Craving Her Mother’s Sweat

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Note: This story heavily features mother-daughter incestual relationships, along with sweat, cunnilingus, anilingus, and non-consensual elements.

If this does not interest you, stop reading now.


It was evening time, but the almost unbearable heat was still permeating the air all around.

Bella lay in the deckchair, transfixed on the sight before her. Neither the gentle crash of the Pacific on the cliffs below her, nor the impressive glass fronted Californian clifftop house could distract her from the mesmerising figure.

Bella was just approaching her 20th birthday and had travelled across the country from her college in New York, to her home in California to celebrate her birthday, as well as to visit her mother and to spend what was forecast as one of the hottest summers on record in beautiful California.

Bella herself was quite the beauty also. She was tall and slender, with shapely breasts and a small but certainly pert rear. But despite her good looks, the blonde haired, blue eyes girl had been left wanting at college, as far as sex was concerned.

Not that she hadn’t received offers. Countless frat boys had tried their luck, even a few sorority sisters, and yet Bella had felt nothing for either of them, she was left to vent her own sexual frustrations which had grown harder to control. Even several times a night no longer became enough for her, and she found her pussy hot and quivering, crying out for attention throughout the day, a desire which she fought hard against, but would always succumb to. She’d be reduced to quietly humping the desk in class, praying that nobody saw; or desperately fingering herself on the subway, her hands hidden beneath her coat. But no matter how often she erupted silently, terrified of being found out, her frothing lust continued to build, without any release.

That is, until, she came home for the summer. She was greeted at the door by her mother, identical to her in almost every way, but with a darker tan, courtesy of the California sun, slightly fuller figure, showing the signs of motherhood and the very gentle beginnings of age. Nonetheless, her mother was a great beauty. As a woman reaching 40, she had given birth to Bella at a young age. A former Miss California, she met Bella’s father at a formal function and the two had been instantly smitten. A year later they were wed, and a few months after that Bella had been born.

When Bella was greeted by her mother on her return from college, she had entered in excitedly to greet her father before stopping herself as she remembered. A few weeks before her father had passed away. He was much older than both Bella and her mother so his death wasn’t unexpected, but it had hit the two of them hard. Bella’s mother especially. He was a wealthy man and between his life insurance and what he had left behind as inheritance, neither of them would be left financially worried. But it was a real loneliness that struck down Bella’s mother.

Bella had heard from friends and family that her mother had all but retreated into herself, rarely travelling anywhere but between the house and the gym. She seemed to channel her grief into exercise, and those who saw her would have been impressed with the vigour with which she worked at her spin class, often exceeding the instructor, immune it seemed to any signs of exertion beyond the visual reddening of her face and the deep dark patches of sweat that formed in wide ovals beneath her armpits and a deep u-shape beneath her breasts. As soon as the class had ended she would speed to the showers, saving herself from conversation with the other women. There she would begin her ritual cleansing. Feeling the hot water running down her body, the suds softening her skin to the touch as her hands caressed her full breasts and then downwards towards her flat stomach, stroking against her thighs, thick and toned from exercise. As the water washed her down she felt finally at peace, if only for a few minutes, before reality set back in and she would dress herself in a clean and fresh outfit before once again retreating into her solitude where she would often undertake a gentle yoga session on her balcony, calming herself under the bright sun and above the gentle lap of the ocean.

And it was one of these sessions that Bella was so transfixed upon. The day after she had arrived, Bella had slept in late and awoke to find a note from her mother saying that she had gone to the gym. When she returned, Bella was shocked to see her mother’s face flustered with heat and her sports bra damp with sweat.

“I can’t believe it!” Bella’s mother exclaimed. “The membership fees that I pay to them and they can’t do a simple thing like keep the showers working. Ugh, I’m all wet and sticky, I’ll go upstairs and shower.”

But Bella had felt something she had never felt before. Seeing her mother’s sweaty body, tightly hugged by Lycra, every sexual curve exaggerated from her large cleavage to her full rear, the crack deeply swallowing her yoga pants güvenilir bahis highlighting the perfectly full and round ass beneath them.

