TLC Pt. 04

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Chapter 17 – Surprise party? No. Surprises? Oh yes.

A man walks into a bar…

Yes gentle reader it’s the same man and the same bar.

A man walks into a bar and tries to look surprised that all his friends are there already. It’s his birthday. This he knows because everyone’s singing “…Happy birthday, dear Daniel…Happy birthday to you…” He has to fake surprise because there were really too many clues to be ignored. Everyone had a prior engagement when he invited them for a drink. Chris had insisted on a different bar then changed his mind after one round. And the clincher – Sabine couldn’t get the night off work – on a Wednesday! For crying out loud! Ernesto wouldn’t do that to him. Something had to be going on and he’d been 90% certain what. He’d been 90% right. Still, he manages to look reasonably surprised by the crowd of friends and colleagues, the big, cheerily colourful banner across the optics and the singing.

As the singing dies away, Sabine, like Moses’ staff, parts the sea of familiar faces and glides up against him. By conditioned reflex, his arms wrap tight around her. He feels her do the same. Her head tips back and to the side, lips pouting and ever so slightly parted. He kisses her. Some of his colleagues haven’t met Sabine before so this is a new spectacle for them. They cheer. When the kiss is still in full flow after ten seconds, some of the waitresses, led by T, start chanting like cheerleaders – “Go, Girlie! Go, Girlie!” After thirty seconds, most observers have started to get a little embarrassed and look away, feeling they’re intruding on something private, though it’s going on in the middle of somewhere very public. Like I said – most observers. Chris has used the thirty seconds to get his camera out and is struggling to move around the kissing couple to get a better shot.

Daniel is just kissing the woman he loves. Sabine, on the other hand is wishing her sweetheart a happy birthday, marking her territory for the benefit of all the other girls in the bar, giving a very big hint that tonight is not likely to involve a lot of sleep and, perhaps most importantly, setting Daniel up for a birthday surprise.

“Hey! Don’t I get a kiss too?” Daniel feels a new hand on his shoulder. It distracts him enough to end the kiss. That voice? Where’s he know it from? As the fog clears from his brain, light dawns – Karen? The confusion, realization and delight that’re mirrored on his face are all preserved for posterity by Chris’ camera. As is the release of Sabine, the pirouette, the sweeping gesture of Daniel’s arm that draws the stranger in and the second kiss. Not a long one, but not a formal peck on the cheek either. This is a kiss he’s rehearsed in his fantasies a lot. Sabine watches with smiling interest. It takes Karen no time at all to decide she’s enjoying the kiss and to return it with hearty enthusiasm. It pleases Sabine that they seem to “hit it off!” After so much has passed between the three of them on the phone, it’d be a shame for the fantasy to fall flat because the reality doesn’t include sufficient chemistry. Clearly not a problem.

When Chris stops clicking, he realizes just how out of character the scene is. He’s used to Daniel and Sabine acting like they’re alone but Daniel greeted this other bit of totty – and totty she most definitely is – as if he knows her well. Chris thought he knew all Daniel’s friends and this girl’s new to him. Where’s he been hiding her?

As soon as Daniel releases Karen, Sabine makes the introductions. “Chris. This is Karen. We worked together in Manchester. Karen, Chris. Daniel’s best friend. Yah.”

The two exchange the usual pleasantries then Chris addresses Daniel. ” Danny boy. A word in your shell-like? Excuse us please, girls. I need the birthday boy for just a moment.”

Sabine shrugs and leads Karen away to have a little tête-à-tête with her too. Chris drags Daniel’s arm to draw him closer. “Who the fuck is that? You’ve been holding out on me.”

“She’s just a friend of Sabine’s. They met on that catalogue job a month or so back. Remember? When you and I went camera shopping?”

“Yeah. I remember. Don’t change the subject. You doin’ both of them?”

“What?” Daniel’s genuinely shocked. “She’s Sabine’s pal. This is the first time I’ve met her. Oh, we’ve chatted on the phone occasionally, but we’ve never been in the same room before.” He doesn’t think it necessary to tell Chris what chatting on the phone means when Karen’s at one end of the line.

“It didn’t look like that.” Chris is thinking of the kiss he’s just witnessed. That was not how you greeted a stranger.

“Oh that! She promised me a birthday kiss if I invited her to the party – Yes Mate, I knew about the party. Surprise! – I was just collecting it, with interest.”

“Christ! That German hasn’t half changed you, Mate. To think, you used to be shy around girls. This Karen – Is she attached?” Chris’ thoughts move into opportunistic mode.

