Pamela, Pippa, and Me Ch. 02

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This story seems to be growing. Thanks for the suggestions, although I doubt it’ll be as long as some of you seem to want!


I was right about being worn out. After a week of fucking both my sisters at least once, sometimes two or three times, a day I was starting to feel like the living dead. The eighth night after I’d deflowered Pam I went to my room and collapsed on the bed and tried to get some sleep. After a short while my sisters came into my room and looked at me expectantly.

“Not tonight girls.” I almost croaked. “I need some rest. The two of you are too much every night.”

They both pouted.

“All right, I suppose.” Pip said with bad grace. “But Pam was going to ask for something different.”

“Like what?”

“Like take us both in the butt!” Pam burst out.

“Fuck you both in the ass?” I was a bit surprised at the sudden suggestion, but intrigued as well. “Maybe tomorrow.” I sighed. “But only maybe.”

Pam’s eyes glittered the way that Pip’s did when she had a sneaky plan.

“How about if we promise to do something for you? Would that make it a ‘certainly’ tomorrow?”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked, intrigued now.

“We wear our old school uniforms all day.” My eyes widened and my cock, even in its tired state, twitched.

Pam giggled.

“See. I knew that would work.” She said to Pip.

“How?” I asked.

“She peeked at your internet history Pete.” Pippa said rolling her eyes.

“Snitch.” Pamela laughed.

I smiled too, my hand moving towards my tired dick as it stiffened at the thought of my two beautiful sisters back in their school outfits after a year.

“None of that.” Pip said, grabbing my wrist. “We want you all rested for tomorrow.”

“And how are you proposing to stop me?” I grinned.

Pam grabbed my other arm.

“Easy.” She said. There were a pair of metallic clicks and my arms were suddenly handcuffed to the headboard by the little minxes.

“It seems uniforms aren’t your only kink.” Pip winked at me. “Now get some sleep. You’re going to need all your energy tomorrow little brother.” With that they giggled and left me there.


I finally got to sleep despite my raging hard-on and woke up at about nine the next morning. I could hear the girls moving around downstairs, but they didn’t seem to be in any hurry to come and release me. As I lay waiting I began to wonder about the sudden curiosity in anal sex. I had thought about mentioning it myself a couple of times, but hadn’t because I didn’t think they would be interested. Well, it looked like I had been wrong.

Just after ten Pippa came to let me loose. I smiled as I saw her in her school uniform again. It was a bit tight now, especially across the bosom, and the skirt was so short it revealed that she was wearing stockings not tights. The shoes she had on would never have been allowed in school though.

“I hope you’re rested,” She said. “Because you’re going to need to be for what Pam and I have planned.”

“And that is?” I asked.

“You’ll find out. Now go and shower and then Pammy is doing you some breakfast.” She smiled. “Go! It’s my turn to do the laundry and I need your sheets.”

I went down to the kitchen after my shower wearing only a bathrobe. Pamela was stood at the table, idly flicking through some magazine as some bacon was grilling. She too was wearing her old school uniform as promised. The only difference to Pip was Pam was wearing long white socks and flat shoes.

“Morning sis.” I said.

“Morning sleepyhead.” She grinned as she looked up. “Sit down, your bacon is nearly done. Coffee?”

“Please.” I sat down as she got my breakfast, a rare event, generally we got our own. I couldn’t help but notice how sexily she moved now. In a little over a week Pam had gone from practically hiding her looks to almost flaunting them. Now, just looking at her or Pip was enough to get me at least semi-hard. I smiled to myself as my dick stiffened beneath the bathrobe as if to prove my theory. Pamela placed a cup of coffee and a plate with a bacon sandwich on it in front of me as Pip struggled past with the laundry, taking it out to the washer in the garage.

“Tuck in.” Pam said. “You’re going to need all your strength today with our little scheme.”

“And that is?” I asked with a mouth full of bacon buttie.

“Oh, you’ll find out.” She laughed with the devilish twinkle that I normally saw in Pip’s eyes.

“Pam, can I ask about this sudden interest in butt sex?” I asked, sipping my coffee.

“Well, I asked Pip if you had ever done her up the bum. When she said ‘no’ I asked if I could do it first.”

“Why though?” I was still puzzled.

“Because the last time I was first at anything with you two was when we were born.”

“It seems a bit extreme Pam.” I said dubiously. “Anal sex looks as if it could be painful to start with when I’ve seen it.”

“I’ve thought of that.” She said brightly. “I’ve had Pip’s vibrator in my butt since last night to loosen up the hole.”

“What about Pip?”

“She said she wanted you loosen her up personally.”


