Valentine’s Day in June

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[ This story contains oral and vaginal sex, threesomes, exhibitionism, a hand job and hints of things to come. If you want cheating, revenge, BDSM, angst, or anal sex you need to look somewhere else. ]


The invitation came in the mail during the last week of May. I read it twice before I showed it to my wife, Marie. I handed it to her with the rest of our mail and went out to the garage to get some tools for a bit of yard work.

When I was on my knees pulling weeds in a flower bed beside our house Marie came out of the house and sat on the grass by me.

“What about this invitation?” She asked.

“I have the same question. What about this invitation? What do you think?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Maybe we should talk about it.”


“Read it out loud, would you?”

Marie opened the envelope and pulled the invitation out. She sat on the grass near me with her legs crossed. I saw that seated like that her skirt rode up and I could see the teal stripe of panty where her legs met.

“Dear friends,” she read, “You are invited to a Valentines Party! Unlike any other Valentines Party this party will last less than an hour and will last all weekend long. Unlike any other Valentines Party this one isn’t in February.

Please read the instructions for the party at least twice and talk with your partner, before responding. Lest you think this is sent by people who don’t know you I will give you some specific details about you.

Nick: You have a scar beside your right hip and it is not an appendix scar. You gave your virginity willingly to a relative when you were fifteen.

Marie: You have a small mole where your pubic hair used to grow.

Take a #9 white envelope. Make no mark on the outside of the envelope. The female in your couple is to seal her name in the envelope on a 3X5 card. Bring the envelope to the party.

Upon entering the party house you will see a box. The envelopes go in the box.

Each man in the room will choose one of the envelopes between 6:30 and 6:45pm. The name inside will be his Valentine partner for the weekend.

Each man attending should plan to be the power partner for a weekend Valentine’s date. You should know where you are going and be ready for your romantic, erotic date when you arrive for the party.

For example, I may plan to take my date to the Blue Lantern Inn in Laguna Beach. I will have reservations for dinner and the room as well as plans for and reservations (if needed) for whatever I plan for us to do. Plan to have your date home by ten Sunday evening (that way they will have some rest before work on Monday). Women must arrive at the party ready to spend the weekend away from home on a romantic, erotic date. Bring your suitcase loaded for the possibility of getting dressed for dinner and dancing, a possible swim in a hotel pool, spending the night in a hotel with your date, a toothbrush and whatever else you may need. Men should also have a suitcase loaded for the weekend they have planned.

The goal of the weekend is to have a romantic, fun, erotic and sexual weekend with a new Valentine date. If you and your partner are not willing and able to fully participate in this kind of weekend, do not RSVP and do not come to the party. Putting an envelope in the box obligates you as a couple to each fully participate.

The party starts at 14356 Walnut Ave. in Los Angeles, near La Cienega and Fountain, at 6pm Friday the 15th of June. The drawing will begin at 6:30pm. Anyone arriving late will not participate. Your date begins NLT 6:45pm. Please RSVP to [email protected] by 8 June at 11:30pm.

Participation means you both agree to these rules: Each woman will call home and leave the name of their date, his address (read from his drivers license) and destination of their weekend. No harm may come to any participant. Protection from STD’s must be used. All women must be returned to their homes no later than ten o’clock the evening of Sunday 17 June.

We look forward to a most unusual and fun Valentine’s Weekend. Thirty invitations have been sent, just like this one. We guarantee that you will know many people at the party.

It was signed Scorpio44.

“Somebody did a lot of thinking about this party.” I said.

“Yeah. What is your first thought?”

“I don’t think I want to turn you over to someone else for a Valentines weekend.”

“You mean you don’t want someone else to be fucking me that weekend.”

“That isn’t it, entirely. I know you have been fucked by men other than me. What I’m thinking is that this is an opportunity for me to confront my own beliefs about trust, love, and freedom. I say I love people freely but we have had an agreement about only having physical intimacy between you and me. This invitation makes me look at how do I really believe about love, loving and trust?”

“And it got me thinking about jealousy. Can I watch you leave with another woman knowing you will be her lover? Can I open myself to a man I don’t know and love him, even for a weekend?”

“This invitation ateşli gaziantep escort is deep.”

“What about the thought of being able to be the romantic man and have sex with someone else for a weekend without it getting you killed?”

