In The Shower Pt. 01

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Big Tits

I first saw him in the main exercise area among the free weights. He must have been nineteen or twenty, slender build, handsome and not too muscular, though it was clear that he was working on that. I didn’t think about him again, though he could easily have registered passing attention from anyone.

At forty-three, I did try to stay in shape, and over time it worked. I remained at two hundred ten pounds and six feet, one inch tall, and I did feel that I ate carefully; my wife and kids could verify that. And I went to the gym several times a week and got plenty of sleep, in spite of my stressful job. In short, I felt that I was in better shape than my peers.

When I finished my workout, I headed for the locker room as usual, and after getting rid of my gym clothes, went to the steam room clad only in my towel. As usual, it was almost impossible to see, but the room seemed vacant, at least until the young guy came in. He sat right next to me and said nothing.

I felt a hand – first on my thigh, then on my cock. Now, I had never been with a guy before, though recently the thought was appealing. Apparently, my cock thought so by itself, as it reacted to his touch by growing even larger.

Now, I’m not small, and I’m told I’m clearly Etiler Escort above average in size: long, uncut, and somewhat … hefty, with large balls. At least, that’s what my wife and other women have said. But I’m clearly not used to being checked out by a guy.

I surprised myself by not pulling away, and clearly I enjoyed his touch. He interrupted the pleasure by asking, “Wanna take a shower? Meet me in the last stall on the right.” He left me feeling unfulfilled and very nervous.

The showers were individual stalls with a curtain, and were often empty. I headed back, with my towel secured around my waist, hoping my erection would not be noticed by anyone that might come by.

I saw a closed curtain and a towel on the hook on the last stall on the right, so I played it safe and took the opposite stall on the left, leaving the curtain open. Shortly, the same young guy joined me, closing the curtain. Putting his finger to my lips, he indicated no talking. I willingly complied, as that was one of my worries.

I’ve never been with a guy, although recently I’ve wondered about it. This seemed like an easy opportunity to discreetly find out what it was like, so I didn’t resist but went with it.

The young Escort Etiler guy ran his hand through the hair on my chest, then he grasped my cock. But I was the most surprised when he dropped on one knee and first held my cock then took it all in his mouth, and he seemed taken with my size. His lips felt as if they were expert, as if he had done this several times before, and the feeling was incredible. I had received oral stimulation numerous times from women and, in the past years, from my wife, but this really went past them all. In short, he used his tongue to great effect, while using his lips and mouth in ways that seemed like he knew what felt good (he did).

After a while, he stood up, turned around (with arms on the wall), and pressed his ass against my cock. To make sure I knew what he wanted, he whispered, “Fuck me, Daddy. Now. Hard and deep.”

I have later learned that “Daddy” and “Son” are regular terms in the gay community, and they refer to legitimate attraction across generations. Ok, I’ll go along with the terms, and I must admit his ass was really appealing. He had tan lines, and his white ass and little globes stood out from his taught back and muscular thighs that were darkened by the sun. Downy hair was Etiler Escort Bayan all over his back and white ass. Around his hole and on his legs were darker hairs – also appealing.

I found his hole and pushed. Hard. I finally broke in as he opened up, and the sensation was incredible. With each stroke I went deeper, and his breathing indicated that pleasure had replaced the pain. He clearly enjoyed it, as he pressed against me while I went even deeper. The pleasure flowed over my body and I felt at one with this young guy.

Reaching around, I felt for his cock, which was really hard. This was the first cock I had held other than my own, and it felt really incredible to experience the rigidity in my hand. It only took a few strokes and then he came in lengthy spasms, shooting on the walls and himself (his chest). My hand felt the warmth of his cum and I liked it.

And then I felt myself ready, responding to his orgasm. I pulled out and shot all over his back, which, by his breathing, he seemed to like. He pushed against me and whispered, “Shoot on me.” And I did in spasms that went on forever, accompanied by his deep breaths.

After a while, he gently kissed me on the lips, whispered “Thanks,” and moved into the shower stream to wash off. It was the first time I’d never been kissed by a guy, and on a night of several firsts, I have to admit that I enjoyed that too. He quietly returned to his shower stall, and the sight of his naked body was again electric. The whole encounter made me want more.

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