Twenty Seven Years Later

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It was called “The French Cafe” which would normally be the kind of place I would avoid but one of my co workers got me hooked on the french vanilla mocha latte. I now went there every Sunday like clockwork placing my order before sitting at my favorite table near the back. I would read my Sunday paper and watch the happenings in the small town I called my home. I didn’t interact much with the people, that was my wife’s job throughout our marriage, as she never met a stranger.

My wife would have loved this little piece of European culture in a small southern town, another reason I went there to read a Sunday paper I would rather have read at home. I had promised her I would get out of the house some and five years after her passing away I did, every Sunday at “The French Cafe”. I lived a very simple life since she died, working six days a week and them Sunday at the cafe. This week was like any other week as I placed my order at the front counter with my paper tucked under my arm. I never expected a new chapter of my life to start that day or maybe it was an old chapter revisited, I am not sure.

The ambiance of the cafe was very quaint. The tables were round with long white table cloths, the Baristas wore berets and the soft music was very French. I will never admit to liking the place but I was comfortable there. The comfort was in the quiet and routine of my Sunday morning as I bought my paper, placed my order and turned towards my table in the back. No one ever sat there but me so I was a bit surprised to see a woman sitting there this September morning. She was staring into her coffee cup as I scanned the rest of the empty tables choosing a new place to sit.

I almost decided to take my paper and go home but something made me look again at this woman in my comfort zone. She was now staring at me, a smile on her pretty face that seemed familiar to me. I smiled back as I locked eyes with her and feelings came over me I had not felt for years. The hair was now a gorgeous bright white and the lines in her porcelain skin were clearly defined but the eyes gave it away. I had not seen Carolyn since I was a senior in high school but those beautiful brown eyes were imprinted in my memory.

I walked towards her wondering if she would even remember me not realizing I was the reason she was here. We exchanged pleasantries as I sat down at the table with her. She seemed nervous but genuinely happy to see me as we caught each other up on our lives over the last twenty seven years. She had remarried about two years after she left my school and stay married for 20 years before he passed away three years ago. She talked glowingly of this man who was a wonderful husband and stepfather to her daughter, the only child she would have. She just retired from teaching, telling me how strange it felt to be on vacation in September for the first time in over thirty years.

I didn’t ask why she would vacation in this hole in the wall town, I didn’t wonder why she chose this cafe or even this table. I just was so exhilarated in her presence, as if a breath of new air was inhaled in my dormant routine life. I was breathlessly clueless why in all the fake French cafes in all the world she would walk into mine. Clueless and then quite confused as my enchanting former teacher looked into her lap and told me she dropped something on the floor under the table.

“Do you mind, Dalton? This dress is a bit tight and not meant for stooping over in public.” she asked in a shaky nervous tone.

I was still clueless as I happily got on my knees and lifted the table cloth to retrieve her fallen item. I first saw her black heels on the floor and a rush of hormones ran through my veins. My obsession with the beautiful Mrs. Garrity back then started with her tiny shapely sexy feet and they were under this table out of her shoes. I looked for the item when I saw them and I was eighteen again, salivating over those perfect sexy feet. They were still a creamy white with perfectly manicured nails and those same fire engine red toes I fell in love with. I then noticed the envelope that fell, it was under one of those perfect feet and kind of bent upwards against the foot of the table. My hand shook when I went to grab it, longing to touch those dainty soles again.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next as the talented Mrs. Garrity used her other foot to grab the envelope between her tasty big toe and sweet second toe. She maneuvered the envelope towards me and I slid the envelope from between her toes with my quivering hand as they wiggled seductively. I was shocked, could this be why she was here?

It felt like I was under the table for an eternity though the whole sequence lasted about fifteen seconds. I backed out from under the table cloth as it slid from my head, mussing my hair in the process. I didn’t want to appear to linger so I scrambled to my feet. I held out the envelope but Carolyn was back to staring into her coffee cup.

“That’s for you.” Carolyn ümraniye escort said as she slipped on her heels, stood up quickly and started past me.

