Gift of the Old Pt. 2

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Chapter 2:

When I returned dawn was just starting to brighten the sky, and I was standing in front of my house and saw Madi walking down the driveway.
“Hey Madi.” I called to her and waved my arm.
“L-Lisa? What’re you doing back?” She asked, then added, “And where are your clothes?” I looked down at myself and only then did I realise that I was stark naked.
“Come inside and I’ll tell you everything.” I told her and gestured towards the house.

Once inside I explained the demon, the roses, and my rebirth. She amazed me by sitting there quietly throughout.
“So you’re a shape-shifting centaur, who had sex with a demon, who has a massive cock, and demonic roses?” She asked when I was done and took a sip of champagne, which I had poured for us.
“Pretty much yeah.” I said and watched her carefully. For several moments neither of us said or did anything, and then:
“HOLY SHIT!” Madi shouted and I couldn’t resist grinning as the truth finally set in.
“No way! They said you were ill, that must’ve been a hallucination.” She said trying to rationalize the supernatural explanation I had given her.
“Madi,” I said without emotion, and she turned to look at me, “Watch this.” With that I felt my lower body transform into my new equine form.

To her credit Madi didn’t start screaming immediately. They began about five seconds after I’d revealed my form to her, and man she could scream. I let her since my neighbours were heavy sleepers and would be asleep by now. Once she had calmed down she became curious as to whether or not I had the body of a horse.
“Can I pet you?” She asked and giggled at how silly it sounded. I let her, and was surprised by good it felt to have her soft hands stroking my silky fur. Without meaning to I let out a low moan of pleasure.
“Oooh, that feels good.” I felt her hands go beneath my body.
“Oh my god!” She said in shock and excitement.
“What?” I asked annoyed that she had stopped. She didn’t answer, instead she reached between my hind legs and gripped my cock. I must’ve grown without a conscious decision.

She stroked my quickly hardening cock, until it was standing fully erect at seventeen inches long and three inches thick. Her other hand began stroking my massive horse cunt, so large and moist that her hand slipped in with no effort, filling my cunt though not stretching it. I moaned my approval as she began pumping her entire forearm in and out of my cunt, while her small hand stroked my cock with increasing vigour. Not wishing to be the only one receiving this incredible pleasure I added some of my own creations to my equine half. I heard Madi cry in shock, but she didn’t stop pumping and stroking, even as octopus like tentacles ripped her clothes off, not that she was wearing much besides a coat, and two suckers latched onto her already rock hard nipples.

Her moans were musical and encouraged me to go further. My skin coloured tentacles stroked every erogenous zone on her body, leaving not an inch of her over sensitive skin free. She responded to my touch by forcing more of her arm into my pussy, now she was pushing her arm in almost to the shoulder, while her other hand glided up and down my cock, now lubricated by my pre-cum. I returned the extra attention by attaching several sucker tentacles to her enlarged clit and sopping wet pussy lips. Her moans increased in intensity and I knew her orgasm was fast approaching, as was mine.
“Ah! Madi, I- I’m cumming!” I wailed.
“Oh my god! Cum, Lisa, cum all over my arm and hand!” That set both of us off and I felt my hot cum racing up my cock and my cunt juices exploded all over Madi, who was screaming that she was cumming.

I hadn’t cum with my horse cock before, and was pleasantly surprised by how much cum it produced, quickly covering my horse stomach in white along with created a large puddle on my floor. What’s more, it didn’t stop! My orgasm lasted longer than when I fucked Credo and the roses, though I hadn’t had my cock back then. Madi was also trapped in an endless orgasm and her juices joined my own cum. Thankfully our climaxes ended after nearly five minutes, ending with a near pool of cum. Madi pulled her arm out of my still clenching horse cunt and would’ve fell back if not for my tentacles holding her up.

“Lisa?” She asked having recovered enough to talk coherently.
“Yeah?” I was kneeling in centaur form though I was still higher than her standing up.
“Can you fuck me like you are now?” I was surprised by this, since Madi wasn’t very out going, though I guess that, considering how long we’ve been friends, she was more open with me.
“Are you sure? You’re pretty small Madi; I don’t think it’ll fit.” I told her worried for her safety.
“I’ll be okay. Since you left I’ve been doing certain exercises to stretch my pussy more.”
“I had a dream that I would be fucked by someone with a huge cock, I followed it on a whim, and wouldn’t you know it?” She stroked my fur, “Here you are.”
“Show me, please?” I asked interested in seeing her stretched cunt. She pointed her hips at me and raised them in the air, she then spread her lips with one hand while pushing her four fingers from her other hand into her cunt. She folded her thumb into her palm and began pushing her entire hand into her small human cunt.
“Okay now I really want to fuck you.” I said and wrapped a tentacle around her limbs and lifted her in the air.

