Once Eaten, Twice Hungry

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Hema couldn’t hold the drops of tears that rolled down her silken cheeks. Manish, her husband was fast asleep after a prolonged business trip to the north. It wasn’t easy combating his eyes when she had opened the door for him on his return. Her heart almost broke in shame when he gave her the usual gentle hug moments after he entered the house. He was in no mood for further romance after the tedious train journey. He didn’t wait for his favorite lemon tea as he quietly resigned to the bed and began letting out gentle snores within minutes.

Hema always emptied his baggage whenever he returned from his tours. He normally brought a hell lot of clothes to be washed. He was notorious for his utter laziness in general and hence his dirty habit of stuffing his suitcase wasn’t ever surprising. However, this time around he had a few things apart from the usual rubbish. There was the nice imported perfume, a pair of glowing bangles, a nice blouse piece and a rich Benares saree with thick borders of crafty handwork. Her conscience began giggling at her after seeing the wonderful gifts her husband had brought for her.

‘Does he really deserve to be cheated?’ Hema asked herself in absolute disgust. Mani’s last tour had changed the transformation of the family quite drastically. Mani had gone on a fortnightly tour to the northern states for promoting the prototype of his hard water processing unit. Hema had got used to his long absence in these 22 years of her marriage and often found lot of time to relax by sleeping most of the time. It wasn’t any different this time around till last week when the unexpected happened.

It was a Sunday. Hema was through with her kitchen work and had decided to have a nap before the evening schedule. She was drowned in deep sleep when suddenly she woke up in shock feeling someone breathing hot so close to her face. She froze as her eyes opened. It was Manoj, her 22 year old son whose face was just an inch away from her, with his body pressing hard against her.

“Manoj,” Hema muttered in disbelief. Manoj smiled at her and leaned further to plant his lips firmly on hers. Within seconds Hema could comprehend what her son was up to as her hands got in between their chests to push him aside. Manoj did sway a bit before felling on her left side off balanced. Hema sat up and another chill went through her to realize that her nightie buttons have all been undone.

“I have gone mad after seeing your breasts,” Manoj spoke shamelessly pinning his eyes on her. “You have a pair of sensational breasts with not even the hint of any sag.”

“Shut up,” Hema yelled at him. “Mind your language. I am your mother.”

“I am lucky,” Manoj pounced on her and cupped her breasts with passion.

“This is incest,” Hema spoke after pushing away his hands in reflex action. “How did you get such wicked thoughts?”

“I read all of stories,” Manoj replied with a smile while his eyes kept probing her nightie exploring her cleavage. “Most of the stories are similar to ours. Fathers keep touring all the time and desperate wives look for sex from their sons.”

“Bullshit,” Hema snarled at him. “Get out of this room. I am not desperate anyway.”

“But I am,” Manoj quipped and pulled off his T-shirt. For a moment Hema couldn’t help having a look at his broad chest and strong shoulders. She had always felt proud of her handsome son who always looked in good shape although the long hours he spent in the gym made him look a couple of years older than he actually was. This wasn’t the ideal occasion for any mother to be proud of her son as his intensions were ulterior to say the least.

“Why don’t you fulfill my curiosity?” Manoj whispered as if he was pleading. “I have had hundreds of wet dreams about you. You are sexier than most of the young girls I know. You are my angel and I want to make love to you at least once.”

Hema couldn’t believe whatever she was hearing. She felt as though her son was pouring a stream of melt iron into his ears as he went about disclosing his secret desires unashamed.

“You can be rest assured,” Manoj continued while his eyes kept wandering over his mother’s body. “Nobody can know what we do. I know you can’t get pregnant either. Let us make the most out of Dad’s tour.”

“Stop it,” Hema screamed at her son. “Stop for God’s sake!”

For the first time she could see a ray of fear flashing in Manoj’s eyes. ‘What did I do to trigger such ugly thoughts in my son’s mind?’ Hema wondered. While her eyes were spitting aversion, her mind was diving deep into sadness thinking matadorbet about what would happen to Manoj’s future after letting filthy thoughts intrude in his mind so early in his life.

“Ok,” Manoj looked like retreating from her. She could see clouds of disappointment looming large on his young face. He inched back from the bed and soon stood on the floor with a sorry look on his face. He sighed before walking towards the door without looking back to see his mother. Just as Hema thought that he would be making his way out, he stopped and turned around to look at her with moist eyes.

“Will you let me do something without touching you?” Manoj asked hesitantly.

Hema was now convinced that her son wasn’t completely out of the dirty influence that had conquered him. Her body shook in disgust

“Let me sit and masturbate,” Manoj pleaded trying to bring a shade of innocence in his voice. “I will just watch you while I fantasize about you.”

Hema’s eyes closed instantly hearing what Manoj had just said. His words felt like a hot stream of melt iron speeding inside her ears. Her eyes opened again to spit flames of anger on her horny son while her face went red in fury.

“Just get out of here!” Hema uttered the words with utter contempt. Manoj stood silent for a while before dragging himself out of the room thoroughly dejected. Hema realized that she had no sympathy or compassion for her son after he dared to attempt for the forbidden pleasure. She knew that the aborted sleep could well be the beginning of a crisis in the making between her and her son.