“Sorry Mate, she’s well and truly spoken for.” Ok, so technically this isn’t true, but Daniel doesn’t Escort Sincan fancy having Chris find out about his and Sabine’s relationship to Karen. Daniel turns to look for Sabine. Where have those girls sneaked off to now?

“Pity.” Muses Chris. “Dating one of Sabine’s pals would be a good way to spend more time with you, Mate.”

“We hang out all the time.”

“Yeah, but most of it I feel like a gooseberry.”

“Bollocks. Mate, I have to mingle – My party and all. Why don’t you go and ask Gail to show you her tattoo. It’ll take your mind off Karen. I’ll catch up with you in a bit.” Daniel wanders through the throng of familiar faces, being as gracious a host as possible, keeping a weather eye open for Sabine.

“So. You like Daniel, I think.” Sabine’s found a quiet corner to talk to Karen in.

“I liked him before we met. He’s a good kisser, isn’t he?”

“Und you still want this?”

“Oh God! More than ever. All the sexy phone calls we’ve shared have made a proper pervert of me. I don’t think I’ve ever masturbated as much as I have in the last month. Sabine, I’ve had more than enough time to think this over and I really do want you – want you properly this time.”

“Und Daniel?”

“And Daniel. I agreed we couldn’t leave him out of it.”

“So. He will enjoy his present, I think. Yah?”

“I hope so – hey! Here he comes now.” Karen is facing the right way to see Daniel’s approach.

“Karen, I have a confession to make.” Daniel slid into the seat next to Sabine, across from Karen.

“You fake your orgasms when you’re on the phone to me?”

“As if! Anyway, I’ve got a witness.” He patted Sabine’s thigh to indicate whom.

“Well it can’t be that bad then. Confess or be damned.”

“Chris just asked if you were single and I told him no. I know it was rather presumptuous but I really don’t want him finding out about our late night phone calls and I’m not at all sure you can be trusted not to whisper juicy details of your sordid past in a new lover’s ear.”

Karen just looked meaningfully at Sabine.

“Yah. You can tell him.”

“Daniel… you didn’t fib to Chris. I am attached, for the moment at least.” She glanced at Sabine again for moral support. “I’m your birthday present.”

“Pardon?” Daniel must have misheard. Surely.

“Sabine and I… unfinished business? She wouldn’t leave you out and I agree. You were there in spirit the first time, in Manchester, so its only fair… If you want me that is… Oh, God! This is embarrassing…”

Sabine’s hand slips into Daniels lap, confirming what she’s already guessed. “Karen, he is hard already. I think he wants you. Yah Leibling?”

“Yes. Hell, yes! How soon is it socially acceptable to leave one’s own surprise party?”

“You cannot leave.” Sabine was firm. “You must stay until the end. We will not go home until midnight so you can enjoy your party. Yah?”

“Midnight? But it’s only just turned seven.” There’s pleading in his voice but also resignation. He knows Sabine likes this game.

“Waiting is good for you, I think.”

“She does this to me all the time, Karen. She delights in torturing me.”

“Poor boy!” Karen’s tone is ironic. “But you’re neglecting your guests.”

“Et tu Brute! Ok. I’ll go do the rounds while you two plot, scheme and gossip. But just you wait until I get you home…” With a quick buzz on the lips for Sabine, he left to be sociable. At least the bar was crowded enough that nobody noticed the tilt of his kilt and not so packed that he stabbed anyone with it.

Daniel found Chris seated at the bar, looking pleased with himself. One glance at the LCD on the proffered camera explained it: Gail’s tattoo in crisp, clear detail.

“Hey! A little discretion please!” Gail cast an accusing look at Chris.

“Gail, I’m shocked.” Reposted Daniel. “I didn’t think you knew the word ‘discretion’. Besides, I’ve seen it before. Chris, I’ll have an 8 by 10 of that. Gail, will you autograph it for me?”

“And what will your girl friend – my colleague – think?” Gail looked unconvincingly stern.

“She’ll think you’re a brazen exhibitionist, which you are, and that it’s a birthday present I’ll cherish, which I will. Now can we have two Heinekens please?”

“I preferred you when you were shy. Two Heinekens…” Gail placed the open bottles in front of the guys. “and a birthday kiss.” She stood on tip-toes and leant across the bar, grabbing Daniel’s tie to draw him close enough to buzz his lips.

“Danny Boy, I reckon I preferred you when you were shy too.” Chris remarked as soon as Gail was out of earshot – not far in the noisy bar. “Are there any girls left for the rest of us?”