I stood up and felt my spongy cock head bump against my stomach. Madi was moaning and pleading for me to hurry, but I didn’t like to be rushed and smacked her ass cheeks with a tentacle. Her squeak of pain was accompanied by her pussy leaking more of her juices, I quickly realised that she was a masochist as I smack her ass, cunt, tits, and hard too. Her screams were ones of encouragement rather than ones for none. Soon enough her ass cheeks, pussy lips, and tits were a deep red and almost looked like they pulsated. I stood fully upright, my cock even harder than before.
“You ready?” I asked, still unsure about whether she could take me.
“I was born ready.” She moaned in reply and pleaded with me using her large eyes.

Using my tentacles I brought her clean shaven cunt to within an inch of my cock head. I waited and took a deep breath, preparing myself to hear the terrible screams I knew would ensue. She may have enlarged her cunt and could now take her hand, but my cock was almost twice as big as her wrist. Somewhere in my mind, lust took hold of my body. I didn’t pause any further and pulled her cunt onto my cock. Her screams weren’t as I had originally feared, instead she screamed for me to fill her entire cunt, to penetrate her womb, şişli bayan escort to pump her full of my seed. That settled everything for me. Hesitation gone, I pulled her down hard and filled her petite body with my seventeen inch cock, hitting her cervix in the first stroke. The sensitivity of the barrier was so great that she cried out in discomfort.

“MORE!” She screamed and I smacked her tits with another tentacle for trying to command me. I felt pity for her, having such potential, but her body was sadly underdeveloped. I smiled, remembering the roses and how they had made my breasts as big as they are now. I grew four more tentacles, these ones tipped with sharp spikes that would inject her with demonic fluids.
“You want more?” She nodded her head vigorously, “Then you will have more.” I didn’t notice at that time, but my voice had taken on a demonic undertone.

My tentacles quickly pierced her nipples, and two others did likewise to her ass cheeks. She cried at the powerful sting of the needles penetrating her tits and ass. I waited for her to calm down before beginning to inject her with the demonic fluid. She cried out as the liquid began filling her breasts and forcing them to expand, and the same for her ass cheeks, though I pulled them out after a few seconds, not wanting to overfill her body with something completely alien. I didn’t pull the tentacles out of her tits however, letting them fill until they were as big as mine, only then did I release them. I wrapped a tentacle around her new breasts, their new size now letting me wrap around them several times. All that was left before she was perfect, was for her to grow a new appendage.

Madi was moaning in pleasure from the stretching to her breasts and ass, and now her tits were completely enveloped in slimy tentacles. She wouldn’t last much longer and knew it. Her cunt was clenching my cock hard, but wasn’t quite at her peak yet, however a quick squeeze of her tits brought her to her second climax that night. Her cunt squeezed my hard shaft while spraying a river of her cum, most of which covered the seven inches of rock hard meat still to enter her. When she had come down from her incredible high, all four of my spiked tentacles penetrated her clit and the area around it. She screamed, her entire body becoming overly sensitive due to the two powerful orgasms and the demon fluid, that was now being pumped into her clitoris. I knew she wanted to ask what I was doing to her, but the pleasure was too great, letting her only moan and cry out in bliss.

It wasn’t long before her clit began expanding. In a matter of seconds it was protruding six inches from her, but I knew that she wouldn’t be pleased with that size and so I increased the fluid production tenfold, though only for a few seconds. In those seconds however, her cock grew was average, to big, and to monstrous. I continued to spray fluid into it however, wanting it to be bigger than even my own, even bigger than Credo’s. She was grunting from the mild pain as her frail human body was forced to stretch still further, but I knew that the fluid altered the human form slightly and made them able to stretch absurdly so. I didn’t move for several minutes, I just stood there with ten inches of my throbbing cock sheathed within her. In my mind’s eye I could see her body, her breasts were absurd 28 E cups, her waist was slightly slimmer, and her tight ass was now a bubble butt, however those were not the crowning achievement on her improved form. No, that was the two foot long and seven inch thick phallus that still grew, despite almost touching the floor.

