Working at a Hucow Farm Ch. 06

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Jasmine watched the pair of huge breasts sway back and forth as heavy hips slapped into the woman’s backside. Her moans sang out around the class as they all stood around her pen, watching.

‘Dude! This is better than all the porn in my collection. I’ve got to come down here every week!’

‘Of course you would, Jason, you perv.

‘Oh Tiffany, babygirl, the pen is waiting just for you. All you have to do is ask.’

She shot him a disgusted look while he entertained his friends with an overly exaggerated gyration of his hips.

‘Enough, boys!’ Mr Gordon barked. ‘Show Mrs Jung some respect. This is a special moment you’re lucky to see.’

The farm worker turned to Mr Gordon.

‘Actually, we refer to her as

686 now. They give up their names when they sign up.’

‘And who knows when that law was enacted? Hmm? Come on, class. We’ve studied this.’

Murmurs came from Jasmines classmates while she watched Mrs Jung’s face contort in ecstasy as she mated with the bull. Up until a month ago she had been their teacher. Berating the boys for horsing around. Giving Jasmine advice with a smile. Then one day it was like she snapped.

There had been the odd rumour. The type that you paid no mind to and would have forgotten if the year passed by without concern. Something that just wasn’t your business nor held any relevance. Mrs Jung was apparently single, and had been for some time. To the point where it had fed into the rumour mill. Maybe she had some terrible dates or complained about a friend’s wedding in a class or the staff room. Something that gave the gossip wings.

Then one day Mrs Jung broke down in class, crying that she was nearing forty and was running out of time to settle down and start a family. After that she disappeared and Mr Gordon took over our class. Then the next rumour started spreading around the school. Someone had seen her at this farm, on all fours, naked and being milked from breasts far larger than she had ever had.

Jasmine traced the curve of those large mounds with her eyes. From her memory, Mrs Jung had been practically flat chested when she taught. Where had all THAT come from? It seemed implausible. All thanks to the hucow serum.

Jasmine wasn’t sure what was more strange about the sight of her former teacher. Was it that she was now seeing her completely naked? Or was it her face? She no longer had the glasses she always wore on, making her face seem as naked as the rest of her body. Her hair, which had always been tied up in a bun was now let down and messy. Something about it made her look more appropriate for her new position.

The smell of sex filled the air as the two rutted like animals. The smell of her former teacher’s sex. It felt inappropriate to smell, as if she should hold her breath as a curtesy. Would Mrs Jung have been ok with them watching? She had signed up for this. Signed up to be publically naked. Publically bred. They had always been taught not to view a hucow’s pussy as a woman’s pussy. It was no different to watch them breed as it was to watch two animals do the same. Two livestock.

The bull grunted one final time and pulled her hips deep into his. She let out a long mewling moan as he filled her fertile womb with his load. Once the bull’s balls had stopped contracting, he pulled out of her. A large glob of cum fell from her flushed lips after him.

‘And there it is, class. Mrs Jung- sorry,

686’s first breeding. She’ll go on to have many more as she works here while she provides the milk we drink every day. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Come along now, we have much more to see.’

Jasmine followed the rest of the class as they were led out the back of the barn. She looked back once more at Mrs Jung’s pen. Her head now laid in the hay, while her ass still held high in the air; drips of cum leaking down her thighs.

‘I’m sure some of you know women who have become hucows. Maybe even had a teacher before who did the same as Mrs Jung.’ Mr Gordon continued his lecture as they walked. ‘So many women these days are choosing this life, especially middle aged ones like her. Some of you girls may choose the same path, and if you do, then be sure to ask our guide as many questions as you want.’

‘What about Tiffany, sir? I think her big tits would look good as a hucow.’

‘Shut the fuck up, Jason!’

‘Quiet! I don’t want to hear any more from you two or you can wait on the bus! Now listen up.’

He motioned for the farm worker to take over as we reached the fence around a pasture. The worker thanked him before beginning to explain the importance of regular exercise for the hucows and bulls.

But I wasn’t listening. The imagine of Mrs Jung being bred still burned in my mind and created an uneasy mix of feelings.


