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Subject: Deans Bicha Chpt 11 I have been reading stories for several years, and I thought I’d try writing one, so this is my first attempt. It’s based a lot on my youth with respect to people (names changed) and places and even some events, though most of the sexual situations are fiction. If you are under legal age to read, or in an area which prevents this, please leave now. Remember this was the mid 1970s and HIV wasn’t a thing. Play safe today. PLEASE: Donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful service free. I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I can be reached ail I enjoy hearing feedback and will reply. Deans Bicha Eleven Monday School went better than I thought. John approached me almost immediately after I got off of the bus. He had talked to the girls on the way home yesterday and they agreed not to tell anyone about what happened. They felt that they could get into trouble for touching me. Touching me, if that’s all they had done it would be bad, but livable. But they actually jerked me off and made me shoot my load. That was way over the line. Anyway, he said I should be safe from others finding out. I hoped he was correct. I headed to meet up with my friend Glen and the others like I normally do and when I rounded the corner who should I run into but the three girls. I must have turned crimson because they all giggled around me. Christine said, “Hi Jamie. It was sure nice seeing you yesterday. We really had fun. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, but maybe we could do it again sometime.” The other two were smiling and shaking their heads yes. I felt kinda flattered that they’d want to mess around again. I know I’m into boys but a hand is a hand, just like a mouth is a mouth. And I knew that I’d never be on the receiving end with Dean or Dale, I mumbled, “Sure.” Before school we hung around the teachers parking lot before we were allowed to enter the building. Standing between cars looking around to check that the coast was clear, Patti, being the boldest today, reached out and groped my junk. I jumped but her touch felt so good as she messaged my dick making it harder and harder. When I had a full fledged boner she released me and the girls all said, “Ooh and Ahh.” Terri and Christine both copped a feel too. I had to push Terri’s hand away as I was on the verge of shooting in my pants. The girls giggled and thanked me. They actually thanked me. I knew it would be risky to continue and that one of them might eventually slip and let the cat out of the bag, but if I could get a hand job I’d take it. After all, they’d seen and did it already. Besides, what a better cover for a gay boy than to be jerked off by girls. I went to homeroom with a boner in my pants. Robby approached me on our way to third period math class we shared. He pulled me off to the side of the hallway. “Hey Jamie. Did you have a good time yesterday? I sure did! I can’t believe what happened. Your shorts “accident” in the mens room. Then getting pantsed in front of the girls! Christine giving you a hand job! Wow! I’d sure like to have done that!” he rattled off in a hushed tone. I could see the bulge in his pants. I wondered what he meant so I asked him, “What? You’d like to have done what? Have the girls rub you off ? Or you jerk me off?” It was his turn to turn red and get embarrassed. Caught. Maybe he’s into guys too I thought. “Yeah,” He whispered in a very dry voice not clarifying which it was. Or both. “Come on, we better get to class.” Is Robby Wilson into guys too? Mmm. Take it slowly I told myself. If he is he’ll bring it up again. Maybe I can find a way to test him. I didn’t really hear much of what our math teacher said that session. I was too busy thinking about Robby. Luckily, math was my best subject. Unlucky, I had another raging boner by the time class was over. Ok, time to test Robby. Now all 13 and 14 year olds get random erections in school. We all cover them with our books as we walk down the hall. That’s why it’s so funny when someone knocks your books out of your hands. Everyone can see the tent in your pants. I thought, go for broke. I got up from my chair and turned to Robby practically shoving my groin out so he could see my bulge. His eyes grew wide and he had a million dollar smile on his face. “Looks like you enjoyed class,” he said looking down at my crotch. “No, just thinking about shooting off yesterday behind the agricultural section and how my cum shot out and landed everywhere,” I whispered, now looking down at his hand and arm. Turning red again, he said, “Yeah, that was neat. See you in science later.” With that he turned and adjusted his own erection before going to his next class. I grabbed my books, placing them in front of