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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 51:

Discussion over a few games of dominoes includes the sleeping arrangements for tonight. “Do you and Karl want to sleep with Mr Grant and William in the bunkhouse?” Dad asks, looking at me across the table.

I glance at Mr Grant, who is next to Dad. He can tell what I”m thinking, and puts his head down to hide his smirk!

I look at Karl first, and then answer, “Dad, Karl and I will be sleeping with William and Mr Grant at Jintabudjaree from tomorrow until the end of the week. I would really like to try out my new bed here tonight.”

Karl adds, “Yeah, Dad. Me too.”

Does that mean that Karl wants to try out my bed with me?


Chapter 52 � A Man in My Brother”s Bed

I lie in my comfy double bed and wait for Karl to `visit”.

He doesn”t come.

Everything is quiet.

After Karl and I had said goodnight, I had watched from my window the two people stroll in the cold, dull-grey moonlight to the bunkhouse, leaning against each other, with Mr Grant”s arm over William”s shoulder, and William”s arm around Mr Grant”s waist. Hugging. I can tell that they are in love with each other. Love, not lust.

Them heading back seems like it was ages ago now.

I listen. There are no noises from the living room or the kitchen. Dad and Helen have gone to bed.

Where is my brother? He was supposed to come to my room and test out my new bed with me. What has happened?

Unlikely to encounter Dad or Helen, I decide to leave my pyjama pants off and creep to my door, open it and look out. Nobody! My brother”s door is closed. I stand outside it and listen. Nothing! I ease the door open, thankful that there are no squeaks or scrapes. Then I close it.

I can see well enough from the partial-moon outside.

I stare at Karl”s bed.

Who is the man lying there?

Uncovered. Naked.

I creep towards the bed, hoping that no floor board betrays my presence.

I stand and stare. Stare at the beautiful body, almost stretching the length of the bed.

One arm, bent at the elbow, is across his eyes. The other is extending palm-upwards, over the edge of the double bed.

His lips are slightly apart and I can hear him breathing. Not quite a snore.

He swallows and his Adam”s apple rises and falls.

With one deep breath, his chest expands and settles. I can see his defined pec muscles with their small nipples. I look down across his flawless skin, smooth except for the beginning of abs. I”m tempted to trace my fingers across all of the lines. But that would wake him!

One of his legs is straight, the other is bent slightly at the knee. Just sideways enough to allow his two round and hairless balls to dangle towards the gap between his legs; one lower than the other.

The thick tube of his penis, its head perfectly formed, is asleep too, and lying over his balls, slightly to one side. His patch of pubic hair Diyarbakır Escort looks dark in the dim light.

What a beautiful man!

What has happened to my brother, the mischievous and tormenting young boy?

I want to kiss this man. I want to lie with him and feel his body against mine. But I don”t want to disturb his beauty by waking him.

I back away, open and shut the door. Entering my own room, I close the door silently, then lay myself face-down and let my tears be absorbed by my pillow.

Where did my tree-climbing, pirate-fighting, rub-a-dub-dub bath mate go?

My handsome twin brother has become a stunningly handsome man! I cry for him. And for me. We grew up, and Mum missed it!


The crowing of the rooster rouses me. I”d forgotten about the chooks here! That probably means that the owner of Whispering Gums and its manager will also be awake. Helen and Dad won”t need their alarm clocks anymore!

I put my pyjama pants on before heading to the toilet.

After peeing and flushing, I emerge to encounter Karl, stirred from his own room. Apart from our identical looks, it seems that we also have similar bladders. LOL.

“Sorry about last night,” he says. “I was lying down, waiting for everyone to go to bed, and I just fell asleep.” Then he adds, perhaps as an excuse, “Is your bed as comfortable as mine?”

“Well, we”ll just have to wait now until next weekend to find that out, won”t we?” I tell him, grinning. Then, I catch him in a hug. “Love you, handsome!” I tell him.

He looks at me, stunned. Then I head back to my bedroom to get dressed.


I check out the refrigerator and discover lamb”s fry, ready to cook. And bacon. And bread in the pantry, sliced and ready to toast. And fresh butter. And a selection of Mrs Cameron”s marmalades.

Nobody complains about breakfast. In fact, everybody is complementary, including the handsome young man who slept in the room next to mine.

“Would you mind if I borrow your cook for the rest of the week?” Mr Grant asks Helen and Dad.

“Only if you promise to give him back!” Dad says.

Karl smirks at me and is about to open his mouth, but my death stare must touch a brotherly nerve, because his anticipated smart-alec comment remains unspoken. Unusual!

I smile at him. He grins back.

My love for him is different to my love for Andy, and my lust for Mr Grant.


Most of the day is spent with William, Karl and me in the back of the ute, while Dad and Mr Grant ride inside. We go north, cut some mulga for the cattle and have our morning tea at the workers” hut, where Ron and I first slept together. Love? I don”t think so. Lust? Definitely!

I comment to Dad about the lack of hot water and suggest an LPG gas system, like the one in the other hut, down south. Dad agrees. “Thanks, son. Good idea. I”ll put it on my to-do list.”

Lunch is back at the house.

Karl and I put everything that we”ll need for the week into our backpacks and load them into The Beast.

“Have a good week,” Helen says to Karl and me. She kisses us both on the cheek.

“Be good!” Dad tells us.


He gives me a hug and musses up my hair. In return, I muss up his hair, and say, “You too!”

He just stares at me. I grin. Then he smiles.

And we all wave.


Mr Grant parks under the building and we head up the front stairs.

