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Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (3) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottest Mexican men I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (Jorge R (3) …… I was in Mexico. I had just landed and was off to my hotel. I would get to it and get settled. I would see the sights that evening before my next mornings drive for what the GPS on my phone said would be over an hour’s drive. The weeks to my trip came fast. And I feared my time in Mexico would move just as quickly. When I got there I made sure to tweet Jorge as soon as I got to the hotel. “I am in Mexico” I said to him. Then I sent the same message to his cell. That would provide me a quicker response from the hot near. And he did. Within 10 minutes I got a text back saying that he and Ceslo were out and about. “You should meet us at the club” it said “We will have a few drinks and chat” “In person sexy man” I was pleased he wanted to hook up so quickly. My loins were twitching for the stud ever since I arrived. “Great. Where?” I sent back He sent me the name and address if the place. He said they would be there around 9:30. So I sent back a confirmation I would meet them. I was a little weirded that I was gonna meet the boyfriend too. But Ceslo seemed great and he wanted to have some fun too. So I was good with it. “Lemme get some food before I meet them” I said to myself I wnet down to the lobby and asked the guy at the front desk where there was a good place to eat. And said I wanted to eat near BluTV the club I was to meet Jorge at. He looked at me oddly. Probably realizing I was a fag. But then he gave me a few options where I could go to eat. I went to a place about two blocks from the club where the guys would be. I saw that the club was already getting people walking in. So I made haste to eat. I didn’t want to miss out in getting into it. “How he is as hotbin person” I said as I sat there eating I sat at the window seat and ate my dinner. Just a sandwich and some beer. It was good, but my mind and eyes were on the club. As I sat there I saw more and more people heading into it. Then a line started to form and time rolled on. People were now waiting to get in. I decided to text Jorge to let him know where I was. That way we could meet here at the restaurant. We could go into the club together. “Oh. Good” came his response “We will meet you there first then” It wasn’t too long before I saw a couple headed towards the place I was. I could see as they came closer that it was them. Ceslo and Jorge. They wore nice snug fitting shirts and jeans on them. I smiled as I saw the too get closer. Jorge was super hot. The shirt was opened at the top to show off his chest. Ceslo was actually pretty hot too. And they both had better bodies then I figured from online. I felt my dick throb in my pants as I sat there. I waved at them as they crossed the street to my side of it. Ceslo waved back. The two walked into the restaurant. I got up as they came closer. I looked at the nice bulge in Jorge’s jeans. It looked delectable.I would have dropped to my knees right there in the restaurant if I could. “Hey there sexy” he said as he came in to hug me “You to Jorge” I replied He pulled me into him. Into his strong arms. I smell his cologne. It was light but sweet. Maybe a bit to fragrant for a man like him. But I didn’t care Netflix much as he hugged me. He fekt soo good The I hugged Ceslo. He smell identical to his hot man. He kissed my cheek as he hugged me. “So much cuter in person” he said. “Good that you came down to Mexico” “Jorge will give you a good time.” He reached for his man and patted his big shoulder. I glanced out of the window at the growing crowd. Worried we wouldn’t get in. “Maybe we should get over there” I said “Looks so crazy” Jorge looked at his boyfriend and then back at me. He smiled as he grabbed at my shoulder. “No worries friend” he said “We know the owner” “Come. Follow us” So we headed out into the busy street full of men. And when we got to the front where all the people were, Ceslo waved at the bounced at the door. He was a huge man. He saw him and waved us over. We passed through the crowd and he let us in. He grabbed Ceslo and kissed him in the mouth. Right in front of Jorge. Then he grabbed at his ass as we passed him “I will see you later Ceslo” he stated Then we went through the doors and entered what looked like a huge warehouse. It appears to have been converted into a club. It had a large central dance floor with near a hundred people on it. They were all moving and gyrating to the thumping dance beats. Then that’s where the two hunks separated. Ceslo kissed his man and then hugged me. Then he turned to leave us. “I will see you at home later” he shouted to Jorge. So I was left with the hunk Jorge as his man walked off through the crowds. Then Jorge grabbed me and pulled me to him. Then he leaned in and kissed me. Pulling my mouth to his. “Come let’s get some drinks” he then said “I will get you drunk and then seduce you” He smiled as he said this. Then he grabbed my ass and squeezed it. He hummed in my ear as he felt my butt. His hot breath felt good on my ear and neck. “Feels very nice for dick” Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle he then said Then he lead me upstairs to get some drinks. He stayed close to me as we were almost a crowd of people waiting for drinks. His body rubbed against me and I felt his crotch on my arms. His big full crotch. I looked back at his as he pushed it at me. Jorge smiled at me as he ground himself into me. “My, my” i said “I can feel something big against me.” “And it wants to be inside you” he whispered “Come” He then grabbed my hand and took me passed the bar and down a Hall passed the bathrooms. He tapped on a door that seemed locked. Someone opened the door. He was pretty hot too. “Jorge. How are you” said the guy “Adriano” Jorge chimed back They hugged and kissed right there before me. I looked at Adriano. He has wearing snug jeans too. They were showing a nice bulge as well. He had a fairly nice body too. The tight shirt pulled over his beefy chest. He looked back at me and smiled. “Who i s your hot friend?” He asked I saw Jorge wink at him. And he smiled even bigger. I then pondered where he was taking me. A bit of worry flooded my head. But then I saw Adriano reach for Jorge’s crotch. He squeezed it and giggled. “Have fun” he said Then Jorge pulled me into a corridor of doors and rooms. Then I heard moans from behind some of them. My mind realized what they were. Some of our clubs back in the US had them. They were sex rooms. I looked at Jorge as he smiled at me again. He was so hot and I knew we were gonna have some fun. Now. “Here. In here” he said He lead me into a small room. There was a bed and a chair and a TV on the wall. The TV was playing gay porn. Some twink was screaming as some huge hung black guy was slamming him mercilessly. The screamed bouncing off the room and into my head. Then Jorge grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. He then kissed me. Mouth on mouth tongue on tongue. He was also grinding his crotch into mine. “Now let’s have some fun” he said as he pulled from my lips……….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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