me, and headed to my next class. I could hardly wait until science which was our last class of the day. Unfortunately, Robby and I didn’t get to sit next to each other or even talk as there were too many people around. But we kept glancing at one another. Maybe I can ride my bike over to his house or vice versa some day. I thought of nothing else the rest of the school day. I got off of the school bus and went inside to change, making sure I took off my briefs. Two punishments were due because of them and I hoped that Dean would deliver them before Jeff got to their house. Dean had said I lost a bet for the weekend, so how could I explain following their orders now. As fate would have it, I didn’t have to worry about it. Dean as always would find the solution. I grabbed a quick snack and headed down to Dale and Dean’s house. I went around to the basement door and stripped off my clothes waiting for Mrs. Soarer to bring the boys home from their school. I heard the car pull into the driveway and waited about 5 minutes when Dale opened the door to let me inside. “Glad you are following orders for your sake,” he said leading me into their rec room/bedroom. Jeff wasn’t there yet, phew. Dean was already naked and hard waiting his blowjob. “Get over here quick and suck me off bicha,” he ordered. Sinking to me knees I swallowed his cock to the base and he began face fucking me. He must have been extremely horny because I don’t think he lasted even a minute before sending his warm seed into my mouth. Pulling out of my mouth he pushed me back landing me on my butt. Just as quickly as he came, he delivered two punches to my balls. “Today’s punishment for wearing underwear to school,” he laughed. “Dale, you better hurry before Jeff gets here.” Dale did just that pushing me back so I was now lying on the floor with him straddling my chest force feeding me his dick. We locked eyes and he smiled at me. Not a mean smile but one of pure horny lust. He blasted off after a few minutes sending his spunk down my throat without giving me the chance to taste much. Like usual, he did have me clean the tip of his cock with my tongue. “Get dressed,” Dean ordered me. Looking at him unbelieving he said, “Or do you want Jeff to find you naked?” I practically jumped into my shorts and t-shirt just as the doorbell rang. Bounding down the stairs Jeff was eager for his suck job too. “Hey,” ready for today’s payment,” Dean laughed at Jeff. “Sure am,” he replied. Undoing his shorts. “We are too,” Dean said. I knew that I would be giving them another bj each. Letting his shorts and briefs drop to the floor, Jeff stepped out of them. Dean thought it would be good for him to remove his shirt too, which he did without question. Dean and Dale followed suit, not letting on that I had just ingested their loads only minutes ago. When they were all naked, Dean turned to me and said, “Get undressed. A cocksucker shouldn’t be wearing clothes while servicing us. As a matter of fact, as soon as you come in the door from now on, I want you to strip.” That was all for Jeff’s benefit, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want him to know that I was their bicha boy. “Man, no underwear again?” Jeff questioned. “Um, no. I figured I’d be stripping down anyway so I figured it’d be faster.” “Good idea,” Dean said. “In addition to stripping off when you get here, from now on you can’t wear any underwear either.” Jeff roared with laughter, “Man, that’s sick. Not just here, he shouldn’t wear it anywhere ever. Who knows when we might need his services and he’ll be stripping down.” “Good thinking man,” Dean congratulated Jeff on his idea. As if it were Giresun Escort really Jeff’s idea and not planted by Dean. “Ok, You go first Jeff.” “Gladly.” With that I was on my knees sucking Jeff Archer’s cock in order for him to keep this all a secret from my friend and his brother Matt. Two minutes into his blowjob, Jeff got a surprise as we heard the click and whirl of the Polaroid camera. “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Jeff demanded. “Chill. I thought we’d like to have this recorded just in case it protests and tries to stop sucking our dicks,” Dean explained. I don’t think Jeff noticed him calling me “it”. I figured it was only a matter of time before he told Jeff my new nickname, bicha. “I don’t want people thinking I’m queer man. You gotta destroy that picture,” Jeff told Dean all the time with his cock still in my mouth. “No worries. I didn’t show your face. Only the cocksuckers. See,” he said as the photo was beginning to develop he handed it to Jeff. Then Dean quickly took another with no protest from Jeff as he became transfixed on seeing himself raping my mouth. “Pull out when you’re cumming and shoot on his face. I’ll get a couple that way too,” Dean instructed