A Little Harmless Blackmail

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The houses in our neighborhood are fairly close together and for that reason they all have block walls around most of the house. The wall around my house starts on each side just slightly back of the front of the house and completely surrounds the back yard. On the side next to the garage, which is built into the house, I have had a driveway poured to the back and installed a gate allowing me to put a car in back when I’m on vacation or to wash it or for whatever reason I want. Eventually I plan to buy a travel trailer and can store it back there when not in use.

On the other side, I have a walk through gate, which is solid and cannot be seen through. That is just for my convenience and since it isn’t really all that convenient, it is seldom used. Behind that gate I have an area that is shady in the morning so I have put a lawn table, a couple of lawn chairs and a lounge. There is one window overlooking that area but the room is used to store some things and I never look out that way.

Suddenly I had begun to notice the pad on the lounge a little askew or some other indication that someone else was using the area. On that side lives a couple with two teenage daughters. One, I know, just turned eighteen and the other is a couple of years younger. I also know the eighteen year old is a little behind in school and is just a junior in high school. (I think that happened because of her parents moving at inopportune times and not taking her welfare into consideration.) The girls have friends over and they have, among other things, volleyball games in their yard. The ball has been known to sail into my back yard and I have told them to just come over and get it. I figured something like that led them into the yard and that was the reason for signs of “trespass”.

One morning I went to my shady spot to read the paper when I found something interesting. A pair of girls panties was under the edge of one of the shrubs. Something was going on that seemed very interesting. I decided to find out how much was actually happening and who was involved. It took some patience.

I began to go into the room with the window on that side each night before dark. I put a comfortable chair near the window and rigged up a pair of earphones to my portable CD player. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to music for long periods of time. I decided this would give me an opportunity to listen to some stuff I had neglected for a while. After a couple of nights I realized that because the parents of the girls were so conservative, there was unlikely to be any activity on a school night. So I limited my observations until Friday and Saturday nights.

It took a couple of weeks but one Friday night, I saw some movement. I had left the window open just a crack and had heard the gate quietly open. After a little movement it was just as quietly closed. There wasn’t much that could be seen but quite a bit to be heard. They were obviously being quiet about it but someone was doing someone and doing it quickly and efficiently. Time was apparently of the essence and they didn’t want to be missed for long. I did hear a female voice say, “I’ll just hold my panties this time”. I still couldn’t tell who it was. Maybe it was Mom. That idea was interesting to me. I would have to find out some other way.

I turned to “Plan B” which was to catch whomever was involved, in the act. My first inclination was to be present and suddenly turned a bright flashlight on the culprits. Then I remembered how good it was to own a digital camera. A picture is worth ten thousand words, someone once said, and I didn’t want to have to repeat ten thousand words to my target.

I lurked a couple of weekends with no results. I could of course approach ground zero from the backyard and since there were a number of bushes and trees along the wall of the yard and the wall of the house I could be pretty much invisible. Since I had a pretty good tan from going nude in the yard most of the summer, I decided to be naked and blend into the darkness even more. Besides that element of surprise, I believed my intended “victims” had other things on their minds and would not be looking for any interference. After all, they had been successful in hiding their activities for several rendezvous.

The fourth weekend was a Bingo! I waited and they came. I had been in the darkness for a couple of hours, sitting on a black stool, so my eyes were accustomed to the dark. I could make out the primary activity. The female bent forward over the table and the male stood behind her. He pulled her skirt over her back and slid her panties down to her ankles. She lifted each foot as he removed the panties. She reached back for them but he tossed them on a chair that was toward me from where the table was located. She watched them fall, probably in anticipation of retrieving them, but did not look beyond them to where I was now standing. The panties were white, and I was not, so she would not have found me in her focus anyway. The man had dropped his pants down to his ankles but had not lowered or even opened his shorts. He knelt down behind her kuşadası escort and started kissing the ass that was turned slightly my way.

