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party of bachelor’sBachelors PartyEver since we’d gotten married, I had been teasingmy wife Linda about how much I was looking forward toseeing her fuck another man. This always generatedgreat sex for us and I think it was something she washoping some day would actually played outOne of my old friends from high school was getting marriedand his bachelor party was coming up and Linda wouldusually pout and try to tell me that we didn’t need to haveone. The thought of me and a few of my friends drinkingand watching x-rated movies didn’t bother her, but shewas afraid one of them would arrange for a stripper and,worse yet, that things would go beyond stripping.Once an actual date for the party had been set, she seemedto get more worried than before and started saying thatshe was going to come along. I explained to her that the onlyway that was going to happen was if she volunteered to bethe stripper. She told me I was crazy, but I decided it wouldbe fun to tease her about it. Linda had never met any of theseguys and the chances of them meeting again was very small.The next time we were fooling around I whispered to her thatI was looking forward to seeing her performance at my friendsbachelor party. Linda gave me a “yeah, right”, but as myhand glided over her pussy I began to go into detail abouther doing a striptease for me and my friends. I describedsomething similar to what she had done for me before, whereshe had done a very sexy striptease and then proceeded touse a vibrator to bring herself to orgasm as I watched. Itold her how much it had turned me on and that I’m surethey’d love to see it too.Linda said she could never do something like except in front ofstrangers, I said well you do not know anyone as I kissed herface and neck and ran my hands over her body. It was probablyjust me, but when we finally fucked it seemed hotter than usual.I teased her about the scenario every so often and got a littlemore elaborate and detailed each time. She took the k**dingbut always made sure I knew it wasn’t going to happen.The date of the bachelor party was getting closer and whenI mentioned to my Linda that the best man was calling laterthat day to make the arrangements, she told me she had anidea. She said that instead of hiring a stripper, that shewould come and dance for us in a sexy outfit, but only if shecould wear some kind of mask so that the guys wouldn’tknow who she was. I said that it was a nice thought and it eventurned me on a little, but that the guys would probably bedisappointed with a stripper who didn’t strip.She sat there for a minute contemplating things and finallysaid that she would do a striptease for us, but again onlyif she could wear a mask and that she wasn’t going todo the part with the vibrator. I thought about it and foundit incredibly exciting that she was willing to strip nakedin front of these guys and me. My hardening cock supportedthis, so I agreed to her terms and told the best man not to worryabout the stripper, that I would take care of it since hewas coming from out of town andhe price would be 600 dollars.As the date grew nearer, I kept asking my Linda how theplans were coming for her act and she just told me I’dhave to wait and see when it happened. I couldn’t helpbut fantasize about how it would go and it always went beyondthe stripping, with it ending differently each time. Finallythe date arrived and the guys showed up for the weekend.As luck would have it, only three of them could make it. Fridaynight was spent catching up on things and Saturday got offto a leisurely start.The bachelor party was going to be an all day kind of thing,we went and played golf, had lunch went back to our homeso shortly after the first x-rated movie started playing and wesat down to play poker , an other of Linda’s fantasies but that’sfor later time. A little way in to it I asked them what time theywanted the stripper to show up. Their first reaction was “now!’but I explained that I was sure she needed some advance notice,so they said as soon as she could make it. I went upstairs andcalled Linda and told her what they said.She hadn’t been expecting to come over until later in the evening,but thought she could probably manage to be there in a an hour.She said that, if nothing else, she needed time to have a fewdrinks first so she wouldn’t be so nervous. I told my friends thatthe stripper would be by in a couple of hour or so.In the meantime, we playing poker, drinking and continuedwatching adult films. There were some really hot ones withgirls getting gang banged and it was obvious they were gettingto us all. A couple of hours later, the phone rang and I jumpedup to get it. It was my wife Linda and she