Double or Nothing Ch. 07

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We had played strip Hearts, and a few times after that, strip poker. The three of us: Emily, Jordan and me. Strip hearts we had played just that once, as a way of basically flipping a coin to see which of the girls would get naked while my younger brother masturbated in front of us. I had lost that game, and Jordan — my 19 year old younger brother — got his first view of my small breasts that day while he unloaded himself on his chest.

Strip poker, on the other hand, was more of an event in itself: playing a slow game of chance with each separate article of clothing; letting luck decide which one of us, in mixed company, would have to take off the next thing. None of us were good enough at poker to make it anything more than the luck of the cards deciding who would go next, and who would end up totally bare in the end.

Sometimes it ended with Jordan giving us another hot show stroking himself to his finish; but Emily, like me, would not let him see her doing it. He hadn’t asked her out yet, despite my best efforts, although she had kissed him once, on a dare from me, after she had lost a game of poker.

It had been down to her and Jordan — he in just his briefs and she in panties. I was winning, still in panties and top. Emily had never been nude with either of us, and she pleaded to be able to do a dare, anything, rather than peel down her panties and show her last secret to him.

Jordan left it up to me. “Ok,” I decided, sparing her modesty, but with a price. “You have to make out with my brother,” I said, “for one minute.”

And she did.

Of course, they had touched once before. She had brought him off with her hand, and he had tried unsuccessfully to grope her ass then, through the dress she was wearing that day — the first day he had masturbated for her. But that was a while ago now. They both seemed a bit shy around each other now, even if you considered the games that we played. I guessed it was why he had not asked her out; that it was why she wanted so badly to keep her panties on in front of him.

Accepting my dare, she moved close and leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Softly at first, but then closing her eyes, and a flush rose on the top of her exposed breasts and her neck, and her breathing grew deeper and wow, the passion and pure youthful want in that kiss was electric.

He was rock rigid, tekirdağ escort down inside his briefs, and quite red in the face, when they broke. I excused myself, mumbling something about iced tea, thinking those two might want to be alone. But when I peeked down the stairs I could see the two of them, facing away from each other, dressing. What the hell?

A few days later, it was just Emily and me again, out on the deck, this time just sipping iced tea. There was no sangria, no dirty magazine now. She was uncharacteristically quiet, and I sensed there was something she wanted to say.

She reached into her purse and pulled out what I first thought was a pack of cigarettes. It was a deck of cards. She gave me an impish look. “Let’s play strip poker!”

“Emily!” I laughed, thinking she was joking. “Do you really want to see me naked… again?”

She looked down, then back at me, and giggled. “Mm-hmmm” she smiled sheepishly.

“Emily,” I gasped this time. “Are you … is that why… Emily?” Truly a case of just not knowing what to say.

“I’m not gay, if that’s what you’re thinking,” she responded. Her tone deepened. “But didn’t you ever think, ‘she’s pretty,’ you know, ‘I wonder … what she feels like, what it would be like to, you know, make out, with a girl?'”

“No!” I protested. But the truth was, I was not a stranger to such thoughts. I was just a lot farther than her from admitting it.

She pouted. “Well, you don’t have to be so dismissive. I mean, I’ve told you how I feel; I put it out there. You don’t have to trample on it.”

“I’m sorry, Em. ” Then I said, “Let’s go inside.” She looked at me, questioningly. It was my turn for an impish smile. “I’ll play you, but we shouldn’t do it out here.”

So we sat at the kitchen table, by the big sliding glass door. It gave us plenty of light and a view of the green outdoors, and just a little more privacy.

Once again, we played right down to our panties. One last hand would decide the game. My luck, I thought after the final hand, as I pushed my underwear to the floor.

Nervously, as though neither of us knew what to do next, we both moved simultaneously. I was heading to pick up my panties and start getting dressed. I don’t know where Emily was going, but we bumped into each other, both of us squealing in surprise at the sudden bare touch.

“Ooh, baby,” she said, teasingly running her hands on the swell of my bare bum.