Without moving my feet, I leaned as far as possible to the left to get as good an angle as I could. My left shoulder was against the house, which actually acted to stabilize my shot. I waited for what might appear as an opportune moment to blow them away. It came when he leaned back slightly and started to stand. At the same time, he released his hold on her hips and just started to lower his underwear. As his dick came loose and stood at attention, I let go with a shot. The pre-flash, designed to avoid red eyes, caught them off guard and they just turned toward me when the real flash went off. No doubt they were blinded.

I hadn’t really expected it, but the guy in almost one quick motion, reached down pulled his pants up, turned to the gate, yanked it open and ran out of the yard and into the street. I never saw him again. The girl started repeating over and over again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. I finally told her to shut up. She had not moved but now quit the repeating and straightened up. She turned toward me, or maybe toward the chair where her panties lay. I got there first and picked them up.

She started repeating again, this time, “Please don’t tell my parents”. Well, now I knew it wasn’t “Mom”. I was pretty sure it was the older girl. I didn’t know her name. Her skirt had fallen into place and she was missing only her panties, which I had in my hand.

She calmed a little and asked, “You aren’t going to tell my parents, are you?” I told her I would consider her request. She asked me if she could have her panties back. I looked at them and started to hand them to her. Then I pulled them back.

I said, “Maybe we can make some arrangements. What time do you get out of school each day?”

“Two thirty.”

“Do you and your sister come home together?”

“No,” she has choir practice and comes home on the activities bus at five.”

“Your parents don’t get home until about six, do they?”

“No, I mean yes, that’s about when they get home.”

“Okay,” I said, “is there any reason you can’t come to my house Monday afternoon about 3:00 p.m. to retrieve your panties? Then we can discuss an arrangement so that your parents never know what has been happening back here.”

She hesitated but agreed.

I said, “Go home. And … I suggest finding a boyfriend that isn’t afraid to stand by you in a time of crisis.”

She laughed a nervous laugh and said rather quietly, “Yeah.”

Monday afternoon, she showed up, a little late but that seems to be normal anymore. I had waited with nervous anticipation, not sure what might have happened. She could have come clean with her parents and made some bogus claim against me. A number of possible scenarios popped into my mind, all of them endangering me. But she did show. I heard the doorbell ring a little after three.

I opened the door and told her to come in. She stepped inside and was obviously very nervous herself. She stood in the entry way with her head slightly down so that she looked at me from just below her eyebrows. Her hands were together in front of her and her shoulders were stooped a bit. She looked like the picture of reluctant surrender. I felt personally safer right away. Her nervous anticipation has probably been greater than mine.

I had never really looked at her before. We had been neighbors for about six years so she was just a little girl when they moved in. It seemed impossible that she could be as physically grown up now. She was about five feet six inches tall and about a six dress size. Her breasts were full but not overly large. Her legs were very nice. I love legs. Her skirt was short and looked like a school uniform.

I led her to the living room and told her to sit down. She sat on the love seat after smoothing her skirt beneath her. She folded her hands in her lap and looked again at me with her head down. I sat in a rocking chair across from her.

“Is that a uniform?”, I asked.


“When did your school start requiring uniforms?”

“This year is the first year.” She wasn’t relaxing any so I decided to skip any further small talk and get down to business.

“How long have you and your friend been having sex in my yard?”

“A couple of months.”

“How did that come about?”

“We were playing volleyball on a Sunday afternoon and the ball flew over your wall. I started after it and he said he was going to beat me to it. We raced and as we went through you gate, he kind of wedged together. We had been swimming and were both wearing swim suits. I guess we could feel each other’s bodies through the thin material and he seemed to get turned on. He put his hands on my breast. I pushed it away but could still feel the touch like he had burned me. He said, ‘This would be a good place to fool around.’ I laughed but not because it was funny. It seemed too forward. I was embarrassed. I grabbed the ball and went back to the game.

