A Vacation to Remember Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – A Visit to the Sandbar

The day after Marie and Patrick’s escapades at the golf course they decided that they were going to have fun every second that they had left on this vacation. After breakfast they were cleaning up the kitchen as everyone else headed down to the dock for fun and sun. Marie took every opportunity to rub herself against Patrick and it wasn’t long before she felt the familiar stiffening of his cock.

With a grin Marie dropped to her knees and pulled Patrick’s shorts down until his cock was free. She gazed lovingly at the beautiful cock inches in from of her face, a small bit of pre-cum glistening on the tip, before she slowly opened her mouth and swallowed Patrick’s cock. Marie quickly built a rhythm wanting more than the taste of the pre-cum she just had.

“Marie.,” Patrick’s voice came from above her, “The neighbors are heading this way. You might want me to stop.”

“Do you want me to stop?,” Marie asked pausing just long enough to get the words out.

“No!,” Patrick gasped as Marie took his cock back into her mouth and began to nibble with her teeth.

Patrick watched as Joe and Elaine, the neighbors from the cottage next door, approached the kitchen. He was sure they were going to come to the door where they would be able to see Marie making love to his cock with her mouth. Instead they turned and came to the open window.

“Good Morning Patrick,” they chorused together. And Patrick responded as best he could with his cock being sucked.

Joe and Elaine were about the same age as he and Marie and they had a boat that they loved to share which made them very popular. They were both cute and Elaine’s full and firm breasts caught the attention of both Patrick and Marie. Several times already they had wondered if they would be into sharing.

Elaine smiled up at Patrick. “Do you think you and Marie would be up to joining us on the boat later tonight? We thought we would make a couple of pitchers of margaritas and maybe we could do a little skinny dipping.”

They way that Elaine was pushing her tits at Patrick left little doubt of what their intentions were and Marie could tell too even without having seen her. Marie’s finger sought out Patrick’s asshole and began fingering it as she continued kuşadası escort to suck his cock. Patrick knew that this was her way of telling him that she was interested.

“Sure.,” Patrick gasped out. Marie was driving him nuts and he was close to cumming. “What time?”

“After dark.,” Joe said, “That way we don’t have to worry about people seeing us naked before we get in the water.”

“Sounds good to me. I will check with Marie and we will let you know for sure later.,” Patrick said. “Are you sure that you guys want to make it just us though? Marie’s sister and her husband might want to come along too.”

“They are nice and all, but we really wanted it to just be the four of us.,” Joe said with Elaine nodding in agreement.

“Well, I will tell you that I have been wondering just what Elaine’s nipples look like under that bikini.,” Patrick said. Marie quit playing with his ass and squeezed his balls hard.

“You mean these,” Elaine said as she pulled her bikini top to the sides of her breasts revealing dark brown nipples the size of silver dollars. The cool morning air began to harden her nipples and that was all it took for Patrick to explode into Marie’s mouth.

Marie continued to suck Patrick’s cock as it slowly softened and he and the other couple worked out a few remaining details for that night. Finally the pair walked down to their dock and Marie stood facing her husband. Patrick leaned in for a kiss and got a surprise as Marie’s mouth was still full of his cum. Their tongues wrestled as they shared Patrick’s sticky seed.

“You should have seen her nipples!,” Patrick said.

“I will later,” Marie said, “but from your reaction I know that I will like them. Did you want to suck them?”

“Oh yeah. But I want to see you suck them too!” Patrick said.

“We’ll see.” Marie said cryptically. “Now let’s go have some fun.” Marie patted Patrick’s now limp dick as she sauntered out of the kitchen and headed toward the dock.

The day progressed and Patrick and Marie swam and played with the kids. Of course they continued to tease each other unmercifully. Finally around lunch time Patrick suggested that they pack a picnic and take a canoe ride around the lake. Marie, knowing her husband, was quick to agree and soon they were ready to head out.

Patrick guided them around the lake building their appetite and sexual tension. Marie suggested several spots that they could stop for a quickie but Patrick had other ideas and declined each. Since it was the middle of the week there was not a lot of traffic on the water and they enjoyed having most of the lake to themselves. Other than the occasional motor boat most people they saw were fishermen who were more concerned with what was under the water rather than what was on top of it.

They headed out to the island in the middle of the lake and ate their lunch there and lounged on the beach for a while enjoying the sun. Joe and Elaine passed by them and Elaine started to flash them but stopped for some reason. Marie and Patrick discussed that as they began paddling around the lake some more.

Patrick worked their way around the lake and into several secluded bays until Marie threatened to jump out and swim home if he didn’t take care of her soon.

“You got yours already but I’m so wet I’m gonna leave a puddle!” Marie complained.

“OK, OK!,” Patrick soothed. “How about we head out to the sand bar?”

Marie turned so quickly in her seat that she almost dumped them in the water. “The sand bar? You naughty boy.,” she said. “It’s practically in view of the entire lake.”

“I know,” Patrick said smugly, “that’s all part of my master plan.”

The sand bar was a favorite spot for kids and even young adults because the water was only about chest deep and from shore it looked like you were standing up almost in the middle of the lake which you actually were. Marie had told Patrick that she wanted them to have sex in as many new places as possible before they had to head back to reality.

In short order they reached the sand bar and tied the canoe to one of the marker buoys so it wouldn’t float away. Then they slipped into the water and Patrick didn’t waste any time in pulling Marie’s bikini bottoms off and start fingering her. Even under water he could tell how wet Marie was and it didn’t take any time for his dick to stiffen.

The dangerous part of sex at the sand bar is that the water is so clear that anyone who got close would be able to tell exactly what they were doing. Not to mention that once someone was at the sand bar it was like a magnet for others to come join the party as well. As much as Patrick was thinking about what that evening might bring he really wanted today to be just about him and Marie.

Patrick moved behind Marie, brought his hands to her waist and pulled her back against him. As Marie ground her ass on Patrick’s cock he reached around her slipping his hands inside her bra top playing with her nipples. As he squeezed one Marie shuddered and turned wrapping her legs around Patrick’s waist and slid his erection inside of her.

In an effort to be semi-discreet they moved together slowly letting their arousal build. Marie lay back in the water which allowed her hips to open wider and Patrick to slide deeper into her. Their fingers were locked together and Marie pulled on Patrick’s arms using him as leverage to plunge his cock even deeper inside her.

They were so consumed in their own building orgasms that they didn’t notice that other people were slowly beginning to make their way towards the sand bar. Patrick finally looked around and saw a paddle boat that would reach them in just a couple of minutes. He waved with one hand as his other sought out Marie’s ass. Turn about is fair play he thought as he inserted one finger into her ass as he continued to fuck her pussy.

That was all it took to push Marie over the edge. Her body began to shudder in the familiar “I can’t scream” orgasm that Patrick knew so well. The way her pussy clamped down on his cock drove him over the edge and he spurted his load deep into her body.

Reluctantly Patrick let her move away and try to slip her swimsuit bottoms back on. Patrick took a few lazy strokes towards the paddle boat hoping that they would be distracted by him and not notice what Marie was doing. It turned out that it was another couple that they knew. Scott and Angie had been coming to the lake for years and were great card players but the chemistry had never been right for Patrick and Marie to consider them as anything other than friends.

Scott had brought a cooler full of beer and even some wine for the ladies and they enjoyed a half hour or so swimming and drinking at the sand bar before Marie said they had better head back. Patrick knew she was eager to get home so that they could get ready for their “date” later that night.

To be continued…

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