Jeff. “Um. I’d rather fire off in his mouth,” Jeff stammered to cover for his lack of shooting. Dean and Dale exchanged knowing glances but left it at that so as not to embarrass Jeff. Such was my fate, not Jeff’s. “It certainly looks like you liked that,” Jeff pointed out as he tapped my erection with his foot. They all laughed as I kneeled there with blood flowing to my cock and my face. “Dale, you go next,” Dean instructed. Dale stepped up to me and pulled his foreskin back. “Here you go. Time for number two,” he smiled down at me. Of course he meant his second of the day, but Jeff thought it was me giving my second blowjob when it was really my fourth. Having just come minutes before Jeff arrived, it took Dale much longer to shoot again. I was bobbing my head up and down his shaft for a good ten minutes before he started to moan with delight. “Yes, here it comes. Take it all,” He practically shouted. The volume wasn’t as much as his first load so I had no difficultly swallowing it right down. “Seems like practice is making you better at not spilling anything. We’re going to have to make sure you get lots of practice then,” Dean informed me as he approached with his boycock on display. Licking Dale’s dickhead clean I turned and enveloped Dean to the base. He groaned in pleasure as I gave my fifth straight blowjob. Well, not straight, but you understand. Not content with my sucking action, Dean began thrusting into my mouth face fucking me. Besides humiliating me he really got off on dominating me too. “Dale, get some pictures of this.” Dean was adding to his growing pile of blackmail material. “Suck, Suck, Suck it bicha,” he said pounding my mouth with his cock. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum in your mouth. Don’t swallow, I want to see it.” He filled my mouth with 5 or 6 globs of baby makers and rested the tip of his dick on my mouth as Dale took two pictures to capture my humiliation. After they had deposited their loads into my stomach and I tried to digest the spunk, the boys all gathered around to look at the Polaroids. Dean split them up giving Jeff one set and keeping the other. Each set included a picture of me sucking Jeff, me sucking Dean, and me with a mouthful of Deans spunk licking his dick clean. How embarrassing would these be if anyone ever saw them. “Do you have a good place to hide them?” Dean asked Jeff. “Probably my underwear drawer,” Jeff answered. “No, that’s the first place anyone will find them. Do you have wall to wall carpet in your bedroom?” “Sure, Matt and I just got it last year.” Back then every house had hardwood floors and you were considered lucky to have wall to wall carpet installed. Today it’s just the opposite. “Ok, then go to a corner and pull it back very slightly. You can place these under that. Try and do it it a corner where there is a piece of furniture so your mom won’t discover the carper pulled up when she vacuums.” “Right, no problem,” Jeff agreed as he took the pictures and put them in his back pocket. “Don’t forget to put them there,” Dean said. “No, I won’t. I’ll hide then as soon as I get home. I need to go. My mom wants me back soon,” Jeff said turning to leave. He stopped and looked back, “Hey, what was that you called him when you were shooting? Bitch?” He questioned. “Oh, Bicha. [Bee-sha] That’s Portuguese,” Dean respond without defining the term. “Bicha? What’s that? Like bitch?” “No. It’s another name for it.” Oh. You mean like homo?” “Worse. What else do you call cocksuckers?” Dean pressed Jeff. “Um. Let’s see. Queer? Fairy? Fag?” “That’s it. Faggot. Bicha is Portuguese for Faggot. When the girls said yesterday they should call him BB for Big Boy, I thought we could call him BB for Bicha Boy. Nobody will know but us,” Dean said proudly. “Bicha. I like it. See you tomorrow BB, Bicha Boy.” “Alright, see you tomorrow,” Dean said walking Jeff to the backdoor. Looking down at me, Dean said, “That went well. I’ll have to fill Jeff in on the rest of your rules now that he knows you’re our little bicha.” Part of me wanted to cry and another part of me was excited, which Dean noticed as I was still rock hard. “So bicha, tell me what happened with your cousin yesterday. Did you get to suck him off? I want all the details,” Dean said. So I told them about Tommy guessing I was queer and me sucking him off twice before dinner in the cornfields. I mentioned pretty much everything, the naked running to their house, the hiking in the woods though I purposely left out the piss play. I didn’t want to give them any ideas and they’d probably come up with their own soon enough. I was correct on that account in short order. They said I’d have to show them the spot where I peed and jerked off over looking the highway. I was guaranteed a repeat performance of that many times to come. I