Suburbs Just Got Interesting

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This is my first attempt at an erotic story. Based on real people in my life, who occupy very real fantasies! Hope you enjoy and I’d love to have some feedback.


I live a fairly normal suburban life. I have a house at the end of a cul-de-sac, two cars, couple kids, and a loving wife. Looking at me, one would probably say I look like a youngish (I’m actually 40), cool dad but definitely a dad that belongs out in the burbs with the rest of the people who raised the white flags on more eventful and crazier times. I’m living in a quaint little North Jersey suburb that feels much further away than 20 miles from the grand hub of excitement, New York City. So here I am, on a Friday night sitting on the couch with my wife half checking our phones, half watching two episodes from our latest Netflix binge when she gets a text that would make things around here very interesting for a change.

“Hey, Lena wants you to go check on Catherine.” My wife Lynn asks.

“Why? Where’s Lena and Jay?” I say barely looking up from my phone

“They’re out of town and want to make sure she’s ok, and the house is cool.” Just so we’re clear, Lena and Jay are our very nice, mid to late 40s neighbors who have amazingly been able to raise three remarkably well adjusted kids in this day in age, the youngest of which is Catherine, an eighteen-year-old, recent High School grad who by all accounts would rather sit home and bury her face in a text book than having a rager with friends.

“Catherine? Nerdy little Catherine is over there throwing a crazy party with kegs, bowls full of drugs, destroying the house? Catherine?” I say finally looking up from my phone.

Lynn gets up, walks over, gives me a smile and says “Cut the crap and just go over, it will take two minutes. Who knows, maybe they’re partying and you can relive the glory days…just make sure the house is in one piece and Catherine is fine.” With that she gave me a kiss and walked up stairs, “I’m headed to bed, let me know if we should call in the national guard! Love you”

“Yup, will do. Love ya!” I yelled and threw on my shoes, walked out the door, across the lawn and over to the neighbors under the dim light of the only street light on our side of the block.

While there were a few cars in the driveway, I didn’t hear any noise coming from the open windows on this cool June night. I walked up to the door and looked in, didn’t see anybody, and rapped lightly on the door.

As I waited for someone to open up I looked back and surveyed the neighborhood; it was 10:30pm and not a light on in the block on a Friday night. Everyone must have big plans tomorrow! Swim lessons, hit the nursery and grab some shrubs, maybe a playdate or two with the kids? Why stay up and get into trouble drinking, partying, or fucking when all those daunting tasks face you Saturday? I was sitting there for a good five minutes, attempting to postulate what thrills tomorrow had in store for the rest of my neighborhood when I finally decided to take a look around back where the entertaining room. I walked around the house, past a gravel pathway between the garage and the house. Past a bush I noticed the glow from the only light on in the house coming from the basement and for some reason I decided to take a peek. And boy am I glad I did.

Tucked away from the street and hidden by the cover of bushes I was able to get a good look at what was going on in the basement of my neighbor’s house. Standing side by side were 3 naked boys, their shorts, shoes, and shirts strewn about the basement floor. Two girls, who were definitely not Catherine were sitting on a couch opposite the boys. Both had their shirts off and wore just underwear. One was a very cute redhead who was short, and a little paunchy but had gorgeous porcelain skin and was littered with pretty freckles that stopped just short of her chest and seemed to frame perfectly her milky white, smallish but still very perky tits.

The other girl was a tall, slender brunette who at first glance was very middle of the road when it came to looks but the more I stared (and I did stare more) her sparkling brown eyes, smooth tan skin, and gangly long legs had me thinking otherwise. Both girls’ eyes were fixated on something going on something going on in front of them and at first I missed it because the boys were an obstruction but once the person on the floor moved I could very much tell what was going on. Catherine, dear old innocent Catherine, was on the floor, wearing nothing but white panties, sucking one boy off while the other two stroked their cocks. I was floored.

Not floored enough to get up and run down there to demand this lewdness stop and tell my wife to call Lena and Jay to let them know their daughter is an unashamed whore in the process of mowing down three of the finest young dicks this quaint suburban town has to offer. Nope, not that kind of floored. I was floored in the way that I was watching a girl, who I had never even entertained a sexual thought about in the years I’ve known her, suck escort bayan off three guys with the ferocity of seasoned pro. I have had fantasies of just about every female I’ve come across on this Earth and quiet little Catherine, at the perfect dirty old man age of 18, has never caused my dick to so much as twitch. That is until now, because I was watching this scene in the basement window of my neighbor’s house and I was already pulling out my dick to stroke it as if I had no other choice.