Now I was really confused, had I misread the under the table flirtation? Did that even happen? I felt like that same confused teenager but I couldn’t just let her leave, could I?

“Carolyn, please wait.” I started to reply to her when she cut me off.

“Dalton, I need to go now before I change my mind.” she said walking briskly towards the door.

I was flabbergasted, I started to chase after her but then stopped. I cannot do anything if she changed her mind. I was disappointed as I was sure she wanted me as much as I did her. I felt like that same kid standing at the side of the school as she drove away twenty seven years ago. She went out of my life so abruptly back then, after changing it so significantly.

My coffee was now cold and my paper unread but she was all that was on my mind. I had almost forgotten about the envelope when I sat down at my table. I slowly opened it wondering what was inside and a whole new wave of emotions engulfed me. The flat card with a strip on it had a post it note with the words “room 111” written on it. I finally realized, I didn’t want her to change her mind either.

I was at the motel across the street in minutes and I walked towards room 111. I slipped the card in to the door and it seemed like an eternity but finally the two lights flashed and the door clicked allowing me access. I walked into the room silently and saw the armchair, the bed and little else. The bathroom door was closed and I began to wonder if she had changed her mind after all.

“I was afraid you weren’t coming.” a voice from behind the door said.

“Of course I am here, you knew I would be.” I replied.

“Let me talk for a second okay, I need to explain.” Carolyn stammered a bit as she talked.

“Okay,” I replied as I sat in the armchair facing the bathroom door.

“I found you on Facebook about a year ago. I had a bit too much wine to drink and I told my best friend about our encounter and she convinced me to look you up. I was in a bit of a rut after Jason died and she felt it was time for me to move on. I told her she was crazy but when I saw your picture I was flustered. I felt things I haven’t felt for years.”

Carolyn continued after a brief hesitation,”I finally got her off the subject but the next evening I was overcome with curiosity so I went to your page and read. I found the link to your wife’s blog. I was touched by her battle with cancer, how much you had supported her and how much she loved you. I started to basically cyber stalk you on Facebook. You didn’t write much at first but after your family badgered you I learned a lot. I laughed at your funny quotes, I marveled at your successes and I cried when you were sad. It made me wonder what if?”

“What if what Carolyn?”

“Please, let me finish. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life with Jason any more than you would change yours with Juliet. I just wondered what if I wouldn’t have driven away alone that day. Maybe I was right and it was for the best but maybe not.”

Again she hesitated, but with a quiver in her speech she continued, “After a year of cyber stalking you, I finally worked up the courage to see you. I got on a plane and here I am. I knew you would be at that table at that cafe on Sunday morning. I also knew I wouldn’t have the courage to say all of this to your handsome face so my elaborate plot to get you here commenced. Now here you are”

“You sound surprised?” I questioned.

“Maybe I am a little but relieved is more like it.”

“After what you did under that table did you really think I could stay away?” I asked.

“Yes, dear Dalton I do remember your weakness. I was nervous as hell but when I saw you at the counter I knew I had to give it everything I had. I don’t know what it is about you but you changed my life.”

“I changed your life? You were such an influence on me Carolyn. I am who I am because of the confidence and emotional freedom I got from you.” I said choking back a bit of a tear, ” I know it was only a few days but they meant the world to me.”

“You restored my faith in men my dear Dalton. I would have never given Jason a chance after my first marriage or any man for that matter. Then you treated me with so much compassion and so tenderly. Those few days meant everything to me as well. I owe you more than you could ever imagine .”

The silence was momentary but seemed endless. I was full of emotions as the first love of my life was only a few feet away and I wanted her as much now as I did back then. I wasn’t sure what to say next but then she finally continued.

“So here we are. I cannot believe I am doing this but there is something about you Dalton, something I can’t explain. I still can’t believe I put my feet up on the stool that day for you to look at. I can’t believe pendik escort I asked for a foot massage from my student. Then, I stripped naked in that classroom that day, in all of my swelled up pregnant glory.”

“You looked as amazing that day as you do today.” I chimed in.

Carolyn continued,” Dalton, something in those big brown eyes of yours made me do all of that then. Hell, now I can hardly believe I am standing here like this.”

