The Seduction of Rob Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: The Den

The doorbell rang, and as Rob Carter got up to answer it he heard his 17 year old daughter, Kathy, call to him from upstairs.

“Dad, that’s gonna be Sherry, will you let her in and tell her to come up to my room, please?”

“Sure thing, Kitten,” he replied, calling his daughter by his pet name for her as he walked over to the door. ‘Oh, man!’ he thought to himself, ‘Just what I need — ‘Sexpot Sherry’ is here!’

“Sexpot Sherry” was his private nickname for his daughter’s best friend for a couple of reasons. The first was that, according to his son who went to the same high school as the girls did, in addition to being the prettiest and by far the sexiest girl in the school Sherry had a reputation for being an outrageous flirt and a cock tease who would steal the boyfriend away from any girl in the school with a promise of sexual delights, and then only come through with a hand job — if they were lucky. And as soon as that was done, it was sayonara, sucker! — she dropped the poor guy and moved on to the next one.

The other reason for his private nickname for her was her looks and the way she dressed. Sherry was almost the same age as his daughter; she was 18 but was only older than Kathy by a month since she was born in December and Kathy was born in January, but she had the body of a woman much older. She was short, only standing 5’3″ in her sandals, with long, dark brown hair, large chestnut brown eyes, a pert nose, soft, full and inviting lips (‘pouty’ was the word that came to mind), and the straightest and whitest teeth Rob had ever seen, which he was sure had cost her parents a pretty penny. She had the slender body of a teenager with just enough remaining “baby fat” to give soft edges to her curves — and what curves she had! Shapely legs and thighs, a rounded, shapely ass, a narrow waist, flat stomach with just a little softness to it, and above all that an absolutely killer pair of huge tits that stood out proudly from her chest like twin torpedoes. Sherry was partial to thin bras and tight cotton shirts, so every time she came into a cool room her nipples would immediately harden, as all girl’s nipples do, but from what Rob saw, this girl had nipples that matched her tits – big. Combine that with the tight jeans or shorts she always wore that looked as if they were put on with spray paint, and you had a clear idea of why Rob thought of her as a sexpot. Another thing that his son had told him was that the guys at school had given her the nickname of “Cameltoe.” One look at her in her skin-tight jeans or equally tight shorts, and you knew why. As he walked over to the door, Rob could only wonder what she would be wearing today.

He opened the door and there on the other side of the screen door stood Sherry, his daughter’s gal pal and best friend. As usual, she was wearing a white t-shirt that was two sizes too small for her, but at least the bra she was wearing looked like it was sturdy enough to support the load of tits it was carrying. To complete her outfit she was wearing a skin-tight pair of medium blue shorts which allowed her to live up to her school nickname, and sandals. Her long dark hair was tied at the sides of her head into long pigtails, giving her a “Lolita-ish” look which made Rob’s balls twitch. Actually, she made his balls twitch every time he saw her, and he’d been seeing her a lot over the summer ever since she and his daughter had become best friends. She smiled big at him as soon as she saw it was him who was opening the door.

“Hi, Mr. Carter!” she said, clasping her hands behind her and rocking her shoulders back and forth, essentially waving her big tits at him. “Is Kathy here?”

“Hi, Sherry, yeah, she’s upstairs in her room and says for you to go on up,” he replied, opening the screen door and holding it open for her, standing up against the inner door to let her pass.

“Thanks, Mr. Carter, you’re the best!” she said as she brushed by him. She was a little too close, and her big, heavy tits rubbed not-too-lightly across his abdomen as she went by. She looked up at him and smiled as she brushed against and past him. The stairs were immediately to the left of the front door and ran directly away from the door, so Rob was able to turn his head and watch her trot up the stairs, her shapely and rounded ass encased in those tight shorts flexing as she went. He could tell from the tightness of the shorts that Sherry was wearing a thong today. He closed the door and went back to his study, sitting back down in his chair.

‘She did that on purpose,’ he thought to himself, ‘she rubbed those big tits across my stomach on purpose! My 17 year old daughter’s best friend is flirting with me!’ Rob had thought this for the past few weeks, and the more he thought about it and the more contact he had with Sherry, the more certain of it he became. “Sexpot Sherry” was flirting with him, the 38 year old father of her best friend!

Just about that time his daughter and Sherry came trotting down the stairs on their way out of the house. They both came into his den so Kathy could tell him good-bye.