A petite girl, probably around 5’4′ with not one physical feature that sticks out, had me absolutely mesmerized. More cute than sexy, Catherine has straight brown hair, is toned but in a way that someone who isn’t quite fat but will never be skinny was toned. She has very fair skin that bunches up just slightly in her belly when she sits or hunches over. I’m not even sure what color her eyes are. She does have a cute smile that I always found adorable, not sexy or hot, just adorable. Up until now, she’s as average as a girl could be in my eyes. But no longer.

So here was little ol’ average Catherine, on her knees and going at a teenage boy’s cock. She was working the middle guy’s cock with one hand on his shaft and the other cupped around his young ass. Her eyes were staring up at the guy she was blowing and her head was working that cock hard and fast. Every so often she’d take her mouth off and smile at the guy. That is what got me, the smile. It was the same adorable smile I had seen on a day to day basis, but this time if felt very different. I knew right then that I wanted to be staring down at her smile as she sucked me off. I think that’s also when I decided to tuck my cock into my pants and go inside the house to confront them.

I’m not sure what my plan was going to be but I knew one thing, I had to have my 18-year-old neighbor between my legs and staring up at me with a dirty grin on her face. So void of any real plan, I eased the back door open, gently closed it, and walked towards the basement stairs that were just a few feet away and was ajar.

As soon as I entered the house I began to hear voices. “Oh my God Catherine, that feels unbelievable.” Said one boy who I presumed was the blowee of the moment.

“Look at you go! Holy Shit C, you’re a fucking machine!!” Squealed one girl.

“Hurry up dude, I’m gonna fucking blow in my hand if you don’t finish!” Said another boy.

“I’m almost there dude, just chill! Fucccckkkk this feels amazing, don’t stop, right there…”

I thought that would be a perfect time to pop in. I slowly walked down the stairs and the two girls saw me first. They covered their tits up and yelled. “Who the fuck is that!?!”

“Hi, I’m the neighbor! You can call me Brad though. Hi Catherine!!” I sad as matter of factly. At that point the boys flung around and revealed Catherine to be sitting there on her knees, mouth dripping with saliva and her eyes wide as saucers.

“Brad…what…I…” She was stunned. And frankly, so was I. It took a second to regain my composure but I had to take control of the situation if I wanted to capitalize on this moment.

“It’s ok! Don’t worry about anything. Your mom just texted us and wanted to make sure you were ok and when no one answered the door I came through the back door. I thought something was wrong but I don’t think that’s true. You seem to be ok.” I smiled and that disarmed the kids a bit.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry you had to see me…us…it’s not like…” Catherine continued to back pedal and that adorable, innocent girl was back in front of me. I didn’t want that girl, I wanted the confident, wanton slut that was sucking cock a few seconds ago. Let’s get her back.

“It’s ok, please, no need to apologize. Come here, I just want to talk with you for a minute. You guys just stay put, I’m not mad just want to make sure Catherine is ok, cool, and everything that’s going on here is what she wants. Understand?” They all just nodded their heads, the guys’ penises were deflating by the second and the girls were reaching for shirts. Catherine got up and started to walk over to me before she stopped, probably realizing she was in nothing but panties.

“Should I…” She quietly muttered as her arms tried to cover her bare parts.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I just want to chat for a second. I’ll cover my eyes!” I said as I fake covered my eyes. She smiled and walked over to me by the stairs and we walked into a nearby laundry room in the basement.

“Listen, Brad, I’m soo sorry you had…” She began to mutter, her eyes mostly stuck to the ground only occasionally looking up at me. Her round cheeks were now a fiery shade of shame and she had a still wet wisp of saliva running from the corner of her mouth to the bottom of her chin.

“What did I say, no need to be sorry. But I just want to make sure you’re safe.” I said in a paternal, hushed tone trying not to let my voice veer into the husky, perverted tone. She managed to look up and let out a shy altıparmak escort smile. I noticed she was nervously fidgeting with her feet, her right foot constantly rubbing at her left toes. “I don’t want those boys taking advantage or forcing themselves on you and making you do things you don’t want to do so I have to ask, are they? Is this something you willingly want to do?” I emphasized the last three words slowly, focusing my eyes on hers and putting on my best, I’m only here to help, expression.

