The Woman on the Bus Ch. 05

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This is chapter five of the continuing story. This is not the end of the story. I invite you to also read the Chapter Five that is also posted as an alternate ending. I could not decide how I wanted to end this story so, there’s two endings. My hope is that at least one will satisfy the hunger you may have for a satisfying ending.

The Woman on the Bus


Melissa Unleashes the Fire in Christy

The Next Day

I woke up shaking with Anxiety as my day to be with Melissa outside the public realm had finally arrived. I had all sorts of thoughts about what could happen when I walk up to her door. The mere fact that I had no idea what to expect was the driving factor behind my nervousness. Up to then, I could work with the daily bus rides and how to handle her presence near me. Regardless, I had a lot to get done before I went to see her. Gina required my loving attention first.

I cuddled her close to me as she slowly woke.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I whispered, kissing her cheek softly. “I would love to stand naked in the kitchen and make you breakfast. What would you like, and would you like to join me or bring it to you?”

She stretched and yawned, holding eye contact with me.

“Are you excited? Today’s the big day!” she said with excitement in her voice.

I kissed her forehead and told her we would chat as we eat. I went to the kitchen and whipped up an energetic meal for us. As I was finishing, she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me as I worked. I could feel her breasts press into my skin from behind.

“Just about done,” I said, pouring the contents of the pan onto her plate.

I gave her the plate and sat with her at the table. I told her all my feelings, expectations and uncertainties. She supported me in every possible way and my love for her grew. I confessed once again my devotion to her and admitted I was confused about all the love I was spreading around.

“We will always be anchored in friendship. I don’t think anything could ever change that.”

I agreed.

“Let’s see everything else through and see where we stand after, sound good? I’m confident that if all else fails, we can always fall back to that foundation.”

We showered together again and had a much different experience. We both agreed to no more sex that day. Instead, we played together. We tickled, teased and complimented each other like friends do. We just so happened to do it naked that morning. I had so much fun with my best friend. If I didn’t want to see Melissa so awfully bad that evening, I would have stayed naked with her until my husband came home.

Instead, she dressed once we were done, kissed me warmly and wished me luck. I nearly cried watching her walk away but I remembered what she said. If nothing else, they would always be friends. Anything more was just icing on the cake.

Later, I went shopping for some clothes that I thought Melissa might like to see me in, even though I knew she would prefer that I not be wearing any at all. I wanted her to remove each piece I wore, knowing that the effort I put into each reflected my inner most desires for her. I went to lunch at a local eatery and planned my outfit, perfume and appearance. I decided to stick with the Lavender perfume she seemed to like, but I needed something to wear outside of what she was used to seeing me in. It had to be provocative but not slutty.

After lunch, I went to the mall nearby and wandered into Victoria’s Secret. Money wasn’t an object that day so I didn’t limit my options as I normally would for undergarments. I walked around the outside isles of the store looking and taking note of potential items when I was approached by one of the ladies working the floor.

“Can I help you find something?” she asked.

“Um, I’m looking for something that will look stunning by themselves. Like, these,” I said, pointing at a nice pair hanging on a wall display, “look great together and would likely be something that…” I paused searching for the right words, “would not give away what my intentions for the evening were to a total stranger.

“Something that might look delicious when other clothes have been recently removed?” she asked, making sure I knew she was the expert.

“Yes,” I said, blushing a little, “that’s the idea, I think.”

“Here, let’s take these into a changing room and see how they could look on you,” she said, picking the pair off the display and walked towards the changing rooms.

I Sincan Escort followed her nervously but found myself looking her over. I don’t know what had gotten into me lately, but I think Melissa opened my eyes to the beauty everyone had to offer, and I was open to anything, it seemed.

She opened the door and walked in. I followed her and closed the door behind me. She asked me to remove my outer clothing so she could place each item where it would be and show me in the mirror how they would complement me. As I began removing my blouse, I noticed she was watching every move I made. This was not what I was expecting walking in there, but I decided to give her a little show. I removed my blouse, sticking my chest out towards her a little. I handed her the blouse and began to unbutton my jeans. As I pushed them down, I pushed my butt out a little so she could check that out if she cared to. I wasn’t daring enough to make eye contact with her as I did this, but I’m sure she was watching.

She turned me around, so I was facing the mirror, putting her hand on my hip as she did. She then held up both pieces, so they covered what I was wearing and pointed out some things about each one. The bra and panties were a matching silk set with lace on the waistband of the panties and most of the area that covered my boobs. She pointed to some additional features and told me about the pros and cons of them as I watched her hand, secretly hoping she would touch me again. I ended up liking how they would look and told her that I would like to buy them.

“Great! I’m glad you like them. They do seem to be a bit popular. I’ll go ahead and get them rung up for you while you dress.” She said, looking me over once more.