She trembled recollecting the erotic descriptions of Manoj. She had always felt elated hearing compliments from people around her about her looks. At 44 years, she had managed to look pretty although she was less than normal height. She had lost quite a lot of hair of late which somewhat rendered the typical look of a woman in her forties. Her sharp features weren’t really the talk of the town although it still made men sigh as they went past her. With reasonably long nipples standing atop a coin sized cherry red areola; she still kept her husband interested in her more often than not. Last but not the least; she had round and firm ass cheeks which had quite a following whenever she ventured out. ‘Am I still so sexy to arouse my own son?’ She asked herself before alighting from the bed and moving towards the sitting room. It was an odd feeling crossing Manoj’s room after whatever transpired between them earlier but she halted for a moment right in front of the door. She could hear strange noises emanating from inside and her heart pumped fast guessing that her son might be very well fantasizing about her. She knew that it wouldn’t be difficult to have a peep into her son’s room through the ventilator from the staircase. She began walking like a cat on the stair case and made it to the ventilator.

She had guessed alright. Manoj was sitting on the wooden chair with his pant pulled down well below his knees. His eyes were closed and the tip of his tongue could be seen held between his lower and upper teeth. His left hand was holding his long shaft while he used his right palm to caress the tip of his dick passionately. He began motioning his left hand up and down in a gentle speed and as his face swayed either side. Hema’s eyes somehow froze on his long meat which stood like a rocket ready to be launched into the space.

She was seeing what normally a mother could never witness in her life; a horny young son trying to please himself after his manifestation of an unreasonable lust had been refused outright. He could be playing with his mother’s breasts; teasing her nipples; licking her pussy and perhaps even more. Hema kept watching him without letting her eye lids come in the way and she could feel a thread of sympathy winding around her. Her eyes never wavered from her son and in fact she was beginning to enjoy watching the youngster. His strong shoulders and biceps could tempt any woman. He had dark tender hair spreading all over his chest. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy coping up with her son’s immense strength if and when his fantasy was ever fulfilled. She suddenly felt a tension building up inside her bra with her nipples hardening like rock. Her breasts bulged inside the captivity making her fear that the hooks could explode anytime. Her hands went downwards to rest in between her legs that were spreading wider. She was loosing.

She took a few leaps down the stairs reaching to Manoj’s room. She tapped the door lock gently matadorbet giriş brushing aside her momentary hesitation. She wanted the door open at once and it certainly did. It took a while for Manoj to open the door and understandably so. His face was full of surprise to see his mother standing outside.

“I thought of helping you,” Hema smiled at her son who was looking immensely perplexed.

Manoj went speechless for a moment. His excitement became evident in his eyes after hearing what she said. Hema moved in, closed the door and pulled off her nightie in a flash. Manoj’s eyes widened to see his angel standing nude to the hilt in front of him. His dick enlarged instantly and he wasted no time in taking off his pants.

“This should be the first and the last,” Hema sounded firm. “You will leave me alone after it is over.”

Manoj sprung on her to give her a tight hug. His dick pressed hard against her sexy triangle. She had to close her eyes unable to bear the feel of her son’s dick teasing against her womanhood. Manoj went behind her pushing his body against her back. His dick was hitting beneath her ass cheeks while his eager hands reached through her armpits towards her breasts. His hands shivered as they began caressing her well shaped breasts.

“They feel like cushion,” Manoj whispered into her ears. His lips pressed just beneath her ears sending a teasing sensation all over her nerves. His tongue lashed at the back of her neck a few times while his hands stopped trembling and gripped her breasts harder. Hema hissed as her son’s palm brushed against her erect nipples. Manoj kissed her on either side of her shoulders before pushing her forward suggesting that they should go to the bed. Hema was pushed down onto the bed. Her eyes stayed wide open seeing how hard and long his dick had become. Manoj kept browsing all over her body moistening his lips with his tongue. He soon descended on her and let his lips wander all over her body in passion. Hema hummed feeling his lips brushing her soft skin on her throat, neck and shoulders. She knew that her son could be a hesitant starter and he could soon be pouncing on her breasts like a starving animal. There weren’t any surprises as Manoj eventually landed on her breasts, fondling and squeezing them. He looked up to see the erotic reaction of his mother every time he tried biting her breasts gently.

“I can’t believe this,” Manoj murmured holding each one of her breasts in his hands. Hema’s humming turned into moaning soon as the eager boy went about exploring all over her body. He buried his face on her stomach, kissing her sexy navel. As his face inched further downwards, Hema held his head as if to stop him.

“You may find that odd to do,” Hema cautioned with a smile.

“I don’t mind,” Manoj replied without lifting his head. “After all there is not going to be another time.”

