Sleep with Me! Ch. 03

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This is the third part of a four part story that chronicles events that took place in mid-1970s New York City when free-love, drugs, sex and Rock & Roll dominated the American youth culture. In this part Jordan and his lover’s open relationship takes an unforeseen turn. Jordan begins an affair with his downstairs neighbor with unexpected results.

If you’d like to know how this journey of erotic exploration began, you can find it in “Sleep with me!” Ch. 1 & 2 in ‘Interracial Love’.


Part 08: Coffeecake and Kara

“She would never say where she came from,
Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone.
While the sun is bright,
Or in the darkest night,
No one knows,
She comes and goes.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday,
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day,
Still I’m gonna miss you…”

“Mroww?” my nosey Siamese cat said as I sang along with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

“Hush up silly girl,” I said to Ling, “I’m not talking to you.”

Tail straight up in disdain she leaped down from the stool next to the kitchen table where I was putting the finishing touches on a yeast-raised coffee cake. She ran into the living room.

“Everybody’s a damn critic!” I said as I slipped the cake into the oven.

Forty-five minutes later the enticing smell of warm cinnamon, plumped raisins and toasted walnuts wafted from my open windows as well as filling the hallways at 47½ East 7th Street. I rummaged around in the fridge until I found the empty vacuum jar.

“Shit,” I said aloud to myself, “I’m out of coffee!”

Putting the cake on a rack to cool, I ran out to Schacht’s Deli to buy some beans and have them freshly ground. Just as I put the key in the front door I heard the seductive tones of a woman’s voice. I turned around.

“Hi Jordy, whatcha bakin’?” Kara’s tone was deliberately provocative.

She grabbed the bag out of my hands, stuck her nose in and took a deep breath.

“Mmmmm that smells fantastic! 100% Colombian, right?”

“Hi Kara,” I replied, and grabbed the bag back.

I was in no mood for her games.

“Yeah, Colombian, and the coffee cake just came out of the oven.”

“So, what’s a girl have to do to get a piece?” It was more of a leer than a smile.

Kara had the “hots” for me and, if I had a more suspicious nature, I’d swear she was stalking me. She’d developed the uncanny knack of appearing almost every time I entered or exited the premises.

“Come on upstairs, Kara,” I said throwing in the towel “I’m happy to share. I’ll even put up a fresh pot of java.”

She grabbed my arm and led me up to my own apartment.

Kara was an attractive red-head who lived on the first floor but she just wasn’t my type, what we refer to today as ample. My personal preference tended toward the more traditionally curvy, hour-glass types. Still, the way things were going lately I should have been more flattered when receiving a woman’s unsolicited attention. As I prepared the coffee I became lost in thoughts of how quickly things can change . . .

Part 09: Sauce for the Gander

The summer had begun filled with incredible promise and things I could never have dreamed possible. Sheryl and Katarina had agreed to our ménage-a-trois arrangement and it was glorious – while it lasted. Kat had become disillusioned first and decided to return to her old boyfriend. Left alone together, Sheryl and I tried to act like a monogamous couple but neither of us was seriously committed. We were in an open relationship (I was already seeing Ronnie) and I wouldn’t have objected to Sherry’s extra-curricular activities if only she’d been honest about them! I mean, why’d she have to offer herself exclusively to my buddies? Convenient for her, certainly, but so terribly tacky!

In the days following Kat’s departure Sheryl became increasingly restive and argumentative. Rightly, wrongly or indifferently I decided enough was enough and I chose to confront whatever the problem was.

“OK Sher, I give up.” I demanded, “What the fuck’s wrong with you?” The best defense, I’ve always been told, is a good offence so I decided to be offensive and braced for her response.

She was balanced precariously, one foot on a stepstool and the other on the kitchen counter trying to hang one of her pen and ink bursa escort bayan drawings. She answered without turning.

“What makes you think that you’re the only one with needs around here?” Her tone was definitely combative.

“What needs of yours am I not fulfilling? I thought you loved what, when and how we do what we do?” I responded.

My offense melted into defensive silence. I held my tongue.

“Did you ever think – you ego-maniac – that what’s sauce for the gander might be sauce for the goose?” she spat out.

Sheryl’s response was, without question, a well considered challenge.

“Speak English Sher, OK? What in hell are you talking about?” I countered.

“Translation – oh dim-witted one – is: You like it with two women? Ever stop to consider that I might like it with two men?”

She turned her face toward me and, for the first time in days, smiled.

So – that was the problem. I’d indulged my fantasies and now it was to be her turn. I sat there pondering my choices then returned her smile.

“No problem, babe,” I said with as much conviction as I could muster, “Do you have someone in mind or would you like me to ask one of my buds?”

“Magnanimous offer – but I’ve already made the arrangements. We’re due at Miguel’s for dinner and debauchery Friday night.”

Her ear to ear grin said it all.