think they were more excited about me going to the reunion than I was knowing I’d be this year’s “suck boy”. Dean then ordered me to jerk off and eat my own cum. As I was stroking my cock, Dean knelt next to me and ran his hand all over my butt. I didn’t know what to think of this. Was he trying to give me pleasure in some way. Surely not. Looking at him with confusion on my face, he gave me an evil smile and poked his finger up my butthole making my jump a mile and stop rubbing myself. “Keep going,” he told me now with a finger up my ass. He kept wiggling it around until he hit something which made me groan big time. “Ah, looks like I found it. That’s you love button. I can rub this and make you shoot, watch,” he said as he removed my hand from my hard on. I looked down at it throbbing waiting to be pulled to the point of no return, when he jabbed my love button as he called it. I was so worked up that after only a minute of tickling it I began to shoot hands free. I couldn’t believe that was possible. Five, six, seven shots spewed out into Dean’s open palm. Coming down from my high, Dean released me and withdrew his finger from my hole. He presented his cum covered hand for me to lick clean. “Good bicha,” he said. “Wow, that was incredible,” I said catching my breathe. “If you think that’s good, wait until we begin fucking you when school lets out for summer. Our hard cocks will fuck the cum right out of your balls,” he said laughing. My eyes flew open and I questioned, “Fuck Me?” “Yup. Fuck you. You didn’t think all bichas did was suck cocks did you? They take it up the ass too. Maybe you can be the “fuck boy” at the reunion too. HaHaHa. Now take your clothes and go home. You can dress back in your own yard,” he said opening the backdoor to let me out. Walking slowly to the door I wondered if I could tell Dean what was on my mind. I hesitated. It was now or never. If I let things continue the way they are I won’t have any self respect, not that I had much being ordered to suck whoever, whenever, and wherever Dean wanted. Dean looked at me closely and asked, “What bicha?” “Yeah. I wanted to talk to you. Um, about this weekend.” “What about it?” Dean asked as he closed the door and moved back to the sofa flopping down next to Dale. “Well. I don’t… It’s just that I…” I was at a loss for words. My mouth was dry Giresun Escort Bayan and I was sweating up a storm. “Spit it out bicha,” Dale told me. Even he was getting impatient. “I know I’ll get in trouble for asking, but… It’s just you made $26.00 from me sucking guys off this weekend and I think I deserve some of the money,” I spewed out. There, I’d said it. Can’t take it back now. Oh my poor balls. Jumping off of the sofa Dean ran over to me and grabbed my nuts in his fist. He started a slow squeeze. Harder and harder until I eventually cried out. “So, bicha thinks it’s worth something. How much where you thinking?” His tight grip on my nuts never lessened. “Half,” I squeaked out. “Half?” His grip was vice like tight. “You know, I could pop these balls right here and now. You’d never shoot again. You think you deserve something? Do you? DO YOU?” He screamed. “You bicha are a low life piece of shit. You deserve only what I give you. You should be lucky me and Dale LET you worship our manly cocks.” All the time Dean berated me his strangle hold on my nuts continued sending shooting pains up my groin. I had somewhere along the line fallen to my knees from the excruciating pressure on my balls. Dean followed and he kneeled next to me finally whispering in my ear. “Do you still want half the money bicha?” I shook my head no with tears streaming down my face. Dean released my balls and walked away. I knelt there crying and caressing my crushed nuts in my hands trying to soothe them. Suddenly my clothes were thrown to me. Dean told me, “Get Out bicha.” Dale reminded his brother about returning my underwear they had stolen. “Right. Tomorrow. Now get going,” he said with a nod to leave. I ran back to my house along the edge of the cornfields, my balls aching. I never bothered to re-dress before going inside. My mom and sister were due home shortly and I placed a bag of frozen peas on my crotch which helped ease the pain. I sat in the kitchen literally freezing my balls off thinking I never should have asked. As a bicha, I don’t deserve anything but what Dean tells me. I didn’t really watch much of what was on tv that night after dinner. I kept thinking about what was next: me losing my anal virginity. Would it hurt? Dean’s finger didn’t and he was on the small side. Though Dale was bigger and he heard everything his brother had said. I was rock hard getting up from the chair to go to bed. I tried to hide it as I kissed mom goodnight. Sleep didn’t come easy but my cock sure did. Thankful my balls