“He had never shown any interest in me but suddenly was showing me a lot of attention. I was flattered. He asked me out. We went on a couple of dates. Coming home one night, he led me to your gate and opening it, he pushed me inside. I tried at first to resist but all of a sudden he had his penis out and had pushed my hand down to it. I was scared but also fascinated. He told me to run my hand up and down it. I did a couple of times and it suddenly started spurting. He breathed hard and made funny noises. I tried to let go but he said, ‘Don’t stop yet.’ So I continued. He pulled his handkerchief out, wiped it off and told me that it had felt really good.

“I didn’t get the same feeling but did feel the rush of having done something I wasn’t supposed to do. I thought maybe I would get my good feeling next time and was looking forward to it. He brought me over again a few more times. He wanted to fuck me but I told him I would not allow him to do it. About the third time, he put his hands under my dress and rubbed my pussy. That felt good but then when he spurted, he lost interest and I still had only the good feeling of having done something I wasn’t supposed to do. I wanted to spurt like he did but there didn’t seem to be a way. I didn’t have a penis to rub. I complained to him and he said that if we could fuck, I would get the same feeling he had gotten. I refused and he accepted that.”

I interrupted. “I may have saved you a lot of trouble and embarrassment, taking the picture when I did. He was aiming for your pussy with his dick and would have penetrated you within seconds. Only one time could have gotten you pregnant and then your parents would have known for sure.”

“He promised not to do that.”

“Why were you bent over the table like that? That is a position that is really only good for doggy style fucking.”

“We had never done that before. He said he could play with my pussy better from that position and maybe I could get the squirting feeling. Before, I had laid on my back on your lounge and let him play with me that way. I never spurted and he did and I was wanting to have what he had.”

“You don’t know much about sex, do you?”, I asked.

“No”, she said, “my mother won’t talk about it.”

“Okay,” I said, “if you want me to keep quiet about what you’ve been up to, your going to have to do two things. They won’t be too difficult but you may not like it at first. However, since I am a witness, have both the knowledge of what was going on, as well as a great picture, you had better decide you are going to go along with me. My camera has a pre-flash that caused both of you to look towards me so not only do I have a nice picture of your ass, including your pussy, and your friends dick, I have a pretty good shot of your faces. There is no doubt who the stars of the picture are.”

“What do you want me to do and when?”, she asked.

“Well, we can start right now and you will see what you have to do. Stand up.”

She stood up. I guess since I hadn’t really scolded her or come down hard on her, she had relaxed a little bit. That wouldn’t last long.

“Strip,” I commanded.

Her eyes opened very, very wide and she was suddenly very alert.


“Strip. Get entirely naked, blouse, skirt, bra, panties, and sandals – all in a little pile on the arm of the love seat. Now!”

She stepped back against the love seat with no where to go. “I can’t do that. You can’t make me.”

“It’s your choice. I can make your life unbearable at home within ten minutes of the time your folks get home. Besides, you’re going to get used to being naked in front of me in no time. This is going to be a common thing for you if you want to avoid trouble at home. Now strip or go home and wait for the other shoe to drop.”

Reluctantly, she removed her shirt, skirt and sandals. I motioned for her to finish it and she did. Her bra and panties came off. She covered herself the best she could with her arms and hands.

When she was naked, I said, “Okay, follow me.” I got up and walked down the hall to my office. She followed.

In my office I walked to the shredder and turned around. “This is a shredder. I get a lot of documents and waste paper in my office that have names, numbers and other personal data of me and my clients. They need to be shredded so no one can misuse them. I have these three boxes full of paper that needs that treatment. It will take you a while since my shredder will only take five sheets at a time. Also if it gets too hot it will shut down. Here’s how it works”.

With that I took some of the paper, counted out three or four sheets and placed them in the shredder. It started automatically and shredded those items. I told her to try it. She was fascinated enough that she actually let her guard down a little. From past experience I had learned that people like to shred.

“Can you handle it now?”

She said she could. I cautioned her against letting it get too hot. She went to work. I left the room.