Miguel, I thought to myself, I never would have suspected Miguel. He always struck me as somewhat — effeminate! I mean I liked the guy. He was one of my former classmates at NYU Grad School and we’d become good friends after I quit. Miguel had taken to showing up at my apartment at the strangest hours, usually to get high or listen to music. Had she already slept with him? Probably, but that was neither here nor there. At least I was invited.

Part 10: Ménage-a-Miguel

Friday night and Sherry was a bundle of nerves and a whirlwind of activity. She seemed more nervous than excited. We practically tumbled out the front door and hailed a cab on Second Avenue. The ride across town took only a few minutes. Miguel buzzed us in. He seemed almost as nervous as Sher did.

I lit a dube to break the tension while Sherry whipped out her kit and started to break up the coke rocks. After a few lines and a few hits Sher grabbed us both by our belts and alternately kissed our mouths. Sliding her hands down she caressed the ever increasing bulges in our bell-bottom jeans.

“Come on boys,” she said breathlessly, “let’s see what you got!”

We were all naked in an instant. Sherry drew us in toward her young and voluptuous body and we surrounded her!

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” she moaned as she pressed herself into Miguel’s body. From behind I reached between her legs and ran my fingers into her already sopping wet cunt. She spread her legs to give me better access. Sherry turned and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth while she straddled my rock hard member rubbing her steamy wet pussy over its entire length. Miguel kissed her neck and shoulders, ran his tongue down the length of her spine, spread her ass cheeks and began to rim her puckered rose bud. For a moment it felt as if he’d licked my cock as well but I dismissed the thought as – ridiculous.

Sherry took us both by the hand and marched us directly into Miguel’s bedroom. Not surprisingly she didn’t need to ask where it was. I had my answer. We got into the bed with Sheryl in the middle. I noticed a bottle of baby oil on the nightstand and I began to apply it liberally all over her sweet succulent feminine form. She cooed with appreciation, took the bottle from me and greased both our swollen cocks. With a dick in each hand she pumped us enthusiastically while alternately burying her tongue in each of our waiting mouths. While she was busy kissing Miguel I slipped from her grasp and slid down her oil slick body. Spreading her delicious thighs, I ran my tongue up and down her sugary slit, pulled back the hood from her hidden jewel and sucked on her engorged clit. Sherry responded by flooding my mouth with her pussy juices and I lapped up every drop.

She moved her face down from Miguel’s, licking and sucking her way down to his swollen member. She took the head of his cock into her hungry mouth then immediately began to deep throat his entire length. Miguel’s eyes closed and a deep moan bursa evi olan escort escaped from his open lips. He reached over and pulled on her sensitive nipples causing another flood of her molten honey to pour onto my tongue and down my throat. Slowly he shifted his position on the bed as she continued to suck and lick the entire length of his shaft. I plunged my tongue deep into her love tunnel and felt her respond happily to my ministrations.

Suddenly I felt a calloused hand on my engorged prick. I picked my head up from between Sherry’s legs and saw Miguel pulling me towards his open mouth! I shot up and pulled my hips away.

“MIGUEL!” I shouted. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Miguel looked at me like a child who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He moved his mouth as if to speak but no sounds came out.

I turned to a startled Sheryl,

“Babe, you’ve got to excuse us for just a minute. Please, just stay where you are.”

I pointed to my “bud” and spat out,

“You – kitchen — now!”

Silently, eyes averted, he obeyed.

I could barely contain my rage. I felt violated — betrayed. Miguel had crossed a line and he knew it. We stepped into the kitchen and I closed the door.

“What the fuck was that all about you — you – asshole?”

The words came out in a staccato whisper. My hands clenched and unclenched in anger – my fingers itching to get around his neck!

Miguel hung his head and mumbled,

“Jeez Jordy,” he mumbled. “Why ju so andgry mayn? I din do nussing. Nussing happen! Dohn be andgry. Por favor?”

Suddenly everything became crystal clear. Miguel was bi-sexual. He wasn’t interested in Sherry. He was using her to get to me!

I shook my head.

“Miguel,” I began, “We’re here to fulfill Sherry’s fantasy not yours! Look, you can be my friend, you can be my buddy, you can come to my place and smoke my dope but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t know if I’m reading you right but I’m not gay, I’m not bi- and I’m not curious. You had no right to try to do what you did without discussing it with me first! Understand?” I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.

He nodded in agreement,

“I’m sorry mayn.” he said softly. “I din mean no harm. I saught everythin’ was okay to do! Ju forgeev me?”

Saying nothing I turned and went back to the bedroom. Sherry was sitting there smoking a joint.

“You two finished?” She could barely contain her anger at being left alone.

“Yeah, we’re done. We just had to come to an understanding – that’s all. We’re here for you! Isn’t that right Miguel?” I said and looked in his direction.

“Si,” he mumbled and crawled up next to Sheryl.

She passed me the joint. I took an extra long hit. Sherry got on her knees leaned over and put her head in between Miguel’s outstretched legs. I positioned myself between her legs and plunged my cock into her doggy-style. I pounded myself into her well oiled hole – taking out my frustrations with my stiff manhood. After just a few minutes she pulled away from me, lifted herself up and stared at down at Miguel.