The weeks went by after the trip and before long school had returned to normal. Whatever had started in Jasmine’s mind that day had been ruled out as nothing by her.

She knew what it was. Jason had been raving on that Tiffany was travesti istanbul the one who would be best suited to become a hucow on body alone. Jasmine adjusted her top. If she dressed like those girls, he would have pointed her out for sure. Her breasts had come in late, but when they did…

She had outgrown most of the girls in her year to her own embarrassment. She had plump D cup breasts that filled out all of her shirts. She had started wearing baggy sweaters a while ago to avoid the attention, both the gawking from the boys and the jealousy from the girls. She got the feeling that the girls knew anyway, but the boys seemed denser. Well no more.

Her cheeks reddened as she sat there in her low cut top. She felt far too exposed, but it was exciting in a way. Her cleavage spilled over the tight top in a full display of her previously hidden womanliness.

Though they were nowhere near as big as Mrs Jung’s new hucow ones, she felt that it was her who was most similar in breast size. Now the boys would know and she would feel content with that.

As the final bell rang, Jason and his friends stepped into class. She held her breath, trying not to look at them. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw their heads do a double take from the corner of her eye. A smile crept across her face. She felt warm all over.


Maybe she’d keep wearing shirts like these.


She kept to her word, following the lead of the preppy girls at school. She noted what outfits they wore and showed them up when she filled them out more. As summer drew closer, she began searching for bikinis, something she had never dared wear.

Her breasts must have still been growing as she soon found her bra grow tighter, but she didn’t buy a new one. She liked how the old one made her boobs spill over her neckline.

Graduation grew closer with each week and with it the end of teasing the boys in her class. Before long, her final exams were concluded and so was her schooling.

Suddenly the prospect of what she’d do with her life put an end to all her teasing and daydreaming. She sat at the graduation ceremony listening to wishes of good fortune in their futures, unsure how it would manifest for her.

‘I can’t believe you’re actually going to become a hucow, Tif.’

Tiffany blushed, looking less headstrong than a few months ago.

‘I don’t know. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You should come join me, Jason.’ She gave him a wink. ‘Come be a bull. If I have to be bred, it may as well be with someone I know.’

One of Tiffany’s friend’s leaned over, excitement shining through her eyes despite her previously crying all through graduation.

‘Oh my god! I always thought you made such a perfect couple. Your babies would be so cute!’

Once more Jasmine was reminded of the hucow farm. Of Mrs Jung and her breeding. She would be well into her pregnancy now. She couldn’t imagine what she would look like with a big pregnant belly. But the thought of her classmate heading there and the new life of her old teacher brought those feelings back up again. However, she was resolute this time. She didn’t want to go and be a farm animal like Tiffany. Who would? Nor did she want to be bred endlessly. Tiffany was the same age as her. How could she be thinking about being bred?

She left her graduation with just as many conflicting feelings as the day she left the hucow farm. She wondered if she should go and see Tiffany being bred when the time came. She felt like she had to in some way. Mr Gordon had said it was a special thing to see a hucow’s first breeding, and they had been classmates for many years. Maybe.


Months went by. Her 18th birthday with her family came and went. Yet still she had not found her aspiration in life. She had no idea what her former classmates were doing now. Had they found their career? She only knew two fates for sure. Two who had found their purpose. Tiffany would be several months pregnant by now, while Mrs Jung would have given birth and had her pussy bred again. She had developed a new appreciation for their choice in her time after school. They were now living their desired lives, while she was still spinning her wheels. And every day that went by, they grew more pregnant and she remained the same.

She got dressed in her usual camisole and headed down for breakfast. Her dad had initially been wary when she started dressing skimpy, but he had stopped objecting over time. To her surprise, she found her heart skipped a beat just the same whenever she caught him checking out her cleavage.

‘You heading out today, sweatheart?’

“Yeah, I’m going to head to the mall.’

‘Want a lift?’

‘No thanks, Daddy. I’m going to catch the bus.’

She spent the day walking around the mall, trying on different clothes. As she left another store loaded up with bags, she saw a booth set up in the middle of the walkway. She hesitated for a moment, listening to one of the salesmen talk to a passer-by. Her istanbul travestileri eyes fell on the signs and it all fell into place with what she was overhearing. They were recruiting for a hucow farm. By the sound of it, both for hucows and farmhands.

