Product Testing, Chapter 1

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“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to this meeting. As you know our company is preparing to launch a new cologne in our men’s fragrances line. This cologne has been exhaustively studied by our R&D department and by our staff of scientists and chemists.”But before we put it on the market, I wanted to discuss it with you our board of directors. Each of you has a good deal invested with our company, so I felt you should be in on the decisions made here.”Since this is to be a fragrance used by men and enjoyed by women, I also brought in one of our secretaries, Miss Ramirez, to give us a woman’s viewpoint.”Miss Ramirez, this is the board of directors of our company – Mr. Thompson, Mr, Reynolds, Mr. Peters. There are two others but they couldn’t make this meeting for personal reasons.”All three of the members shook hands with Miss Ramirez respectfully, then took their seats again.”Before you, you see four identical bottles all with plain black labels. No markings or other distinguishing features on them. In one of these bottles is a lesser-known men’s cologne from a competitor’s line.”One has a mixture of a men’s cologne and a women’s perfume. One is just colored water with some bath oil in it for scent, and one has our subject cologne. “No one in this room, myself included, knows which is which – they were all bottled and labeled by an outside company with no ties to us. So this is absolutely as random a blind test as we can do. “Now with all of you watching, we will let Miss Ramirez see what she thinks of all four of our ‘scents’. Miss Ramirez, Lydia, the floor is yours.””Thank you, Mr. Wilcox,” Lydia said, politely. She picked up the first bottle and opened the top. She took a little sniff and turned her head away quickly. “Eww! This smells terrible!” she said handing it back to him. Then she picked up the second one and she opened the top to it. She took a more careful sniff, paused, and took another. “This one doesn’t smell too bad,” she said. She placed it back on the tray as a possibility. She picked up the third bottle and opened it. With a single sniff. “This is the water and bath oil – I recognize it because it’s the same bath oil I use!” Then she picked up the last bottle and opened it. “Now this one I like! Mmm… it smells wonderful… so masculine…” She placed it in front of her.  “All right, now that Miss Ramirez has made her selection, let’s see what we have found out!” Mr. Wilcox said. He peeled away the label on the first bottle, the one she said smelled terrible. It turned out to be the mixture of men’s cologne and women’s perfume.Then he picked up the second bottle and peeled its label off. This one was filled with the competitor’s scent. He took the label of the third bottle and sure enough, it was the water and bath oils. Finally, he took the label off the bottle that Lydia Ümraniye Escort had chosen and it was, in fact, their scent.”Well, I guess this proves it – Miss Ramirez picked our scent out of the four samples!” Mr. Wilcox said, “Now let’s discuss how we are going to market this new addition to our product line.”Lydia, uninterested and oblivious to the business discussions around her, reached for the bottle of cologne they were about to launch. She looked at it again. The liquid inside was a pleasant golden color and a little oily looking.That’s probably because it’s a cologne, she thought.She opened the bottle and squeezed a bit onto her fingers. It felt slippery, not watery like she had thought it would be. She smelled it again and smiled. She really did like the smell of this new cologne.As she was putting the cap back on the bottle, she accidentally spilled a little on the table. “Oh, my goodness! Oh, Mr. Wilcox, I am so sorry! Oh, I will get this cleaned up right away!” she said and she rushed across the hall to the bathroom to get some paper towels.Oh, I hope this doesn’t stain the table! she thought. She raced back into the conference room, but by now the smell of the cologne was all over the room. She began wiping up the spill when the strangest thing happened.Lydia started feeling rather warm. “Oh my, it is getting hot in here!” she said and she removed her jacket. A few seconds later she removed her blouse as well to the amazement of the men in the room! “Oh, I am sooo hot! Oh, I feel odd… I feel… God, I am so horny right now! I want to fuck someone!” she said, loud enough the whole room heard her.Mr. Wilcox was the closest (and most good-looking) man in the room and Lydia turned to him.”Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me now! I need you!” she said. She took off her bra and exposed her ample 36DD tits.”MISS RAMIREZ!” he said, shocked at her behavior.Tony Wilcox knew Lydia as a quiet, almost demure woman who was always professional in her appearance and conduct. Not this sexual wildcat who was now half undressed in the conference room asking – no, telling him to fuck her!In addition, he had never heard her call him by his first name since she started with the company. She was always very respectful, answering only when spoken to and then only with a Mr. Wilcox or Sir. Never with his first name. It sounded strange coming from her – even without the sexual demand behind it!Ignoring the wide-eyed stares and gaping mouths of the men in the room, Lydia began playing with her tits as she continued to beg Tony to fuck her.”C’mon Tony, fuck me! I know you want to… I’ve seen how you look at me! Now fuck me! Lay me on the table and fuck my brains out!” she said.She stepped up to him and put her arms around his neck and began kissing him. On the mouth… on the neck… She Ümraniye Escort Bayan began to take off his tie even as he struggled to keep his clothes on.Tony, wanting