“I’m gonna fuck you now Madi.” I told her and she moaned weakly, her body having experienced countless orgasms while her new cock had been expanding. Even though I held her two and a half feet off the floor, her cock head still kissed the cum soaked carpet. Using my tentacles I forced her further down on my cock, breaking her cervix with relative ease, and began filling her womb with my massive cock. I met the walls of her uterus and knew that a good three inches still remained unsheathed. I began to pull her on and off my cock, slowly at first, but gradually increasing speed until she was practically a blur. Her moans on the other hand, were a different story. Escalating, her cries for me to fill her were all we could hear.

Her orgasm silenced her. So powerful was it that her face was stuck in the expression of a scream, yet no sound came from her mouth. From her cunt however, came a flood of her juices. Her new cock was spurting out river after river of pure white cum, soaking the carpet and gradually pooling around us, forming a near perfect circle of jizz. In the silence her juices being sprayed from her, were almost overshadowed by the squelching sound as I pummelled the walls of her uterus. I began to feel my stomach gurgling and my pussy tightening around air. I was close.
“I’m about to cum!” I announced and she found her voice again.
“Yes! YES! Cum in me! Fill my human womb and cunt with your jizz!” That was all she could get out before I hilted inside her and my already thick cock swelled to ridiculous size.

In my mind’s eye I saw and felt everything. I saw her stomach swell out with the first spurt, stretching to appear four months pregnant in an instant, the cum having nowhere to go due to my cock head plugging the exit. Another spurt, and another, and another. I couldn’t stop cumming, the previous climax was just the calm before the storm, as I shot gallon after gallon of sperm straight into her unprotected womb. By now her stomach nearly touched the floor, and her face was a mask of bliss as she had thoughts of baring my centaur children. Neither of was worried that she may die, but I could feel her concern as I just continued coming even after four minutes, and the fact that her belly button now poked from her and was pressing against the cum soaked carpet. I also didn’t want to push her any further.

I pulled her off of my cock with some effort, the head having grown to nearly six inches thick. I was unprepared for the ocean that I released. My cum flew out of her, the amount being the equivalent of a waterfall, if not more. My cock, still spurting its load, was covered in its own produce, as was my couch and rugs, though I didn’t mind them being painted white. Her womb returned to its original state, though I knew that a small pool of my cum still filled it, and my cock continued to spray my seed, effectively covering her torso and thighs in my thick white climax. Shortly after my orgasm subsided, but not before covering us both in viscous white fluid. I shifted back to my human form and laid down beside her.
“So,” şişli escort I began, “How was it?” She laughed in response and gestured to the pool of white we laid in.
“I don’t think there’s any way to explain it.” I smiled at her, and watched as exhaustion took her over. She curled up to me and laid her head on my breasts, using them as pillows.
“Sleep well, my angel.” I said and transformed back to my human form before joining her.

I woke up to the feel of a warm wetness covering my cunt. I moaned and opened my eyes to see Madi, her head between my thighs, and my juices covering her lips and chin.
“Morning Lover.” I said. She moaned into my wet heat, she then brought both her hands to my thighs, spreading them apart to reveal my pulsating sex to her.
“How big can you make it?” Once again I was surprised by how easily she accepted my new abilities.
“As big as you want babe.” She nodded and then;
“Can you make it bigger than last night?” I knew that she was referring to my horse cunt, and, despite how weird it would look I didn’t want to disappoint her.
“Of course.” I focused briefly and suddenly she gasped in shock, then clapped in child-like joy.
“It looks like I could fit my head in.” She commented and then she literally grabbed the my lips and spread my cunt wider.

I couldn’t physically see it, but in my mind I imagined it to be stretched enough to fit a large watermelon. She just continued to pull my lips further apart, stretching my hole wider. I didn’t know what she was waiting for, until she stopped and left. Perplexed I laid there, my cunt still stretched wide and pulsating with the need to be filled. Madi came back shortly after with a large pink box. I recognised it instantly; the box contained my largest dildos, so large that I mostly used to them for shits and giggles, but now I knew my cunt could take one, possibly all of them. I watched as she pulled out my custom harness, with four holes in a diamond pattern, and three of my thickest dildos, each of them a foot and a half in length, and almost six inches thick each. I almost didn’t see it, but hidden behind the three was the king. The king was three feet long and a foot thick.

I knew that even my larger cunt couldn’t take on all four. I spread my legs wider, going further than the splits, and made it my fuck hole grow, expanding it until my piss hole was pressed against my clit. She placed the dildos in the holes, the king had a six inch end so that it would go in. I swallowed hard, not in fear, but in anticipation and need. Madi was visibly burdened by the weight, but she knelt down fluently and aimed the four dildos directly at my gaping fuck hole. She teased the outer edge of it with the king, making me moan in lust and painful need, but she continued to tease me, even as my juices sprayed forth like a river.
“Please,” I begged, “Please fuck me?” The last word came as a wail, because, with a grunt of lust, she forced a combined 2 feet on of rubber cock into me.