“C’mon! Three kisses.” Daniel held up three fingers to illustrate. “One off Sabine, whom I live with.” He folded down his index finger. “One off a friend of hers I’ve never met and who is spoken for anyway.” He folded down his ring finger, leaving just his middle finger raised in a gesture not lost on Chris. “And a buzz from a barmaid we’ve both Eryaman Escort known for ages, because it’s my birthday.” The final finger got folded down. “You’ve known Gail as long as I have. If you’re interested, you’ve had ample opportunity to ask her out.”

“I did. Just before you came over.”


“Tomorrow’s her night off. We’re going to meet up for a drink and see what mischief we can find to get into.”

“Good Man!” Daniel gave Chris a high five. “Have you got pics of everyone having a good time? Only some are starting to drift towards the door already.”

“Yeah. Loads of pictures. They’ll be on the office network tomorrow morning. We can hold a caption contest again.”

“So your work here is done?”

“Apart from being way behind on my alcohol quota, you mean?”

“Aside from that, yes.”

“Sure. I’m off duty, out to grass and from now on, just your ol’ drinkin’ buddy.”

“Get another round on my tab then. I want a word with Ernie.” Daniel slipped off his stool, patting Chris’ shoulder as he passed him.

“Daniel, my friend! Happy birthday.” Ernesto was his usual effusive self. “It’s a good party.”

“Indeed Ernie. And after all you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t let my friends buy this much alcohol from anyone else. With all these extra wallets in here, are you stretched for staff tonight?”

“No. I gave a couple of girls extra shifts when Sabine told me how many people she invited. Why?”

“As it’s starting to thin out a little, could you spare a barmaid for the rest of the evening?”

“Sure. Who?”

“Gail. Put her wages for the rest of the shift on my tab. She’s a present for Chris.”

“Not a problem. Will you tell her, or shall I?”

“I’ll break the news – it’s my job. Thanks Ernie. You’re a star.”

Back at the bar, beside Chris, Daniel called Gail over. “Ernie’s given you the night off – paid. Are you two going to stay and enjoy the party or sod off somewhere else and have a proper first date?”

“Really?” Gail looks surprised – not a frequent occurrence.

“Truly. I couldn’t bear the thought of Chris spending all day tomorrow planning your seduction. Stay of go. Its up to you… And him of course.” Daniel hooked a thumb at the uncharacteristically gob-smacked photographer. Without waiting for a response he headed back to Sabine and Karen, leaving the shell-shocked couple to their own devices.

“You look like the cat that got the cream.” Karen greeted him. Sabine turned to see Daniel’s smug grin.

“Not yet. I have to wait until midnight, remember?”

“So. But you have been up to something, I think.”

“Just a little matchmaking.”

“Matchmaking?” Sabine’s English is good, but not perfect.

“Chris and Gail. I’ve been stirring things up a bit.” His eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Chris und Gail? I did not know they were interested in each other.”

“Chris asked her out. She agreed. I just got Ernesto to give her the evening off so they could get on with getting off. I think they’ll make a good couple, don’t you?”

“Yah. Chris likes to look at girls und Gail likes to be looked at.”

“And now you don’t have to feel guilty about lying to him to keep me all to yourself. ” Karen chimed in.

Sabine corrected her “He will not keep you all to himself, I think. He will share you with me.”

“That’s right Sweet Thing. We’re gonna take turns ravishing you all night.”

Karen blushed. “Sabine. Do we really have to wait until midnight?”

“You are both so eager. We should go home, I think.” Sabine gave in graciously.

As he headed for the door, Daniel noted that there was no sign of Chris and Gail. He settled up with Ernesto while the girls powdered their noses. His mind was filling up with images of what was about to happen. He was glad to get out of the well lit bar without his excitement showing. He was glad too when his suggestion of a cab was accepted. He didn’t want to walk through Soho with a girl on each arm and a conspicuous hard-on. In that neighbourhood, it would not pass unnoticed. At least in a cab he was sitting down and it was dark.

Chapter 18 – Daniel unwraps his presents.

Daniel had paid the cabbie while Sabine opened the front door. Now he followed the two giggly girls up the several flights of stairs to his flat. He made the most of the opportunity to admire and compare their legs and, yes, their bottoms too. His trousers grew increasingly uncomfortable as his view and his prospects worked him into a state of almost overwhelming arousal. By the time he reached the top, Sabine had that door open too. Karen had immediately ducked into the bathroom so, pushing the front door shut, he followed Sabine’s swaying hips into the living room.

