Three People, No More Excuses. Ch. 01

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Kit was naked, on his knees and on the bed as he watched Jen lay flat on her stomach beside Anita. His anticipation soared as Jen looked intently into the apex of Anita’s parted legs. She tilted her head and brought her hand up, softly tracing the outline of Anita’s sex. She moved slowly, circling the reddening labia. Kit was astounded by Jen’s intensity. She had never before been with or even imagined being aroused by a woman. Yet she was the one who had had this unshared dream and now was making it real. Not just for him but for her as well.

She softly traced the curve of the two still-rising mounds. She paused and looked up at Kit kneeling next to her, one of his hands first squeezing, and then caressing the firm cheeks of her ass while the other stroked his rigid cock.

She was 31 years old, married to Kit for 4, together with him for 6. Her hair was chin-length and deep brown, like her eyes. At 5 feet 5 inches and 115 pounds she was still every inch the athlete she had always been; a skilled theatrical dancer with a body somewhat similar to a gymnast. Long-muscled, powerful legs. Smallish breasts, yet high and taut. A tapering back merging into ovalesque, tight buttocks over strong, smooth thighs. She had been sexually active since college; never promiscuous but always free and open to her physical desires and pleasures — when she chose to be. After they met, her relationship with Kit had taken her to a new level of intimacy, frequency and intensity. She had become increasingly multi-orgasmic. She trusted Kit absolutely, and knew that he trusted her. She would do anything for him. Especially this.

She returned her gaze to Anita’s pussy, amazed at how drawn she was to a woman and how erotically charged the air seemed. Without thought or hesitation, her tongue darted out to trace the same path her hand had taken, and she felt a deep stirring of primal sexual arousal. As if sensing Jen’s new-found excitement, Anita stirred and sighed deeply; the lips of her pussy were now full and purple with blood. “Come closer and suck me,” whispered Anita. “Tongue me. Take your first taste of what you can do to me.”

Jen inched up on the bed toward her and Kit leaned down closer to watch as his wife probed the fleshy opening with her tongue, tantalizing Anita’s clitoris with her forefinger, provoking it with soft flicks and rubbing it with the same firm, circular motion Kit had watched Jen use on herself so often. He loved to watch her masturbate, sitting in their tufted bedroom chair, her heels perched on the arms, her legs spread wide, her right hand urging her clit while her left guided a dildo in and out of her pussy. Even more, he cherished replaying in his mind the thrusting of his cock deep into her, holding it there, pinning her on the end of his spike, and looking down at the sight of her tight cunt filled with him, milking him, her finger working at her clit with a steady firmness of purpose. He loved to make her cum; he loved to watch her cum, the lift of her pelvis, his hands cupping her firm ass as he heard the musical sounds of her ecstasy, and saw the sweet smile of exhausted satisfaction.

Anita breathed deeply, exhaling a long, cooing tone that broke Kit’s erotic reverie as well as the electric silence of the bedroom. She began to rock her hips, lifting them and her bottom off the bed, her full breasts softly swaying as she moved from side to side, the arcing hump of her pussy increasing as she moved.

She was 27, a natural blonde, a whore with no illusions. She fucked for money, even though she loved it so! Her cunt was catching fire tonight because Jen had called a randomly-picked yellow pages escort service after deciding, once and for all, to give both Kit and herself an early anniversary present. An adventure. An experiment. Jen had asked for a woman who was bi to spend a night with a young couple. She had presented herself at the appointed hour: tall (at about five seven or eight) and curvy, with full breasts and rounded hips. Pretty. Built more for comfort than for speed.

What enhanced her considerable allure was her evident, confident sexuality. Her carriage, her glance, her manner Ankara Escort telegraphed her complete ease with sex. Most men who bought her were cynical, assuming her response to the carnal pleasures she indulged them in was purely superficial, but that made the joke all the more enjoyable for her: I fuck for money but I cum for me alone. She had been with several women who were paying customers; mostly older, always partners with a man. She took boyfriends occasionally, more to use them than to cherish. With them she allowed herself to luxuriate in her ability to give pleasure, and thus increase her own. When she saw Jen — and Kit, standing behind her — she felt a rare anticipation for her task. Jen, in turn, seemed excited at the sight of her. Or was it the idea of her? No matter. Tonight, the money could come with joy.

Jen slowly pushed a finger into Anita’s pussy, her tongue licking at the lengthening clit; she pushed another finger in, spreading the yielding hole. She added a third, Anita responding by clenching more tightly in response to the sweet agony coursing down through her cunt to her asshole.

Jen’s mouth pressed harder onto her moist button and Anita pushed back, breathing louder and more deeply. Kit’s blood-red cock, well beyond any possibility of growing bigger or harder, was left to throb and ache, desperate for release. He took his hand away even though — perhaps because — only a stroke or two more might have sent his hot fluid shooting uselessly onto the silky sheets.

