Three Close Friends

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“Man, I can’t believe we’re actually coming to see you tomorrow!” Dan exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know! I’m excited to see you guys. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years.” said James.

“Me either, pal. And Mary is really looking forward to seeing you too. We’ve missed you, man.”

“That’s awesome. She’s always been such a cool girl.”

“I’ll let her know you said so. Anyway, I guess we’ll see you at your place around noon tomorrow. I’ve got to get back to packing.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow. Have a safe flight!”

Both Dan and James hung up their telephones. Dan walked back into he and Mary’s bedroom where she was putting some clothes into a suit case. She was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair and an athletic build. Standing there in her pajamas, Dan could see how beautiful his girlfriend of 6 years was.

“Just got off the phone with James,” Dan said.

“Oh yeah? He excited about seeing us?” Mary asked.

“Yep. He’s looking forward to it. You realize it’s been 3 years since we last saw him?”

“Really? Wow, it has been awhile.”

“I know.” Dan watched finish packing her suit case, zip it up, and set it on the floor by their door. “All packed?” he continued.

“Yeah. Guess we should try to get some sleep, eh? We got an early day tomorrow.” Mary said. Dan turned over and looked at the clock on the dresser. It read 9:30 PM.

“Yeah, you’re right. Goodnight, hon.” Dan said. He kissed her and rolled over to his side of the bed. Mary got in the other side. With the room dark and quiet, Dan reached over and cuddled his beautiful girlfriend. They fell asleep spooning.


Dan and Mary got out of the cab and looked up at the apartment building in front of them. Dan checked a piece of paper in his hand.

“This is it, right?” Mary asked.

“Yeah I think so. I just don’t remember it being that tall the last time we were here.”

“Honey, it’s Manhattan. I think every building is tall,” Mary joked. They both chuckled. Dan and Mary walked up to the door where a doorman opened it for them.

“Excuse me, do you live here sir?” the doorman asked.

“No, we’re here visiting a friend. James Hughes. He lives in apartment 72,” Dan explained.

“Ah, right. Mr. Hughes told me he was expecting guests. Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Dan and Mary entered the elevator and headed up to the 7th floor. Once there, they walked around the corner to James’ apartment and knocked. A few seconds later, James opened the door.

“Guys!” James yelled. He hugged Dan, and then hugged and kissed Mary on the cheek. You made it! How was the flight?” he continued.

“Not too bad. Got to sleep a little bit,” Dan said.

“Great, well come in. Make yourselves at home. I’m sure you guys remember where everything is, nothing’s really changed since the last time you were in town,” said James.

Dan and Mary came in and set their bags by the door. James’ apartment was very nice. Being a successful professor has allowed him Keçiören Escort Bayan to afford to live in a great apartment in a great neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, even though he was only 28 years old.

“Alright guys, anything that’s mine is yours. Don’t be shy. I unfortunately have to go into the office for a few hours, so I’m gonna hop in the shower real fast and get ready.” James explained.

“No problem.” Dan said.

Dan and Mary grabbed their suitcases and headed to the guest bedroom. The began unpacking.

“That sucks he has to go into work.” Mary said.

“Yeah. He said he’d only be gone a few hours though.” Dan and Mary continued unpacking.

“I’ve got to use the bathroom. There’s two, right?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, the big one is the hallway. 2nd door on the right, I believe. I’m sure James is showering in the bathroom in his room.” Dan said.


Mary left the guest bedroom and headed down the hallway. She opened the second door on the right was surprised to find it was James’ bedroom. They’re he stood, completely naked. His huge flaccid penis dangling from his waist. A thick vein running down the middle of it. James turned when his door opened, but didn’t try to cover himself up. Mary was speechless, her jaw dropped, and her eyes locked on his enormous meat.

“Do you need something, Mary?” James asked, non-chalantly.

“Uh-h.” Mary stammered. “I’m sorry. I was looking for the bathroom.” she continued, eyes still focused on his penis.

“Oh, no problem. You can use mine if you want. It’s right through there,” James pointed behind him.

“O-Okay.” Mary stuttered. She walked toward James, removing her eyes from his cock and up his toned abs and chest. His chest was hairy and very manly looking. Mary liked that… it turned her on. She moved past James, trying not to act embarrassed by his nudity, considering he was so comfortable with it. She closed the bathroom door and sat on the toilet. She couldn’t believe how well endowed James was. She always thought Dan had a big dick, and Dan’s was above average, but not like James. She guessed he was at least six inches just hanging there, limp. She finished her business, and exited the bathroom. James was still in the room, completely naked, and sitting on the bed. His big dick flopped over against his thigh. He stood when he saw her leaving the bathroom, his cock falling into place. Mary blushed. James noticed.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all walked in on somebody before. I feel comfortable enough around you guys, so it’s not a big deal.” James explained.

“Okay. Yeah, you’re right. We’re all adults. And we are pretty close.” Mary agreed.

“Exactly,” James grabbed her by the shoulders and moved close to her. She never noticed how much bigger he was than her. She felt fragile by his naked, muscular body, another turn on for her. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shower,” James continued. He moved her to the side and entered Escort Eryaman the bathroom. Mary went back to the guest room and finished unpacking.

Once James left for work, it was just Mary and Dan alone in his apartment. In the living room, they watched TV. Flipping through the channels, they stumbled on an adult channel. On the screen a woman gave a man a blowjob. Dan looked at Mary, eyebrows raised.