wanted to know if wewere ready for her. I said we certainly were and told her thatshe’d be stripping in front of four very horny men. She gave anervous laugh and said she’d be over shortly.We hung up and I told the guys that the stripperwas on her way. They all cheered and started asking questionsabout her. I told them that it was an acquaintance of mineand that they’d better treat her nicely. They wantedto know more about her, but I told them they’d just haveto wait and see.Soon there was a knock at the door and I got up to answer it.I opened the door to see my wife Linda standing there wearinga Mardi Gras-style mask, a long dress coat, and a pair ofhigh heels. I couldn’t wait to see what was under it!She stepped inside and looked around the room, but didn’tsay a word. An adult film was playing on the TV and she lookedat it for a few moments before putting down the bag. There was ahot girl lying on her back being fucked by a monster cock as shesucked on an other.Linda was also carrying a bag for what I had no idea as she saidit was to be a surprise. Linda took off her coat. Underneath shewas wearing a cropped, hot pink, and very tight t-shirt and a pair ofvery snug fitting bahis siteleri short shorts and fish net stockings.It was obvious to all of us that she wasn’t wearing a bra underthat shirt as her very large nipples were straining to pock throughher t-shirt, which made us wonder if there was anything underthe shorts. Linda looked extremely hot and the mask only madeher seem more alluring. She bent over and reached into her bag,giving us all a chance to check out her nice ass and legs. She pulleda homemade CD from her bag and handed it to me, which I thenput into the stereo. As it began playing, I muted the TV butleft the video running as a background to her performance.Linda began to slowly dance around the room, moving very sexily,running her hands over her body, and looking extremelyhot. I was very happy as I remembered that this was my wifelooking so sexy. She danced slowly past each one of us andaround the coffee table in the center of the room. Once she’dmade a loop of the room, she stood in the center and beganto rub her breasts on the outside of her shirt. Her nippleswere as hard as I’d ever seen them and she still had ashirt on!Linda grabbed the bottom of the shirt and slowly began to pullit upwards. Just as her nipples were about to come into view,she stopped and rubbed the under sides of her breasts, teasingus like an expert. Then she pulled the t-shirt up further and weall sighed audibly when her nipples came into view and heldour breath as she took the shirt completely off, being carefulnot to disturb her mask.Linda has very sexy, perky tits and they looked especially hottoday because her nipples were so hard. It wasn’t the least bitcold, so I knew they were that way because she was turned on,which just made me even more excited.She stood there and rubbed her tits as she swayed to the sultrymusic, then began to walk past each of us again. This timeshe leaned forward towards each of us so we could get a goodlook at her breasts and then would slowly back away and moveon to the next guy. As she did this to the guy to my left, hereached up and touched her breast. She slowly, but purposefully,reached up and removed his hand and shook her finger at him.She hadn’t said a word since arriving and apparentlydidn’t plan to as part of her plan to remain anonymous.Once Linda finished her circuit, she moved back to the frontof the room and began removing her shorts. Underneath shehad on a very sexy g-string that barely covered any of herpussy topped off with a sexy garter belt. She dropped hershorts to the floor and turned around to show us her bare asswith the thin string between it. She moved her ass to the music,then bent forward, giving us not only a better view of her sexybehind, but also a great view of her barely-covered pussy. Wealso noticed that the hot pink g-string was very wet from her pussydripping. Apparently this was turning Linda on even more than I thought!While she was still bent over, Linda reached up and grabbedthe strings and slowly began peeling off the garment. Whatlittle coverage there was soon slipped away and all of ourcocks got even harder as we stared at her recently shavedand clearly excited pussy. She pulled the g-string therest of the way down, stepped out of it, and tossed it backwardsat us. I was too slow and groom got it, bringing it to his faceand breathing in the scent of her sex.Still bent over, Linda moved her feet apart and reached backto caress her legs in a slow, sexy motion. As her hand reachedthe top of her thigh where I thought it would stop, she continuedon to her pussy, giving it a gentle rub, then running her