He began moving down towards her pussy. Hema swirled feeling her son’s nose brushing against her dense hair. Manoj kept kissing all over the hair blindly before finally his lips landed on her pussy lips. Hema almost sat up. Manoj looked up at her for once before letting his tongue lash around her pussy lips. His eyes kept looking up watching his mother swivel and shudder. His dick was growing like a demon. Hema kept squealing as her loving son let his mouth do some dirty dancing on her pussy. She reached out for his hands and pulled them up until they rested on her breasts again. Manoj soon began relishing the feminine odor of his mother’s pussy while his hands were crushing her breasts harder. His tongue ventured inside her pussy, stroking its way by licking the soft tissues. Within seconds, Hema let out a gasp while her juices began flowing through his tongue inside his mouth. Manoj thought for a while before deciding to gulp the fluid.

“Get on top and fuck me,” Hema instructed her son.

Manoj was atop her body within a flash. Hema raised her knees, holding her legs apart enough to let her son inside. Manoj’s heart pumped faster in thrill seeing his mother exposing her pussy to him. He held his shaft and began searching for her hole beneath the dense bush cover. Eventually Hema had to use her experience in guiding his dick inside her soggy pussy. Manoj felt like screaming ‘Eureka’ immediately after feeling his dick inside his mother.

“You finally got what you wished,” Hema whispered. “Do it now.”

Hema looked up at her son whose face was bright with eagerness while moving against her body. It wasn’t a really pleasant experience to watch her son with incredible lust getting on top of her body. Hema felt it extremely odd to believe that her first tryst with adultery should be with her own son. While the youngster kept pressing hard against her attempting to let his dick make its way inside her pussy, she thought about her husband for a second. There was still a feel of thrill to be on the bed with another man although it was difficult to come to terms with.

Manoj wasn’t thinking about anything. His eyes kept drinking his naked mother while his hands strayed all over her flesh. The intensity of his lust was written all over his face and the expression on his face meant that he had begun enjoying his mother without any fuss about their relationships. He never seemed like gauging what was going through his mother’s mind as he kept playing with her body all the time. However, he had succeeded in involving his mother into the act with his continuous foreplay. Minutes later, Hema began feeling like a woman subjected to a classic seduction shredding away any disturbing thoughts. Manoj had managed to wake up the sleeping devil inside his mother as the lady started enjoying her first adventure outside marriage.

It didn’t take much time for them to get into a nice momentum. The noise of their naked flesh slapped against each other became louder as moments ticked. Manoj was beginning to be more animated with the motion of his dick driving back and forth. Hema smiled listening to the familiar sound of a hard dick rigging her wet pussy while she squealed gently. She even suspected that Manoj might have had sex before seeing the ruthless way with which he kept pounding her pussy. His dick seemed to be capable of going on and on as it plundered the soft cavity of her pussy. His face was getting rigid as he began picking up the speed and went about ramming his dick deeper and harder into her.

‘Yes’ Hema kept murmuring, absolutely enjoying herself. She was letting out loud sexy moans as Manoj had managed to gather maximum momentum. Hema had wrapped her legs around her son’s waist enabling a steady rigging from his hard dick. Her moans turned into screams as Manoj’s dick mercilessly ripped her pussy apart getting deeper and hitting her womb. Manoj was just another man captivated by lust as he kept fucking his mother with absolute disregard. Hema kept staring at the roof and swung her head either sides unable to cope up with the tremendous energy of her young son. Manoj seemed like struggling a bit as he groaned long every now and then but his dick was not relenting anyway. The room was engulfed with noises of their thighs clasping with each other and the atmosphere was magical. Hema was nearing her climax.

Manoj’s eyeballs rolled all over as he felt the volcano which was about to erupt. He was getting more excited about the prospects of exploding into his mother’s wet cunt as he kept driving his dick harder and faster as he could. Hema had given it up as she screamed dangerously. At one magic second, his dick felt like cracking and released consecutive loads of cum inside her. Amazingly, he went on pumping until his dick had let out the very last drop of the serum inside his mother’s pussy. Loud and long gasps followed after the simultaneous climax as they lay hugging each other’s wet bodies.

Understandably, it was Manoj who felt like having conquered the heaven as it was evident from his broad smile. It wasn’t quite the same with Hema as she struggled to come to terms with the mixed feelings after having given herself to satisfy her son’s curiosity. But, according to her the ordeal was over once she had consented to her son’s proposal. She was convinced that it would never be repeated. She somehow believed that she could easily forget whatever transpired between her and her son and that she could resume being a typical wife to her husband from then onwards. She never had any clue about the sense of guilt that would take over as the exhausted woman began sleeping in her son’s hug.

Manish woke up well after noon and was in a hurry to go out into the city to meet some business associate. Hema wished she had the guts to disclose her husband that she betrayed him when he was absent. She wasn’t sure how he would react to know her adventures with their son. She decided to buy some time before revealing the new relationship between her and Manoj. She only hoped that Manoj would never try getting close to her again as they had agreed before their intercourse.

“Hey mom,” Manoj came sprinting down the stairs and hugged her. “Dad has gone out again?”

“Yes..But…,” She couldn’t complete her sentence as her lips were devoured by Manoj with typical youthful eagerness. Her brief determination crashed like a glass pot and she could hear the noise in her heart.

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