“Bye, Dad,” she said, bending over to kiss him on his cheek. “We’re going to the movies and then Betturkey to get something to heat, so I’ll be gone for a while.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek, then gave him a quick hug.

“Okay, Kitten, have fun but be careful,” he said. “Call me if you’re going to be too late, okay?”

“Okay, thanks, Dad,” she said, then walked out of the room. Sherry was standing there now, smiling at him as he sat in his chair.

“Can I kiss you good-bye, too, Mr. Carter?” she asked, waving those tits at him again. Rob felt his cock jump.

“Sure, Sherry,” he said, almost calling her by his nickname for her but catching himself in time, “I don’t see why not.”

With a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure Kathy was out of view, Sherry walked over to him and then bent down, putting her hands on Rob’s shoulders as he leaned forward. He couldn’t help but notice her huge tits hanging down in front of her as she did so, and he knew this was just what she wanted him to see. He turned his head to offer her his cheek, but she surprised him by quickly darting her head around and kissing him square on the lips, holding her lips against his for just a second. Her lips were soft, warm, and inviting, and he felt it all the way down to the base of his balls. Then she was gone, bounding out of the room to catch up with his daughter.

Rob was stunned and excited at the same time, and when he got hold of his senses he realized two things: Sherry absolutely was flirting with him — he now thought that she had more than just flirting on her mind, though — and he had a raging hard-on. Somehow he knew that was just what Sherry wanted, and later events would prove him correct.

Two days later Rob was just getting home from work, and he walked in the door just as Kathy and Sherry were again leaving. It was summer vacation, and while the kids were enjoying their summer off there was no rest for the working world. Rob was no exception in that aspect, but in one he was — he was a police officer and worked rotating shifts, and he was just coming off of a midnight shift having worked all night. He was looking forward to a nice, quiet house with the kids gone so he could sleep all day before having to go back to work at ten PM that night. It was a little after eight AM when he walked in the door, gunbelt in hand, and he was beat. Kathy and Sherry were in the kitchen, Kathy on the business side of the counter and Sherry sitting on a bar stool on the other side, with Kathy putting the last items for their lunch in a bag when he walked in.

“Hi, Dad!” Kathy said.

“Hi, Mr. Carter!” Sherry echoed, smiling at him.

“Morning, girls,” Rob said, walking across the room to his den and dropping his gunbelt in his favorite chair, then turned to walk into the kitchen which adjoined his den. He never used the living room much; that was his wife’s territory, and even when she was out of town visiting her mother — like this week — he hardly ever went in it. He was content to just stay in his den, relax, smoke his pipe, read some, and surf the ‘net on the computer.

“You look tired, Dad,” Kathy said. “Hard night last night?”

“The usual — all the crazies come out on the midnight shift, and last night was more of the same,” he said, getting a glass from the cabinet, then pouring himself a glass of orange juice. He walked out of the kitchen and back to his den, sitting on the edge of his desk as he took a sip. Looking over at the girls, he could tell where they were headed today.

“Going to the beach, are we?” he asked. Kathy was wearing her usual beachfront attire — cutoff jeans and a t-shirt over her bathing suit, with sandals on her feet. Sherry was wearing a short white cotton beach robe that wrapped across the front and was held there with a belt you tied in place. The robe stopped at mid-thigh and looked very good on her. Her long, dark hair was loose this time and hung down, framing her cute face.

“Yep, we haven’t been there yet, so we figured it was time!” she replied, putting the finishing touches on their lunch.

“And I have a new bathing suit I want to try out, too!” Sherry said, turning to face him. She got down from the stool and quickly untied the belt, then held the robe open to show him her suit. “What do you think, Mr. Carter?” she asked, coyly.

Rob just about choked on his OJ. Sherry was wearing a black bikini, the bottoms of which were tied at the sides and sat very low on her hips. The top was small, maybe a size too small, the cups barley big enough to hold in her huge tits which were bulging a little at the sides from being restrained by the suit. She had just a little roundness left on her belly, and dangling from her pierced belly button was a glittering faux diamond pendant. She looked incredible, the sexiest woman he’d ever seen, and Rob felt his cock waking up. Gathering his wits quickly, he replied to her question before Kathy noticed the lag. But Sherry already had, and the gleam in her eyes told him so.

“I think you better take this with you,” he said, picking up his gunbelt and holding it out to her playfully. Sherry laughed and closed her robe, tying it quickly.