She must’ve been with female lovers before, because her speed and power were incredible. Each thrust almost knocked the breath out of me, and she showed no signs of slowing, nor tiring. I remember listening to a friend’s death metal music, and the drum beats were going at over 300 BPM. Madi wasn’t quite as fast but I estimated her to be going at 200 BPM, if not more. Her movements were a blur, but I wasn’t complaining, with each thrust she scraped my G-spot hard. My orgasms that day were monstrosities, with each climax I gushed what must’ve been gallons of cum, and with each orgasm the amount just seemed to rise. I had no idea how I could produce that much cum, but I wasn’t gonna complain. I looked down at myself, my EE tits rising rapidly and leaking white fluid that could’ve been milk, my dildos made obvious bulges through my skin with the king’s head jutting from my womb all the way to my breasts. I scream in orgasm at the sight and finally Madi stops, panting heavily atop me. We stayed like that even after we drifted into sleep, her rubber cocks still forcing my body to stretch, and our faces masks of bliss.

I awoke first and wiggled from beneath Madi, moaning as the dildos slid from me. I surveyed my room, marvelling at the dried white cum that coated the walls and furniture. I looked at Madi, her face perfectly calm, and the huge diamond of dildos still protruding from her crotch. Once again I wondered how she was able to go so fast, but I just shrugged and decided to ask her about it when she woke. In the meantime, I was starving! You wouldn’t think I’d been gone for a month as I walked into the kitchen, there was no dust and none of the food was out of date. Had Madi been shopping for me? Possible.

I fixed a large breakfast of whatever took my fancy, turning out to be simply a LOT of cereal though not with ordinary milk. I pinched my nipples and willed the milk to come out. To my great surprise it did, I was actually producing milk, despite not being pregnant. Though this shouldn’t have surprised me, since I had near complete control over my body. Remembering that I decided to see just what my limits were, if there were any at all. I ate the cereal, and damn did my milk taste great with Lucky Charms, then I returned to the living room where Madi still slept soundly. Only now did I notice the missing piece on her body. Where the fuck did her cock go?

I clearly remembered injecting her with the demon fluid. I didn’t have a clue as to what had happened, though I suppose it was possible that I imagined it in a lust induced hallucination. I shook my head. That must’ve been it, no other explanation worked with the situation. I loved her so much that it didn’t feel right to not give her a cock. To not give her the chance to reach the epitome of pleasure.

The first thing I wanted to see was how much control over others I had. Credo had taught some of outsider body modification, but not much since it was actually relatively new magic even to them, though he seemed to think that I had the potential to fully utilise it. I cleared my mind of all thought. This was one of the preparations for the magic. Unlike normal magic use, which at most required a single word or wave of a hand, Epithet magic required neither word, nor bodily movement, but it did require the user to focus solely on what they desired. What did I desire? That’s obvious.

I quickly removed the harness from Madi’s body and concentrated hard. I imagined her with a huge cock, bigger than mine, with a near endless supply of cum. I imagined her fucking my pleading cunt with it, the head bulging from my womb obscenely. I could see it growing from her clit, all the way mecidiyeköy escort through her cleavage, until it popped up to her head, before going further beyond, growing longer than her entire body. I opened my eyes to see her awake and staring at her crotch, where her clit was growing.
“Lisa!” She cried partly scared, but mostly lust filled her voice.
“Shhh…” I put my finger to her lips as I crawled on top of her, “I’m giving you a gift Madi, and I know you’ll love it.” Before she could ask questions I kissed her with the heat of a thousand suns. She returned the kiss with equal to, if not greater passion and began grinding her burning pussy against my thigh. Her clit was already three inches long and half an inch thick. I moaned into her mouth as I thought about how big she would be by the end.

Our kiss continued. Our breasts squashed together; our hard nipples rubbing roughly against the other.
“Ahhh…. Fuck me.” She pleaded quietly, the pain and pleasure of her still growing clit almost too much to bare.
“Of course.” I said and grew my cock, “How big do you want it?” I asked her.
“I… don’t… care!” She grunted as her clit grew another inch longer, now poking from her at about seven inches long and one inch thick. I commanded my cock to become bigger than even humans could’ve imagined. I looked between us as my cock grew rapidly, followed by her slowly transforming clit. Mine was faster however, and the cock grew to greet us in mere seconds.

