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pavitra – the horniest sult wife-3Betty and Kavita hugged one another and dashed to look again at the kitchen.‘I will have to make arrangements to sell my house in London and get all my stuff up. I will have to leave the camper here while I do this if I bring it up to this house can you watch it for me. I may be gone for a couple of weeks I would also appreciate it if someone can take us to Inverness airport.” I asked him.”We will look after everything, do you want me to arrange the connection of services for you, I know that you should apply yourself but I will talk to them and you can go and sign when you get back.””Please we would appreciate that. Can you get us to the airport to-morrow?” I asked.”I have to go into court again to-morrow, I will pick you up at 6-30 will that do.” He told me”Great!, Donald I appreciate all the help you and your family have given Kavita and myself, I will have to repay you somehow.” I said”You just bring yourself and your pretty wife back.” He said.Once we were returned to the camper I booked two tickets to London. Rang up my Estate Agent and told him to list my house for sale as soon as possible. I could almost hear him counting his commission as the house was in Holland Park a preferred district in London.We packed everything away and drove the camper to our new home. We spent the night there making beautiful love. We awake at 5 and prepared for our journey south.I was determined that I would get a supply of saris for Kavita when in London as there was a large Indian community there and many outlets selling these garments. This time Kavita will choose them herself.The flight down went without a hitch, and soon we were at my home. Kavita couldn’t believe that I lived in such opulence.”What beautiful furniture you have touching everything.” She said”It’s yours as well Kavita, always remember that.” I said to her.I got on the land line phone and started making calls as Kavita inspected our home. First I rang Gilbert and thanked him for what he had done for us. He wished us all the best and happiness. Then I said that I would like him to do me another favour. And I told him about Kavita’s mother and sister, and that I would like to sponsor them and how would I go about it. He gave me some advice and told me a lawyer that specializes in this type of thing.I rang the lawyer and gave him Gilberts name and telephone number, my address here but I said it wouldn’t be for long as I was moving to Scotland and gave him the address there. I also gave Ronald Macgregor’s name as a reference. Also all the particulars of Kavita’s mother and sister, he told me he would be in touch.I then rang Mrs. Singh and thanked her for the sari and asked her if she would take Kavita and get her fitted out with more clothing. I told her about her wearing the sari; she told me she also only wears the sari so the two of them should get on well together.We weren’t back in the house three hours when I received a call fro the Estate Agents asking if they could show someone round the house. I quickly agreed.I just couldn’t describe the couple who came to visit with the Estate Agent. Apparently they were pop stars and their dress was ghastly. I’m sure they will get on well with my neighbours. I let them wander around. And then man said “I see you have an Indian servant does she come with the house.””Sir that is my wife you are referring to.” I said indignantly.”Oh I’m very sorry I didn’t realize.” He said.I could tell that I had really upset him by that statement.The Estate Agent and the two of them got into a huddle and the Estate agent came and told me he had an offer. Would it be sufficient and it would be a quick sale. When he told me the price I just looked at him for about a minute.”Is the price too low, I will ask if they will go higher” he said thinking he may have lost a sale.”No that is far higher than the value I had done just last year, and the difference shook me, that’s all,” I said”Will you sell at that price then?” He asked”You sarıyer escort have a sale make the time as short as possible please.” I told him.He went over and spoke to the couple and came back. “The quickest I can make it is five days.” He said”We will be vacated in five days, please send the papers round and I will sign them.” I said.”Thank you,” he replied.After they had left I contacted Mrs. Macgregor and told her we would be returning in one week. She was very excited and said she would tell Ronald when he came back home.I then contacted a removal contractor and told them I needed an urgent removal to the north of Scotland. They said that would be fine for they were looking for a back loading. They would send the team of packers round to-morrow ready for the removal in three days.Everything since my meeting Kavita has gone right she must be my lucky charm. For a period in my life nothing went right now everything has turned up rosy. I decided that we would spend our time in London in a hotel as the house was going to be disrupted.I rang and made a booking at the Holiday Inn, Then rang the Removal Contractor telling them where to pick up the house keys, and Mrs. Singh where we will be staying.I collected Kavita from the kitchen where she was rummaging and told her of the change of plans. We collected our things and we went to my garage and collected my Lexus.”You have a car as