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My Nurse AnaI was traveling overseas on business when i developed an infection in my foot that started to hurt and i noticed it slowly going up my leg. It had happened once before a few years ago so i stopped in the nearest hospital for a look at. A doctor looked it over and agreed with my assessment and admitted me for a few nights stay to receive IV antibiotics. He was certain we had caught it early and should be much better in a few days. I had a private room(wanted one so paid for it) so I could conduct business via computer while i sat there get an IV. Had to work from the bed however to keep the leg up. Nurses came in, did their check of me and left-had food, was shitty TV in a language I did not know. So stayed on the computer. My night nurse came in and my god she was gorgeous! Her name tag said Ana-about 5’5″, petite, big tits, long reddish brown hair and the looks of a great ass under her uniform, which was quite short for a nurse i thought. My god, she is beautiful. And great legs-I hope she spoke english. She said “how are u feeling Mr. S*********?” A lovely voice and to me an accent. Wow! I said Ok, little pain. She checked my blood pressure, temp and pulse Ox. Everything was good-we chatted a bit-she seemed a bit flirty,probably just being friendly I thought. She sat down and asked me about my business and we talked for quite a while, she said it was slow tonite on the floor. I really liked her and I thought something was happening between us, but probably my imagination. She had to leave, and said she would be back in a short while.I was dozing when she came back in my room. She came over to the bed and I felt a kiss on my lips-I was having a fairly nasty dream about my nurse and she wakes me up with a güvenilir bahis kiss. So I kissed her back, her tits pushing against my side and arm. I grabbed her and pulled her on me, the kiss now really passionate and wet, and my cock was swelling up bif. She sat on me on the bed, looking at me, saying we needed to be quiet, and unbuttoned her uniform. I noticed the door was closed, and then noticed her removing the uniform and she was in her bra and panties, nothing else. She removed her bra and these incredible breasts came out, nipples hard and swollen. I grabbed her and we kissed deeply for a long time, my hand sliding under her panties to grab her fabulous ass. She broke out kiss, was looking incredibly hot , stood up, took off her panties and was fully naked in front of me-MY god, she was beautiful!She has a deep bush of brown fur, and delicious looking pussy lips. I was hard as a rock-she took off the blanket, pulled off my pajama bottoms and grabbed my cock and knelt there and started sucking me, squeezing my large swollen balls, licking the shaft, then sucking mt balls. I moaned deeply, my god she was wonderful! She said wait, stopped the IV and pulled it out, just leaving the connection part on my arm. She climbed on me, my cock very thick and swollen, and sat on my face so I could eat her-She was drenched, dripping cunt juice all over my mouth and tongue as i licked her. She was making alot of noise, not loud bot alot of it, her ponytail bouncing all over her back as she ground her cunt on my tongue and lips. I was drenched and she was more so, and very very turned on. She mutter some low moans and words, held my head and hair and drown me in her juices. Her breathing was getting ragged, she was moving türkçe bahis a little less as I concentrated on her clit, licking and sucking it. All of the sudden, she gasped, put her hand on her mouth and screamed into it-my mouth and face was covered in her cum, thick, gooey white stuff, and she came and came.She fell off my face to my side and laid gasping, my face and lips and beard covered in her cum and juice. She was delicious, the best I had ever tasted. I was huge and very thick for me, oozing precum down my shaft. My breathing was also ragged as i was as hot as i had ever been for a woman. She looked at me, smiled and said it was the best orgasm she ever had and had NEVER been eaten like that before and she wanted to fuck me. She asked if she sucked me off first and I came, would I be able to fuck longer the second time? I said YES, and she laid on my stomach, her big tits laying there and sucked my cock, deeply, nearly deep throated me, squeezing my swollen, swollen balls and she sucked and licked. She sensed i was close(maybe the amount of precum oozing out) and slowed and stopped,just little licks, my groaning was getting loud so she moved back and stuck her wet gooey cunt in my face. I started eating her again and we did this for quite a while, both of us getting very passtionate. I put three fingers in her cunt and sucked her asshole, and she gasped and came again, never taking my cock out of her mouth-this set me off and I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth, then all over her lips and face. Holy shit, best ever blow job, I was in love w/her! We laid there, sweaty, soaked in our juices and cum, and she rubbed me, starting to get me hard again. And she could do it cause i never wanted a woman more than güvenilir bahis siteleri I wanted Ana right now.She sucked me a bit, pulled her soaked cunt across my chest and stomach , swung around and slip onto my hard cock. I went in all the way easily, she groaned deeply and gasped! Her face was dripping with my cum, her body was soaked in sweat. I was soaked in her cum all over me, and sweating like mad. We started to fuck, slowly, her heavy wonderful sweaty tits on my chest, and we fucked. And fucked. And fucked, a little faster. A lot of little noises from us both, and we watch one another, our faces about two feet away, and I said to her” I Love you” and she said to me ” I love you too” and we fucked a bit faster. She sat back on my cock and I watched it going in a nd out of her, goo all over , my cum from before, her sticky gooey cunt from cumming. Our pubic hair was all wet and sticky and the fucking was getting faster, more urgent. She started rubbing her clit, I pulled on her nipples and she threw her head back , moaned deeply and CAME! Harder than before, she threw her hand over her mouth and bounced up and down on me, hard, and I shot a large load into her cunt, moaning loudly and she fell on me and kissed me hard, to quiet us both. We laid in each other arms, our sweaty, wrecked bodies and brains slowly regaining the ability to move and function.She got up and went into the bathroom w/her uniform, quite wobbly on her legs and cleaned up-she was still at work. I just laid there nude, licking my lips of her cum. She came out, looking pretty wasted and sat down, pulled the cover over my waist and restarted the IV. She gave me a wet cloth for my face and beard and said she had to go but she would be back shortly, kissed me very hard and said “I love you Roar”. “Roar?” I asked She said, “u sounded like a lion when u came the first time” We laughed, kissed and I said “I love you Ana, you are fantastic”. Ill be back soon my love and I fell asleep

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