A Walk in the Park

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As I was saying, the dream starts with you deciding to come see me suddenly. I was caught by this. I left early and was to meet at the park. I got a message from you saying you weren’t going to come…you got called into work. Bummed I decided I was staying at the park anyway and go for a walk.

With time to burn. I climbed out of the jeep and set up the path. Up the slope into the woods, down the hill, around the bend and climbing the next I thought of times at park. Relaxing, reading, lounging, and our more cardinal adventures. I walked on past the concrete ruins and then up and around to the right following old routes we had taken. I stopped by a tree I remember you holding onto and decided memory lane wasn’t for today. I wished I had shorts on I was too hot. I figured I would head back and read in the shade, lounge on the ground and rest my leg. Try to reorganize my head since I put in on a certain track that makes me antsy. Walking back I remembered more people always strolling and noises around causing me jitters at times. Just in time I heard crunching under foot from down a way.

I was surprised when walking by the ruins I saw you coming up the hill. Wearing scrubs and your bag slung over your shoulder, you met my eyes with slightly flushed cheeks. You must have been rushing though not nearly as casual as myself. It was clear that there was a silence there, a gap between us. I was frankly stunned to see you at all. Shallow hellos were exchanged. It was like we forgot how to ride bicycles and we were stuttering with our motions. I went to sit on the half wall and almost busted my ass, you touched my shoulder as I found my footing and that was that.

We had standard chit chat briefly. what’s new? how’s work, what’s exciting. You leaning against a tree and myself sitting. You came closer but didn’t sit, something was on your mind distracting you. Me being me, took in the sights. Loose scrub top and straighter pants showing little curve but enough. Hair up, cheeks still pinkish with a glimmer in your eyes, just watching me.

You lean against the tree again and your breath catches. I remember you pulling your back again and thought it must be that. I told you to sit if you have time. You put off sitting while stating you aren’t in a rush you get to work… when and if you do. A decision made, your posture changes against the tree as you lean on to it more and then grin and push off, walking to me as you shake your head and comment to yourself in amusement that you must be crazy.

You strode over to me bent at the waist resting your forearms on my shoulder and kissed me. Gently kuşadası escort at first but growing more needful. I immediately respond appropriately, reaching to your low back. I grasp you and pull you closer. As we separate slightly I see down your top and catch a glimpse at more surprises. You had on something new and sexy showing your cleavage. I stand up gripping your hips and begin to guide you down around the partial wall.

You drop your bag to the ground behind the cover of the wall as I lead you to lean against the perpendicular wall. A smile crosses your lips at you lean against it and we continue kissing and holding each other. My hands slide down your hip and around going to grasp your butt when they hit something that gives you a slight shiver. Devilish grins covers your face and mine. You chuckle as I explore my find. I slide my hands down the back of the scrub pants running them over a very smooth string band overlook to a familiar shaped stem and ball exposed from a partially gapped butt cheeks.

Pulling and pushing on the stem earns another soft moan. I run my fingers over the base and find a small splotch of fabric pulled tightly over it and running between your legs.

My mind so preoccupied with the current events it does something unheard of in our history and forgets we are in a public space. This park seems abandoned today by some luck anyway. Keeping one hand on a prize I had fantasies about the other traced the thin string back up the crevice of your butt and around your hip. Feeling a lite smooth mesh like material as it dips lower and lower. I bring my hand back up and untie the string holding up your pants and let them all slide down your thighs getting caught on your knees. You pull off your top and wiggle a little and the pants hit your ankles.

Taking a moment stepping back and retracing head to toe over you in black lace bra and very low cut naughty lace g string matching in black. You again laugh and give me a look as you turn just a bit showing the string of the barely there panties curving over your amazing ass and disappearing. You turn the rest of the way giving a little fashion show of the entire event and place your hands on the wall bending down accentuating the plug firmly planted in your rear. Reaching back you toy with it gently as you begin to explain how couldn’t wear regular pants because of the stem so scrubs worked and you couldn’t sit with it either, so no driving with it. Your slowly pulling it almost to popping out, twisting it and pushing it back in teasingly.

I am dying to get my hands back on you as you toy with it, I slide my hand down the front of the panties and find you drenched. Fingers probing as we start kissing again. One of your hands reaches down and rubs my hard dick through my pants. The belt quickly undone with dexterous skill. Your other hand joins the process of unclothing me down to my boxers too.