well?” She asked.”No we have a car as well!” I said to her.She laughed. “I will have to get used to that!” She said.Kavita was rather apprehensive when we entered the Holiday Inn, but the thing that really tickled her was being called Mrs. Brown. I think that the reception clerk thought we were having a sly week until Mrs. Singh came up to us and congratulated us on our marriage. We all went up to our room and dropped off our things.I told her about our time table, and she would collect Kavita in the morning and they would go shopping. I had to tell her that Kavita couldn’t read or understand the money or its value and I would leave it to her to guide her, but I wanted her to have the best, as I wanted her to be proud to be my wife.”You don’t need to worry about that she is very proud to be your wife, and when you told her that you liked to see her dressed in the sari she was even prouder. As you see I always wear my sari, it makes me different to the others and I am very proud of my national dress.Just then there was a knock at the door and I let in Nanda Singh who I hadn’t seen for quite a while.”So this is the pretty wife,” he said kissing Kavita’s hand. “She is very beautiful, and I can see by the way she looks at you she loves you very much. May you have many happy years?”He and his wife left saying they will see Kavita the next morning.”I am glad that Mrs. Singh also wears the sari. I was beginning to feel an outcast.” She said whilst hugging me.”I don’t care you continue wearing it.” I kissed her brow.The next few days went very fast, and there were so many things that I had to do in preparation of moving home. Kavita enjoyed her day shopping, but she didn’t like the crowds, or the noise of London. Even though I had lived most of my life in this city, in the past years I had become a recluse therefore my list of friends had shrunk. I too would be glad to leave and make a clean start up north.Settlement day arrived, and two days before my furniture was all packed and on its way to my new home. On that day I had my lawyers transfer the balance due on the home in Scotland. These days with the aid of computers everything took seconds which used to take days.Kavita and I then left London heading north again, but this time as man and wife. Keeping to the main arterial roads, the miles slipped quickly by as we passed through previously seen locations. At the north side of Inverness we in fact passed the furniture van carrying our effects and we therefore would be present for their arrival.When we esenyurt escort pulled up outside our new home, Betty’s car was parked alongside the camper. When we entered the house it was lovely and warm and the central heating was running. Betty came to the hall to meet us and welcomed us home.”My that was a quick trip, I am glad to see you back. I was just finishing up tidying up and getting things ready for your arrival.” She said.I connected up the power to the camper and soon we had a cup of coffee ready, and we all sat down waiting on the arrival of the furniture van. It was then that I found out that the house had been the property of Ronald’s mother and had been his old family home.It was while we were waiting, that I received the call from the lawyer looking into Kavita’s mother’s sponsorship. I asked to be excused from the two ladies and took the call outside.Kavita’s mother had been contacted, but her sister had died suddenly, so her mother was now all alone. She was eager to come but it would take a little while to get the necessary paperwork, and organize her application. If I would like he could get a visitors visa, while the application for sponsored residency was being processed. I told him to do this and to contact me and let me know how things were progressing.My old furniture was insufficient to furnish all the rooms of the house. We would need to furnish two more bedrooms, but this furniture could be purchased locally.In the mail that was brought to us that day were Kavita’s official residency papers with her National security number. Now she was a residency of the country and she was so happy about it.It was strange that night sleeping in a strange house, with all the creaks and sounds. We lay there for quite a while listening to them and slowly we came into an embrace and our bodies seemed to blend into each others as our hands searched each others bodies. Kavita’s body had become very familiar to me now and I knew every bump and crevice.Each time was a new experience and I found spots that made her more responsive in the most peculiar places.Soon my hand had slipped between her legs and she had parted them to allow me access to her vagina, and her very sensitive button of pleasure. Kavita now expresses her pleasure in a soft vocal manner and was soon moaning as I caressed her erotic zone. When I slipped two fingers into her vagina she thrust her hips onto them driving them further into her body.”Please Charlie, put it in I need you now,” she pleaded.I gently got between her legs and inserted myself into her and we began a slow and easy pumping of our organs until she climaxed not once but twice in quick succession, I soon followed and as usual she locked her legs tightly round me. Somehow deep down I realized that this union was to be an impregnation, there was something about this act that was so different from all the others. I really hoped so for Kavita