“Don’t tuzla eve gelen escort know. With your fingers maybe?”

“We’ll see I suppose.”

As I finished my sandwich and my coffee Pam leant across me to pick up the plate and the mug so she could wash them. She glanced down into my lap.

“I see someone’s ready to go.” She grinned.

I looked down and saw my knob was pushing through the folds of the bathrobe. Blushing for some reason, I covered up.

“There’s no need to hide it.” Pam laughed. “I used to be scared of your dick you know? It was what made you different from me and Pip.”

“And now?”

“Now I think it’s the most wonderful thing in the world and I can’t get enough of it.”

“Can’t get enough of what?” Pippa asked, coming in from the garage.

“Petey’s cock.”

“Oh, I know what you mean, nor can I.” Pip smirked. “Anyway, that’s all the chores for the day done, now we can do what we like.” She practically purred the last part of the sentence.

“I think he’s ready to go.” Pam smiled, reaching down and clasping my cock through the bathrobe. I gulped, not sure that I WAS ready for whatever they had planned. My two female siblings stood one either side of me. They leant down and kissed me, one on either cheek, and then as they helped me to my feet, they slipped the bathrobe from my shoulders. I felt somehow vulnerable with them both clothed, however sexily, and me totally naked. It wasn’t the first time I had been like this with them, but the last time had been something like ten years ago. My dick didn’t care though. It stood out from my groin like a flagpole. Whatever I thought, my cock was ready and willing.

Pam moved to stand in front of me and bent over the kitchen table, her short skirt rising to reveal her simple cotton knickers. Just by looking I could tell she was worked up by the damp patch between her legs. I could also see the outline of the vibrator she held in her butt. I took a deep breath and stepped closer behind her. I leant forward and flipped her skirt up over her hips, staring at her well-rounded ass. I slid my hands inside the thin cotton material of her panties and fondled her buttocks for a moment or two. Pamela gave a low moan of appreciation. I slipped her dampened underwear down to her knees and stared once more at the milky white globes of my sister’s ass that I had revealed.

I could feel Pippa watching my every move so I glanced to one side where she still stood. She smiled and then passed me a bottle of baby oil she had been holding.

“A little lubrication will make things easier for all of us.” She said quietly before reaching out and easing her vibrator out of Pam’s butt hole.

“Nearly time Pam.” I said. “Do you st…?”

She cut me off.

“Yes. Yes I do still want to do this.” She was trembling a little. I wasn’t sure if it was with anticipation, excitement or fear. I put some of the baby oil on my hands and gently began to massage it into her puckered asshole, slipping two and then three fingers in to lube her virgin back passage. She moaned softly once more.

I put some of the oil onto my now throbbing cock before nudging it up to Pam’s waiting ass.

“Last chance to back out sis.” I said softly.

“Just do it!” She squeaked.

I prodded forward at her command, but Pam had tensed and I couldn’t penetrate her.

“Relax Pam, or it won’t go in.” I admonished her gently, giving her rump a little slap, my dick still pressing against her anus. She breathed out and as the tension left her body the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter muscle.

“Oh, that feels nice.” She cooed.

She was right, it did feel nice. I pushed again and sank into her a little further. I did this two or three times, waiting each time for her to get used to the intruder, until I had sunk the whole of my dick into her butt.

Pam groaned.

“You all right sis? Shall I take it out?” I asked, concerned I might be hurting her.

“Don’t you dare!” She snapped, turning her head to glare at me.

“Okay Pam. In that case, I’m going to start moving a bit.” I told her. The glare was enough to convince me she badly wanted to do this.

“Good. Now fuck your big sister in the bum Petey.” She said as she turned her head away.

I pulled out a little way, and then pushed back in. I was taking short, slow strokes to begin with but started to lengthen them gradually, increasing my pace at the same time. Pam was soon grunting as I buried each stroke into her tight but welcoming hole. I heard Pippa grunt too and looked around to see what she was up to. Pip was sat beside me with no knickers, plunging the vibrator in and out of her cunt.

She saw me looking and smiled.

“Watching you fuck Pammy is such a turn-on.” She gasped, her thrusts almost synchronised with mine.

“Horny bitch.” I smiled.

She grinned back.

“That’s me!”

“Excuse me.” Pam panted. “But can you cum from having your bum fucked?”

“I don’t know.” Pip said.

“You’ll have to tell us.” I added.

“I think you can.” Pam gasped out. “Because. tuzla otele gelen escort I’m. Gonna. CUM!!!” Her body tensed and jerked in that wonderful way of hers, her ass muscles grabbing my cock even tighter. To my side I heard Pip climaxing from her self-ministrations as well. I slowed my fucking of Pammy. “No. Keep. Going.” She managed to gasp. “I. Want. You. To. Cum. In. My. Ass.”