There Diyarbakır Escort Bayan is hesitation. Who is going to try the door knob?

William tries. Karl tries.

“It”s your house,” I tell Mr Grant, extending an open palm towards the door.

“Go on!” he tells me. “I want to make sure about what happened last time.”

It only requires the slightest touch from me, and the invisible doorman bids us enter.

I stand back.

“Buggered if I know!” William mumbles, walking past me, shaking his head. “There”s got to be a hidden button in the handle or pedal on the verandah or something!”

I wait until last, step inside and whisper, “Thank you Uncle!”


Karl heads up the stairs and turns left with William towards the green room.

“Hey, Karl,” Mr Grant calls out. “We told your Dad that you would be sharing with your brother.

He points towards the blue room to the left, then adds, “Unless, of course, you want to claim the pink room for yourself!”

Karl stops dead in his tracks and does an about-turn. “Oh, yes, so we did,” he shrugs.

“Nice try!” I whisper to him as I join him on the stars, going the `right” way. “Besides, you owe me for falling asleep and not visiting me last night!”

Should I tell him that it”s better that he”s with me because William might want to sneak across and sleep with Mr Grant? Or vice versa. Nah!

I have a plan. But I need to have a chat with William about it.

“Which side of the bed do you want?” I ask my brother.

“Which side does Andy sleep on?” he replies.

I point.

“OK. I”ll have that side. You can keep your side,” he tells me.

“Thanks!” I tell him, putting my backpack on the bottom of the bed.


Now, how do I get William by himself, so that I can share my thoughts with him?


The chance comes at school, Monday. We are kicking the football around at lunchtime.

“Just need to go to the toilet,” Karl says. “I might be a few minutes.”

“We need to talk!” I tell William, leading him away from the others while Karl is sitting down.

“What”s up?” he asks.

“About the sleeping arrangements,” I start. “I know that you and Karl would like to be together at night, like when Andy was here with me, seeing that you two can”t muck around at our place after school anymore.”

“Yes?” he says more than asks, waiting for me to go on.

“And I”m pretty sure that you and Mr Grant want to be together as well,” I tell him. “Like when I heard you both, when I got you to teach me how to suck properly. Remember?”

“We agreed not to talk about that,” he reminds me. “But, yes, I”m not sure what to do. Karl wants to be with me, but so does Tom. And I like both of them too.”

“How would this work?” I say. “I”ll pretend to be asleep on Monday and Wednesday nights so that Karl can sneak over to your room, and I”ll make sure that he stays with me Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, so that on those nights, you can sleep with Mr Grant, if you both want to.”

“Thanks, mate,” he says. “That would work for me. I do have one concern though.”

“What?” I ask.

“Umm,” he says, hesitantly. “When Tom and I muck around, it can get a bit noisy sometimes. I really wouldn”t want you and Karl to hear us, right next door.”

“Easy!” I tell him. “On the nights that Karl stays with me, why doesn”t Mr Grant go over to your green room?”

“How Escort Diyarbakır come you”re so much smarter than your brother?” he grins at me.

“Well, even twins aren”t totally identical, even in the brains department,” I reply. “Like, two brothers could be different.”

“Yeah,” he says. “Like me and Tom.”

I don”t comment.

I don”t have to.

William jokes, “He can be pretty dumb sometimes!” Then he bursts out laughing, conceding that it”s probably the other way around.

“Can I ask you, do you and my brother do anything more than wanking?” I say quietly.

“Nah!” he replies. “That”s all Karl wants to do. Besides, you told me that you wanted to be the one to teach him how to give a blow job.” He adds, “Have you?”

“No,” I tell him. “The reason that I got you to show me how to do it for Andy”s benefit.”

“So,” he asks me, unexpectedly, “did you and Andy do any more than wanking and sucking?”

Should I lie to him?

“Hey! House Rule!” I reply. “Or you”ll have to tell me exactly what you and Mr Grant do!”

“OK. House Rule!” he grins back.

Anyway, I”ve worked out what they do! After Andy `gave himself to me”, everything fell into place for me about Mr Grant and William!

Again, he surprises me. “But, remember, if you need any practice, with Andy not being here, you can always ask me.”

I know somebody else that I might get practise with, especially on Monday and Wednesday nights while Karl is over with William! LOL.

“Yeah. Thanks. But how would that work?” I put to him. “You”re never alone, and you”ll always either have Karl or Mr Grant with you at night. And there”s no real way that we can get my brother and Mr Grant to go somewhere and leave you and me together. Suggesting something would only make them suspicious. Dead-set certainty!”

“In case you ever want to,” William says. “Just let me know. I”ll think of something,”

Maybe I should take him up on his offer. Apart from me enjoying it, that should make him less suspicious of me and Mr Grant doing anything.

“If you want Karl to visit you tonight,” I tell William, “then you”d better work out a way of telling Mr Grant that he should stay in his own bed. I”m pretty sure that you don”t want him to spring you and my brother in the middle of something.”

“Tom will be OK,” William says. “He and I mucked around last night downstairs after you and Karl went to bed. It won”t take much to convince him that both of us need a good night”s sleep!”


We clean up after dinner and I announce, “I”m going to have a shower and hit the sack. For some reason I”m feeling rather tired tonight. Maybe all of the moving on the weekend just caught up with me.”

“And I think that I”ll turn in early night, too,” Mr Grant says.

I catch the exchanged glances and nods between William and Karl! William knows what”s going on. Karl doesn”t know that what he is scheming has already been planned by William and me.

However, Mr Grant has no idea that he”s going to get a visitor tonight!


(to be continued)



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