was eager to have c***dren.We not only got the other rooms furnished but we organized a party and invited all the people who had been so kind to us, we called on Betty’s help to get as many of the local people to attend as we could. I was very surprised that so many attended, and that it looked that we had been indeed welcomed into their close knit community.After that we had them calling in as they passed by and when we were out walking we were warmly greeted.Soon the winter weather came and I hadn’t realized how cold it gets up here in this part of the country, so our walks became less. Also Kavita was now pregnant by two months when I received a telephone call from London telling me that Kavita’s mother was arriving that evening in Inverness from London.”Kavita, We have to urgently go to Inverness, to meet someone from the London flight. Get your warm coat and bring it with you.” I told her.Kavita was a bit confused as I don’t usually rush and dash like I was doing now but she done as I told her. We quickly got into the car, and avrupa yakası escort soon it was lovely and warm with the heater going. We arrived only five minutes before the London flight arrived and we were at the arrivals gate waiting.I saw her first she looked a rather pathetic older version of Kavita also dressed in a Sari. Kavita spotted her too and the pair just stopped and looked at one another for a few seconds and Kavita run to her and they both hugged and the tears flowed down both their faces. Ruining the slight makeup that Kavita wore.She actually dragged her mother over to me and introduced her to me. “This is Tamara my mother, Mother this is my husband Charlie,” she said.In very broken English she thanked me for getting her here, and for marrying her daughter.I saw her admiring Kavita’s clothing and it was obvious that Kavita’s was of a far better quality than hers. I took a mental note that I would have to get Tamara re outfitted also. When we collected her baggage all she had was a battered old suitcase that felt very light, and this was all her personal effects.They both sat in the back of the car as we drove back home and I could tell when they reached the part of the telling of her sisters death, they had been chatting all this time in Urdu and I knew nothing at all of that language.On arrival home Tamara was truly amazed that her daughter lived in such opulence. She like her daughter had done when I brought her to London walked around running her hand over the furniture surfaces. What it was about kitchens and women but Kavita dragged her mother into ours and you could tell by their facial expressions that they loved the now well equipped area.Kavita then took her mother up to show her bedroom, and no doubt the remainder of upstairs. So I prepared a light snack and tea for us and took it into the lounge by the fire which was burning brightly, not that we needed a fire as the central heating was sufficient, but it was comforting to see an open fire.Immediately they entered the room I knew that Kavita had told her mother about her pregnancy. Tamara came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I then had a close look at Tamara and realized that she was only a few years older than I was for I was eight years older than Kavita. I had somehow pictured her as being old, and seeing her coming off the plane I somehow accepted that fact.This was a different situation all together for here was a very virile female in my household, and I could imagine the behind the back remarks that would be going around, or so I thought.It was very late and we all retired for the night. I saw that Kavita had given her mother a bedroom furthest from ours. So Kavita’s vocal pleasure sounds shouldn’t carry that far.I woke the next morning as usual to my wife’s usual remark but I had woken to sounds emitting from the ground floor. I nudged Kavita and asked,”Is your mother an early riser, as I hear someone below darling?””Yes that will be mother, I’ll better get up and see what she is doing.” She said getting up and slipping on her house coat and padded down stairs.I got up also and showered, shaved and dressed, then went below. There was the pair of them in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I recognized the sari Tamara was wearing as one of Kavita’s so it looks as if she has already thought about her mothers’ lack of clothing. In fact they were like two peas in a pod. If I hadn’t seen her face I would have mistaken her for Kavita from the back, and that could have been an embarrassment as I sometimes come up behind her and reach round and grab a handful of breast.We were soon all sitting down eating breakfast after Kavita went upstairs showered, dressed and returned. Looking at them both sitting at the table there was no doubt they were mother and daughter.It was only a matter of weeks when I realized that what Mrs. Singh had said was so perfectly true. Asian women do treat their husbands better than European women do, I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad but from my point of view it made me appreciate even more, I not only had an Asian wife I had the mother-in-law as well and she treated me just as well.Kavita was now settled into her home with all the people she loved in the world around her and a bright future ahead for her intended family.The End.

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