“Whatever you want Pam. You are one dirty bitch too you know.”

She turned around, having regained her breath.

“Yes. I’m your dirty little bitch.”

“And so am I.” Pip chimed in. “Come on Pete, hurry up and cum. I want my butt fucked too you know.”

“Nearly there.” I puffed, feeling the familiar tightening of my nut sack. “Here it comes Pam.” I grabbed tight hold of her hips as I shot my seed deep into her bowels. Pamela squealed with unrestrained joy as she felt my hot spunk invade her and she came again.

I pulled out of Pam’s sweet, tight butt after I’d stopped spurting and sat down sweating profusely. Pip leant across and whispered in my ear.

“How long until it’s my turn?” She giggled and then stuck her tongue into my ear. It felt so sexy that my dick unexpectedly began to stiffen again. “Is that all it’s going to take?” She laughed, before poking her tongue back in my one ear and sticking her finger in the other.

“Tell me if your finger gets wet.” I joked. Both of the girls sniggered at that feeble attempt.

Pippa’s free hand dropped into my lap and began to play with my cock and balls.

“Soon have you up and running again.” She breathed oh so sexily into my ear.

She was right. She soon had me stiff again.

“I want to try something different.” She said.

“Of course you do.” I replied, giving her a look.

“I can’t have Pammy outdoing me can I?” She grinned.

“Okay, what?” I sighed, knowing it was pointless to argue.

“I want you to take me in the ass from the front. I want to watch your face while you do it.”

“Is that possible?” I asked. I hadn’t watched that much anal porn. In fact, I hadn’t watched much porn at all recently; I’d been to busy fucking my sisters, but in what anal action I had seen the penetration had always been from behind.

“It’s just a matter of positioning I reckon.” Pip’s grin was so wide now I thought the top of her head would come off. She hopped up onto the kitchen table and laid back, her butt slightly over the edge. “Time to lube me up little brother.” She said, raising her legs so I could see her virgin asshole. I put some more baby oil on my fingers and then began to work them around her cute little hole. One finger slid in easily, then a second. I toyed with Pip’s ass, eliciting little gasps of enjoyment from her. I realised that three of my fingers had now been swallowed by Pippa’s butt.

“Pippa.” I said slightly accusingly. “Your so-called ‘virgin’ ass seems somewhat looser than your sisters.”

“Don’t sound so surprised.” She giggled. “You didn’t think Pam’s was the first bum my vibrator had been up did you?”

Knowing Pip’s adventurous nature that little revelation wasn’t that surprising. After the past couple of weeks I don’t think there was much left that she could say that would surprise me. Suddenly her ass muscles clenched around my fingers.

“Now Petey. I want you to stuff your cock up my bum now.”

Nodding, I pulled my fingers from her butthole and instead placed my dick against the now well-oiled entrance. As I did so Pip rested her feet on my shoulders.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said, with a hint of apprehension.

I pushed my hips forward slowly and watched as my cock disappeared into her asshole. Pippa, despite some grunts, managed to keep her muscles relaxed until my balls were touching the firm cheeks of her wonderful ass and then she clamped hard around my shaft. I looked down into Pip’s grinning face.

“See? I said it could be done.” She said smugly.

“I bow to your superior sexual knowledge.” I grinned back.

“Good. Now pump my ass with that great cock of yours. Fuck me like the horny bitch I am.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said, beginning to fuck her butt.

“Hey! What about me?” Pam cried out, coming to stand next to where Pip was lay. “I’m a horny bitch too, don’t forget.”

“Pam.” Pippa grunted as I quickened the pace of my reaming of her butt. “Pammy, climb up here.”


“So I can eat you out of course.”

“I thought you wanted to watch Petey while he fucked you?”

“I do, I did, but I don’t want you to feel left out like before.” Pip panted in reply.

“If you’re sure little sister.” Pam said as she climbed up onto the table and planted her knees either side of Pip’s head. Soon there were enthusiastic moans coming from Pam as Pip licked at her pussy. I couldn’t see what was happening, but the table began to creak alarmingly as I continued to ass-fuck Pip and Pammy rocked back and forth on her sister’s talented tongue. I don’t know if it was because of that talented tongue or just that Pam was as horny as hell, but Pammy soon climaxed, her body juddering as orgasm took her. tuzla sınırsız escort This in turn made Pippa cum too. As she did she clenched her butt around my thrusting dick which in turn took me to the edge of my own climax.

