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Subject: Backdoor Slider – Chapter 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two 16-year old boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. This is a rewrite. I have edited and added some chapters from the original posting. I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backdoor Slider Chapter 4 I smile as I finish vacuuming the living room where we recently made out. I fucking MADE OUT with Luke… and I sucked his DICK! Some of the dirt from our filthy uniforms and cleats got on the carpet, and his mom would definitely notice. Luke is doing a load of laundry, consisting of his spermy Cubs t- shirt and his dirty uniform. My sex-soaked clothing is currently stinking up the trunk of my car. I’ll have to do a secret load of laundry when I get home. I’m wearing the clothes I sleep in when I stay the night at Luke’s: a pair of blue plaid sleep pants and an old blue t-shirt that Luke has grown out of. The day he gave it to me was one of the best days of my life. I feel like he’s hugging me every time I wear it. It’s my most prized possession. I hear Luke coming back from the laundry area. “Hey, I just talked to my mom. She left three voice mails wanting to talk about the game. I told her I took a nap and that’s why I wasn’t answering. She said she’s gonna bring home a Giorgio’s pizza so we can celebrate. I told her to bring two since you’re here and you’re spending the night,” he says with one eyebrow raised and a big smile. “Anyway, we have a little more time. It’ll take her at least another 45 minutes to get here with the pizzas.” “I think we deserve pizza after all that’s happened today. We’ll use it as our cheating meal for the week… but we’ll have to be good all weekend.” “We can indulge in other appetites,” Luke bites his lip. “Mmmm,” I start to smell myself from under my clean clothes. “We should really take a shower,” I say without realizing what I’m suggesting. I’m still nervous from the possibility of Luke’s mom finding out. “Excellent idea.” Luke sneaks behind me and pinches my butt. I jump and my heart tries to leap out of my chest. I could get used to that feeling. “No, no. We need to get clean and get this place back in order.” I say, hoping he’ll talk me into something a little more exciting. “It’s fine. Everything looks back to normal. We have FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! We can wash each other’s back and other hard-to-reach areas. I won’t try anything, I swear.” He can’t keep a straight face. “Okay, let’s go,” I run to the bathroom ahead of him. I don’t need much convincing. I start throwing off my clothes in the hall and I hear Luke doing the same. We make it to the bathroom both completely naked together for the first time. We stare at each other for a few seconds, each with big smiles. He breaks the tension by doing a body-builder pose for me. “Nice. Do you work out?” I smile as I feel my cheeks blush. “Hey, you too. Look at those sexy abs,” he laughs as he turns on the water and pretends to take pictures of me with an imaginary camera. “Click. Click. Click.” “Shuddup,” I mumble as I get a couple of towels out of the bottom cabinet. “Hey, c’mere.” He sits on the edge of the toilet seat and pats his lap for me to sit down. “Okay.” I quickly jump in his lap and put my arm around his shoulder. “YOU are fuckin’ Diyarbakır Escort beautiful.” He rests his forehead on my cheek. I can feel his dick coming to life under my thighs. “N-no I’m not… YOU’RE beautiful. I’m -” I start to stutter and I feel a few beads of sweat form on my forehead. “Hey! I guess I’m gonna have to make it my mission to convince you.” He moves his head forward to kiss me and I immediately grab his cheeks with both hands and push my lips against his. I let him set the pace. He slowly opens his mouth as he puts his arms around me. My body immediately melts into him. I really feel the warmth of his tongue and mouth for first time as he firmly and purposefully massages my lips with his. I never imagined THIS Luke actually exists… the ROMANTIC Luke. I’ve been so transfixed on his sexiness for so long; I never even considered this side. I think I love the romantic Luke even more. I feel my body begin to quake again from the kiss and I start to chuckle with embarrassment. “Let’s get in the shower.” I struggle to get up from his lap. “It has to be hot by now.” “Get back here.” He pulls my arm so that I sit back down on his lap. He tilts my head up with a finger under my chin and continues the romantic kiss. I feel like I will cum if I let this continue, so I do the only thing I can to insure my release. I start to tickle his ribs and we almost fall off the toilet with the sudden jolt. “Not fair, dude!” I get in the shower