Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 07

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Chapter VII – Ray’s Friday

Friday morning we went shopping. I was going to give him lots of opportunity to practise compliments. We were shopping for clothes. It sounded like a good opportunity to get a new wardrobe and to challenge his masculinity.

The first women’s clothing store I stopped at, he wanted to wait outside. Needless to say, I dragged him in. He really wasn’t too excited about being there with me. I asked his opinion on everything, cotton blouses on sale, polyester skirts that were knee length and jackets that covered everything. Before long we had a sales girl following us.

“What do you think dear,” I said, holding a white and black checked blouse up to my chest, “Does this suit me?”

“Umm, I guess.”

I turned to the sales girl, “What so you think?”

“Well, the checks make you look wider…”

“Ray, are you listening?”

“What? Yeah…”

Again, I turned to the sales girl. “What would you think about a guy who says ‘Umm, I guess’ when you ask him about clothes?”

She answered quite promptly, “I’d think he didn’t care about me.”

“Did you hear that, Ray?”


I put my hands on my hips and looked him in the eye, “So what do you think I should wear?”

Ray got a wicked gleam in his eye and looked around the store. He went over to a rack of sheer nylon blouses and began to go through them. I knew what he was going to do before he found what he was looking for. I grinned to myself. If that was what would get him interested, so be it. Sure enough, he came up with a see-through blouse. It’s only saving grace was the two breast pockets that doubled the material in front.

“What about this?” he said with a grin, holding up a purple and blue flower print blouse.

I looked it over, “What do you think,” I glanced at the sales girl’s name tag, “Carla, got it in my size?” I held it up to my chest.

Carla looked it over. “The colour isn’t right for you, let me see…” She began rummaging through the rack.

She came up with a yellow and orange blouse and a pink and red one. I turned to Ray. “Which colour do you think?”

Ray hesitated, “The yellow and orange brings out the highlights in your hair, the pink and red match your warm skin tones. I think I prefer the yellow.”

I was amazed. He had gone from not caring to complimenting after one choice. He just might be rescue-able! I leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

We went through the same kind of debate over a skirt. I thought he would want a short micro-mini, but he fooled me. He preferred the knee-length pleated wool skirts. He choose one to match the colours of the blouse. He even managed to compliment my legs when he commented that it brought out the subtle curves of my calves.

He had done such a wonderful job of complimenting and choosing, that I decided to give him a thrill. I asked Carla to show me the change room so I could check the fit of the new clothes. I knew that my black lacy bra would show through the blouse, but I didn’t care. I stepped out of the change room and twirled in front of him.

“Well, what do you think? Ray? Hello! Earth to Ray?”

Ray dragged his chin of the floor, wiped the drool off his chin and said profoundly, “Uhh…”

“Oh, you don’t like it,” I said, pouting.

“No, no, I like it! Believe me, I like it, I just… ah… well it … it looks really good on you! Really good! But… ah.. I can see your… ah… bra.”

“Oh? Can you? What do you think Carla, can you see my bra?”

Carla giggled and nodded. She knew, as I did, that you could almost see the individual threads of the lace.

“Well then,” I said, “I guess I will need a new bra or just go bra-less.”

Carla spoke up helpfully, “We have some flesh tone bras that don’t have any lace or seams in the cups. Would you like to see them?” She knew my large breasts needed the support that a bra provided.

We went over güvenilir bahis to the lingerie section and Carla brought out four bras in various flesh tones. I felt the cups of each one and then passed them to Ray. He was turning red, but he gamely rubbed the cup of each one. The third one suited him, “This one, it feels silky enough to suit your soft skin.” He blushed a little more deeply as he realized what he had said. I gave him a big smile.

I tried it on and it did look good. You could still see it behind the blouse, but it didn’t leap out (neither did my breasts). We paid for the clothes and went on down the street.

Three hours later we returned to the hotel. Ray was carrying the multitude of boxes that held my purchases. He had continued to make good choices and shower me with compliments. The last store we visited had had some wonderful negligees which I had modelled for Ray. I could almost see his pecker grow down the leg of his jeans when I came out and pirouetted in front of him. The last one I put on, showed most of me if he wanted to see, and he did.

In my room, Ray put all my purchases on the bed. I turned him to me and kissed him on the mouth. Just as he started to put his arms around me, I stepped back.