Jen turned to him. “Kit, baby, please, finger me between my cheeks. Soft, be soft, do my slit, baby, make me crazy, rub it!”

He is 34 and lean at 170 pounds and 6 feet, 2 inches. Brown hair and eyes, like Jen. Not buff in any sense of the word, but muscular enough to draw his share of looks at their treasured long weekends on Caribbean beaches. Before Jen he was a popular man, swimming his way through the city’s bountiful sea of young women. He was a romantic for sure, falling in and out of love, counting on a few Friends With Benefits to carry him through his brief dry or disinterested spells. He knew he was physically a good lover. His cock (he was often told) was larger and thus more satisfying than most; his stamina was more than merely adequate. But he so loved the act and accoutrements of fucking that, at one time or another, he thought he had found his soul in the clenching, enveloping cunt of nearly every woman he speared.

But he had not, until he found Jen. Now, he still lived in the world and lived in it well, but nothing else mattered to him like Jen.

Kit put the back of his hand against the sheet between Jen’s splayed legs and slid it under her, palm up, until he could feel the taut muscles of her stomach against his fingers. Then he slid his hand back slowly, through the wispy patch of soft, trimmed hair above her pussy, caressing with his index finger Jen’s clitoris, then the soft wet opening of her cunt, stopping only to finger her and to withdraw, then to slide across the small wondrous space between her cunt and her anus, fingering that as well, drawing the finger out and sliding it slowly up to the top of the crack between her cheeks. Back and forth, back and forth, rubbing as she whispered small noises of delight. She began to move with increasing urgency, pressing her face deeper into Anita’s pussy and her own ass harder and harder onto Kit’s hand. “Finger me, baby, stick some in! Stick some fingers in me! God!!” she cried. He moved behind her and quickly pushed three fingers into her, twisting them to challenge the walls of her pulsating cunt.

It was his thumb that put Jen over the moon for the first time of the night, his thumb of all things, rubbing and probing her asshole as he three-fingered her clenching cunt, teasing and thrusting in both openings. Jen’s mind swirled with sensations; the exotic and forbidden sweetness of eating a woman, the discovery of her power to excite Anita with her tongue and her touch, Kit’s hand invading her, hurting her, pleasuring her. Jen, groaning, lifted her ass in the air. Her legs trembled as the muscles in her thighs began to contract Çankaya Escort and harden. She could feel wave after wave of ecstatic release course through her body, feel it in her pussy and her stomach, in her twitching thighs and deep inside her ass. She writhed with the thunderclaps of ecstasy that wracked her body. Anita, under her, felt all of Jen’s movement; smiling, cooing as Jen came and came again. Kit pushed his finger all the way into her asshole, reached around to grasp one of Jen’s small, firm breasts and, as he heard the familiar cry of her release, watched her cum trickle down her inner thighs.

Anita opened her eyes, staring glassily at the ceiling. She lifted her head from the pillow and looked down between her legs at Jen’s head, still buried in her crotch. “Oh baby,” she said, lifting Jen’s face to her own, bringing their lips together, sliding her undulating tongue into Jen’s eager mouth. Their kiss was long and deep, Jen molding her body to Anita’s, her smaller but firmer breasts pressing into Anita’s fleshier, yielding mounds.

Kit withdrew his fingers from Jen. Anita gently pushed her back, turning her so she lay on her back. Kit had never seen Jen look the same after cumming. Not the loving look of release and pleasure after she had cum on the ministrations of his tongue or, better still, the urgent probing of his cock. Instead, she wore a look of satisfaction laced with some new and exciting knowledge. A question had been brilliantly answered.

Anita sat up on her knees. She looked at Kit and took his hand, guiding it to the apex of her slightly spread legs. She pressed it against the whole of swollen her sex, letting him feel the moisture. “She did this to me. She’s an extraordinary girl, your Jen is!”

“Did you cum too?” Kit asked. “You’re soaking!”

“Not yet, but it was wonderful. I stayed out on the edge with her; you’re the one who took her over. So now, we’ll do you.”

She sat back on her heels and lifted her hands to her ample tits. She twisted her already hardened He had a sudden urge to put his cock into the softness between her breasts, to feel her skin against the underside of his cock and see where the sensations led them. But She resisted. Anita obviously had a plan.

She spoke now to Jen: “Rest for a moment, Jen. Gather yourself.” She leaned toward Kit and whispered in his ear, “Move back for a minute. Trust me — you will love this!” She flicked her tongue into his ear — an old-time move, he thought, but it sent a shiver of sexual heat into his cock and balls.

As Kit moved, Anita turned again to Jen. “I love how men are so visual about sex. You too, Jen?”

“Kit is — and so am I.”

“If you’re tired, just say so. You really gave it up!” Anita said, admiration for the intensity of Jen’s orgasm in her tone of voice. “But when you can, I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can, baby — for your man.”