still worked, I stroked myself off twice in a row scooping up my cream and eating it all before dreaming of my first fuck… Tuesday Morning I woke up harder than ever before. All night long I dreamt about Dean and Dale fucking me. When would they do it? How much would it hurt? Would I like it? I even woke up around 2:00 AM and had myself a wank just to get back to sleep. In my half sleep induced state, I shot off onto the only pair of briefs I presently had, besides the old ones with holes that my parents think I threw away. They were still lying crumpled on the floor next to my bed when I woke up with a throbbing boner aching for release. Looking at the clock, I figured I had about 10 minutes before my dad woke me up for school. I furiously began jerking off thinking about sucking Dean, Dale, and Jeff off. My mind even wondered what it would be like to suck off Matt. Luckily his after school baseball practices kept him out of the action. But for how long? I could feel my balls tighten and the first ropes of cum spurt out of my dick. Closing my eyes I continued to coat my stomach and chest with more spunk. I was so caught up in my fantasies of sucking dick and pleasuring myself that it barely registered in my mind that my father opened my bedroom door to wake me. I was too far into my orgasm to stop so I pumped the last of my seed onto my barely there pubes. Then guilt and reality hit me. I had just shot off in front of my dad. OMG! What am I going to do now and how the hell could I explain this? I opened my eyes to face the music, my dick still dripping cum down its length. “DAD!” I cried out and grabbed my soiled briefs off of the floor to cover my junk and wipe up my mess. He stood in the doorway with a mixed look of shock and anger on his face. “Save that for when you’re alone,” he said sternly. Alone? I was alone in my own bed with the door closed? Did he think I purposely jerked off knowing he would catch me? I looked at the clock and he was 5 minutes earlier in waking me. “Sorry, I thought I had more time,” I sheepishly said. He glanced at the clock and barked out, “Yeah. Ok. Go get breakfast.” I pulled on the cum soaked underwear and headed for the kitchen, stopping at the bathroom for a quick pee first. My briefs were almost transparent from last night and this mornings cum shots. Nothing I could do about that now. Last week I would have never thought of eating breakfast in my underwear let alone ones covered in cum. As I sat there eating I wondered if my father was going to say anything else about my early morning activities. Thankfully, he didn’t. Putting my cereal bowl in the sink my dad looked down at my see through briefs and told me, “Make sure you put on clean underwear. Those are quite dirty young man.” “Yes, sir.” I scurried out of the kitchen before he said anything else and waited for my turn in the bathroom. Only when I heard my sister leave the bathroom and shut her door did I run across the hall to do my morning business. Back in the early 1970s it was not uncommon to shower only a few times a week. Unless you played sports and had practice, nobody showered everyday. Sounds kinda gross today, but that’s the way it was then. My dad had said when he was growing up you only got a bath once a week. I thought that was gross when I was a kid. It’s all a matter of perspective I suppose. Standing at the bathroom sink to wash up, I looked at myself in the mirror. You could actually see my dickhead thru the thin white wet material. I started to get hard. Only one quick way to get rid of that I thought. Hooking my balls under the waistband I pulled on my shaft a few dozen times until I exploded another but smaller wad of boy batter onto the counter. I was at a loss as to what to do with it. I had vowed to eat my spunk but last night I was too tired and blew into my underwear. And I couldn’t eat it this morning in front of dad either. So my tights whities received a second dose. Should I lick it up? Or wipe it up? My mother wasn’t waiting to get into the bathroom like the other day, but I had to decide quickly. Somewhere in the back of my mind I liked the idea of going to school in underwear that had been soaked three times in boy cream. Taking my underwear off and turning it inside out, I wiped up all my goo into the pouch. Putting it back on, I felt the cold slime of my cum rub up against my cock and balls. I headed back to my room quickly before being seen. Damn! I need to brush my teeth before mom gets up and into her bathroom. No time to get dressed. I ran down the hall in my cum drenched underwear and brushed my teeth in record time. She was just getting out of bed when I ran past her and out the door telling her, “I’m going to be late.” Back in my room, I could smell the fresh cum loads as I put on my jeans. I didn’t even think