handback down her other thigh, leaving a light trail of her wetness.This time when her hand reached her pussy,she ran her fingerthrough her wetness and across her clit, then used two fingersto spread her lips apart for us to see.I’m sure all of us wanted to reach out and touch Linda,but just then she stood up and turned around and resumeddancing to the music. She danced by each of us once again,but this time she took a little longer and rubbed her handsall over her naked body as we watched intently. When someonewould reach out and try to touch her, at first she would movejust out of reach, but soon she wasn’t moving untiljust after they made contact.After Linda danced for each of us, she went back to herbag and pulled out a can of whipped cream. This was gettinginteresting! She then went up to the groom, put some whippedcream on her nipples, and leaned forward so he could suckand lick it off. Linda then did this to the rest of the guys. Mostof the guys stuck to her plan, but as one of them was lickingthe whipped cream off, his hand reached between her legs andstarted feeling her pussy. I thought for sure she was going tojump backwards or maybe even get mad, but instead she slowlyground her pussy against his hand.If it was possible, my cock got even harder seeing her this workedup. When my turn came, I gently licked the whipped cream offand at the same time slipped my hand between her legs. I wasamazed how wet she was and slipped a finger inside her as shemoaned out loud. I continued playing with her as I licked her otherbreast completely clean and then reluctantly released her.It was then that I realized that all the guys but me had freed theirhard cocks from the confines of their pants and were slowly strokingthem. I was happy to do the same, opening my jeans and slidingthem and my underwear down far enough to be comfortable. Mythrobbing cock, wet with pre-cum, felt like it would explode withthe slightest touch. I glanced at the others and realized they were inthe same state as I was.I couldn’t help but notice that one of them had a cock as big assome of the biggest dildos I’d ever seen. Apparently Linda hadnoticed it too, because she was standing there staring at it whilelicking her lips.She must have realized she was staring canlı bahis and quickly turnedand went back to her bag. Pulling out a new vibrators,she moved over to the coffee table and repositioned it,laying down on it so that her feet were facing us. She broughtthe life like vibrator to her mouth and began licking andsucking it, making us all jealous of the toy.After taking a good portion of it into her mouth, Linda withdrew it, turned it on, and began to rub the tip over her tits, paying closeattention to her nipples, then sliding it slowly down herstomach. When it reached the little patch of hair left onher pussy, she pulled her legs back and apart and ran thetip of it down between her lips.I was wonderfully surprised that she’d decided to put on thewhole show after all. I was just bummed that I’d have towait until my friends left to finish what she’d started. Wewere all mesmerized as she ran the head of the fake cockbetween her lips, over her clit, and all over her pussy. Wewere even more mesmerized as she began working thelarge vibrator between her lips and then inside.Slowly she worked a little more then a little more inside herself,pulling it back out a little, then pushing it deeper inside. Soon Lindahad its entire length buried in her pussy and then began to havea tremendous orgasm. Linda looked so incredibly sexy as herbody shook from the intense spasms. Somehow she managed notto cry out, but it was obvious she wanted to.As she was coming down from her orgasm with the vibratorstill deep inside her, I was shocked to see the groomstand up, remove the rest of his pants, and walk over to her.Not sure what he was going to do at first, I was prepared tojump up and tell him to sit back down. But before I could,she opened her eyes, smiled, and reached out to grab himby the cock. She slowly stroked his shaft and, as a big dropof pre-cum formed at the tip, she pulled him closer and stuckher tongue out to catch it.She let a string of wetness stretch between her lips and his cock,then moved back towards him and ran her tongue over his cockhead and down his shaft like she had done to me so many timesbefore. She proceeded to give him one of her fantastic blow jobsas the rest of us watched in amazement. I couldn’t believe howfar Linda was letting this go, but I was all for it.As she was taking his shaft into her mouth, one of the other guysgot up and removed his pants too, then kneeled between her legs,pulled the vibrator slowly from her, and began eating her pussy inearnest.This just caused her to suck