“Yeah. And knowing some other man is treating you like the goddess when I’ve thought that was just my job.”

“I had some thoughts. You can’t father any children. You will use a rubber every time. She’s married. You love me.”

“So, you want to do this?” I tried to keep my voice neutral.

“It might be a lot of fun.”

“That isn’t what I asked.”

She was quiet a long time. I finished pulling the weeds from that flower bed. I looked at her and noticed a wet area on her panty strip. She liked this idea.

“Promise me you’ll be home with me Sunday night and fuck my brains out.”

“I’ll be here and do that!”

“Any idea who Scorpio44 is?”

“No idea, but he or she knows us.”

” That’s for sure! Let’s think about it for a couple days. We have until the eighth to RSVP.”

I agreed. Marie took the invitation inside with her. I watched her go. Marie is thirty six, a swimmer and has a long slim body. I could and did notice her cute, muscled butt as she walked away. I wondered if she would be in the mood for some play when I went inside.

Rather than wait and have the answer no, I packed up, cleaned up and went inside.

Marie was sitting in the kitchen looking at a cook book. As I passed I touched her shoulder and said, “I’m going to take a shower. I got dirty and sweaty out there.” She nodded.

Our bathroom has been remodeled. It used to have a shower in the bath tub but we had it expanded and now our shower is five feet square. Plenty of room for two. I skinned down and walked into the hot spray. I was pretty clean when I felt Marie join me. I took her in my arms and we kissed under the hot spray. Her long nipples were making dents in my chest. Her tongue was insisting I pay attention to her.

I love that Marie is only two inches shorter than me. I’m six foot. I had dated lots of other women but when I kissed Marie I knew this was something special. She fit better than anyone else. The fact that we had a hundred other things in common didn’t hurt.

I scrubbed her body. I love how her skin feels. She is slender but not skinny. One touch and anyone could tell she has substance under the skin. One look and you see the body that radiates sexuality and health. Her breasts are small for a woman her size. She wears a “B” cup. She can’t hold a pencil. The areola are tiny but very sensitive and the nipples long, and almost always hard. She loves having them sucked and pinched. For the past two years she has kept her red hair really short. It is naturally curly and with it so short she showers, washes her hair and just uses a towel to dry and style it. We spend enough time outside that her skin has a fair covering of freckles. When she swam in college she discovered laser and had all her leg, pit and pubic hair removed. Never any stubble.

I used my fingers to stimulate her pussy everywhere I could reach. She was wet and a short play time later was close to cumming.

“You like the idea of a special Valentines weekend, don’t you?”

“So do you!” Her arms went around my neck and her legs around my middle. With years of practice she found my cock with her pussy and we stood in the shower fucking. I backed her up against the shower wall and pistoned in and out of her. Our wet bodies slapped together and our moans and groans probably were heard by our nosey neighbors. We didn’t care.

I shifted Marie’s legs higher and hooked them over my shoulders. I was really in deep and Marie was becoming a shaking, moaning animal. My own thought processes were limited to making Marie cum and filling her pussy with my spunk. For added support I grabbed the shower head.

Marie screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh God!” And shuddered hard for long seconds. I came inside her flooding her with every drop of protein I could make. After we came we slid to the floor of the shower.

I have no idea how long we sat there holding each other and kissing, but the water did start cooling off before we got up.

We went out to dinner at the beach and saw a couple we know. They joined us for dinner and during dessert Frank asked, “What are you two doing with the upcoming weekends?”

I looked up and said, “We started thinking about going to a party one weekend soon.”

Frank’s wife Carol sat up and asked, “What started you thinking about it? A letter?”

Marie asked, “You got one too?”

They did. They had talked about it, but had not RSVPed, yet. They wanted to know if we were going.

“We’re thinking too.” Marie said. Under the table she held on to my hard cock through my pants.

We talked about the pros and cons of such an invitation. We talked about who Scorpio44 might be. We didn’t decide anything. Marie and Carol went to the bathroom before we left the restaurant. ateşli gaziantep escort bayan While they were gone I paid the bill and Frank and I talked.

“I want to do it.” He said.

“I just don’t want it to cost me my marriage.”

“Neither do I. But the idea of a wild weekend with someone else got me as hard as a rock.”