“Like what?” I asked as the bathroom door slowly creaked open.

I had my answer and I was speechless. Carolyn walked out of the bathroom and I was overwhelmed with enchantment. The petite but very pregnant 34 year old beauty I fell for back then was now a petite 61 year old beauty I fell for all over again.

She was dressed in lingerie that had me breathless as I sized her up head to toe. Her short wavy hair was a flawless white and her face was still beautiful, though aged. The lingerie was a one piece see through white outfit. Her slightly sagging but beautifully rounded breasts were magnificent as her hard pink nipples looked mouth watering in their lacy white home. The center part of her lingerie around her mid section was black while the bottom was the perfect peek a boo length. The white see through skirt area flowed down to about mid thigh and it successfully teased me with her pretty pink shaved pussy barely in view.

“You don’t have to say it because I know. I look like a Renaissance fair serving wench don’t I? There is even a serving wench hat.” she admitted with a laugh.

“You bought this for me?” I asked still not believing what I was seeing.

“What do you think sweetie?” she said devilishly as she motioned to her feet with her eyes. I was a foot man and she knew that. She knew the outfit was perfect for me because of the socks. They were ankle length with frilly cuffs and the see through white lace enhanced her beautiful wiggling red toes. They were the most daintily sexy feet I had ever seen. She looked irresistible.

I was a man in need as I ached for my beautiful Carolyn but I wasn’t just there for an afternoon delight. In order to know if I had a chance for more than that I needed the eye roll. Twenty seven years ago I started teasing my beautiful English teacher about her being covered in chalk head to toe. She rolled those big beautiful brown eyes at me and I was in love. I think that is when she looked at me differently as well. I wanted to know for sure today, so I needed to get the eye roll.

“You bought the outfit for me?” I asked again.

“You know I did.” she said sternly with a glimmer in her eye.

“Where’s the hat? I want you to put on the hat.”

“No, I will look ridiculous.” she giggled.

“If it’s really for me, I want the hat.” I asked playfully with my brown eyes as puppy dog sad as I could make them.

“Fine,” Carolyn said almost frustratingly as she disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with the serving wench white lace hat upon her head. She acted playfully annoyed at my insistence but couldn’t hold back her smile as she sweetly curtsied and said in her best old English accent, ” At your service sir.”

I was hypnotized as I looked at her in this incredibly sexy outfit she bought specifically for me. I shook my head and in a breathless whisper I said the only thing I could say in that moment, ” My God, you are absolutely perfect.”

I lusted after her pretty face, her sexy body and her tasty toes back then just as I am right now. I wanted her so much but I was still waiting for it. I needed to know there was the possibility for more than just one afternoon.

Thankfully I did not have to wait any longer. As the word “perfect” flowed from my lips those pretty brown eyes rolled just as they did back when I was in awe of my chalk dusted bare foot beauty. There is nothing like a beautiful woman who doesn’t realize just how sexy she really is. Those eyes told me I had a chance for more.

I stood up and walked to her and looked down into those beautiful eyes. They glimmered with happiness as I kissed her as hungrily as I did twenty seven years ago. We entwined our tongues passionately before I scooped her up in my arms and headed to the bed. I let her down slowly and she reluctantly unlocked her arms from around my neck. I pulled my polo shirt over my head and slipped out of my shoes and socks. I stood next to the bed and she started to undo my belt. She slid my shorts and boxers to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

I lowered my naked body next to hers and kissed her passionately again. We were both starving for this passion and we melted together as only two lovers could do. We kissed for awhile as hands explored bodies, mine stopping at her perfectly rounded ass while hers gripped my throbbing cock. I pulled away from her lips and kissed down her neck. I kissed each shoulder as I slipped her straps to the side allowing me to work her wonderful breasts from underneath her lingerie. bostancı escort I bathed her tits in kisses before swirling my tongue around each of her rock hard nipples. I sucked on them tenderly as she shivered in delight.