The prospect of following Tiffany and Mrs Jung had crossed her mind many times, but each time she had been repulsed at the idea of living in a hay-lined pen, being treated like livestock. It seemed so undignified. The looks she had received from men lately; the confidence she had gained in her body over the last year. She felt she was worth more than just being a lowly farm animal.

Yet a thought remained in her mind. She felt such a rush of excitement whenever she caught someone checking out her low cut cleavage. The feeling of so many eyes piercing every inch of exposed skin when she went to the beach in her new bikini over summer. It was an intoxicating feeling. She could only imagine how it would feel to be forced naked in front of everyone like Mrs Jung was. The shame of it all, wrapped in the safe blanket of expectation. Hucows were all naked. It was expected. She could show all of her body off and feel the rush of it with little consequence. And the thought of how quickly a bull’s cock shot to attention when he saw a hucow in heat… To have a body of pure desire that could attract such a strong and virile specimen of a man.

The thought stuck with her as she wandered back to the bus stop. The rush of feeling all eyes on her body weighed against being filthy livestock. It was only when she sat down, pulling on her short skirt to keep it from riding too far up, did she find her answer.

To her side sat a newspaper. There in the ad section she saw a promotion for domesticated hucows. Hucow pets. She covertly lifted the overhanging page of the newspaper to get a better look. It showed the silhouette of a woman with hucow sized breasts with a leash on. Below it listed accessories such as breast pumps and anal plug tails, but what really drew her eye was the price. Over a million dollars! Who could own one at that price?!

She withdrew her finger and shifted away from the newspaper. She hadn’t been taught about that in school. Mrs Jung’s class only taught them about hucow farms. Was there a whole other world to hucows that she didn’t know about? One that was cleaner and more exclusive than living at a farm?

She crossed her legs tightly as she waited for the bus. She would have to do some research when she got home.


She did just that for the next week, which then turned into conflicted feeling for further weeks. The idea was tempting. Now that she was considering the world of hucows for herself, she was willing to admit that seeing both Mrs Jung and Tiffany go off to the farm had seemed like a good idea to her. Mrs Jung had once told them that there was a phenomenon around hucows that people called hucow fever. Some women were just predisposed to it. It was like a sirens call to them. For some it was the desire to breed endlessly and use their womb as nature intended. For others, it was a more sexual need. Perhaps Jasmine was one of those women. Definitely in the latter category. She didn’t feel like a breeder, but the prospect of being a hucow offered a sexual high that she felt like she would never achieve anywhere else.

She always felt like she was in a struggle with herself. She had become addicted to the idea of stripping down and showing off much of her naked body off as she could, but it was all pushed back on by her own embarrassment and need to maintain her dignity. At times she wished she could push past that and wear nothing but a string bikini; saying fuck it to anyone who questioned her. However, she knew she never could. She would one day come down from that high and have to live with the embarrassment. If she were a hucow she would never have to come down from it. It was expected of her to crawl on all fours naked like a little slut.

That was what she wanted.

And to be worth so much as a hucow pet was the cherry on top. She wouldn’t be some cheap farm animal rolling around in filth. She’d be something highly prized. She had always felt that her body was worth that much. Her tits alone were top class.

The more she thought about it, the more she became set on it. Now she had to make it a reality. She eventually settled on a safe first step.

Her dad’s head shot up from his newspaper as she bounded down the stairs for breakfast. Her plump, bare breasts bounced around like crazy as she hurried into the kitchen.

‘Good morning!’

‘Jasmine! Wh-what are you doing?! Go put a shirt on.’

She opened the fridge and began making her breakfast.

‘Nope. I like having my boobs out like this.’

She turned around and squeezed her arms together.

‘What do you think, Daddy? Do my boobs look good?’

He spluttered, speechless. She laughed and turned back to the counter. Finally, he found his words.

‘What’s gotten into you?!’

‘Have you ever istanbul travesti seen domesticated hucows, Daddy?’

His shock fell away as he let out an exasperated chuckle.

‘Ah! That’s what this is about. You want to go to one of those hucow farms?’