“We talked it over and then had great sex!” I said.

“I’ll bet both women are wet right now!”

They came back from the bathroom. I reached under Marie’s dress without being too obvious and said, “Yup! Dripping!”

Frank tested Carol who said, “Yes! I’m hot for it!”

We left the restaurant and parted in the parking lot.

Halfway home Marie held my still hard cock and said, “I’ll email Scorpio44. We’re in, aren’t we?”

“I may set a world’s record by having a hard on last until the new Valentine’s Day! Yes, we’re in.”

While I was at work the next week I looked on the internet for a romantic place to take whoever she was going to be. On Friday evening we went out to dinner with Frank and Carol. As soon as we sat down in the restaurant Frank said, “Have you made reservations somewhere yet?”

“I’m not saying.”

“I have. I told Carol where because we are supposed to know where each other is for the weekend.”

“OK. Where?”

“A nice B&B in Santa Barbara.”

Marie likes Santa Barbara. They talked about Santa Barbara for a few minutes and then Marie looked at me and said, “OK. Where?”

“OK. I followed the example in the invitation and rented a suite at the Blue Lantern Inn in Laguna. We have the penthouse.”

“I want you to take me there.”

“I made reservations for two weekends. We go the weekend after Valentines. The week before was booked.”

That got me a kiss. On the way home Marie sat quietly for a while and asked, “What if you get Carol?”

“And, what if you get Frank?”

“It could be a great weekend!”

“If I get Carol we aren’t going dancing.”

“Frank and I don’t work either on a dance floor.”

“They are a bit shorter than us.” We laughed at the image of me dancing with Carol who was about five-three or Marie dancing with Frank who is five-eight.

As each day got us closer to the weekend more people around us we talking about plans for the weekend. Frank and Carol were the only one’s we were sure of, but we kept wondering about others.

Thursday came and we spent the evening packing. We decided we would put both suitcases in my car Thursday night and meet home just long enough to shower and dress for the evening on Friday. Marie gave me a gift to pack in my suitcase, a box of a dozen condoms. I noticed she put another box in her suitcase. I was a waste of pay on Friday. All I could think of was the possibility of Carol naked in bed with me.

We got home at the same time. Marie parked her car in the garage and locked it in. I parked in the driveway and went inside the house. We showered, kissed a lot but didn’t give in to the surge of sexual energy. We dressed and were on the road to the party in plenty of time to be there by about ten after six.

Next to the address on the invitation was a church parking lot. No chains prohibited the use of the lot and there were about twenty cars parked there. We joined them. The address we wanted was a big, older three story craftsman home. We walked to the door with me carrying Marie’s suitcase.

At the door a man in a suit asked if we had an envelope. We showed it and he opened the door. Inside and to the right a chair waited with a box on it. The box was covered in wrapping paper, white with red hearts with a slit in the top. We put the envelope in the box.

We entered the living room and saw Frank and Carol talking to Pete and Veronica, people we knew from college. I spotted three men from work, two teachers from the school where Marie works, and a woman who works at our bank. We were greeted warmly and shown to the bar. A card on the bar said, “You are allowed one drink while here. No charge.”

Marie got a white wine. I got a diet Coke. We spoke briefly to a few people we knew and met a few others. I looked at my watch five or six times before a gong sounded. The man who met us at the door brought the box into the living room.

“I have locked the door for the next fifteen minutes. Anyone late cannot play. I want the men to line up. You will draw a card, announce the name and together you will walk to the door. My assistant will let you out.”

We lined up. I was third in line. Frank was second.

The first guy picked an envelope from the box, tore it open and read, “Allison Garrett.” He looked up, caught her eye and saw her start to pick up her suitcase. He rushed over, picked up the suitcase, put his arm around her waist and they walked out to our applause. The pattern had been set.

Frank stirred the cards in the box and pulled one out. He opened it carefully, doing little damage to the envelope in the process. “Nita Kay Nielson.”

Nita Kay ateşli escort gaziantep was tiny. Frank actually looked tall when he took her in his arms and hugged her. He picked up her suitcase and they were gone. That made it my turn. I took the top envelope, ripped off the end and read the card. “Petra Wilson.” I didn’t know her!