My cock head was between us and I knew that she wanted it. I still had no idea how she was able to take my cock last night, but I truly didn’t care. I wanted… needed… to fuck her tight cunt until it lost it’s shape forever. I moved away from her and grew a dozen tentacles from my back. They converged on her, wrapping around her waist, carefully avoiding her now nine inch cock, her thighs and calves, and tied her arms behind her back, giving the wonderfully image of tentacle rape, though this was far from it. My tentacles carried her over to me and placed her head over the head of my cock.
“Suck it!” I commanded and she didn’t waste any time. Her warm lips engulfed the tip of my throbbing member, her tiny mouth unable to take even an inch of my monstrous appendage. She made up for it though. Kissing and licking the entire head, even penetrating the hole with her tongue.

It wasn’t long before I was desperate to fuck her. The tentacles turned her around and placed her cunt directly over my cock head, which leaked pre-cum in thick streams down it’s length. Not another second passed and I was in her again, penetrating her all the way to her womb. My tentacles stroked her bulging abdomen, which was stretched so tight around my cock that I could feel their touch through her. I wrapped a smaller tentacle around her growing cock, now eleven inches, and began using it to jack her off. Her moans rose again in volume and pitch. A tentacle moved to her lips and began rubbing it’s slime all over and around her lips, before forcing itself into her warm inviting cavity, another tentacle moved to her anus.
“Uh mmmph! Mmmmph!” She cried out in protest, then screamed in pain as a four inch thick tendril forced it’s way into her.

I could feel everything. Her mouth sucking my tentacle, her ass clenching around the other, and her cunt, trying to milk me of every drop of cum I have. Once again I cleared my mind, no very easy right then, and pictured her being able to stretch to the point where she could contain my orgasm, all of it. I didn’t know if it would work, but since her cock was still growing, I assumed it would. With that I began to pull out slowly, mimicked by the tendril in her ass. When I was barely inside her I pushed back in completely, filling both her lower holes with the force of a thousand supernovas. With each withdraw and each thrust her cries turned from pain to ecstasy.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long even as I added another tentacle to her ass. I wrapped two around her breasts and pushed a third between the enormous mounds.
“Just a little more…” I moaned. Madi nodded and moaned louder, while sucking all the harder on my tentacle in an attempt to get her prize, despite having orgasm after orgasm. In five minutes I was at the breaking point and screamed my climax as my appendages doubled in girth, stretching her gaping holes further and causing her to gag as the tendril slid down her throat, cutting off her air. I could feel hot cum speeding through my cock and tentacles, racing towards their target. I watched on as the first blast filled her.

Madi’s womb inflated massively, appearing six months from just the first spurt, her stomach expanded, though not so drastically. Her tits, face and neck were covered in my thick white seed, effectively covering every inch of her face in one go. And that was just the start! My tentacles visibly bulged as they pumped gallons of my cum in and on her, shortly her small body, once lightly tanned was now painted white. Not a single inch escaped, her hair, her eyes, her back, and indeed her now fourteen inch cock were all covered in my viscous fluid. Her torso was ridiculous! Her womb had expanded as though it held a demon horse sized ball, while her stomach had inflated to the point where my cum had risen up her oesophagus and was pouring from the small gaps as the sides of her mouth. Her face was calm however, and I knew that she loved this, that she loved me, that she would be mine forever and always. Finally when her abdomen had become its own mountain I stopped cumming.

I laid her down, but I didn’t pull out of her. I wanted to know roughly how much cum was inside her and I knew the perfect way. I picked her up, my many appendages plugging the exits for my cum and carried her to my bathroom. My bathtub was large enough to be able to hold roughly eighty gallons of water. I sat cross-legged in the tub, with her resting on my lap, her barely conscious eyes trying to register where she was, only now did I pull my cock and tentacles out. The floodgates were opened.

From her cunt and ass came a flood of cum. Instantly the tub was filled about a fifth and her womb was still largely inflated, she vomited cum all over us, adding to the pool. Cum was still flowing fast from her pussy and the sperm now passed my waist and was now starting to cover my breasts. I moved a tentacle to her stomach and pushed down eliciting a groan from her lips and bringing forth yet another flood of my orgasm.
“I have to pee.” She gasped quietly.
“Go for it.” I told her and smiled at how child-like she seemed right then. Her warm urine joined the white sludge as it covered my still rock hard nipples. I held her like that for so long as she slept in my arms. I didn’t need as much as I used to and I stayed awake lightly licking her clean of my seed. I love how she and I taste.

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