Sabine flings herself into his arms, grinding her mouth against his, pressing herself against the painfully swollen erection she knew she’d find. As swiftly as she came to him, she disengages, stepping back, reaching for the high hem of her dress and peeling it up over her head in one quick and surprisingly Keçiören Escort graceful movement. Flinging the discarded dress on a chair, she slides her hands, and with them her panties, down her hips. Bending at the waist until her underwear is around her ankles, she steps out of the scrap of elastic and satin and that too ends up on the chair. Kicking off her stilettos, she is once more as nature intended, having set a new personal best for stripping – under 3 seconds. Daniel’s expression is a mask of unashamed lust as he gazes at her body. In all these months, he has never tired of seeing his lover naked.

She is in his arms again, mouth glued to his, when Karen emerges from the bathroom.

“Oh, you started without me.” She stands in the doorway, looking like a cocktail of nerves and anticipation with just a twist of shyness.

“Yah, but now it is your turn I think.” Sabine steps over to Karen, cupping the girl’s face in her palms and kissing her every bit as passionately as she’d kissed Daniel. A heartbeat into it, Karen catches up, responding to Sabine’s lead, moaning into her seducer’s mouth and fencing Sabine’s tongue with her own. As Daniel watches his girlfriend naked in the arms of another woman, Sabine releases Karen, taking her hand and leading her across the room to him. Karen looks flushed, her breasts are heaving as she breathes heavily.

“Happy birthday Liebling. You will unwrap your present now. Yah? Und I will open some wine.” Letting go of Karen’s hand, she turns and heads for the kitchen, leaving Daniel and Karen facing each other.

“She doesn’t like clothes much, does she?” Karen asks, just for something to say to fill the silence.

“She enjoys her body.” He smiles. “So do I.”

“And I make it unanimous.”

Realizing the small talk could continue indefinitely, Daniel seizes the day, steps close to Karen and kisses her, delighted by her immediate and active response. His fingers find the zip on the back of her dress and draw it slowly down the serpentine curve of her spine. Her bra clasp is next. He unclips it with deft fingers, much practiced on Sabine. He can go no further while holding her so lets go, drawing the open back of the dress forward off her shoulders, bra and all, so that as the shoulder straps slip down her outstretched arms, she is instantly stripped to the waist. Daniel pauses a moment to admire her pert breasts, nipples already well and truly erect. His gaze travels back up to meet hers.

“Perfect.” He says, slipping the bunched up dress over the flare of her hips and handing over responsibility for removing it to Gravity. Dropping to his knees before her, he kisses her navel, his hands sliding gently up the taut backs of her thighs. He can feel her trembling. Tonight is the culmination of a lot of nervous soul searching on her part. His lips work slowly lower reaching a tiny silk bow on the waistband of her chastely white thong. His fingers draw the elastic down her hips half an inch at a time, keeping just ahead of his kisses. Tight brown curls spring up, tickling his lips; the scent of her body is vaguely reminiscent of a pair of panties he once sniffed. The swathe of curls narrows inexorably until his questing lips find what they’re searching for: the first hint of her cleft. Peeling her underwear down her legs, he presses his face into the warm, musk redolent concavity bounded by her thighs and pubis, breathing in the heady aroma of the much aroused girl, feeling her pubic hair like tiny electric discharges on his closed eyelids. One more deep indrawn breath, one more delicately soft kiss on the juncture of her labia and he stands to embrace her again.

Karen’s emotions are all over the place. On one hand, she’s about to be undressed by a guy she only met this evening. Admittedly, he’s quite cute, but that’s not the point: she’s behaving like a total slut. On the other hand, this is a guy who’s heard her masturbating loads of times since that first weird night in Manchester. She’s even named her new vibrator after him. He’s at least heard her do stuff none of her previous paramours got close to seeing. They’ve had weeks of foreplay. No, whichever way you cut it, she’s about to behave like a total slut. Well she’s glad she’s got that sorted out. He’s a good kisser. He’s a great kisser! She feels her outfit loosen as he unzips and unhooks her. Deep breath and for God’s sake don’t blush. She wants him to be bold. If she appears shy, he might hesitate. That’d be a bad thing.

Did he say “perfect”? She’s always thought she had pretty titties but most guys seemed disappointed at so scant a handful. Perfect? Daniel sure says the right things. Karen feels a warm glow in her belly. No more doubts. There’s another feeling in her belly now, his tongue in her belly button. Deliciously ticklish!

This is it. She feels her panties start to descend, looks down to watch Daniel kissing his way down her abdomen. Hope he’s not disappointed to find pubes. She’s heard all about his preference for bald bits. Oh God! His lips reach her labia. She must be soaking down there. She prays for his tongue. Her hands rest on his head as he presses himself against her, the bridge of his nose a hard ridge against her clit. Christ! Can she come just rubbing herself against his nose? Right now? Probably, yes. No! don’t stop!

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