Then she turned to me angrily and said,

“What the fuck did you do to him in the kitchen?”

“Nothing – I talked to him – that’s all – I swear!” I replied.

Then I looked at Miguel. He’d lost his erection and couldn’t get it up. No matter how she licked, or sucked or stroked his dick he was beyond getting hard again. At least not for her! If it weren’t so pathetic I would have burst out laughing.

That’s when Sheryl saw the look on my face.

“Get your clothes on.” she snarled at me, “We’re leaving – right now! I won’t forget this Jordan!” As we exited she said without looking, “Goodnight Miguel. Thanks for – nothing!!!”

We walked home in silence. When we reached our building she turned and said,

“Go up to your own place Jordan. I’m done with you for the night. I blame this entire fiasco on your macho bullshit. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

I started to protest but she slammed her door in my face.

I would soon learn that my refusal to do whatever it took to satisfy Sheryl’s carnal desires would prove to be our undoing.

Part 10: Payback’s a Feminist Bitch!

The only thing that Sherry and I were really committed to was staying bursa otele gelen escort fit. Running was part of our regimen. One morning after a particularly strenuous workout we returned to the apartment to find Bobby and Alicia waiting on our front steps. Several years later I would be told that their visit wasn’t accidental. It had been planned as a feminist-inspired intervention.

Surprised by their presence I greeted them warmly (totally oblivious to the conspiratorial glances they shared with Sheryl). We all went into Sherry’s first floor apartment. I was in the process of describing our routine to Bobby when I chose my words incautiously and fell into the women’s trap,

“When we’re out training buddy I’m totally in charge. As far as Sher’s concerned my word is law. I tailor the workout and I call all the shots. I run her, then I walk her and then I run her again. You should see her, Bobby, the girl’s a thoroughbred!”

It was intended as a compliment!

“You filthy – God-damned — male chauvinist pig!” Alicia screamed at the top of her lungs!

Shocked I whirled around to face her. She continued

“How dare you speak about a woman like she was an animal – and your property?”

Her face beet red! Completely taken by surprise I was unable to say anything in my own defense.

Bobby tried to calm her down but Sheryl picked up where Alicia left off.

“Fuck you – asshole!” she screeched. Her color was identical to Alicia’s. She plowed ahead,

“You’ve got some fucking nerve, Jordan! You’re worse than my ex-husband! Get the fuck out of my apartment!!! Get out!!! Get out now you piece of shit!!!”

Apparently this was the opening Sheryl had been waiting for and I’d stepped right into it. She wanted out of the relationship and I had been totally oblivious.

I went upstairs in stunned silence.

About half an hour later there was a knock on my door. It was Bobby and Alicia. Alicia spoke first in very calm and measured tones,

“Look Jordan, I’ve kept my mouth shut for as long as I could but your attitude toward woman stinks. Sherry’s been coming over to our apartment regularly complaining about you. Now I understand why Cassie left you and I support Sher in this not you. You have some very serious rethinking to do about your relationships with women and I suggest you start right now. Don’t bother going downstairs to Sherry’s to apologize. You’re not welcome there anymore. In fact, I’d appreciate it if you stayed away from me and Bobby for awhile. I think it’s better for all of us.”

She turned to Bobby “Come on babe, let’s go.”

Bobby, my old friend, faced me and said, “I’m sorry Jordy. That’s the way it’s got to be for right now. You were seriously wrong down there.”

Maybe Alicia wouldn’t have defended Sheryl so fervently or quickly if she’d known that she was fucking Bobby behind her back.

They turned and left without another word. I had been set up! It was devastating. In a heartbeat I’d lost my lover and my two best friends.

My intentions had always been good but there’s an old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

But there’s another old saying, “When one door closes another door opens.” It’s difficult to see the bigger picture when you’ve been dealt such a crushing blow but, as I was soon to learn, the pendulum swings both ways . . .

Part 11: Hello and goodbye.

“Hey Jordy,” Kara said, breaking my reverie, “What’s in the jar on the coffee table?”

“Weed,” I said over my shoulder as I poured the boiling water over the grounds in the Chemex pot. “It’s really potent – can you roll or do you need me?”

“No babe I can handle it!” I could feel her smile all the way from the living room.

Warm coffee cake resplendent with my cinnamon/walnut/raisin filling, strong hot coffee in earthenware mugs and killer weed was everything I needed to get me in the mood. When Kara stripped and climbed into my bed I voiced no objection. I washed the cinnamon sugar from my lips with pussy juice. But the truth was that when I’d opened Kara’s “box” it turned out to be Pandora’s.

After that Saturday morning “delight” Kara wouldn’t leave me alone. As soon as I’d get home from work she’d be knocking on my door or my phone would start to ring. It was always her. Kara refused to take multiple hints to slow down and back off so I knew that we wouldn’t have much of a future. I changed my schedule and consciously avoided her.

I was already looking forward to my next sexual adventure.


To be continued in Ch. 4. If you enjoyed this story please take a moment to vote, comment or both!

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