My First Time Skinny Dipping

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My First Time Skinny DippingI have never been sexually shy, but growing up in a large Mexican City did not provide many opportunities for skinny dipping. My first opportunity came at the age of 21while living in a Kibbutz by the beach in Israel. I was a volunteer, one of about 40 and only one of 10 or 11 males, and the volunteers rooms and club house had their back to a secluded side of the beach informally knows as Volunteers Beach and more informally as Tittie Beach for most of the volunteer women (mostly European and predominantly Scandinavian) preferred to swim and sunbathe topless. The volunteer community was very sexually active, both with the single members of the community, the soldiers doing their service in the kibbutz, and among ourselves. At that time, Eva, my Swedish regular lay had gone back home and I had my eye in Muriel, a sweet looking French girl who had just arrived with her brother and her best friend Veronique in tow. Every Tuesday evening we had a volleyball mecidiyeköy escort tourney between several teams and this one particular Tuesday in mid-April was brutally hot, so afterwards the two volunteer teams headed for the beach. I, like some others, headed to my room to get my bathing suit, and when I got to the beach saw the usual assortment of topless guys and girls. At that point I was approached by Veronique, still in her shorts and t-shirt (she had the largest boobs in the entire country), who told me some of them wanted to go farther down and go skinny dipping and asked me to join them. I agreed, mostly cause I wanted to see both Veronique and Muriel naked, but was not so sure about dropping my own trousers as I was already getting hard thinking about them and looking at Veroniques nipples pressing against the sweaty t-shirt.Sensing my hesitation, Veronique grabbed me by the hand and we walked a little further down where several guys and gals were mecidiyeköy escort bayan already in the buff and I just stood there, getting more aroused, as Veronique casually took off her clothes (did I mention the tits?) and ran into the water calling for me to join them. I have to admit that I was tempted, but I was feeling self-conscious for being so aroused sat down on the sand to cover the bulge somehow and let it go down. Next thing I know, Veronique is in front of me, still fully naked, with water dripping from her body, nipples hard and pointy, and hairy bush (this is 1984) wet and dark at eye level, and she is asking me if something is wrong. I had to explain to her that I really wanted to join them in the water but I was having a little (ok, a big) problem and my shorts were very tight at the moment. She cocked her head to the side, put her hands on her hips and basically said that it was probably nothing she had not seen before and the water would şişli escort bayan make my problem disappear. With that she extended her hand and helped me of the ground while looking at my crotch and saying “I see” and smiling in a playful mode while cocking her head in the opposite direction and smiling. Well, I can get a hint, and without much further ado, I dropped my pants and proudly let my bouncy hard on free for the world to see. She just giggled, covered her moth faking horror, and them to my surprise, she reached out and playfully squeezed my cock twice times while saying it was a nice one and then grabbed my hand and off to the water we headed to join the others.As she promised, as soon as the not so warm water touched my package the swelling subsided a little and we all spent a good time splashing around and letting the Mediterranean waters cool us of and refresh our bodies. As for my mind, there was no cooling it off as Veronique and I had made a connection and continued teasing and touching each other under the waves. Needless to say that I never scored with Muriel, but Veronique sure made me forget all about her and Eva and showed me why French women are as good in bed or better than Scandinavian girls… but that’s another story!

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