At long last Bella had found what she had been craving. Though what disgust she felt, the only thing in the world that could turn her own was her mother. And not just her mother, but her mother hot and sweaty. But the feelings of disgust had disappeared almost immediately, quickly replaced by the much stronger feelings of uncontrollable arousal. No sooner had her mother left the room, Bella had lost herself to her urges. Fingers deep inside her cunt, her mother’s round sweating ass in her mind, on her face, under her tongue, the soft sticky feel of the flesh beneath her hands, the hot sweaty stink of it in her nose. A world of incestous disgust and unbelievable arousal passing for an eternity in a second. Bella’s body arched and shook as her pussy burned and quivered beneath her touch her soft moans becoming cries of ecstasy as her body froze, but for her fingers pumping away inside her just for a second more as she came with the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt in her life, her body shaking and toes curling as she collapsed off the sofa onto a shaking heap on the floor as the pleasure coursed through her. It may have been minutes, but it felt like infinity to her as the rays of pleasure emanated from her spraying cunt, to the very tips of her curled toes, to the deepest pleasures of her mind. Years of pressure building up inside her were released in one powerful firework explosion.

Panting Bella felt her orgasm finally ebb and stop. Her fingers were coated in her cream and the hardwood floor and white sofa were soaked to the touch. Bella had never felt anything like that before and craved more desperately than anything to feel like that again. In her mind, clouded by ecstatic pleasure, her plan begun to form.

The next day Bella had once again slept in late, her dreams awash with sexual fantasies of her mother’s sweating curves. She had crept downstairs about noon to find her mother sitting on the sofa in front of the television, sighing in the cool conditioned air as the afternoon news rolled in front of her

“And it’s another scorcher today ladies and gentleman.” The newsman said over the TV. “This has been the hottest Californian summer on record and today is no different, so make sure that you stay hydrated and we recommend staying indoors or else you could be suffering quite the sweaty episode today, isn’t that right Stacey…”

The newsman’s voice trailed off as Bella began formulating her plan in her head. Turning to her mother lying on the sofa, enjoying the cool air flowing over her, Bella said:

“I think I might go to the gym today, I gotta start working on that summer bod sometime, eh Mom?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it Bella.” Her mother said. “The newsman said it’s way too hot today, and looking outside I can see what he means. Besides, the showers weren’t working yesterday and I doubt they would have fixed them by today.

“I think I’ll go anyway.” Bella said. “It’ll be cool in the car and I really feel like I should start working out more.”

“All right.” her mother replied. “But I’m good here.”

Hiding her smile, Bella opened the door and stepped out into the front yard. The heat hit her like a sudden wall, unbearable and heavy. While most people would have cringed away, Bella felt her pussy tingle with excitement as the first beads of sweat were already rolling down her back, knowing how well this heat would play into her plan. Stepping into the car she drove past the gym and into an air conditioned cafe next door. Sipping on her cold ice tea, she watched the doors of the gym open and shut as an unusually thin stream of people flowed in and out of it. Perhaps people had heard about the showers, or maybe they didn’t feel like exercising in such a heat. Nonetheless, Bella watched, with some excitement, the few people that entered the gym later leaving with visible sweat coating them; confirming Bella’s hopes that the showers hadn’t yet been fixed.

After a few hours, and several more cooling iced teas, Bella stepped back into her car and drove back up the hill to her house, almost as clean and fresh as when she’d left that afternoon. Stepping in she saw her mother had barely left from the sofa, seemingly only to make some cooling smoothies. It seemed though that not even the air conditioning and cold smoothies were enough, the heat was so intense that it was permeating through the large windows and gently bathing Bella’s mother in its heat. Not enough for discomfort, but enough that tiny droplets of sweat were able to seen creeping down the side of her neck. Even these few drops were enough to send a shiver of pleasure to Bella’s pussy.

“I’m back Mom!” Bella said. “Gosh, I’ll say that was a workout! I must have really been out of shape, huh? Thank God they got around to fixing those showers, eh Mom?”

Her mother turned to her. “Oh really? That was fast of them.” She glanced at her watch. türkçe bahis “Oh Bella sweetheart, do you mind if I leave you on your own this evening? It’s just I love going to the gym and I only didn’t go today because the showers weren’t working. But if they’re fixed now, I’ll be able to make my evening spin class.”