I’ve been through this experience before and have found the best way to get someone used to nudity is to let them alone and gradually get them used to your presence by periodic visits. I went to my bedroom, down the hall and stripped myself. I usually go naked at home but hadn’t wanted to scare her right off. I walked back to the office. She was taken aback when she saw me naked. I went to my desk, picked up some papers and a pen. As I did so, I explained to her that I was normally naked at home and that she would not be hurt and should not be alarmed. Without having ever looked at her, I left the room. For the couple of hours she had left that day, I was in and out of the room, sometimes chatting with her and sometimes just appearing, getting something and then leaving.

When it came time for her to leave, I was just about to go tell her. Before I got to the office, she was heading down the hall, still naked. She seemed pretty casual about it and I knew we had crossed the first barrier. She told me there was a lot left but she had to go. I told her to come back again tomorrow. She agreed, went into the living room, dressed and left.

The next day she returned and had to be coaxed out of her clothes again. She really wasn’t that reluctant though. I told her to quit shredding an hour earlier that I had something else for her.

During her stay, she came to me once and asked if I had something for her to drink. I offered her what I had and also gave her some chips to snack on. She seemed very relaxed and even stood next to where I was writing at my breakfast table and talked with me a few minutes. She never made any effort to cover up.

Before it was time for her to leave she came to me to see what else I had for her. I told her to sit down.

“Remember you said you wanted to spurt like your friend did, when it seemed to feel so good to him and he lost interest in you?”

She remembered, of course.

“Well, it is unlikely you will spurt like that. Most women don’t. But you can have the same good feeling and maybe even better. I will show you how it is done. I’m going to have to touch you but you will not be hurt at all. Are you interested in finding out this big secret?”

She seemed reluctant and was silent for a few seconds. The gears were turning and she soon asked, “Are you sure it isn’t going to hurt me in any way?”

“I guarantee it. Come with me.”

I took her to my bedroom and instructed her to lie on the bed. I told her to part her legs and close her eyes. She reluctantly did so. She was very tense.

I went into the master bathroom and got a tube of KY jelly out of the cabinet. I keep it around because when my nose gets dry on the inside, that is the best way to moisturize it. A fellow’s nose does get dry in Phoenix. I returned to the room.

She was peeking. I told her to close her eyes again and relax. With my left hand I touched her upper thigh, She tensed as I figured she would. I moved it up and down a little so she could get accustomed to the touch. Then I moved it gently up her thigh, across to her pelvis and then to the top of her pussy. Very gently, I moved into the groove and with my thumb and forefinger I parted her lips. I put my right hand there and moved it up and down the outer lips.

“How does that feel?”

“Okay”, she said, not very convincingly.

I dipped the fingers in a little more and felt a sudden wetness. I decided dry apprehension had suddenly become a little more exciting and stimulating. I continued to move my fingers around the outer and inner lips, spreading the moisture that was becoming more pronounced.

“Are you more comfortable with this now?” She nodded.

I decided she was providing enough moisture the jelly would not be necessary. With my left fingers I carefully pulled back the hood of her clitoris. I dipped my finger into her canal and brought back an abundance of moisture. Then I touched her bare clitoris for the first time. She almost jumped off the bed.

“You hurt me.”

“Did I? Are you sure it hurt? Wasn’t it maybe just a little bit more of a surprise, a shock?”

She stay still a second or two and then said, “Well, I don’t feel hurt now. What did you do?”

“I touched you on the female equivalent of the man’s penis. It’s called a clitoris. Your ‘penis’ is very small compared to the man’s penis. However, I’m told it has the same number of sensitive nerve endings that the larger penis has. That makes it much more sensitive. I don’t want to get too clinical but want you to understand you are going to feel what your friend felt. I’m going to touch it again and stay in contact. Now that you know it isn’t hurting, see what kind of sensation you can feel.”

I touched and she jumped just slightly, I slowly began to rub the clitoris and she began to moan. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. It didn’t last long but she immediately pushed my hand away. I remembered my first blow job and knew how tender the head of my dick had been. I knew she was feeling great but didn’t want any contact down there now. She lay still for a few minutes, with just a little involuntary twitching visible. Somewhere along the way I had taken her hand that was on my side. Soon she squeezed it and then used it to pull herself up.

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