I skipped over my eventual destination and slid to the end of the bed. Her hand reluctantly freed my cock so I could make my way down to those tasty toes that longed to be kissed. I slowly peeled off the right sock and licked her foot from her soft heel to the tip of her toe. I kissed each toe before tonguing her between each one as she cooed with pleasure. I undid her other sock and followed suit, longingly licking her from heel to toe and devouring each of her fire engine red piggies that were wiggling in pleasure.

I could have sucked her willing toes for hours but I knew there was still a main course of this savory feast. I kissed up along first one leg and then the other. Her legs are smooth and shapely so I enjoyed the journey. I could only tease her for so long as she was dying in anticipation, wondering if my tongue was as talented as she remembered. She grabbed me by the hair in true “serving wench” fashion and buried my face in her inner thigh utopia. I tasted her sweet pussy lips and it was as if I went back in time. She was so wet and tasted so sweet I lingered as long as she would let me. She was breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure while I feasted upon her savory pussy.

I was lost in between her creamy white thighs when she grabbed me by the hair again to pull me up for air. I was reluctant at first but then I understood her plan. She rolled me on my back with her sweet juices inches from my mouth as she acrobatically swung herself around on top of me. I smiled broadly as she held her lacy hat in place while working herself into a wondrous sixty nine position inches from my rock hard cock. I was awash in ecstasy as she engulfed my throbbing rod with her pretty red lips swallowing me hungrily.

I was lost in this spectacular blowjob when I felt her thighs squeeze my head a bit. I got the hint and did my wench’s bidding, dipping my tongue back into her willing pussy. We feasted on each other for as long as we could but she felt my cock starting to strain. I was trying to hold back my explosion of cum that was destined to come soon.

I would find out later that day she hadn’t lost her taste for my sticky cum but this was about more than that in this moment. She unsheathed my cock from her lips and rolled to the side. We both were breathing deeply from this fury of sexual activity. I couldn’t get enough of my beautiful princess so as we rested head to toe on the bed I started to playfully suck on her toes. She almost got lost in my tongue travels again but she pulled her foot away.

” I want to feel you inside of me baby.” Carolyn whispered as she went back to her old bag of tricks with a gentle squeeze of my nose with her big toe and second toe. That is what signaled me to make my move back then. That is what signaled me again today.

I turned myself around on the bed, spread her legs and wiggled between them. I grabbed her sexy right ass cheek and successfully guided my thick bulging cock into her soaking wet cunt. I started slowly and tenderly at first, sliding in and out of her slowly. Carolyn was already shaking from arousal but she was dying to explode so she wrapped those short legs around me and pulled me deeper inside. The brush of her bare feet on my ass as they locked around me made me even harder. I started to buck wildly and as she moaned approval I unlocked her legs to give me more room to move. Her short legs led her two feet to my shoulders as I pounded in and out even harder.

We were now fucking wildly, most likely heard through the motel’s paper thin walls as we grunted and moaned with each thrust. I wanted this to go on forever but Carolyn was dying for my release so she could release with me. Knowing my weakness, my flexible beauty worked her right foot from my shoulder and buried her wrinkled sole in my face. I licked furiously and throbbed uncontrollably as I pumped a few more times until I finally exploded. My volcanic like release shot deep into her pussy which pulsated in time with each spurt. The last of my load emptied, I rolled off of my lover and we held each other in orgasmic pleasure.

The happiest of silences was finally broken when my beauty slowly rolled from my arms. She sat up on the side of the bed in order to get up. She was weak in the knees but started towards the bathroom to freshen up.

“Wait Carolyn, turn around for me.” I asked.

“Why? You know I am a mess.” she replied.


Carolyn turned around reluctantly, her hair a wild mess as her hat was buried in the covers somewhere. Her breasts were hanging out of her now rumpled lingerie and she was sweating from head to toe. She gave me her best smirk as I smiled at my ravaged beauty.

“I know I am a complete mess. I am hot, sweaty and my hair is a rats nest. Ugh!” she said before hiding her eyes from a wall mirror.

“You are the most beautiful girl in the” I started to finish my sentence before she jokingly interrupted.

“In the room. Yeah I know Romeo but I am also the only girl in the room.”

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