Journey of Punishment… Ch. 02

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Journey of Punishment Day Two: Stinging Anal.

Her ass was still sore from yesterday’s violation, but nevertheless she persisted. She returned to the same rest stop, again deserted, and in the bathroom she yanked her pants to her ankles and sat on the plug, opening up her anal ring. When it came to the bulge, she took deep breaths and focused on her legs bearing down, not the burn. After it went in, it actually felt good. She walked about half a mile through the desert and did 40 PU and 40 SU. This punishment will make her stronger. Unfortunately, the little anal invader didn’t want to stay in, even with the duct tape. So she re-sanitized it and worked it back in, sitting on it for an hour.

The sanitizer stung, but she bore it and eventually was rewarded by a pleasureable throbbing. The tip got tickly like it did on yesterday’s walk, not unpleasantly. She returned to the rest stop to pull it out in the car. It was dry and painful, the smell of rubber with a hint of shit filled up her RAV4, so she stuffed wet wipes against newly penetrated rosebud. Walking to the bathroom, relieving herself while even the urine stung, and then walking back was the worst part. Her ass was on fire, and she sweated and shook. she told herself to keep taking the pain so that she can be free. Free from memories. She told her asshole it was relieved of punishment for the next day. Her tits, pussy, and round ass cheeks? Not so much. They would get it tonight.

Interlude: Business Trip

Stand at the window, spread your legs and put your arms up. Tits against the window. I want anyone who’s looking to see what you’re getting. OK, it’s dark, no one is really going to see you, but let’s think that they can. You’ll take this almanbahis ass beating or I’ll turn the lights on so they can see your nice big tits squashed against the glass. What’s the housekeeper going to think tomorrow, tit marks on the window? I’m going to whip you harder for being a whore who wants everyone to see this. Put that ass in the air. I didn’t even bother to bring the paddle I bought -I’m just going to use this hanger. Yes, the next jacket or dress hung on it will be imprinted invisibly with your ass pain. Because you are a pain in my ass. Arch it MORE. You know what, just get on your knees.

The carpet sticks into my knees. I don’t so much fellate as am face fucked. He tries to whip my shoulders and back with the hanger, but my blowjob is so good that he often misses.

Your hair is in the way. You know what? Elbows and knees, here on the floor. Face the window and look outside at the city that’s watching you be fucked. I’m going to use your hair as a handle as I fuck you. Thank me for using your pussy this time. It’s going to be hard.

Thank you for fucking my pussy.

It is hard. My forehead would have slapped the glass except my back is bowed, head up, his hand pulling my hair and reigning me in like an unbroken horse.

Take it. Take it hard. You are lucky not to get an ass fucking tonight. You dirty little slut bitch.

I’m a dirty little slut bitch. Thanks … uh uh… ow … thank you for fucking my pussy. Harder. Fuck my pussy harder. OW! Your pussy. Your tight slut pussy that you can fuck whenever you want me to bend over.

Her asshole still stung, so she stripped and put the clips on her tits. Then she knelt in the corner, ass out, and rubbed her tight almanbahis yeni giriş slut pussy until she came. That wasn’t enough though. She roped up her tits. Then she took the buttplug, sanitized, and rammed her pussy. Thirtyfour times: Once for each year.

Time for the buttplug to violate her. She sat down on the toilet seat; it evaded her, so she straddled the bathtub edge and forced it into her ass. I’m a dirty slut and can take it in the ass, she told herself. Then perversely, she duct taped it from pussy to ass crack. She was filled with the small butt plug. Her ass was in pain, so she let herself remember.

I can’t take that whole thing in me.

Yes, you can. It’s just a little bigger than my dick.

No, but…

Butt, no, that’s where it’s going. Back to the hotel.

She undressed as soon as they were in the room, and he kept his clothes on. He put his hands on her in a way that wasn’t so much fondling as was inspecting the wares: squeezing each breast, pushing a finger into her pussy, unfurling, then into the tight ring of her ass. He slapped both ass cheeks then pushed her to her knees.

Knees further apart when you kneel. Ass out. I want to see all my holes. Here it is. Suck this cock. You don’t even have to be told.

She closed her eyes and took the cock into her mouth, opening her throat, pushing the head back up, handling the thick cock while she took each ball into her mouth, moistened it, then licked the bottom.

OK. Head back. Head back, don’t you know it’s a wooden spoon ass beating if I have to tell you twice. Suck this. All the way in. Harder. Suck harder. OK.Face down on the bed, ass raised. This is going to open up your asshole tonight. almanbahis giriş

She tucked her face into the pillow while raising her ass. There was no way that huge plug could fit. But the first bulge popped into her ass. As she kept her slutty little behind in the air, moaning and pumping, Jack fondled her pussy. His hard finger entered the liquid desire, and before she knew it, the second bulge of the plug had violated her ass.

No more. Please. My ass is full. Please.

You don’t listen. That’s my ass. It’s time for the belt. You’re lucky, your tits don’t get it first today. I’m going to beat this slut ass until you take all of this plug. Shut up, it’s not too big. Arch that ass up. Anytime you want to take the whole plug, just do it.

The belt whopped down again and again and again. She choked everything back. Weirdly, despite the pain or because of it, she reached back and pushed the huge plug into her punished asshole. After the first pain subsided, she arched her ass up so Jack could see. Her breath came fast and heavy; she couldn’t take this very long. The last bulge on the plug was probably five inches in circumference.

You know, this reminds me of something. Remember what you told me about DP?

BP? The filling station.

His belt smacked down on both her strained cheeks, even lapping around to her belly.

We had this discussion. A smart ass gets a sore ass. Say it a hundred times while I spank some sense into you.

She held her painfully plugged ass high and counted. A smart ass gets a sore ass. A smart ass… towards the end she felt herself rocking back and forth. Amazingly, she actually was the naughty slut he imagined her to be.


I am going to fuck you with the huge plug in your ass. You can come … any time after I come. When you are done coming, you can take the plug out. Now beg me to fuck your pussy…

Fuck my pussy. Hard. OMG. Oh. It’s in my ass. OW WOW OW!…

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