and he quickly appears with me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “So, was that your first time sucking dick?” “What? Do you think I stand out on the street corner at night looking for hot cock to suck?” I ask, pretending to be offended. “No, no. I just meant that you really seemed like you knew what you were doing. How was it?” he grinds his dick against mine. “Uhh…. all right, I guess.” I don’t really know how to put it into words. “You fucking LOVED it,” he laughs. “Ok, I FUCKING LOVED IT,” I say as sarcastically as I can, but my smile gives me away. “How did ya know to do all that shit to me?” “I dunno. I guess I’ve thought about it a lot… where the sensitive parts of my own dick are, ya know… and I’ve seen a lot of porn. You can’t be a good gay unless you know how to suck some good dick.” “I’m afraid I won’t be very good…. I mean as good as you.” “I don’t think that will be a problem. Plus, you’ll get better with practice.” I look down. “Look at that down there! It might be time for your training.” I slap my dick on the sides of his legs. “I promised I wouldn’t try anything, and I don’t want to go back on a promise so early in our relationship,” Luke says with a devilish smile. “Get your ass down there.” I shove down on his shoulders. “Oh, all right. Let’s see what I can do with that,” he says as he gets down on his knees and I take a deep breath. “I should make you wear a pink paper hat and an ‘I’m a trainee’ button.” I try to disguise how nervous I am. I’m afraid I’ll cum in just a few seconds seeing his beautiful lips wrapped around my dick. He nervously laughs as he starts to jack my dick with his left hand. Knowing that he’s a little nervous helps me relax a little. “All right, I’m just going to start doing it. Tell me what feels good.” He puts his mouth over my cockhead and immediately starts sucking up and down the shaft as if he’s mimicking someone in an uninspired porn scene. “Yeah, that feels really good, but remember… you’re not just trying to make me cum. You should be trying to give me pleasure by giving me different sensations and make sure I en-JOY EVERY SECOND.” My whole Diyarbakır Escort Bayan body spasms as I yell out the last two-and-a-half words. I do well to remain on my feet. Luke just stiffened his tongue firmly on that last pass over my most sensitive area, right below the head. He giggles and my dick slips out of his mouth. I look down at him and see that he’s been jerking himself the whole time. He’s rock hard again. I really like that he’s getting turned on from sucking my dick. “I think you know what you’re doing.” I smile down at him as he swirls his tongue around my tip. “I’m a fast learner,” he says and immediately goes back to taking me full on in his mouth. “How does it taste?” I ask, knowing the answer, as it’s written all over his face. “Mmmm,” he answers with a mouthful of my dick. I leave him to it and don’t say anything else. I think he was just screwing with me when he said he was afraid he wasn’t any good. It sure seems like he’s given this as much thought as I have. I just watch him and take mental photographs. Occasionally, he tries some of the techniques I did to him earlier, but they always make him giggle. I can tell he likes it best when he slides his tongue over my pleasure button. After focusing on sucking on my tip for a while, he starts to slide his lips down my shaft further and further. I’m shocked to see him go all the way down. I guess my dick isn’t as long as I thought. He has no problem taking me in all the way. After a few sucks going all the way down and pulling his mouth all the way off, he pauses for a few seconds each time he presses his nose through my pubes and into my skin. The sight just drives me wild. I can see him jacking his own dick vigorously, and he’s starting to moan. I know it won’t be long for me. I owe my ability to last this long merely on the fact I’ve squirted twice in the last thirty minutes. If I didn’t have that buffer, I probably would have lasted all of four seconds in Luke’s mouth. Suddenly, I feel a hot stream of cum blast me in the left shin. I look down to see him shuddering with pleasure, which sends me over the edge. “Uhh… I’m gonna cum, too.” The sensation makes me want to jerk my head back, but I have to watch Luke. Suddenly he pulls his mouth off of me and starts jacking me off onto his chest. I want to be back in his mouth, but I can’t complain as I start to shoot. Six or seven spurts coat his chest as he squeezes out the last bit of cum from his own dick. He rubs my spunk around on his chest with my dick as he squeezes his own shaft below. “Uhh Luke, not to be rude… but, don’t you want to taste my cum?” I ask as I try to catch my breath. “Sorry, man. I was just a little afraid of what it