Her shoulders slumped, and she looked at me with worried eyes, and her mouth started moving but only the beginning of a word trickled out and eventually turned into a full on sigh as her shoulders slumped even lower. She closed her eyes for a moment, as if wishing this would go away and put her head down. As she did this I couldn’t help but notice how her smooth, white stomach started to bunch up above her panties. I was also able to notice how firm her small but pointed breasts were. They barely moved with each sigh and I almost got caught staring but I forced my eyes up to meet hers again.

“It’s ok to tell me. If you’re down here just having fun and you are completely doing this with your own free will then I’m not going to judge but if they’re making you do it for some reason then let me know and I’ll figure something out.” I placed my hand on her naked shoulder and looked at her with as much fake concern as I could muster, and using every muscle in my eyes to not look down at her pointy firm breasts again. “I’m just worried about you, that’s it.”

She took a deep breath, looked up and after starting and stopping a few times finally said, “Brad, I swear they had nothing to do with this. They’re not forcing me to do anything.” She looked down and her voice cracked a bit. A tear formed on the tip of her nose and fell down past her breasts which I was now full on gawking at again.

“What did I say, it’s ok, I’m not judging you.” I took my hand and put it under her chin and raised her head. “There is NOTHING for you to be ashamed of. Sex feels great, and making other people feel good is part of what makes sex great. If you enjoy and want know, do that,” I nodded my head in the direction of the rest of the party, “then by all means go for it. It’s your choice and right as a full blooded human to enjoy sex. Just be safe and make sure you’re using a little teeny bit of discretion, maybe close some shades.” I winked at her and smiled.

The glimmer came back to her eyes and she looked at me, “Guess I should have been more careful” She pushed out a laugh from her slouched body and I couldn’t help but laugh myself.

“Yup. But I’m sure you’re happy I found you and not your mom or dad.” My hand moved back to her shoulder

“You aren’t kidding, I’m very glad you found me,” She became looser and finally started to get her composure back. She stood up and looked at took one more deep breath and whole demeanor changed. Her arms fell to her side and she was no longer self conscious about her nakedness. “So, you’re not going to tell them are you.”

“No of course not, It’s between you and me. No one needs to know.” I lightly squeezed her shoulder for reassurance.

She exhaled and almost started to cry. “Thank you so much Brad, You have no idea…” Then suddenly she hugged me. She was shorter than my 5’9 frame and her head fit perfectly on my shoulder. My hands moved to her back and, not wanting to be weird, I delicately tried to find a place to place my hands. I slowly rested them on the middle of her back and she put hers around my mid back, her perky breasts pressed against my stomach and only the flimsy t-shirt I wore stood between my bare skin and hers.

We held that embrace for a second and I rubbed my hands slightly over her back to let her know it was ok, but I couldn’t help but notice how smooth, and warm her skin was to touch. She gave me one last squeeze and broke the embrace.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity and didn’t say a word. And then something that sounded like it came from another person’s mouth resonated in the room, “Catherine, I want to ask you something and I want you to know that it’s completely up to you, I’m not holding this as a bribe or anything like that…” I paused and she stared at me with that smile, knowing what was coming. “…But I want you to do that too me too, I think you’re incredibly pretty and… If you don’t want to, it’s fine, I’ll walk out and won’t say a word…it’s, it’s up to you.”

In my head there was a combined sound of rushing blood and my internal voice yelling “FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK WHAT DD YOU DOOOO???!!??!?” but outside I just stared at her with what felt like twenty minutes. As her mouth opened and began to move all I could think about was that this girl is going to tell her parents, my wife, the entire neighborhood what a fucked up pervert I was and this perfectly mundane life I take for granted will all be blown to tiny pieces. I actually started to take back my request, mudanya escort ” I,m sorry Catherine, I shouldn’t…I was…”

“Yes” She blurted out before I could finish rebuking my offer. “Yeah, I’d love to” She almost said in a hushed whisper as if she was getting something off her chest that had been eating at her for years. “Yes, I definitely do.” And then this shy, alarmingly quiet young girl lit up and a jolt of excitement straightened her up, “Yes, let’s go!” She giggled and took my hand and placed her head on my shoulders.