“Perfect.” Bella thought to herself, excitement building in her.

“No, Mom, I don’t mind!” Bella said out loud. “I’ll be fine on my own, you go to your class. Better work hard though, you’ve got a whole day to make up for!”

Bella said it jokingly, but inside she was craving her mother working herself into a powerful sweat on the bikes, every pore flooding her with that salty sticky ambrosia she so craved.

Her mother left in her tight fitting yoga pants and, after taking one last longing look at her round ass, Bella set about with the next part of her plan.

Heading into the basement she found what she was looking for. The controls for the water and the air conditioning in the house. Turning off both, except in her own room, she closed the panel and scurried upstairs. Knowing full well how unbearably hot the house would be getting, she reclined herself on the deckchair on the balcony and waited with breathless anticipation for her mother to return home. Thinking again of her mother’s tanned curves, her sweating ass crack and dripping pussy, coating Bella in their juices, Bella’s hands once more crept down to her aching cunt, leading to another orgasm, even more explosive than the last, knowing full well that her imagination would soon become reality.

Later, Bella heard the front door slam and her mother’s voice carrying through the house in a loud tone of irritation

“Unbelievable!” Her mother cried. “Just unbelievable! Showers working fine in the afternoon and then not in the evening, here I am sweating like a damned pig and now even the fucking air conditioning has stopped working! I honestly can’t believe the bullshit I have to put up with!”

Peering round the door, Bella almost collapsed with excitement. Her mother was standing practically dripping in the hall. Every single inch of her skin was wet with sweat and her clothes were stained almost black with the damp. Bella licked her lips with the thought of tasting her.

“Come out here Mom!” Bella shouted through the house. “It sounds like you’ve had a rough day, why don’t you do your yoga and calm down?”

“That sounds like a great idea sweetheart.” Her mother cried back. “But I’m honestly quite disgusting like this, I’ll have to have a shower, I reek!”

Bella was silently praying for that reek to be squirming on her face and when her mother found that even the shower in her own house wasn’t working, she was so frustrated that she headed straight to the balcony to try and calm herself with some yoga.

So there was Bella, lying on the deckchair watching her mother with sexual hunger, as her glistening body contorted itself, sliding through sweat coated clothing into her positions, an electric tremor sped straight to Bella’s pussy every time her mother arched her back pushing her sweating ass into the air, and sighing with pleasurable contention every time her mother stretched her body up, showcasing her fine tanned breasts straining out against her top, almost ready to burst free as she pushed them out. Bella wouldn’t be able to contain herself if they did, it was all she could do to stop herself tearing her mother’s pants off and feasting on her right there and then, but she restrained herself, sticking to the plan. All the while she was enjoying the most erotic show of her life, unable to do anything but feel an increasingly damp spot grow beneath her white bikini bottoms.

Finally, her mother finished her yoga and decided to head to bed.

“I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep like this.” She complained. “All sticky and sweaty like this. And with the air conditioner broken, I’ll probably end up sweating more tonight!”

Bella bit her lip to stop the moan of pleasure escaping and stopped herself at the quietest whimper.

Later that night, Bella lay awake in her bed, breathless with anticipation watching the minutes tick by until she could wait no more. Tiptoeing silently to her mother’s room, she gently opened the door to see if she was asleep.

Her mother’s naked form was lying there, illuminated by the light of the moon through the open window, shining with sweat. Bella gently moaned with unbridled arousal. Her eyes travelled down, from her mother’s bright blonde hair, down past her sleeping face, eyes covered with a eye-mask, to her full and pert breasts, swelling with each breath she took, her tanned and toned stomach until with a gasp and a shudder Bella’s eyes reached her mother’s pussy.

Bella was shocked and amazed to see a thick black bush of hair over her mom’s cunt, especially when the rest of her body was shaved and waxed. Bella realised with a giggle that her mother must never have expected her daughter to see her pussy and so güvenilir bahis siteleri hadn’t bothered to shave it, but Bella groaned with excitement as she realised that the bush would have acted like a sponge, soaking up all the sweat that her mother had, just waiting for Bella to suck it out.