about the semen staining them. I tucked my shirt in and grabbed my books and headed out the door to the bus stop. I made it. I smiled to myself all the way to school knowing I had three cum loads in my dirty underwear. Robby and I gave each other a head nod in third period math class but that was it. I knew I couldn’t expect something to happen every day. I was anticipating 7th period PE class that we shared. It was our last class today. While I wasn’t participating because of my appendix operation, I did have to report and hang out while the rest of the guys played flag football. That suited me just fine as I wasn’t into contact sports. The bright side: I was assigned to give out towels in the showers after gym. Yippee! In junior high our gym teachers ran class like the military including warm up exercises and post class mandatory showers. High School Physical Ed. was just the opposite. I got to head back to the locker room 5 minutes early (because I wasn’t supposed to run) Escort Giresun and get the towels out of the storeroom to hand out. What a job! I got to see everyone in my class butt naked and wet walk up to me and receive a towel. Our flag football was played on a sports field two blocks from school. I decided to head back a few minutes earlier than usual and told the coach. He could have cared less. As soon as I rounded the corner I took off fast (or as fast as I could walk really since my side still hurt when I ran. A fact I discovered when I was running through the cornfields the other days). Walking into the empty locker room I had an inspiration: I had access to everyone’s locker and thus their underwear. I could snatch Robby’s briefs before anybody returned. This would be my first, but not last pair of underwear I stole in my lifetime. What began that day would last a lifetime. I have hundreds of boys and mens underwear in my collection now covering all the trends: tightly whities, colored briefs, bikinis, boxer briefs, boxers, compression shorts, even a few jocks. [Author’s note: Absolutely True.] But how would Robby react? I could leave mine in his place. Did he wear the same brand as I did? My mom usually bought whatever was the least expensive. I have had some name brands (Haynes and Fruit of the Loom) along with generic store brands. My newest were Haynes. Please, let Robby’s mom bought those too minimizing the chance he’d notice in the short time allotted to get dressed after showers. Opening his locker, there hanging from the center hook were his worn, dirty, and piss stained briefs. Sadly, they were FOTL. Grabbing them, I held them to my nose and inhaled. Ahh. There was Robby’ scent. I had to have them regardless. No longer thinking logically, I toed off my shoes and ripped off my school pants and thrice cum soaked Haynes briefs. I hung them on the hook slamming the door closed. Glancing at the clock, I figured I still had 3-4 minutes before the class returned to the locker room. I was hard as nails. Without any further debate, I decide to have a wank right there in the middle of the locker room. I wondered if anybody else had done this and thought I’m sure somewhere at sometime someone else had too. The thought brought me to the edge of coming. As my balls pulled up to shoot their load, I quickly re-opened Robby’s locker and snatched my dirty briefs off the hook and held them in front of my erupting cock. I soaked the entire front pouch with its fourth load. With my heart still beating a mile a minute, I hung them back on the center hook and shut his locker. Wiping the last drop of cum with my finger I licked it clean then put on Robby’s FOTL briefs. I think I was getting hard again when I heard the boys coming. Literally jumping into my clothes and shoes, I made it to the towel room and had a stack of them ready for the class to shower. As reality set in I panicked. What would happen when he saw Haynes briefs in his locker? Haynes briefs freshly stained with my cum too. He’d know I switched as I was the only one alone before they all returned. OMG! I’m going to be outed! Now what? I was so worried about his reaction, I didn’t fully appreciate the sight of 25 or so naked teenagers showering in front of me. Well, that’s not true. I did appreciate it but I was scared of what was going to happen next. Robby smiled at me when he got his towel. After the last towel was handed out, I headed into the locker room waiting for all hell to break loose. Technically I could leave and head to my bus since class was over. But I had to see what Robby would do. If I was going to face public humiliation and scorn, I might as well get it over. Then I remembered that I wasn’t the last one out of the locker room. Several guys were still getting into their gym uniform when I started for the fields. I could shift blame to one of them if I