I put everything back on and made my way to the counter. She had just bagged everything up and was waiting on my payment. I swiped my card and as the receipt printed out, she snatched it up and began highlighting lines of text saying that I could complete a survey online to win a gift card and that any comments on her service today could be provided via the same survey. I watched as she put the highlighter down and picked up a pen. She scribbled something on the bottom of the receipt and handed it to me. Normally I would just shove it in the bag or in my purse, but I held onto it until I was out of the store.

It had the name Heather on it and what I assumed was her phone number. I smiled wondering how I went from a satisfactory sex life with my husband to an extraordinary appreciation for women and apparently a new-found appealing nature that seems to draw women to me. Regardless, I neatly folded the receipt and put it in my purse for later.

I spent more time in the lingerie store than I planned and had to hurry shopping for the outfit I wanted. I stopped on my way out at a couple stores and found a perfect skirt and blouse set that I had to have. The skirt was black and stopped a few inches above my knees and the blouse was a deep red that matched the lingerie I picked out. I was going to be hot!

I drove home, my nerves having calmed a bit. I laid everything out on the bed and went into the closet to look for shoes to match. I hoarded shoes like they would cease existing tomorrow, so I was almost guaranteed to have something that went with them. Sure enough, I found a nice black pair of short heals that matches the skirt perfectly. I set them out along with a nice pair of stockings and went to get my shower. I chuckled at myself thinking that I was going to rub my skin off with all the showering, but Melissa deserved a fresh body to touch.

I originally intended to be completely shaved for Melissa, but I recalled her saying she liked a little hair to tickle her nose. I took my clothes off and looked in the mirror.

“I could get away with a little runway here,” I said as I ran my finger up a couple inches from my clit.

I wanted to keep going but I stopped short knowing my needs would be well taken care of later. Instead, I jumped in the shower and prepared myself for the evening.

I put my perfume on, ensuring a delicate scent presence in strategic locations on my body. I then dressed, spending an inordinate amount of time fitting and adjusting each piece so it was perfect, discarding the probability of them being imperfect by the time I got out of my car at her place. By the time I was done, I was fairly impressed with the result. I took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Gina.

“Beautiful. Go get her, girl!” she responded quicker than I anticipated. I also texted Melissa.

“I’m Escort Ankara on my way. Christy,

I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. Please come into my room and get comfortable. I’ll be out shortly!

I love you,


My heart jumped. This was what everything was building toward over the last couple months and the time had finally arrived. I set my purse down on the same table and took my shoes off. I looked down the hall and noticed the bathroom was in the hall instead of attached to the master bedroom. I began walking down the hall, taking my blouse off. I set it down right outside the door to the bathroom and began removing my skirt. I walked into the bedroom and set the skirt down on the floor just inside the door.

I debated removing my bra and leaving that on the floor next, but decided I wanted her to remove that for me. She had a large bed with a beautiful bed set. I laid on the bed and waited for her to come to me. I was already wet thinking of what I would see when she walked into the room. I was hoping she was as into this as I was and would go all out as I did. She also seemed to be quite a bit more experienced in this than I was, so I wondered if I was overdoing it. It wasn’t long until I would find out.

The shower turned off and a shot of electrified adrenaline coursed through my veins. I heard things move around in the bathroom. Things being set down, blow dryer going, typical girl things. Minutes went by before it stopped, and I heard the door open. The damage this woman was doing to my heart and nerves was likely to kill me before too long. I heard a slightly giggle after the door opened and then I saw her.

My pussy experienced high tide just as she walked in, soaking my panties as I watched her move. Her hair was still slightly wet and brushed straight. Her skin was perfection as I looked her over. Her breasts hung just slightly with her nipples as hard as erasers. Following her body down, she was clean shaven, and her skin was perfectly fair. I wanted my mouth on it. Her legs were slim and long. She stood in the door frame smiling at me, looking me over just as I did her.

“You look amazing,” she said in a tone that did nothing to close the flood gates.

“It seems I’m a little over dressed,” I said acknowledging her nakedness, “but you never properly unwrapped your gift.”

“I kind of did in the alley, but you’re right. A gift like you should be unwrapped in meticulous nature, observing every feature of what lies under the wrapping.” She noted.

“I’m ready,” I said softly, hoping she would take command.

She walked over to me, never taking her eyes off mine. I watched her every movement. It was like she was an actual angel, almost gliding across the room. She stood next to the bed and I looked between her legs at the gathering moisture. She was literally dropping wet for me. I changed position on the bed, so my back was facing her. I didn’t have to wait long until she lowered the shoulder straps of my bra onto my arms and kissed my neck as she unhooked it. I sighed as she reached around and cupped my breasts as she removed it. I laid back down on the bed and put my hands behind her thighs.