She couldn’t wait any more. Tiptoeing past her mother she opened the wardrobe and grabbed two of her father’s neckties. Holding them in her hands she froze for a second, as if realising what she was about to do. What would her father say? Then an electric shock of excitement fled to her pussy and she lost any last remnants of self control she had.

Carefully creeping to either side of her mother, she gently raised each arm, the stench of the pits making her head spin, dizzy with lust. Then, with her father’s neckties, she tightly bound each wrist to the bedknobs, careful not to wake her mother, before she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Lying in front of her was her mother, naked and helpless, tanned and glistening, begging for her daughter to feel her, touch her, kiss her, smell her, taste her.

Shaking, Bella mounted the bed, before slowly inching forward towards her mother’s full lips, before taking her in a passionate kiss. Her tongue probing and exploring as her pussy tingled with excitement. Leaning back she saw her mother smile in her sleep and Bella felt the happiest she’d ever felt in her life. Stroking her mother’s cheek she began to nuzzle gently at her neck, inhaling the wet smell of sweat before gently sticking out her tongue to taste it. Her head was swimming and her cunt was on fire.

Travelling past the neck, she licked down her mother’s glistening skin until she reached the fetid stench of her mom’s pits, where she buried her face with great pleasure, feasting on the sea of sweat that had formed and sat on her mother’s flesh for hours.

Her mother shifted in her sleep and Bella froze, terrified that she’d wake up. For several seconds Bella didn’t move, her own naked form pressed hard against her mother’s sleeping body, feeling the weight beneath her shift and rise, the twin sets of round breasts pushing against each other.

Then Bella slid down again, feeling the weight of her mother’s breasts in her hands, the slick under-boob sweat flooding out as she lifted them. She buried her face into her mother’s cleavage and lapped heartily at the flood of sweat pouring out, feeling it running down her throat, her tongue tracing the curves of her mother’s wet breasts. Circling a nipple with her tongue, she felt it harden in her mouth, gently suckling at her mother’s teat. It was an almost familiar sensation, but overshadowed with the odour and taste of sweat and the deep, powerful arousal she felt filling her body and the animal heat flooding out of her pussy.

Her tongue followed the curve of her mother’s cleavage, before tracing down her stomach, stopping to lap the pool of sweat out of her mother’s belly button before the felt the thick, coarse, damp, pubic hairs tickling her chin. With a gasp of burning desire she swallowed as much of hair as she could hold in her mouth and sucked out her mother’s sweat like it was an especially juicy peach, feeling that precious nectar coating her tongue as she gladly slurped it out.

Inching downwards Bella let her tongue slip into her mother’s cunt, the hole she had come from, wet from sweat and the gentle beginnings of a sleepy arousal. With an excited desperation Bella let her tongue go wild within the folds, tasting every inch she could reach. This was what she had been dreaming of for days, and it was better than she could ever have imagined, her mother’s hot cunt beneath her tongue, the best taste she’d every had.

Above her, her mother began breathing heavily and her body shifted. Bella was driven mad in her cunt and so never noticed it until she heard her mother’s voice above her.

“What the fuck!” Her mother shouted. “Help! Help! Somebody help!”

The neckties around her wrists stretched and tightened as she thrashed around, blinded by her sleep mask, desperate to escape the assault of Bella’s tongue on her cunt.

Bella immediately flew to her mother’s lips, silencing her with a deep kiss, her pleas for help still echoing in her daughter’s mouth.

Bella gently began probing her mother’s cunt, her tongue still deep in her mother’s throat. With fingers well trained in her own pussy, Bella found her mom’s G-spot with ease and gently began the pump in and out, touching every erogenous zone in her mom’s cunt until the cries of protest ceased and gently whimpers of pleasure began.

Breaking the kiss she leant into her mother’s ear and gave whispered a soft hush before once again heading south, kissing every inch f her mom’s salty flesh as she lowered herself until once again she was at her cunt, her tongue joining with her fingers for ultimate pleasure.

Her mother now had no wish for it to stop and was groaning with pleasure at her daughter’s cunnilingus skills. Bella felt her mother’s sticky thighs squeeze against her head as the orgasm began. Her mom started humping her daughter’s face feeling the first electric bolts in her cunt for weeks, more pleasurable than anything she’d ever experienced in her life.

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