Teasing her right back, I touched her boobs and wiggled my butt, meaning it in jest. I don’t know about Emily, but this embrace we shared brought very nice feelings for me. Not the insistent burning want that a man could make me feel. This was more a calm warmth that started in my shoulders, radiating outward.

Another moment passed, and we were still in each other’s arms. She smelled sweet. I started to pull away, letting go of her breasts, but she was leaning her head towards me.

Yes, I wanted to see, too, then. Just a kiss, nothing more. I leaned, too, and our lips met. I wrapped my own arms around her. I didn’t feel quite ready to touch her panty-clad behind, but I massaged her small, smooth shoulders and back as we kissed.

And kissed. She moved her hands and touched my face with soft fingers. We let our bare bellies touch together, our thighs. She was deliciously smooth and warm.

The soft feel of our kiss was at last radiating down to my womanhood. It was confusing to feel that with her. Confusing. Still, undeniably, nice.

The phone rang. Holding the embrace for one more long moment, letting it ring, we finally broke. I took the handset from the wall-phone and, turning, stood with my bare back to the glass door. I bent one knee slightly in front of the other, watching Emily as I answered. She watched me too, our faces serious, our eyes meeting.

It was Jordan. He needed a ride, and I had promised my parents I would get him.

Emily needed to be home, so I dropped her off and got Jordan. When we got back, Mom and Dad were already there. No more playing today.

Except, in my room in the darkness, I lifted the hem of my night-dress and caressed myself softly, coming quietly, reliving the kiss.

I lay still in my bed afterwards, unable to sleep, as images of me taking Emily’s last piece of clothing from her, and touching, smelling her body, kept me wanting.

After a long time, I looked over at the glow-in-the-dark hands of my alarm clock. 1:30 in the morning. The house was quiet.

I climbed out of my bed and slipped into the hall, listening. Silence.

I had been naked now, once, out on the deck in the daylight, lying on a lounge chair next to my brother while we made ourselves come. Although in my nightie this time, I wanted to feel that completeness embrace me again, in the night.

I had always loved the night sky.

I quietly slid open the door from the kitchen onto the deck, and stepped out. It was black, cool and quiet out there in the night. I stretched out on the lounge chair, and let the sky have me. Automatically, I picked out the constellations. The swan nearly right overhead, and of course one of my favorites, Casseopeia, bound in her chair.

Then a soft sound drifted up from the family room windows. Breaths. Someone was down there. I shot my gaze toward the house, but it was dark. Still, the sound was unmistakable. In fact, I thought to myself, it sounded like sex.

I stood, quiet as I could, and retreated inside. I crept to the top of the stairs, where I had a view of part of the couch in the room below. There were two bodies entwined there, naked, engaged in the act. I could not make out yet who they were, but I guessed it was Jordan and Emily! She was on top of him, moving gently against him.

I crept slowly, silently, down the stairs, and their sex came into my view, his familiar hard penis parting her, as they moved together unaware of me there. They were kissing. I remarked that the singular spot of her asshole, set like a jewel inside her round, parted hips, was brazenly exposed to me as she fucked my kid brother.

Inevitably, they sensed me, and I put a finger quickly to my lips. I moved then, quickly as I could, closing the distance between us. Getting close, I whispered, “Em! I’m so happy!”

She was pressing herself against Jordan’s chest as if to hide herself from me. His erection was still buried inside her. I touched a finger under her chin, urging her up, and I kissed her. I heard Jordan breathe, “Jesus!”

When I drew back, Emily’s eyes got big and she whispered, “Jordan is coming inside me right now!” Then she stifled a squeal of her own and grabbed hard on my arm and her hips quivered slightly as she followed him over the brink.

Eventually, she let go of my arm and rubbed it once, gently. We smiled into each other’s eyes.

Then I stood, playfully fingering the hem of my night-dress. Touching a hand to Jordan’s bare shoulder for just a split second, I smiled down at them, winked. I turned to go up, back to bed. Someone swatted my ass playfully, setting the edge of my negligee swinging. I lifted it, baring my bottom to the two lovers, and scampered to bed.

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