needed. But what about the fresh cum? Who knew how long it takes for cum to dry? It could have still been somebody before PE class. It’s amazing how quickly those thoughts race through your head. I watched as he dried himself then opened his locker. I was off to the side and got another great view of his bait and tackle. Unlike today when most boys shower with shorts on or have individual showers, ours were old fashion gang type where everyone was in one big open room with shower heads all along the walls. Nobody wrapped their towel around themselves and changed under it. Everything was left hanging out and nobody died of embarrassment. Of course, we only had 7 minutes or so to shower, dry off, and get dressed so it left little time to notice who had what or what anyone looked like. Robby immediately noticed the Haynes briefs in his locker and got a puzzled look on his face. He slowly reached in and touched them snapping his hand back as if he had just touched a hot stove burner. He must have felt the wetness of my fresh cum. He looked at his hand then brought it to his face and sniffed. I was now rock hard. Reaching in he took them off the hook and examined them. Looking up, he scanned the room until our eyes locked. He glanced back at my dirty briefs and back at me. A smile spread across his face. “Hey, Robby. Are you going to get dressed or are you going to look at your underwear all day?” One of our classmates asked. Bringing him out of his stupor, Robby laughed and said, “No. I just wanted to make sure they were mine. I didn’t want one of you perverts to have switched them.” Everyone around chuckled at his comment and finished dressing. He looked back at me and stepped into my cum soaked briefs then pulled them up over his expanding cock. I was going to shoot off any minute. Instead of waiting to throw the wet towel in the laundry hamper on his way out, as everyone usually did, Robby started heading in my direction in nothing but my spunk covered briefs. I stood perfectly still like a deer in the headlights. “Thanks for the towel… and everything else” he softly added as he dropped his wet towel in the bin while adjusting his stiff package. “Um, yeah. Sure. Anytime,” I stuttered. He turned and went back to finish getting dressed. Did he really just thank me for those soiled briefs? Yes. Not only that he walked across the locker room in nothing but my underwear with what was obviously a boner. Now that took balls. The final bell of the day rang and we headed out to catch our buses home. We smiled at each other as we got on our respective bus. OMG! Robby Wilson knew I had switched underwear with him and not only didn’t he say anything, but he wore mine and thanked me. Cool. I wonder just how far this will go. I thought about it all the way home trying to hide my erection as I got off the bus. I made a beeline to my room and got naked. Closely examining his FOTL briefs I could see lots of piss drops and skid marks in them. He needed to work on hygiene maybe a little more. Though what 13 or 14 year old boy doesn’t, myself included. Breathing deeply, I don’t know if I could really smelled any cum, but my mind sure did. I would treasure these forever. I took about 2 minutes before I was blasting off a load across my stomach. Wiping it up with my fingers, I ate every bit of spunk imagining that it was Robby’s. Carefully folding my prize, I went to the kitchen and placed them in a zip lock bag to preserve the “fresh scent” of them. For the time being, I stuffed them under some winter clothes in my bureau. I’d look for a better hiding place later after I returned from the Soarers. To Be Continued… I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I can be reached ail I enjoy hearing feedback and will reply. Authors Note: As I mentioned above, yes I really have hundreds of stolen underwear of all types over the years. Sadly, some of the elastic has dried out and they have become too stretched out to wear and I have thrown them away. Except for some Christmas boxers, I only wear stolen underwear, the majority of it coming from the university’s locker room (where I teach). One poor lad had 8 pairs of boxers swiped over time. He even tried changing lockers but I noticed and took a few from the new spot. I wonder why he never placed a lock on his locker. His loss, my gain. A few times I was quick enough to nip them when they were in the showers and was only a few feet away when they discovered them missing boxers. One young man from the baseball team (they were using the main locker room while theirs was under repairs) mentioned it to another ball player. Of course clothes were scattered everywhere so anybody could have inadvertently taken them. He just said he’d swipe someone else’s. Too funny.

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