“Thank you for your help. That was a most enjoyable shopping trip. This afternoon I have some appointments to keep. You need to make a reservation for dinner and dancing afterward. You might also think about something for tomorrow night. Leave a message on my phone as to the time the reservation is for. I will open the connecting door when I am ready. Oh, make sure you are dressed appropriately. I think I will wear that cocktail dress we bought.” I pushed him out of the room as I was talking. “See you later.”

* * * * *

I was being pummelled by the masseuse when the crazy thought hit me. The only way Ray was going to learn about pleasing a woman was if I gave him lessons. Lessons on me. Lessons that he could take back to apply to Sylvia. I needed to let him use my body as a practise dummy. The big question was how to start out.

Let’s see. Could I come up with a guide? Sex play. The rules of engagement. I would need to come up with some suggestions. Compliments, politeness, presents, attention, protection, flirtation. What else? Then foreplay. Touching, kissing, caressing, undressing. And finally two at play.

Ok, I had the basis of a guide. Now I needed to put it into action. He was already good with the compliments and the attention. Tonight we could explore the protection and flirtation and maybe even the presents. Then on to foreplay.

I was interrupted at that point, the attendant was ready for the pedicure and the manicure. All I had to remember was sex… err… six, four, two.

* * * * *

I was under the hair dryer when the guilt struck. There were more than two people involved here. I was fine with my husband. We had agreed. He had known what might happen if I was left alone too long with Ray. He had not minded, he had even jumped at the chance to be with Sylvia.

I, on the other hand, had not had the explicit permission from Sylvia that Fred had given me. Ray seemed fine with things, but if he was thinking that Sylvia was just one of his buddies, he had probably not thought it through either. Any thinking he did would be done with the little head he hid in his pants.

So, how would Sylvia feel? How would I feel if I was in Sylvia’s position. I shivered. Caught in a marriage with an unfeeling ignorant… Ok, maybe not unfeeling, but definitely ignorant lout who treated me like one of the guys. And Sylvia was out with my husband! I am sure something will happen there!

I would probably be thankful for anyone who could erase that woeful ignorance.

Let the games begin! All I had to remember was Sex, four, two.

I felt moist already

* * * * *

I slid though the connecting door at precisely 7:00 pm. Ray was stretched türkçe bahis out in the easy chair watching a football game. He looked up at me as I waltzed in and twirled before him. I thought about what Ray was seeing. The cocktail dress was dark forest green at the hem fading to a pale green at the shoulders. The large band under the bust was printed yellow and orange flowers. It was an Empire style made from pleated chiffon that hung from my hips and flared as I turned in my new 4 inch stiletto heels.

My new hair style, new clothes, makeup, manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial made me feel like a million dollars.

Ray was stunned. The first words out of his mouth were, “Holy shit!”

I turned my back on him and walked out of his room. I closed the connecting door and stood in my room seething. How could he! What kind of a comment was that! His buddies might find it pleasing, but I definitely didn’t. I paced up and down my room trying to control my temper. Finally after about 5 minutes, I once again walked through the connecting door and twirled in front of him.

Ray appeared not to have moved. The first words out of his mouth this time were, “Roberta, you take my breath away! You are absolutely gorgeous!” He quickly rose to his feet and presented me with a small box that had been sitting on the arm of his chair. “It is certainly not a beautiful as you, but here is a small token of my… admiration.”

I took the box from him and opened it. Inside was a small corsage, a white rose bud just beginning to open.

How could I be mad at this provoking man? One minute he is crass and the next he is gracious and refined.

“May I?” he asked, offering to pin it to my dress. Without a word I handed it to him. He slipped one hand under the shoulder strap of my dress and carefully pinned it on. “There, that should be safe.”

The contact of the back of his fingers with my shoulder sent a jolt straight to my lower belly. Before he could step back, I planted a quick kiss on his cheek. “That was very thoughtful. Thank you.”

* * * * *

Dinner was delightful. He had taken me to a fine Italian restaurant on the top of a large neighbouring hotel where we had eaten a pleasing meal with wine involved in every course. We sat enjoying a glass of wine having just finished dessert.

The tables were set beside a large dance floor where a live band was playing. The lowered ceiling, lattice dividers and various plants in the dining area made it possible to talk over the sound of the music.

I had brought the note pad and pen from my room. On it I listed the six words from my Sex, Four, Two lesson plan and handed it to Ray. “Do you know what foreplay is?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied, “it’s like cuddling and stuff before… ah… you know… you do it.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, well I suppose that is one way of looking at it. But before you get to foreplay, those six words need to be studied and instituted carefully. Can you tell me what each one means to you?”