to save her from further embarrassing herself, stepped in front of the half-naked woman to shield her from the other men’s ogling eyes. He quickly ushered the other board members out of the room to their dismay.”Mr. Wilcox, I don’t know what’s wrong!” Lydia said in a panic. Part of her was still there, but she was fighting the animal urges the cologne was bringing out in her. “I can’t help it! Oh, I’m so embarrassed… but…  Oh God, I need you, Tony! I need you to fuck me, please!” Lydia pushed Tony back down in his seat and she straddled him, sitting down on his lap facing him. She leaned forward shoving her huge tits in his face rubbing her hard aching nipples across his mouth.”Lick them, Tony! Please, baby, lick my big hard nipples! She did have unusually large nipples, he noticed. Hard and firm and standing tall from their areola bases.Lydia Ramirez was a very beautiful woman – that was why Tony chose her for this meeting… he figured a hottie like her would help convince the board to go ahead with this project if his “experiment” was a success. But he never in his wildest dreams anticipated this kind of result!Still, they were alone now in the conference room. And neither of them were married or attached in any way. And he WAS the CEO of the company after all. He could explain away her unusual reaction as an unanticipated reaction to the cologne.In fact, they could put a warning label on the bottle, “May cause unusual sexual aggression in women” – that would be quite a sales gimmick to boot!So with what he was about to do justified in his mind, he helped her up off his lap and went to the door to lock it so they wouldn’t be disturbed.Then he picked up the bottle of cologne and took off the top. Pouring a bit in his hands, he moved up behind Lydia and rubbed the cologne into her tits from behind, giving her another “dose” of the scent as well as massaging her large sensitive tits and turning her on even more.By now the second exposure to the scent and his hands on her had completely clouded her mind. Lydia, the humble, conservative woman was gone now, replaced with this sexual dynamo who was only interested in her own carnal lusts.Not that Tony minded so much. You see, he had always been interested in Lydia since he hired her two years ago. But being the CEO of the company, it wouldn’t look proper if he pursued his interests in her.After all, she was just a secretary and a fairly new one at that. He didn’t want any hint of impropriety or watercooler rumors about how he hired her for her looks or that she “slept her way to the top”.However, this new turn of events and her reaction to the Escort Ümraniye cologne opened the door for him. And he didn’t become the head of such a large and diverse company as this one by missing out on opportunities – and this was an especially pleasing one!Lydia closed her eyes, laying her head back on his shoulder as his hands worked their magic on her firm, full tits. Lydia’s tits and, especially her nipples, were super sensitive hotspots for her arousal.And Tony was giving them the full treatment!  He pulled her tighter to him and Lydia closed her legs tightly together as her pussy begins to pulsate and her panties start becoming damp. “Oh God, yes Tony! Oh, I love your hands on my tits! Play with my nipples! Pinch them, pull on them. Oh, that’s what I like! My nipples are soo sensitive! I can almost cum just by a guy playing with them!” Lydia moaned. She rubbed her ass up and down his cock bulge, getting him more worked up as well.Tony pushed Lydia forward, bending her over the edge of the conference table so her large tits just grazed the tabletop.He had picked the spot right where she had spilled the cologne that started all this. It still reeked of the stuff which, combined with what he had massaged into her tits, kept her in a constant state of arousal.He pushed himself up against her, letting her feel his bulge as he pressed up against her ass. Lydia wriggled her ass playfully as he continued to massage and fondle her tits.”Fuck, that cologne is making me so fucking horny! I need you to fuck me, Tony, I really need a hard cock in me. I don’t care if it’s my ass or my pussy, just pick a hole and plug it, please! Fuck me right now!”Tony didn’t need any further coaxing. He pulled Lydia upright and taking her by the arm he pulled her around to the other side of the conference table where there was more room.There he pushed her to her knees and Lydia looked up at him with a broad smile. She knew exactly what he wanted and she was only too pleased to give it to him. She started massaging the large bulge in his pants. She leaned forward, licking the bulge he created in his pants and letting him know he was in for a treat! But Lydia couldn’t wait any longer – she needed to see what would very soon be buried deep in one of her hungry holes! She still wasn’t sure which one he would choose, but that didn’t matter to her, so long as he fucked her hard and thoroughly!She raised up on her knees and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down where they fell to the floor. She got a better look at what he had to offer when she saw the bulge he created in his boxers. “Oooh, Mr. Wilcox!” she said, smiling up at him.She pulled down his boxers, eager to lay her eyes on whatever was causing such an enormous deformation in his shorts. As she pulled the flimsy garment down, she met Tony’s impressive eight-inch cock face to face!Lydia’s eyes grew wide at the size of his hard, fat cock. “Oh my God, Mr. Wilcox!” she exclaimed. She bit her lower lip playfully as her hand stroked slowly around the base of his shaft. Lydia held the cock for a moment, examining it and admiring the size and hardness of the velvety steel shaft. 

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