‘No, not a farm. I was thinking of becoming a domesticated hucow. One of those hucow pets.’

‘A what?’

She explained to him what she had read. He thought for a moment and sighed.

‘This is all crazy.’

‘It’s not crazy, Daddy! I want this so badly. It sounds so hot.’

‘I’m sure this is just a phase.’

‘It’s not. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.’

‘Right. So if you’re going to be a pet, then who will own you?’

‘I don’t know. I guess I hadn’t really thought about that.’

‘Will you sell yourself to some rich guy?’

‘I guess I don’t have to.’

He pushed his chair out to stretch his legs, all the while sizing her up. It went on for so long that Jasmine began to suspect he was just checking out her tits.

‘Well if this is your decision, why don’t I become your owner then? That way you can stay in the house you’re comfortable with.’

Jasmines face lit up.

‘That’s a great idea! So you’ll let me do it?’

‘I guess I can’t stop you.’

She squealed and leapt at him for a hug, oblivious to her bare breasts pressing into him. He wasn’t, though. He had certainly noticed his little girl’s change in wardrobe and the sight of her revealing cleavage. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t starting to fantasize about her tits. Perhaps that was what influenced his decision. He had been dealing with his own conflicting feelings ever since then. He couldn’t deny that he was curious to see more of his little girl’s body.

‘You know what, sweatheart. If you want to become a hucow pet, you should start dressing like one to prepare.’

‘Dressing like one?’

‘Naked. You should stop wearing clothes.’

She gave him a smile as she broke away from the hug. She hooked her thumbs under the hem of her shorts before pulling them down. He drank in the sight of his daughter standing before him, completely naked. Those big tits he had seen swell over the years, down to her shaven pussy, far more womanly than he could ever have imagined.

‘You know, your uncle won’t be surprised.’

‘How come?’

‘He always said he knew you’d become a hucow one day. Said you just had the body for it.’


Over the next few days Jasmine got used to walking around the house naked. The rush of her Daddy seeing her naked body was still there, but she became comfortable with having his eyes on her. She couldn’t think of anyone better to see her metamorphosis into a hucow pet than him.

At first she had thought it would be a safe experiment to let him see her naked. He was her daddy, after all. But as she started noticing him getting hard in his pants as she walked by, she began to think there might be more there. It was exciting. The sudden rush of danger she felt knowing that he could take advantage of her exposed pussy at any moment was amazing. To her surprise, she found that she wasn’t completely opposed to the idea. Her daddy had always meant the world to her and now she was going to give him total control of her body.

She had wondered what would happen after she became his hucow pet. Naked on all fours. Would he regularly have his way with her? The thought turned her on. Maybe this was right. She knew his body certainly reacted to hers.

She wanted to try it before she became a hucow. One night, she waited for him on his bed. When he entered, a knowing smile spread across his face at the sight of her.

‘What’s this?’

‘I want to feel like a woman before I become your pet.’

He got onto the bed with her and she spread her legs. He had seen her pussy so much lately, it barely felt taboo for her to do so. Nothing needed to be said between the two. They both new a line had been crossed long ago. Now they could just enjoy it.

She moaned as his cock slipped inside her. It felt as good as she could have imagined. The weight of him bearing down on her as he slid deeper inside. His breath hot on the nape of her neck.

He began to thrust and she felt a warmth spread throughout her. This was it. This was what she was meant for. She wanted to experience this every day. A life of fucking and enjoying the bliss of her own body. She would never have to wear clothes again. She would never have to deal with the stresses in life. All for this man. She could just be naked and proud of her body. It was a body worth showing off to all the boys from her class. They could see her just like they saw Mrs Jung. But she would be more prestigious. A domesticated hucow worth millions. She would have to ask her Daddy to buy her a diamond collar. She felt like she deserved it.

She shook with orgasm under him, but he did not stop his relentless fucking. He was using her pussy as his personal fucktoy. That would be what she’d become. His personal fucktoy.

Finally, she felt him cumming inside her. The warmth of his cum spread throughout her pussy. She was his girl in every way, and he would soon be her owner. The thought turned her on even more. Her father’s cum dripped down her pussy, leaving a sticky mess.

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