Jen understood immediately. Any fatigue she felt disappeared. How wonderful! Both she and Anita — together — were going to make Kit cum. She knew the sight of her — open, vulnerable, giving — made Kit mad with love and desire. She thought of the way he looked when he watched her reveal herself, stroking his beautiful dick, adoring her.

She raised her legs straight up in the air, pressing them together, allowing Kit and Anita a breathtaking, tantalizing view of her ripe mound, pressed and framed by the firm lines of her full, tapering thighs. She slowly placed a hand under each knee, then opened her legs slowly and deliberately the way only a dancer could — with practiced grace and elegance, until she was fully extended and exposed, spread as wide as a full split. Her face glowed with excitement and anticipation.

Anita bent her head to Jen’s inner thigh and began to lick the little rivulets of cum she found there. Her eyes again met Kit’s: wordlessly he went to Jen’s other thigh, bent and savored her familiar sharp-sweet taste. Her firm flesh hardly yielded to the light pressure of his fingers and tongue. His cock brushed gently against the underside of her thigh, an accidental but maddening Etlik Escort tease, making him shudder with delight as he licked his way toward her open, inviting pussy. It was ringed with the moist gloss of her juices, and a small whitish pool of it lay just inside the gateway to her warm depths. Anita reached out to touch Kit’s shoulder. “Mine,” she said, and as she licked the small pool away and cleansed the rim of Jen’s pussy, she placed her hand firmly on Kit’s raging cock.

“Now you” she said with a smile; not a tease but a promise. “Can you hold your legs that way for a while?” she asked of Jen. “I want him to look at you like that while I suck his cock.”

“I know you do” said Jen. “Look at me, Kit — look at me.”

Kit felt Anita loosen her grip a bit as she ran her hand smoothly up and down his shaft. She bent and surrounded the head of his cock with her lips, taking small but enticing bites at the tip and underside. “You want to fuck that,” she teased, “but now you’re going to fuck my mouth.” Kit sat back on his heels and threw his head back, trying to slow his breathing. But he knew he would have to cum. He knew the sight of Jen’s inviting, wide open cunt and her full, muscular thighs would take him spilling over the edge. He knew Anita wanted to taste his cum mixed with his wife’s and he knew he would explode into her mouth.

“Fuck her, baby, fuck her mouth,” Jen urged. Goddamit girl, shut up! I am going to die! Kit thought. He felt Anita’s tongue lick at the underside of his dick. Jen, again: “Her mouth is my cunt, Kit! My cunt is her mouth!” Kit gasped as Anita slid her mouth down over his cock, taking in as much as she could. She ran her fingernails lightly along the exposed portion. He watched Jen, overcome by the sight of Kit being sucked by someone else, begin to masturbate, her arms between her outstretched legs, one hand on her clitoris, the other furiously fingering her pussy.

He bent over to grasp Anita’s tits, his excitement growing as he squeezed them, feeling them changing from full on his palms to yielding flesh molded by his fingers. Her nipples were hard as rocks, almost piercing his palms. One of her hands cradled his balls. She squeezed them softly while she moved her mouth up and down on his throbbing dick. He was spellbound by Jen’s spread-eagled legs and wide-open cunt. His cunt!

He felt he could hold himself no longer, but the ecstasy of Jen’s beckoning thighs and pussy had to be prolonged. Then he felt Anita fuck his ass with her finger. He felt the explosion begin, helpless to stop it, surrendering to the frenzy of his orgasm. His ass and balls were tingling as if shocked; the bliss that had started deep within his balls spread into his cock, his thighs and seared his asshole with what seemed like a bolt of lightning and he heard himself yell “ooooohhhh Godammm!!!!” as he shot his first load of blistering cum deep into Anita’s mouth. She took his dick out and sprayed the next blast onto her tongue and face, then engulfed him again, sucking and biting even harder, then pulling him out for yet another hard stream for her face and neck.

His orgasm began to fade but he still spit cum in shorter bursts, feeling the heat as each burst traveled down his cock, gasping with each, squeezing his sphincter to shoot as much and as often as he could until his balls were empty and exhausted. It was only then that he saw Jen’s legs drawn in and violently jerking. He heard her guttural uunnhhhhhhhhhh! as she came yet again. He started toward her to kiss her but Anita held his dick, put it to her lips and licked at the dripping cum. She moved to an exhausted Jen, inserting her tongue deep into her mouth, swabbing her tongue with Kit’s juices. “Taste” she said. “Delicious!”

Now, lying on her back, Jen extended her arms to Anita, inviting her in. She nuzzled Anita’s neck, sucking at the cum she found there, still as warm as the inner chambers of her lover’s balls. Kit fell forward, almost collapsing next to Jen, and as he sighed, Jen turned and sat up, her lips over his still hard cock. She bent to it and licked what Anita had left with her tongue, lapping up and swallowing the thick, warm cum. She lay back when she was done.

They were exhausted.

Only Anita had not yet cum. Jen and Kit were not yet done. And the long night beckoned.

They had time, and they still had exquisite, unfinished business.

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