“You uh, wanna fool around a little?” Dan asked.

“Seriously? James is gonna be back soon!” Mary said.

“No he’s not. He said he’d be gone a few hours.”

“I don’t know, Dan.”

“Oh c’mon. Just a quickie.”

Mary rolled her eyes, smirked, and stood up. She started unbuttoning her jeans, and pulled down the zipper. Dan stayed on the couch and started fumbling with his belt. Mary lowered her jeans and let them fall to her ankles. She looked great standing there in a thong. Her ass was smooth and full. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her supple tits held by a sexy, lacy bra. She got down on her knees and crawled over to Dan, and helped him jerk his pants down. She spread his legs, making room for her. His limp dick started throbbing. She grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth. She could feel his dick getting harder and bigger insider her mouth as she sucked it. Her hand massaging the base, jerking him off while she worked the tip with her mouth and tongue. Dan grabbed her silky brown hair, holding it up for her. The taste of Dan’s pre-cum filled her mouth with a salty taste. She loved it. Her pussy was getting wet. Dan closed his eyes and threw his head back. She gave such good blowjobs.

Just then, James entered his apartment and closed the door. Dan and Mary didn’t hear him come in. James walked down the hallway and stopped when he saw Mary sucking Dan’s dick in his living room. He couldn’t help but smile. He unzipped his pants and pulled his humungous cock out, letting it fall and hang between his legs. With Mary concentrated on Dan’s cock in her mouth, and Dan with his eyes closed, James decided to walk up to them. Still unnoticed, he bent down and whispered in Dan’s ear, “Feel good?” Dan jumped.

“Oh shit, man.” Dan shouted. Mary stopped blowing him, but stayed on her knees.

“We thought you had to work,” Mary explained.

James looked at her, kneeling there in front of his best friend’s rock hard dick in her underwear.

“Yeah, I came back to grab something I forgot. You guys having fun?” James asked.

“Look man, we’re sorry,” Dan apologized.

“Don’t be. Mary saw me naked earlier anyway. I guess she’s just returning the favor,” James laughed.

Both Dan and Mary noticed James’ huge cock hanging outside of his pants. James grabbed it, rubbing it a bit.

“Mind if I join?” James asked.

Dan and Mary both exchanged glances. Dan shrugged.

“Why not?” Mary said. Secretly, she was more excited than she seemed. She couldn’t wait to suck James’ fat cock. She’d never been with one so big before. Sincan Escort Bayan Also, she’s never been with two guys at once before. James undid his pants and took them off. He removed his shirt and stood there naked in his living room in front of Dan and Mary. Dan stood too, removing his shirt. Both of them completely naked now, Mary stayed kneeled between them. She grabbed both of their dicks, Dan’s still completely hard and throbbing while James was only semi-hard, but a drip of pre-cum sat at the tip. Mary leaned in and licked it off. Jacking off Dan, she took James’ semi-hard dick in her mouth. It felt huge in her mouth already, and it wasn’t even totally hard yet. More pre-cum dripped out and into her mouth. His tasted just like Dan’s. She switched over to Dan now, taking his cock in her mouth and jerking off James with her other hand.

“Yeah, suck that dick,” James said.

Dan rocked back and forth, humping his girlfriend’s face while she jacked off his best friend a foot away. James bent down and undid Mary’s bra, exposing her awesome tits. She continued sucking off Dan and jacking off James while both of them molested her tits, squeezing and pinching her beautiful, hard nipples. She switched back to James, taking as much of his enormous cock in her mouth as possible. She felt like such a dirty slut, but she enjoyed it. And it was a thrill for Dan to watch his girlfriend with his best friend. That’s when Mary popped James’ dick out of her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Both Dan and James slapped their cocks on her tongue, sometimes making their cocks touch each other. Mary grabbed both of their dicks and made them rub together, licking them at the same time. It was an amazing turn on for all three of them. Dan and James’ pre-cum mixing together, their dicks sliding on each other while Mary licked up and down both of them.

“You guys wanna come for me?” Mary asked them.

“Fuck yes,” James answered.

“Yeah, you want to come in my girlfriend’s mouth?” Dan asked James.

“Oh yeah. I want you both to come in mouth and all over my face.” Mary told them.

She jerked them both off hard. She could feel their fat cocks throbbing and flexing in her hand. They’re eyes closed tight. That’s when James released his first stream of cum directly into her mouth, another stream right after, half of it landing in her mouth, the rest on her chin until it dripped down and landed on her tits. Then Dan let loose. His fat globs of jizz landing directly on her tongue. Mary continued jerking their dicks off onto her face and mouth. Both of them shooting cum all over her. Her mouth filled with their jizz, she sloshed it and played with it in her mouth. She forced both of their dicks in her mouth, making sure to get every drop she could. Both were still oozing cum into her mouth, their dicks getting covered in each others cum inside Mary’s mouth. She swallowed the giant load of seed. Her face still covered, some of it dripping off and landing on her thighs and tits, running down her stomach. She licked off the last bit of cum clinging to their cocks before standing.

“Should we shower?” Mary asked, cum still covering her face.

“Sure.” James and Dan said in unison. They headed to the shower, all three of them sharing. They’d become closer than ever.

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