I pushed myself until my face was between her legs and I raised up slightly and lapped up the drop that was waiting to fall. She tasted like honey. Moved forward, anticipating what I was after and I follow suit. She was on her hands and knees above me as I replaced my tongue on her pussy. I was like an animal that was denied too many meals. I felt her hands run down my sides and into my panties and she began sliding them down. I lifted my legs to help her get them off and kept my legs open.

Her face was between my legs as mine was between hers. Together, our tongues explored each other. One of her arms reached around my leg and her fingers also began exploring. I Took the queue and did the same. I wanted to do to her the same thing she did to me in that alley. I got one finger wet by inserting it into her and fucking her with it while I assaulted her clit with my tongue. I then circled her asshole with that same finger and gently applied pressure.

“Put it in my ass.” She demanded of me.

I did and felt her tighten up. I put my other finger inside her vagina and fucked both holes gently.

“Keep fucking me and don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” she shouted.

I kept going, ensuring not to speed up but also making sure I read her properly. She did say she wanted me to teach her how to repeatedly get to the edge Eryaman Escort Bayan and stop until she couldn’t take it anymore. Just as her body began to shake, I stopped.

“Wha- What are you doing?” she asked.

“You’re not allowed to cum yet.” I instructed her, waiting a few moments then beginning again.

I repeated this until she begged me to cum. I wasn’t used to being in control, but I enjoyed the power I had over her. I finally allowed her to cum and it was the same experience for her now as it was when she fucked me in the alley. It was like a powerful earthquake erupted inside her, shaking her to her very core. She removed her fingers from me as she braced for what was happening.

“Oh GOD. CHRISTY! FUCK!” She screamed out loud as her body twisted over me. I sped up my fingers until she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and collapsed on top of me.

She rolled off me and changed positions, so she was on her side lying next to me, kissing my face all over.

“Holy shit. Is that was you were doing to yourself while we were texting?” she asked.

“Yes, I do that all the time. The orgasm is much more intense.”

“I can’t do that to myself, my body seems to take over and forces my fingers to finish the job.” She admitted.

“It’s probably the one thing I can do that you can’t.”

She looked at me and kissed my lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth as her fingers found my pussy again and went to work. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close to me, returning her passionate kiss as I felt the fire raging within me. It wasn’t long until she stopped kissing me and told me she could feel me getting wetter by the second.

“I’m going to cum.” I told her.

“Cum all over my fingers, my love.” She whispered in my ear as she sucked my earlobe into her mouth.

“I’m cumming. I’M CUMMING!” I said loudly.

She hastened her fingers and encouraged my orgasm.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my hand. I want to lick your sweet nectar off my fingers while you watch.”

She lowered the register of her voice until it was almost beastly in nature. It was as if we had both reverted to our most basic instincts. We had become creatures of sex in her bed. My body shook with an intensity I rarely feel, and I grabbed Melissa and held her tight as my orgasm rocked my body.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m cumming, still.” I repeated out loud.

“I feel it too, Christina.”

Coming down lasted nearly as long as the orgasm itself. I was out of breath and exhausted. It took me a long time to catch my breath as she watched me, no doubt pleased with herself.

“Let’s go wash up and watch something on TV. Does that sound okay? Are you hungry?” She asked.

“I could use a wash up and I could also use a snack. It takes a lot out of me cumming like that.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling at me, “I’ll be right back. You go wash up.”

It took me a minute to get off the bed, and my legs were wobbly. I made my way to the bathroom regardless and looked at myself in the mirror.

“I’ve been here less than an hour and she’s already made a mess of me.” I said out loud without thinking.

“The night’s just begun, my love.” She replied through the door.

I laughed out loud just as she did and went about freshening up a little. When I returned to the bedroom, she had the sheets and blankets pulled down for me and she was already in bed. Next to her was a small plate of cheese, pepperoni, and crackers. On the table was a bottle of wine and two glasses, already poured.

“Oh! Fancy!” I said as I crawled into bed with Melissa. I leaned over and kissed her again and she smiled, returning the kiss.

She turned on the TV and switched it to Netflix, asking me if I had a preference of anything to watch. I said I had none and joked about falling asleep halfway through a movie. She said that would be okay, since she also might. She picked a random movie from the ‘New’ section, and we drank wine and had cheese and crackers.

About two hours later, I woke to the bed moving around me. I attempted to go back to sleep, but then I felt Melissa lay on top of me. I slowly opened my eyes, and her tit was right at my mouth. I stretched my arms out and wrapped them around her, taking her nipple into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over it and sucked it into my mouth. A few moments later, I felt something different at my pussy.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“I want to fuck you.” She whispered as she used her hand to guide the head of her strap-on dildo up and down my pussy, getting them both wet.

When she was satisfied I was ready, she steadied her hand and pushed her hips forward. Slowly, her cock entered me, and I could tell it was going to fill me up. Inch by inch she pushed into me until she was as far in as she wanted.

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