might taste like. I didn’t want to gag and embarrass myself if I don’t like the taste.” Luke has always been a really picky eater. He never wants to try anything new. It took him quite a while to find a vegetable that he could tolerate since we’ve started eating healthy. “Have you ever tasted your own?” “Nope.” “Cum tastes like nothing else in the world. Either you like it or you don’t, but if you’re gay, you probably like it. Just give it a try.” I wipe a finger of my cum off his chest. Luckily the water hasn’t washed it all away. “Here comes the airplane….” He smiles so I know he’s willing. He politely sticks his tongue out and I wipe my finger all over it. He takes it in his mouth gingerly and a puzzled look comes over his face. “Hmmm,” he starts sucking my finger with enthusiasm. He looks down at his chest, gets another finger of cum and puts it in his mouth. He smacks his Escort Diyarbakır tongue around as he savors the taste, and goes for yet another. “Mmmm” he says as he starts searching for more and quickly starts lapping up all that remains. “Fuck! I shoulda just let you squirt in my mouth! That woulda been so fuckin’ good!” “There’s plenty more if you’re a good boy.” “Something to look forward to,” he says with a twinkle in his eye. “Sorry I doubted the awesomeness of your cum, man.” “I’ll recover somehow. But now, we’ve got to get clean.” I grab up the shampoo. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” I squeeze some shampoo into my hands, rub them together and run my fingers through his hair. He looks so sexy as I start to lather up his hair that I involuntarily move in, wrap my hands around the back of his neck and press my tongue into his mouth. He embraces me as we start to make out under the hot water. Luke taps my wrist where my watch would be. Shit, we’re going to have to hurry. “Sorry, man, ” I chuckle. “Ok, no more sexy fun time. Let’s get going.” We finish shampooing and quickly wash our various sweaty and dirty parts. Luke pokes me in the ribs while I try to finish up. I try to ignore the first one, but the second one almost makes me slip and fall. “Quit it, or I’ll start kissing you again.” He pokes me over and over in the ribs and I clutch onto him and go in for another kiss. “I warned you,” I whisper as our mouths meet again. This time, he seems to be lost in the kiss, and I’m the one that will have to break away to get us on task again… maybe one more minute. We finally make it out of the shower and I grab a towel. I put it over Luke’s head and give it a strong rub, soaking up a lot of water from his sopping hair. He looks up at me with his wild, wet hair going in all directions with that sexy smile. “Along with the rib-poking, every time you look at me like that, I’m going to have to kiss you…” I plant one on him. “Even in public?” he asks, making the same smile. “Try me.” I kiss him again. I could get used to this. I dry my body off with Luke’s hair towel. He grabs the other towel, dries himself off and wraps it around his waist. He pulls out his hair dryer and brush and starts drying his hair. I leave the bathroom and start picking up our clothes, which form a horny path back to the living room. I put on my white ankle socks first, then my boxer briefs, sleep pants and finally my awesome blue t- shirt, which was all the way back in the living room. That’s when I notice the smell. I quickly run back to Luke in the bathroom. “Dude! It still smells like fuckin’ dirty, sweaty, hot, gay, baseball sex in there!” “Amazing,” he smirks and admires his hair in the mirror. He follows me out into the living room in his towel. “Shit, you’re right.” I open the front door and start fanning the room as hard as I can. “Go get the bathroom spray.” Luke shouts, heading down the hall. “It’s under the sink. I’ll go get some fabric spray. My mom keeps a bottle with the laundry stuff.” I run to the bathroom as he runs to the washing machine. I spray bathroom spray into the air, and he douses the couch and carpet with Febreze. I sure hope this works. As he goes back to get dressed, I continue fanning with the front door to let the sprays dissipate. I turn around just in time to see his mom walking up with the pizzas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you’d like pictures (G-rated, of course!) of what I think Garrett and Luke look like, send me an email. I will be posting one chapter of this story every week, and I will be alternating with a new story in the Gay-Incest section called “Mason in the Center”. Check it out if a love story between brothers is your thing. Also, check out my story, “We Have the Summer” in the Gay-Incest section, which was just completed! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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