“You’re funny, Mr. Carter!” she said, then turned Betturkey Giriş to Kathy and asked, “Are we ready to go? I’m anxious to get to the beach and work on my tan!”

“Yeah, we’re ready, I think,” Kathy said, picking up the basket with the food and her things in it, then walking around the counter and over to Rob. Rob was sitting with his feet apart, and Kathy stepped between them to kiss him on the cheek.

“Bye, Dad,” she said, “have a good sleep!”

“Thanks, Kitten, I will, and y’all have a good time!” he said as she walked out of the room. Sherry was standing there, hands clasped in front of her, looking up at him from a slightly bowed head, a half-smile on her face. He knew what she was asking without her saying a word.

“Okay, Sherry, c’mere,” he said, smiling and motioning her over. She lifted her head and smiled broadly, then trotted over to him. She stepped between his feet as Kathy had done, only she stepped in further — much further, until her hips were pressing firmly against his crotch. Before he could react she reached up and took his head in her hands, then pulled him down and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was longer this time, her lips parted, and he felt the soft tip of her tongue dance across his lips as she pushed gently against him. She smelled wonderful, and felt just as good. His cock started to react, and he was sure she felt it; there was just no way she couldn’t. She took her lips from his after a few seconds and, still holding his head in her hands, looked him in the eyes and whispered softly, a knowing smile on her face.

“Sweet dreams, Mr. Carter!” Then she turned and was gone, leaving Rob sitting there with a half-empty glass of orange juice and a raging hard-on.

He didn’t see either of them before he went to work again that night, and his son told him that they said they were going out to eat and then over to Sherry’s house for a while. When he came home from work the next morning his son was still in bed, sleeping in as all teenage boys on summer vacation will do, and Kathy was just starting to move around upstairs. He passed her in the hallway on the way to his room as she was heading to the bathroom to shower.

“Morning, Dad,” she said.

“Morning, Kitten,” he replied in passing. “How was the beach?”

“Great! Sherry got a little burned, though, not too bad but just enough,” she replied.

“With that skimpy suit, I’m not surprised,” he said softly, mostly to himself.

“What, Dad?”

“Nothing, baby, nothing,” Rob said, then closed the door. Five minutes later he was undressed and in bed, sound asleep.

Seven hours later he woke up, feeling a lot better than he had when he went to bed. He took a quick shower to wash the daytime sleep off of him; he’d shower again before he went to work and shave as well, but right now he didn’t do all that. After he showered he pulled on an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt, not bothering with underwear since he wasn’t going anywhere except back to work in four hours, and slipped his bare feet into his old pair of deck shoes. He combed his hair and then went downstairs where he found two notes on the kitchen counter, one from his son telling him that he was at a friend’s house and would be home late, and one from Kathy telling him that she was babysitting for the entire day and most of the night, and would also be home late.

‘Excellent!’ Rob thought, ‘I get the house and the early evening to myself!’ He loved his kids, but as any parent knows you also love the “me time” that you so rarely got when raising them. He went to the kitchen and fixed himself something to eat, just a sandwich for now, and sat down at the counter on the barstool where Sherry had been to eat it. After he finished eating he went into the den and was just about to sit down in his favorite chair when the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell could that be?” he wondered aloud as he walked across the living room to the front door. He opened the door and was surprised to see Sherry standing there. She’d gotten a bit of a burn, all right, but the color she did get really looked good on her. And he could see a lot of that color today because he could see a lot of Sherry — she was wearing a shiny white nylon (or was it silk?) halter top that tied in front between and beneath her huge breasts, a red and black plaid schoolgirl-type pleated skirt that sat just as low on her hips as the bathing suit had and sandals, her hair once again tied at the sides of her head into long, flowing pigtails. The halter top accentuated her large, torpedo-shaped tits, showing about a mile of cleavage and barely covering her nipples, and the skirt was so short that it barely covered her butt. Rob was sure he could see one areola peeking out of the halter top, and he got a good view of her nipples as well which were rock-hard and poking out against the fabric. The faux diamond glittered from her belly button once again, acting as an arrow pointing down to her sex. She was standing there with her hands behind her back, slowing waving her big breasts back and forth and smiling at him through the screen door.

“Hey, Mr. Carter!” she said.

“Hey, Sherry,” he replied, stunned at how sexy she looked. Betturkey Güncel Giriş He could feel the stirrings down below already. “If you’re looking for Kathy, I’m afraid she’s not here. She’s out on a baby-sitting gig and won’t be done until late tonight.”

