“Wake-up Call” (D/s, B/d, WS, Humilation

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“Wake-up Call” (D/s, B/d, WS, HumilationAdults only. Please do not repost. Comments to usedtobethisdiamondring@yahoo.com The silent vibration of the timer woke me. I opened my eyes, then slipped my hand inside the pillowcase to deactivate the timer. Automatically, I pulled the covers off my naked body, and shivered as the cool air hit my warm skin. Quietly, so as not to awaken Master, I moved from the room, and padded to the kitchen, where I started a pot of coffee, and set up a tray for Master’s breakfast. A quick glance at the clock, and then I headed to the basement for my morning routine. A cool shower was how I was ordered to start every morning, and always in the basement . Not that the basement was dark and dank, but it was far from Master’s room, and therefore, associated noise would not wake him prematurely. I was still groggy after too little sleep, and moved slowly, but deliberately as I prepared for the day. I applied make-up in quiet, elegant tones, with a brighter lipstick than one would expect. Not that it was really trashy, but it was more flashy than you would expect to see on a business woman. My hair was pulled back into a french twist, and my spicy sweet perfume was was carefully dabbed in the prescribed places on my body. A matching bra and panty set finsihed my preperations for now, but before I went to attend Master, I decided to pee, as it would be quite a while before I was free to tend to my own needs once I started preparing Master for the day. I ran up the stairs and finished preparing Master’s breakfast: black coffee and a bagle with cream cheese. Glancing at the clock, I nearly yelped, because I was almost ten minutes late waking Master! I fairly flew up the stairs to his bedroom, and as I gently sat the tray on the table by the bed, he stirred slightly. pulling the covers away from his mid-section, I knelt beside the bed and began to kiss and lick his cock, slowly bringing it to life. Master began to waken, moaning softly, and stretching out, then pushing my head away from his cock. I caught myself from falling at his shove, and regained the balance on my knees. Silently I waited for his next order. Finally, Master sat up in bed. He looked at the clock on the table beside the bed, and then at me. Without any emotion or urgency he muttered “You let me sleep too late.” I knew better than to take comfort in his lack of display, and remained quiet. “Breakfast,” Master said, and I handed him the tray, carefully arranging it on his lap. I remained on my knees until Master finished his coffee and bagle, and waited as he finished looking over the headlines of the newspaper. Finally he waved his hand for me to take his tray, and then he asked me why I was late waking him. I hung my head and said in a steady, quiet voice, “I am sorry, Master. I took too long getting ready for the day, and lost track of time.” I knew that answer was not going to cut it, but I had no other explanation, and making excuses would cause even more trouble. Master swung his feet over the side of the bed and I followed as he headed for the bathroom. He didn’t answer me, he didn’t look at me. I knew he had heard me, but he totally ignored me. As Master sat on the toilet, i shaved him. It was how we started everyday, and even though it was done daily in silence, I wanted to hear him say something. beylikdüzü escort Tell me I was in trouble, or tell me that I wasn’t, but please talk to me! I retrieved Master’s clothes for the day, and as I buttoned his shirt, he asked me what I had done that morning, why I had taken so long getting ready, why I had not wakened him on time. I started naming off all of the things I had done to prepare for the day, from fixing his coffee and breakfast, to taking a shower and putting on make-up, to doing my hair, and peeing. Now I was putting on Master’s shoes and socks, and he spoke. Again, he was calm, he was quiet, but he was forceful and Masterful. “You are a selfish slave. You know of my needs in the morning. You know of my demands. And even though you followed them, you also had to take time for your own interests, your own desires. If you think that peeing is so important, I am going to allow you to learn how important it is. You will not be allowed to urinate at anytime today. In fact, you will not urinate again until I give you permission. And, if you should wet your panties, you will be punished.” I kept my head down, even though I had finished putting Master’s socks and shoes on. before I could speak, he continued. “Don’t think that this will be easy. It will not be. You will still be required to drink your water today, but you will not let any of it out.” I felt tears sting my eyes, but none fell. I am required to drink at least sixty ounces of water each day. That means I pee often. I had no idea how I was going to get through the day. As Master stood to leave, I followed him to the door, handing him his briefcase and his laptop as he left. Looking at the clock I realized that I, too, was late! Rushing to the basement, I carefully dressed in a suit with stockings and garter belt underneath. Checking the mirror to make sure my make-up was just right, I caught myself lifting my skirt to pee before leaving – and then remembered that I was not allowed to pee. This was going to be a long day. The day dragged by. Every drink of water I swallowed weighed in my stomach, and I felt like I was going to explode. I sat at my desk most of the day with my legs crossed, and my foot wiggling. I couldn’t wait to get home! When the day was over, I hurried to my car, and drove home, admittedly speeding. As I left the city, and the traffic, I hit the gas and really started speeding. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the red lights flashing. As I pulled over, the nervousness exploded in my stomach, and I could feel my muscles being stretched in my bladder. As the officer walked forward to the car, I thought I was going to cry, and I knew that I was going to wet myself. I prayed he wouldn’t ask me to get out of the car. He was a young man, and quite attractive, and when he looked in the car, he sort of smiled at me. “Do you know why I stopped you?” He asked, and I said quietly, “Yes, Sir, I was speeding.” He smiled again, almost like he was going to laugh. He kind of shook his head and then asked “Why were you speeding?” I hung my head, and said even more quietly “Because I have to pee.” This time, he really laughed. Without speaking further, he walked back to his car with my information, and then in a very short amount of time he returned. He looked at me avcılar escort with a silly grin, and handed back my information, and told me to slow down, and go straight home so that I could relieve myself. I said “Yes, Sir,” again, and then carefully pulled out, wishing that I would be allowed to go to the bathroom when I got home, but knowing I wouldn’t. When I arrived home, I went in, and removed my suit, and as I looked in the mirror, I noticed a small wet spot on my panties. Now as much as I wanted Master to come home and allow me to pee, I wanted him to be late, so that the spot on my panties had a chance to dry. I finished preparing for Masters arrival home by taking my hair down, brushing it out to its full length. Then, balancing on my strappy heels, I went to the kitchen to begin preperations for dinner. I didn’t know exactly when Master would be home, but I had everything prepared, and dinner could be ready within 15 minutes of his arrival. When I finally heard Master’s approach, I moved to the corner appointed to me, and knelt with my head low, and my legs wide. As I spread my legs, I could feel the wetness seep into my panties. I cringed inside, knowing this would be cause for punishment. Master walked in, removed his coat, and sat his briefcase and laptop case down. Picking up the glass of wine that was sitting on the table for him, he walked towards me, pushing my legs further apart with his feet. I felt more moisture escape me as he did so, and he also noticed. Holding onto my shoulder, Master pushed his foot into my belly, and I felt a little more urine trickle into the crotch of my panties. A tear also trickled down my face as Master began to croon, “Little slut, did you make use of a toilet today?” I shook my head no as the word caught in my throat. “So, at least you could obey that order. Did you drink the water you were supposed to drink?” I nodded and whispered “Yes.” Removing his foot from my stomach, he reached down and unzipped his pants. “Good girl,” he said, as he withdrew his penis through his fly. Master lifted my head with his hand, and told me to open my mouth. I groaned on the inside. I didn’t think I could hold another ounce in my swollen belly, but I opened my mouth as I was told. Master placed his cock at the entrance of my mouth and began to pee. I swallowed as quickly as I could, but, probably because my stomach was already so full of fluid, I didn’t swallow quickly enough, and a bit ran down my chin, then down the length of my body. Master was quite offended by my failure to swallow all of his gift, and before putting his penis back inside his pants, he slapped my face. I could hear the sound reverberate through my head, and i felt the pull of the muscles in my neck as my head was pushed by the force. A sharp cry flew from between my lips before I could stop it, and I felt my stomach trying to push the contents upward. I swallowed furiously, knowing there would be hell to pay if I rejected his gift in that manner. As I swallowed, and tried to regain some sort of composure, I felt more urine stream out of me, and felt it run down my leg. I made every effort to keep my cries silent, but I also felt the tears stream down my face. Master reached down and wrapped his hand in my hair and began to drag me out to the garage. I scrambled to follow on my knees, pee spurting esenyurt escort out at irregular intervals, making my panties drip. Master pulled me to my feet, and bent me over a work bench in the garage, attaching my hands to an eyebolt with a rope. As he worked, he talked. “You are such a willful slave. You tell me you want to please me, you tell me you respect me, you pledge your love and committment to me, and yet you refuse to obey me. You insist on doing things you choose to do. You are disobedient, and yet I love you, and I care for you, and I want to make you better. That is why I am going to punish you. That is why I am going to cause you physical pain. This is not for your pleasure, and this is not for my pleasure, though I may receive pleasure in the giving of what you need. And to bring to the forefront of your mind how much pleasure you are denied, I will orgasm as I wish, while using your body to facilitate my pleasures.” With that, Master pulled the belt from his pants with a snap, and raised it to bring it down across my ass. As I cried out, I lost total control of my bladder. An untold amount of fluid flowed from my body, splashing down my stockinged legs, and splattering onto the floor, drops spraying back onto my legs and on Master’s pants. I began crying in earnest now, not only because of the pain, but because of the humiliation of the warm piss quickly cooling on my legs, and knowing that Master would punish me more severely now. As my cries grew louder, Master began tugging my totally soaked panties down my cold wet legs, and when he got them to my ankles, he lifted one foot and then the other to remove them completely. Balling them up, he ordered me to open my mouth and then shoved them in, muffling much of the sound. Then Master picked up the belt again, and began to whip me with even more vigor. Each blow felt as if it would go all the way through me, and even though I often enjoyed the gift of pain that Master gave me, this was not at all pleasurable, as I realized the sorrow I had caused Master, and how little of his approval I now had. This alone brought more grief to my soul, and made me cry even more intensly. Pulling his pants off, standing only in his shoes and socks now, Master pressed his hard cock against my ass hole and began pushing. The pain as he pushed his hardness against my unlubricated pucker was quite severe, and I cried out, though it was greatly muffled. As he buried himself inside me, he pumped hard and fast, biting the back of my neck, and pulling my hair as he came to a quick climax. Withdrawing his cock, he wiped it off on my ass and the garter belt, and then untied my hands. As I was released, I felt my legs give out, and he helped me, by pushing me down into the cold puddle of piss on the garage floor. “This is where you will sleep tonight, whore. You will not be late waking me in the morning.” Without another word or a backward glance he left me there, the light going off, and leaving only a sliver of brightness from under the door. I lay back shivering, then curled into a little ball as I heard Master in the kitchen, finishing his dinner preprations himself. I cried as I removed the wet, stinky panties from my mouth, and felt my bladder give way once more, and found a perverse comfort in the warmth of the piss surrounding my body. I had no desire to cum tonight, but was quite resolved to be on time in the morning to wake Master up. It was a long, cold, sleepless night, but I had learned my lesson. Comments to usedtobethisdiamondring@yahoo.com

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