on my the grooms cockharder and faster and before long he was moaning and warningher that he was going to cum. I couldn’t wait to see howshe’d respond.With a loud moan he thrust forward and began to shoot his hot cuminto her willing mouth. At first she tried to swallow it, but then shestarted to have an orgasm of her own from having her pussy lickedand pulled it from her mouth, causing his cum to spray onto her mask,lips,and cheeks.Just when I thought I’d seen it all, the guy that waslicking her moved up and aimed his cock at her swollen pussy.Surely he wasn’t going to put his cock in my wife pussy! Andthen I remembered that they had no idea this wasLinda. As she looked down between her legs and sawwhat he was about to do, I knew she was about to put a stop tothings. She looked past him at me, smiled, then reacheddown and spread her pussy lips for him!I couldn’t believe she was actually going to let my friend do it!I was shocked and incredibly turned on. I watched as he placedthe head of his cock between her spread lips and pushed gentlyforward, the head slipping easily inside. Linda released her lipsas he slid the entire length of his cock into her with onelong push. Just then I realized that the only guy who hadn’tbeen involved yet, other than myself, had stripped nakedand was leaning down to suck on her tit.I decided it was my turn to get involved too, so I stripped nakedand moved up to give her a kiss. Linda had licked her lips cleanof cum by this point, so I gave her a deep passionate kiss asshe moaned into my mouth. I moved down to take her othernipple between my lips and then remembered one of the fantasiesshe’d shared with me about having both of her breasts sucked onat the same time by two different guys. I was glad to be fulfillingone of Linda’s fantasies too, even if it wasn’t the exact way shehad imagined it.We both sucked and licked at her nipples eagerly as her bodyrocked back and forth from the fucking Linda was getting below.Even though she’d managed not to talk yet, Linda couldno longer hold back her moans of pleasure and I hoped theneighbors would think it was the TV. The guy sucking herother breast decided it was time to change places and stoodup to offer his cock to her mouth.This was the guy with the really big cock and I was curiousto see how much of it she’d be able to get into her mouth.Linda was really good at sucking cock, but this seemed eventoo big for her to handle. Linda just licked at the head andgradually began working the shaft into her mouth. When shehad managed to get about half of it in, the guy in her pussycouldn’t take any more and with a loud moan, pulled his cockout and began spraying his hot cum all over her stomach andpussy.Linda had one hand wrapped around the cock she was sucking,so with the other she reached down and began rubbing the freshcum into her skin. This seemed like a good time for me to changepositions, so I stood up and got between her legs, sliding my cock intoher with one swift motion. I just held it there for a minuteand watched as she continued to try and take more of thatbig cock into her mouth.Linda would back out a little to catch her breath, then slide it inas far as she could, getting a little further each time. I heldmy cock still inside her until she’d managed to get the entirelength into her mouth. Once she’d güvenilir bahis done this, she began suckingin earnest and I began to move quickly in and out, knowing thatI wouldn’t last long no matter what I did. I was way too turned on andfigured I’d quickly be ready for a second round.Linda looked so incredibly hot with that big cock in her mouthand her breasts moving back and forth as I pushed and pulled.As I suspected, it didn’t take very long before I wasready to cum. I wanted to pull out, but I didn’t havethe willpower and began cumming deep inside her. I stayedthere for a few moments and watched her sucking and licking.Every so often she would take it out, lick the underside,and then lick and suck on his balls. Reluctantly I withdrewand sat back to see what happened next. Did she have enoughor was she able to keep going?Almost as if she’d read my thoughts, she pulled thecock from her mouth and stood up. I can’t describe howsexy she looked with nothing on but a mask and high heels,glistening with a combination of sweat and cum. I figuredshe was going to get her things together and leave, but insteadshe moved the coffee table off to the side and guided theguy who she’d been sucking to lie on his back on the floor.Was Linda going to do what I thought she was going to do? Surelyshe wasn’t going to try to put that huge cock in her pussy!To my amazement, Linda straddled him, reached between themto grab his cock, and began to rub the head between her