“Well, he started, “Compliments are like when I tell you how great your new hairstyle looks.”

“Why thank you! Continue.”

“Ah, politeness is like when I hold the door for you or ah, take your coat or lift heavy bags.”


He glanced at the paper, “Presents are things like the corsage…”

I reached over and pushed his hand holding the note down to stop him. “And you have to be very careful with presents. One rose in a corsage is one thing. A frying pan for Christmas is another.”

“Ahh, yeah? How is that different?”

I smiled a frosty little smile, “Frying pans are for cooking. Are you implying your wife is JUST a cook?”

Ray grimaced. “I see your point.” He paused, looking at the list. “Attention is listening to what she says and …”

“And noticing changes – like my hair – and her emotions. She will tell you without words how she is feeling. You need to read those güvenilir bahis siteleri things carefully.”

“Hmm. If I could do that we wouldn’t be here.”

I put my hand on his and gently stroked the back of it. “Maybe, but first you have to know that women are not men and they don’t react the same way. I think you are learning that this weekend.”

He glanced quickly at my hand where it lay on his and then looked at me. He didn’t move his hand. I smiled at him.

“Uh,” he continued brightly, “protection. Is that like setting up a security system at home?”

I smiled and continued to stroke his hand. “Sort of, except it is a feeling that is hard to define. She needs to feel safe and secure wherever she is, especially with you. You need to show her that she is safe and protected.”

“How do I do that? Beat up every mugger in sight?”

“No, you only need to put yourself between her and every mugger in sight. I think we can test that one later. Carry on.”

“Ok, flirtation.” Ray snorted. “That’s what’s not allowed at work. No sexy talk, no raunchy jokes, no touching the opposite sex, no dating.”

I laughed. “Sounds about right to me! Ok. Now that you have the idea, let’s test them in practise. I would like to dance so let’s move over to a table by the band.”

Ray signalled the waiter and ordered us another bottle of wine. He also explained that we were moving. The new bottle arrived just as we made ourselves comfortable near the dance floor and the band.

Ray stood and held out his hand. He nodded his head at the dance floor and raised an eyebrow. I took his hand and stood. “You can touch me to dance, but no liberties!” He smiled as we went to the floor to join the other couples.

After three dances we sat again. “Thank you,” I said, “you are a great partner, you really get into the music!”

He gave me a wry grin, “Sylvia taught me and its easy when you have a great partner.”

We sat out the next two numbers. I was casting glances around the room, looking for one of those good time Romeo’s that usually hang around dance halls. Sure enough, half way through the third number, a suave looking, tall, dark, handsome man with a pony tail oozed up to the table and with practiced ease and said, “Would the beautiful lady care to dance?”

I looked at Ray. He was ready to kill, but the stranger was bigger, more muscular and younger than he. Ray looked at me. I mouthed the word ‘protection’. Finally he spat out, “The beautiful lady is with me.”

Romeo glanced at Ray, then back to me, “And what does the beautiful lady say?”

Ray stood, fists clenched, “If she wasn’t such a beautiful lady, she would say that she doesn’t dance with slime-balls, but since she is such a beautiful lady, she would say bugger off.”

Romeo raised his hands, palms out and backed up a step. “My apologies to the beautiful lady, sorry for interrupting.” He turned and oozed his way to the bar. Ray sat, glaring at his back.

“Now that,” I said, taking one of his fists in my hand and uncurling the fingers, “is protection. Let’s dance.” I dragged him willingly to the dance floor where a slow, quiet number was playing. I pasted my self to his front, put my arms around his neck and snuggled my face into his shoulder. I could feel his hands go around my waist, pressing gently on my lower back. He felt rigid in my arms, but he soon relaxed as we swayed to the music. His hands gradually slipped lower.

* * * * *

Outside our rooms, I slipped my card into the lock and opened the door. I still held Ray’s hand. I pulled him to me and whispered, “We are still dancing.” Then I kissed him on the lips. Hard. I felt his hands go around me. He gave me a hug as we kissed, one hand slowly moving down to press hard against my left butt cheek. I could feel a long steel bar pressing against my stomach. His left hand slipped to my other butt cheek and he squeezed them both. My tongue slipped out to pry open his lips and soon tangled with his tongue.

I am not sure how long we stood there. Finally the elevator opened and a woman stepped out. I pushed Ray away, smiled and said, “Good night.” I slipped into my room and closed the door.

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