Bringing us to the ground on top of our discarded cloths you straddle me and continue rubbing my crotch. My hands cupping your face we fall into a simple rhythm of kissing we couldn’t forget. We move you to your back laying on the ground me between your legs, my head inches from your scantily clad pussy. I can see the sheen of moisture on your skin peeking out from under the panties. Pulling them to the side exposing your wet slightly parted pussy I lean in and flick my tongue over your clit.

Lowering myself fully to my elbows I continue licking and devouring you. One hand resting on your lower stomach the other gingerly toying with the toy embedded in your rear. Soft moans escaping your lips as your breathing quickens. Your hands gripping my shoulders pulling me in tighter as your excitement builds.

Done playing a passive member you begin inching around and snaking your upper body down beside my lower. Hands pulling my boxers down you gasp my dick. Stroking it and pulling the tip into your mouth. Your tongue massaging the head and then trailing down the underside. Tracing back up swallowing me whole. I am in heaven. Climbing fully on top we both continue our oral activities. All the while toying with the plug and you alternating between swallowing my dick and stroking it while sucking with exceeding enthusiasm. Your mouth is full as your body tightens up as you cum, gargling out a pent up sigh.

Feeling a sense of pride, I divert my attention to another exposure. Grasping the stem I pull slowly. Watching as the skin pulls tight and the enlarged head slowly emerge. Letting in sink back a moment to pull it to that point again. Easing it millimeter by millimeter more, then watching as it settles back. One last time, pulling to the brink and just beyond as it pops out, free. I wipe some juice from your soaked pussy on it as I rub it around your stretched hole. Adding more pressure in the center. the inverse happens. Hitting the brink, the head gets pulled in. I repeat the whole process multiple times fully engrossed till I notice your head rested on my thighs with a grin, capturing full gulps of air with each intrusion and escape.

We are laying sprawled out side by side, my upper body through your leg, your rear slightly elevated; your upper body resting on my lower. We resemble a perverse ying-yang. One of your hands gripping and stroking my dick, the other between your legs and tenderly rubbing your clit. Stopping you reach toward your purse, partially dumping the contents out as you drag it to you. A bottle of lube rolls out and is forgotten, not needed as I continue playing with your ass as it is. The sun shines down on your hands as you pull the other gleaming glass toy from your wonder trove of a bag.

Holding it to your face a moment you lick it from tip to base and swallow it in your mouth making me miss the feeling of your lips on the base of my dick. Removing the now wet and slippery glass cylinder you slide your hand back between your legs. The head parts your lips as it runs further back and deeper in. Half way in you pull in back to the tip as I push the other back in over the edge popping back in place. The glass clinks together as they pass, followed by you sliding the other to the hilt with the bases of each touching.

Laying there you smile at me because I am so amused by everything, a kid on Christmas morning. I love playing and exploring with you. Time passes as we lay there toying casually with the presents under the trees. I am unbelievable hard, but so preoccupied by everything it takes you sliding then the cylinder out and casting in back on to the top of your bag to break my trance. I follow suit and gently pull the other from you, placing it gently with the other.

Gripping my shoulders you roll me fully on to my back, coming with me, your on top straddling me again. My hands gripping your hips, feeling the smoothness of your skin. Now I am eager to be inside you and you must be the same. You slide forward onto me slightly, kissing me as you come closer to my face. I feel you reaching back , grasping my dick and guiding it into your moist pussy. Easing back you slide fully onto me. It is simply the best feeling in the world. We continue to kiss as you slowly start to slide forward and back, grinding into each other. My hands grip your rear, pushing and pulling with you. Building speed slightly but more the pressure as we come together each time. I am kissing your neck begin in to feel the rising of my orgasm as your own builds with me. I feel your body tightening as we both get closer, continuing to move together. My hips push up as your body comes back, two more times I fear us panting and a soft moan escaping your lips as I cum into you. Feeling the pulsing of my dick as it empties, you continue to now slowly slide a couple more times before coming to a full rest on top of me. We kiss again, relieved of the tension that had build and enjoy the after still in place, on the ground, in the woods, at the park. Our personal momentary heavenly haven.

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