“Pip! Pip! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!!” I gasped out.

“Cum! Cum in me!” She cried out. “Shoot your seed into my slutty ass Petey!”

I couldn’t have stopped anyway. I shot my spunk deep into her welcoming ass.

All three of us were panting hard as I slipped my prick out of Pip’s butt and let her feet drop to the floor. Pam carefully climbed off Pippa and the table and then hugged her sister as she sat up tiredly. I joined the hug, wrapping my arms around my wonderful sisters. I looked into two shining pairs of eyes.

“You two are the most beautiful women I know and I wish this summer would last forever.”

“Thanks Petey.” Pam said.

“You say the sweetest things little brother.” Pip agreed.

“So, what do my horny lovers want to try next?” I grinned.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something.” Pip smirked.

“Yeah. We can look on your computer if we need inspiration.” Pammy sniggered, causing me to blush. That made them both laugh.


It took another week until Pippa had another ‘idea’. I was watching the news on TV one evening when she came into the lounge, idly swinging one of the pair of handcuffs the girls had used on me the week before around her finger. She wore a flowery white summer dress and her ‘I’ve got an idea’ grin.

“What are you thinking of doing with those?” I asked suspiciously, pointing at the cuffs.

“I’m not putting you in them, if that’s what’s worrying you.” She walked in front of the TV, still swinging the cuffs around her forefinger.

“Good.” A thought hit me. “Why have you got a pair of handcuffs anyway? And Pam come to think of it?”

“We like to accessorise.”


She smiled at my puzzlement.

“Remember the Christmas fancy dress party we went to, when me and Pam went as lady cops and you were some obscure superhero?”

“Wolverine is not obscure!” I protested.

“Whatever. Anyway, we bought the cuffs to go with the outfits.”

“So what devious little plan have you got in mind for them?”

“Well….” She started and then began to redden. I couldn’t believe it; Pippa was blushing about one of her ideas. “I was sort of wondering….” She stopped again.

“Spit it out Pip.”

“I was wondering what it was like to make love while I was restrained.”

“Restrained? You mean handcuffed?”

“Yes.” She looked up and I could see excitement and worry mixed in her eyes. As usual I couldn’t resist her. I wanted to say it might hurt; I wanted to say that she shouldn’t want this; I wanted to say so many things, but I said nothing. Pip just batted her eyes at me and, as I said, I gave in again.

“You’ve got the key?” I asked with a sigh and a smile. She handed it over with the cuffs and a kiss. “All right then, take off your dress.” Quick as a flash she whipped the garment off over her head and stood in front of me wearing the flimsiest pair of panties I had ever seen, the scrap of material barely covering her pussy. She smiled sexily as I ran my eyes over her sweet body. “In front or behind?” I asked.

“What?” She replied.

“Your hands, do you want them cuffed in front or behind your back?”

“Behind is more usual isn’t it?” As I nodded Pip put her hands around her back. I stepped behind her and after a pause snapped the cuffs closed around her wrists. Pippa shivered slightly as she felt the cold steel encircling them. I stood close behind my now shackled sister, my hands on her upper arms.

“Now I can do practically anything I want.” I breathed into her ear.

“Mmmm, sounds promising.” She murmured.

I reached around and cupped her breasts.

“You and Pam have such beautiful tits. I’ve always wanted to try this.” As I said it I pinched both her nipples quite hard.

“Oww! Petey, that hurt.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?”


“Then why are these suddenly so hard?” I asked, flicking my thumbs over her now erect nubs.

“Well, maybe a little bit.” She conceded with bad grace.

I kissed her neck and moved around in front of her; kissing her before moving my mouth down to her sweet titties, sucking on each one in turn. Pippa moaned softly and her nipples seemed to harden even more. I trailed my tongue down her to her belly button, teasing it wetly for a moment before moving lower to the edge of her skimpy underwear. I ran my tongue over the tiny piece of material covering her now dampening slit. She groaned more loudly than before. I carefully eased the panties down her slender legs to her ankles where she kicked them away. Pip parted her legs as I used my tongue on her trimmed bush as I sought her clit. She gasped as I played with her pleasure button and then collapsed to her knees as she came suddenly. I straightened up as she knelt panting in front of me, slipping out of my trousers and boxers. My now hard cock waved in my sister’s face. She opened her eyes and saw the engorged member pointing at her. With a smile she poked out her tongue and licked at it. Her tongue ran down one side of my dick and then back up the other. Then she licked down the underside to my balls which she sucked into her mouth one at a time. That took me to the edge of my own climax but before I came she pulled back.

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