Late For Work?

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Andrea finished her coffee, stood up from the breakfast table and stretched. Her tight white blouse and grey skirt showed off her elegant figure.”Right,” she said, glancing at the clock, “I must get to work.” She picked up her car keys from the counter and turned towards the door.”I need a blow job,” he said.”Oh. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’d be late for work, I really have to go.” She looked anxiously at the clock again.”I really need a blow job,” he said, more firmly this time. “Look what you’ve done. That’s your fault, wearing that tight little skirt, you know the effect that has on me. Look.”Andrea froze in the doorway. She really didn’t want to look. She knew she mustn’t look.She looked. She gasped. He was Maltepe Escort fully erect and his shape was clearly outlined through the fabric of his trousers. It thrilled her that she had such a strong effect on him. She felt a tingling between her legs. He was right, it was her fault. Although she had given him two orgasms last night, first with her hand in the early evening, then in bed with her spasming vaginal muscles, she had neglected his needs this morning. Today was Tuesday, and she hadn’t given him a blow job since… it must have been Saturday. “You can explain to your boss,” he said. “I’m sure she would understand that you had to suck your boyfriend’s cock. I Maltepe Escort Bayan expect she’s been late to work for the same reason.”  Andrea thought that was unlikely, but there wasn’t time to debate the issue. She knelt down on the floor in front of him, moved in between his legs and unzipped him, allowing his cock to spring out. Morning erections were the best, she thought, as she reached out and held it, pulling down his foreskin to reveal his smooth, purple head. He was so hard, and lovely and clean after his morning shower. The dark veins showed up prominently under the bright kitchen light. She leaned forward, until he could feel her breath, still Escort Maltepe hot from the coffee, on the tip of his cock.”Is it really the skirt that you like?” she asked, pausing with her mouth an inch away from him.He knew this game. “No, it’s not the skirt itself. It’s the way it shows off your slim waist, your curving hips and your beautiful thighs,” he replied.Having got the approval she wanted, she kissed his tip, opened her moist lips and sucked the head in, stroked the sensitive underside with her tongue. Her lips travelled down, squeezing and massaging his shaft. She heard his slow groan of pleasure as her warm, wet mouth enveloped him. He gripped her silky hair in his fist to guide her movements.Trying to finish him off as quickly as possible, she reached in with her hand and gently pulled out his balls, cradling them and rolling them in the palm of her hand, as her lips moved lower and the tip of his cock reached the back of her mouth. She knew he couldn’t last long with this double stimulation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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