“I know, she told me,” Sherry replied. She bit her bottom lip sexily, then continued. “Actually, I came to see you.”

“You did?” Rob replied.

“Yes, I did,” she said, continuing. “I need to talk to you about something, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, I don’t mind, what is it?” Rob asked.

“Well, uh, it’s kinda personal,” she said, shrugging her shoulders a bit. “Can I come in? I’d rather not talk out on the porch like this.”

“Oh, yeah, sure, c’mon in!” Rob said, opening the screen door for her and holding it open. He made no effort to get out of her way this time, and once again she brushed those monster tits against him as she went by. And once again she looked him in the eye when she did it, smiling seductively at him.

A thousand thoughts went through his mind at that point, most of them logical reasons as to why he should not fuck the living shit out of this young, 18 year old vixen who was clearly asking for it, but the more he looked at those tits and the rest of her hot body, the more those logical thoughts took a back seat to the desire rising in him from deep in his balls. ‘What’s that they always say, when one head gets hard the other one gets soft?’ he thought to himself as he closed the inner door and then followed Sherry’s swinging, skirt-clad behind into the house and to the kitchen next to his den. He noticed for the first time that Sherry had a “tramp stamp,” a tribal tattoo in the small of her back just above her butt. He had a few tats himself so he knew a fresh one when he saw it, and this one couldn’t have been more than a month old. ‘And it really looks hot on her, too!’ he thought to himself. She sat down on the barstool where she had been before, and he went over to his desk and sat on the edge again, crossing his arms across his chest before speaking. She swiveled the chair to face him, crossing her legs slowly.

“So what’s on your mind, Sherry?” he asked.

“Can I be honest with you, Mr. Carter?” she asked.

“Sure,” he replied.

“And you won’t tell anybody, not even Kathy?” she asked.

“I won’t tell anybody, not even Kathy,” he said, “and that’s a promise. Now what’s on your mind, Sherry?”

“Well, to be totally honest with you, Mr. Carter, you are,” she said, confirming his suspicions.

“I am?” he asked, playing her game now. “And why am I on your mind?”

“Well, because you’re funny, you’re smart, you’re caring, and you’ve got a really hot body for a man in his late thirties,” she said, looking him up and down as she paused; she took a breath and then finished. “And because you turn me on, Mr. Carter, you turn me on so much! See?” she asked, and stuck her chest out so he could see that her nipples were hard as little rocks, pressing firmly against the fabric of the halter top.

“I see,” he said, unable to take his eyes off her nipples and breasts until she continued. He could feel the beginnings of an erection already.

“That happens every time I so much as think of you! And whenever I get near you, well…” she paused, looking at him and biting her lower lip.

“Well, what?” he asked. “You can’t embarrass me, Sherry, so just say it.”

“Every time I get near you, my pussy gets wet,” she said, looking him in the eyes. “like it is now.”

As much as he hated it, he at least had to try and do the right thing. He wasn’t sure it’d be his best effort, but he at least had to try.

“We can’t, Sherry,” he said, hating having to say it and hoping she’d fight back. “It wouldn’t be right. As much as you may think you want it, we can’t. I’m way too old for you, anway! You should be out chasing boys your own age!”

“Boys my own age bore me,” she said simply, a frown crossing her face. “They’re immature and can’t think any further than the ends of their own dicks.” He stifled a laugh at this as she continued; she was smiling again. “Not like you, Mr. Carter, not like you at all!”

“But still, Sherry, we just can’t,” he protested, trying to remain logical and clear-headed which was getting to be damned near impossible since most of his blood was rushing to his own dick right about now.

“Yes, we can,” she said, sliding off of the barstool and walking over to him. “I’m here, you’re here, the house is empty, no one will be here until late tonight, so we have the house all to ourselves,” she said, stepping between his feet as she had done before. “You know how much I want you, and I think I know how much you want me,” she said, glancing down at the very visible lump in his jeans. She moved in until her hips were pressing against him and the lump in his jeans, then reached up and took his head in her hands again. Again she pulled his head down and kissed him, softly but firmly, her lips parted, her tongue darting into his mouth and teasing his own. She opened her lips more and deepened the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself into him so he could feel her huge breasts pressing against him, the nipples rock-hard. He put his hands on her hips and gripped them firmly, wanting to slide his hands up her lithe, shapely body but hesitating to do so. When she broke the kiss she left him nearly breathless. His cock was rock-hard and throbbing, begging for release.

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