I scanned the crowd. Her hand waved and then I saw her. ‘Thank you God!’ was my first thought. Petra stood near the bar holding a wine glass. She was tall and while not as slender as my Marie she wasn’t fat either. Petra was wearing a Hawaiian print halter dress with a shawl. It was obvious at first glance that she was large breasted. She was a blond and her hair hung almost to her elbows. I walked to her, gave her a hug, picked up her suitcase and we walked. Just as we got to the doorway out of the living room she stopped us and gave me a kiss. The kind of kiss that says, “This is going to be a hot weekend.” I blushed, didn’t look back but heard the cheers and laughter behind us.

As we walked to my car Petra said, “I have a gift for you.”

“Another one?”

“This one is from my husband.” She handed me a small remote control. It had one button. I looked at it and then at Petra.

“Just as we left our house he put a vibrator egg in my pussy. The control is in your hand. Every time you push the button the egg in me will vibrate. It will vibrate as long as you hold the button down. I know it works, Jake used it coming here.”

I thanked her, put her suitcase in the trunk and opened her door. She got in, but not the way I expected. Women usually sit and swing their legs together into the car. Petra pulled her dress above her waist, sat down and turned one leg at a time into the car. What I saw was that she wore suspender hose and no panties. I also noticed she was shaved.

After I regained composure I went to my side, got in and started the car. I got us on the road and headed for the Santa Monica Freeway. As we entered the freeway headed east Petra asked for my drivers license. I gave her my wallet and she made the call required by the rules and good sense. Then she looked through my wallet. She found a picture of Marie and me in Hawaii.

“Pretty woman.”

“Thank you.”

She found two pictures of other women. “Sisters?”

“One is. The other is my Aunt.”

“I’m Petra.”

“I read as much. I’m Nick. Nick Peterson. I’m very glad to meet you.”

“My husband is Bob Wilson. You know him better as Scorpio44. He is a private investigator.”

“Your husband put this whole thing together?”

“No. He helped. I did it. It was my idea.”

“Wow! I’m impressed.”

We did the getting to know you quiz show for about half an hour. By then I had changed freeways twice and we were headed south.

After about a minute silence Petra asked, “Are we going to stop and eat or go straight to a hotel and screw?”

“I never just go to a hotel and screw without a fine meal first. I thought we would stop down here in about twenty minutes. There’s an area with about six nice restaurants and you may choose whichever one you would like.”

“We’ll have to wait forever to get a table.”

“No. Our reservation is in twenty minutes.”

“Which restaurant is our reservation with?”

“All six.”

“Oh, a planner. Thinking ahead. Did you use the same name at all six restaurants?”


“Which restaurants?”

I named the six and she decided. I got off the freeway and parked close to the entrance. I opened her door and was graced with another great view of her smooth pussy.

Her arm hooked mine and we walked. As we stepped up to the door I opened it and ushered her before me. As I released the door to swing closed I reached in my pocket and hit the button for about three seconds.

Petra turned, put her arms around me and as she moved in for a kiss she said, “I’m glad you decided to play with me. I love it.” Her kiss woke my grandfather in his grave.

Our booth was waiting and we walked to it. As we slid in I touched the button again. Her eyes met mine and she said, “I love knowing you’re thinking about my pussy.”

The waitress turned quickly and walked away.

“Shy certainly isn’t a word people would use to describe you.”

“Does that bother you?”

“For a moment it did. Now, I like it. It seems more healthy adult than politically correct sheep. I may become more like you in that way.”

“May I speak my mind here?”

“Yes, but first lets decide what to order.”

We looked over their menu and both ordered the Asian Chicken Salad. The waitress wrote it down and walked away.

“Now, speak your mind.”

“You and I have been an item for less than two hours. We know a little about each other. I want you to know who I am about a lot of things and I want to know how you think. I want all that in addition to wanting lots of orgasms. OK?”

“So, tell me about what your life is about.” I smiled. That had to be a good way to open the door for Petra to tell me whatever she wanted me to know.

Her hand rested on my left thigh. She turned just a little towards me, causing the halter top to twist just a little, showing lots of tender looking breast skin.

“I believe that we are here to enjoy life. Our bodies are built for pleasure. To that end I want lots of it. I also believe in balance. Enough exercise, enough sleep, enough food, enough kissing, enough, but not too much.”

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