindy. Can I help you find something,” I asked, my throat suddenly going dry. I involuntarily licked my lips as her gaze came up to meet mine, her piercing brown eyes searing my soul.

“Thank you, Cindy. I’m Bonnie, and I’m looking for a gift to give my friend.”

When she said the word ‘friend,’ I could figuratively see the air quotes around the word. Her face radiated her feelings about her ‘friend.’

“What does your friend like,” I asked, glancing over to Becky to make sure she heard what was being said.

“She’s not really into gaudy jewelry, but she does like the occasional subdued bracelet or necklace,” Bonnie replied, looking back down at the display.

Becky and I shared a significant look as Bonnie had used the word ‘she.’ We suddenly realized why she had looked at us like she did when she walked up while we were standing there arm-in-arm.

Becky jumped in, asking, “Do you think she’d like a nice beaded bracelet like this?” She pointed to the tray with beaded jewelry in it.

Bonnie looked where Becky pointed and focused on a beaded bracelet using muted earth-tone colors. She reached to pick it up with a questioning look on her face. “Go ahead,” Becky urged, indicating to Bonnie that she could pick it up.

As Bonnie was looking at the bracelet, I looked up. I saw a beautiful blonde strolling by with two boys, recognizing her as the woman I’d seen Bonnie with before. She was holding hands with both of the boys. She was looking over the wares being displayed on the other side of the pier.

Just then, Bonnie made her decision and looked up to me and said, “I think I’ll get this for my friend.” Again, her face betrayed her as that look came over her face when she said ‘friend.’

I leaned in and asked quietly, “You mean, lover, don’t you?”

Bonnie’s face lit up with a smile as she sheepishly admitted, “It’s that obvious?”

“Sweetie, a blind man wearing arc welding goggles could see the love in your face right now,” I replied. At that moment, her blonde lover’s gaze swept over to us, the intensity of her gaze almost like a physical blow.

I must have betrayed my reaction to that gaze as Bonnie looked at me and asked, “She’s looking at me right now, isn’t she?”

I could only nod my head, my reaction to that gaze leaving me speechless. I could feel the prickle of tears in my eyes as I reveled in the emotions radiating around me. I glanced over to Becky, and I could tell she was feeling the same thing I was. I could see the glistening of tears building in her eyes too.

“I can feel it on the back of my neck, like the heat from a campfire,” Bonnie explained as she turned to look back at her lover. They smiled at each other, the brightness of those combined smiles eclipsing the already brilliant late morning sunlight.

Before we were incinerated by the heat of their love, Bonnie turned back to me and asked, “How much?”

“Twenty dollars plus tax,” I replied as Becky took the bracelet and started wrapping it up. “That’ll be $21.60 in total.”

Bonnie handed me money, and I gave her change back to her, fumbling a bit as the intensity of emotions swirling around me had made me shaky. Becky handed the package to Bonnie, and she turned away and walked toward her blonde lover.

I edged over toward Becky and put my arm around her as she put her arm around me. We watched as the two lovers approached each other. The looks of love on their faces fed on each other, growing brighter and brighter until that love was the only thing that was real. Everything else around them became a translucent washed out gray of unreality.

I looked at Becky, tears streaming down my cheeks. I saw tears running down her face as she looked at me. At that moment, I could feel the passion of that first time we had looked at each other all those years ago, the heat washing through my body as I pulled Becky in for a kiss. I cupped her face with my hands as I devoured her lips, and she returned as good as she got, cupping my face with her hands. Our tongues battled each other as our passion that had been banked for all those years rekindled.

We broke, gasping for air, our foreheads touching as we looked in each other’s eyes.

“How about we call it a day and go home?” I asked.

“Yes,” Becky answered. “Let’s.”

We wasted no time packing up and getting everything into the van. We hurried home, fighting the noontime traffic. We tumbled out of the vehicle and practically ran into the house. I barely got the door closed before Becky shoved me up against the wall and devoured my lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues wrestled, we were pulling our clothes off. When we got naked, I growled into Becky’s mouth as I picked her up to take her into the bedroom.

Becky wrapped her legs around my hips, my hands on her ass. She was rolling her hips, rubbing her mound against mine. I got us into the bedroom, and I practically threw Becky onto the bed. I reached into the bedside table drawer and pulled out the harness with a purple 8″ dildo. It hadn’t seen a lot of use lately, but today I was going to fuck Becky senseless with it.

As I donned the harness and tightened it up, Becky laid there on the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy dripping with her juices, her lips inflamed with desire.

“Oh, god, Cindy, hurry. I want that cock in me so bad!” Becky begged/commanded.

I finished buckling up the harness, making sure the nubs on the end of the dildo were positioned over my clit. I stepped up to the bed and, without any foreplay at all, lined up the dildo and thrust it into Becky’s pussy.

Becky grunted from the thrust, her eyes glazing over as she started thrusting her hips, trying to get even more of the dildo inside her. The nubs on the base of the dildo hit my clit, making me shudder. I pulled completely out, gaping her pussy before thrusting the dildo all the way back in until my hips struck her ass. Becky grunted again before she started moaning, “Harder! Faster!”

I pulled back and immediately thrust again, as hard as I could. I repeated that action, going faster and faster, eliciting a grunt from Becky every time I bottomed out. I could feel my orgasm crashing down on me as I frantically thrust faster and faster, urging Becky to come for me.

Suddenly, Becky gasped in a huge breath and held it as her thighs spasmed. Her legs wrapped around my hips as she screamed, “Cinndddyyyy!” At the same time, I fell over the cliff into my orgasm, shouting, “Becckkkyyyy!” as my hips jerked, attempting to continue thrusting but losing myself in my orgasm.

I collapsed down on top of Becky, gasping, trying to catch my breath as I surrendered to the orgasmic rush. Before I succumbed to sleep, I pulled out of Becky and discarded the harness. I crawled under the duvet with Becky, wrapping my arms around her. As I fell into oblivion, I thanked Bonnie and her lover for the gift they had given us … the gift of rekindled love.

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