Staycation With Max Part 3

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Max and I were enjoying our staycation. Going away on vacation would have been nice, but having my whole apartment to ourselves was really just as good. We were only a couple of days into it and had settled into a comfortable routine. Tonight we made dinner together. Just something as simple as cooking, talking, and laughing made the night fly by.”What now?” I asked.”I think we go straight to bed baby,” Max said with a smirk, taking my hand and walking to my bedroom.”Am I being punished by having to go to bed right after dinner?” I asked, laughing.”No but that can be arranged,” he said playfully, swatting my ass.Once inside my bedroom, I asked, “What should I wear to bed?” So far we İstanbul Escort had just torn each other’s clothes off before bed and ended up sleeping naked after ravaging each other. But now we were calmly going to bed like I imagined couples who lived together did, so I didn’t really know what I should put on. I didn’t own any sexy lingerie, and when I stayed at his place I usually slept naked or in his T-shirt. Now I was home and had lots of options, so I wanted to know what he liked.”Whatever you normally wear to bed,” he responded. I pulled out a sleep tank top and shorts. Were we just going to go to bed or have sex? I had no idea but I didn’t really İstanbul Escort Bayan care; I was just happy to be spending this whole week with him.Max stripped down to his boxer briefs and we climbed into my bed together. We just lay there tangled up with each other talking, while our fingers danced lightly over each other just reveling in our closeness. I figured we’d talk until we both fell asleep but before I knew it, his cock was getting hard.”Oh wow, baby, you’re ready?” I asked with a giggle.”Always with you,” he said, kissing me.”We weren’t even talking about anything sexual!” I said.”Doesn’t matter,” he said, “You make me hot. Your Escort İstanbul eyes, your voice, the way you smell. Everything.” That was so sweet. Was he falling for me as hard as I was falling for him? I wasn’t sure I’d ever felt this way about a man, but here I was absolutely taken by Max.”Awww,” I said, kissing him and reaching over to his growing cock in his boxers. “Which way?” I asked hoping he’d know by how much I wanted to please him just how deeply I felt about him.”This,” he said, getting up and flipping me on my stomach and pulling my hips up so I was on all fours. Doggie style! Nice! I knew how much guys liked that position but I never had an orgasm that way.”Come here,” Max said as he pulled me back into his cock.”Mmmmm,” I said, liking how he filled me up differently in this position.”This feels good,” he said, pumping in and out slowly. Then he leaned his body over my back to reach his hand around. “This feels good too!” he said, gliding his finger over my clit.

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