“Out there?” I said in a hoarse voice, looking down at her holding my hand and arm pulling me into the place we just left five naked teenagers.

“Yes, of course, It’s only fair! let’s go back out there.” And she pecked me on the lips and spun around and led me back by my hand to the now almost dressed party. “Hey everyone, Brad’s staying for a bit. And he’s cool with everything.” She turned to me and smiled after saying that.

“So guys, let’s do a formal introduction, this is Brad. He’s my neighbor and I’m going to suck him now.” Catherine said that ridiculous line the same way one would announce they’re going to the store to pick up milk.

“Hey Brad” Said the young redhead on the couch who was no longer covering up her perky white tits. “I’m Ellen, this is Megan.” The lanky brunette smiled and waved.

I awkwardly smiled and waved “Hello.” I turned to the guys who were staring at me like I was the guy that just walked in on them and ruined a good blow job. Which of course I was. “Hey guys.”

All three nodded, “Hey.” They had put on their shorts but not shirts.

Catherine walked over to a stocky, athletic guy who looked like he could be a linebacker or an evil genius’ henchman. “You heard me Matt, take ’em down…we’re not finished.” The henchman, Matt looked at me nervously then started taking down his pants. He stocky down there too.

The other two guys proceeded to pull their pants down and the middle guy who was probably suffering from a bad case of blue balls since I killed the moment was a very handsome boy with brown shaggy hair. He had a skater build, very thin and cut with very little body hair. The thing that stuck out to me was, well, the thing sticking out to me. His cock was not huge but was beautiful. It was semi hard and since he was very neatly groomed it looked even bigger and more defined without any hair to obstruct my view, a stare I wasn’t hiding at all. He cleared his throat. “I’m Jason.”

My eyes darted up to meet his, “Hey Jason, I’m Brad. Sorry about before, I didn’t mean to get in the way of a good time. You can go ahead and finish up…”

Ellen, clearly the one in charge, interrupted. “Now, now, I feel like Jason had ample enough time to cum and since he took his sweet time Cath should be moving onto our new guest.”

“Oh come on! I’m going to fucking explode!” Jason whined.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t the last time we’ll do this,” Catherine said sympathetically as she placed her hand on his bare chest.

“Fine, but you’re going to get it next time!” He said faking indignation, as Catherine patted his chest and moved away with a coy smile.

“So I still have to wait? “The third boy asked, holding his dick in hand swinging at Catherine in annoyance.

“Yes, Brayden, you have to wait. Unless one of these prudes wants to get up and do something for a change.” Catherine said teasingly to both Brayden and the two ladies on the couch.

“Catherine, you’re just so much better at this. Plus you know we like to watch.” Ellen yelled as she raised her right eyebrow and flashed a devilish smile to the boys, then to Megan.

“Well, get comfortable ladies. Now Brad, are you going to take your pants off or what?” Catherine asked, giddily bouncing on her toes over towards me.

“Ahem, the uh, curtains?” I said, pointing towards the window where I previously discovered this den of teenage dreams, clearly biding my time while I tried to come to terms with what was happening.

“You’re right!” And Catherine sprung to the window, her handful of breasts bouncing joyfully with each skip. I watched her every move and was absolutely captivated with her new found beauty, or at least the beauty that was always there but I dumbly just realized. She got to the window and raised up on her tippy toes and I soaked in every inch of her from behind. Her legs were crossed like a ballerina about to begin a dance as she stretched for the blinds on the window. My eyes locked onto her delicate pink soles of her feet, then moved to her smallish ankles, up to the round calf muscles that were tight and defined from extending for the curtain, then onto her thighs which were soft but not in a sloppy way. They were pressed together the flesh slowly rubbed together as she reached and struggled to shut the curtain. Finally, I rested my gaze on her cute butt, which was more athlete than model. She had a butt that was strong and muscular in this moment of exertion but as she dropped the curtain, and her heels rested on the ground, the tension in her cheeks disappeared replaced by the sexiest, pillow-y, heart shaped ass that I had every seen. I wanted to pull her in to me and press my body and grind into her cotton panties and that beautiful behind…but first things first.

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