lips.This alone seemed like it might make her orgasm, but sheplaced it at the entrance to her pussy and slowly it beganto disappear inside her. The rest of us watched amazed asshe worked this huge cock into her tight little pussy. Shewent much faster than I would have expected, but still somewhatcautiously, steadily pushing further down onto it untilshe had the entire thing inside her.All three of us that had been watching this were rock hardagain. The other two stood up and went over on either sideof her to get some attention, but I wasn’t sure she’dbe able to do anything other than ride the monster that shewas now straddling. Full of surprises, though, Linda reachedout and took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them asshe started to move up and down on the cock beneath her. Onceshe got into a steady rhythm, she began alternately suckingon the two cocks in her hands.I was amazed at her ability to do all these things at once. Notonly did she do them well,but the closer she came to cumming,the more enthusiastic she got about sucking. But soon it waseven too much for Linda to concentrate on and she released thetwo cocks in her hands and started to move quickly up and downas the guy beneath her met her thrust for thrust.Linda’s moans echoed throughout the room as she reached herclimax, causing the guy she was riding to reach his peak too.They were a blur of movement as they both came at the same time,finally slowing to a halt. She lay down on his chest to recover for amoment, giving me an even better view of his still hard cock in her swollen,throbbing pussy. I stroked my own cock as I waited to seewhat would happen next. I’m sure she was nearly exhausted,but there were still three hard cocks hoping she wasn’tdone yet.After a few moments, Linda sat up slightly and began to withdrawhis cock from her pussy. Their combined juices began toleak from her pussy and onto his balls. Instead of standingup, she moved off of him and kneeled beside him, then motionedfor one of the guys she’d been sucking to come over toher mouth. She began to suck on his cock with the obviousintent of making him cum.I looked at her kneeling in front of me and was about to move inwhen the other guy beat me to it. He quickly slipped his cockinto her drenched pussy and began to fuck her with the samerhythm that she was sucking with. I moved to the side andwatched her tits swaying beneath her and Linda slid back andforth on these two cocks.Not surprisingly,it didn’t take either of them long to cum. The guy inher mouth came first with a series of loud grunts. Linda triedto swallow it all, but some of it leaked out of her mouth anddown her chin. A few moments later the guy in her pussy criedout and pulled his cock out just in time to shoot his cum allover her back and ass. Her arms gave out from under her leavingher kneeling there with her ass in the air and her pussy beggingto be filled. I quickly moved into place behind her and slidmy cock inside her with one quick motion.I thrust quickly back and forth, looking down to watch as myown cock slid in and out or her. I could tell by her moans andmotions that she still had another orgasm left in her. I tried to pacemyself in the hope that we could finish together. Fortunately,Linda was just about there and I picked up my pace and thrustas deep as I could, knowing my balls were slapping againsther clit. This time I vowed I’d pull out when I came,so as soon as she started to cum, I pulled my cock from herpussy and shot my hot cum all over her ass and pussy.Just to make sure she was satisfied, I rubbed the head of my cockover her clit and along her lips, smearing our cum all overher pussy and giving her another mini orgasm.Linda finally collapsed on the floor and we all sat there silently,amazed at what had just transpired. I looked at the moviestill playing and suddenly thought it looked kind of tame.After we rested a bit, I helped her up and she went to the bathroomto clean up. When Linda came back she put all of her stuff inher bag and put on only her coat. Linda went around the roomand gave each of us a kiss on the head of our cocks. I gave her the$600 a big hug at the door, not wanting to arouse anyone suspicions,and was amazed that somehow the mask had stayed on the wholetime.Linda slipped silently into the night and I returnedto my guests. Someone finally spoke up and said how amazingthat had been. Someone else agreed and asked if she couldcome back tomorrow. I said I’d call her and ask in themorning after she’d had some rest, but made them allpromise that they’d never let mine or the grooms wife’sfind out what had happened at the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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