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Author’s note: First, I want to thank my love fireinnereyes, for the love and inspiration she has given me in writing this story, her collaboration was necessary to capture both sides of the story. I would like to also thank angel love for the time she took in editing it for me. Hopefully we got it right this time . . . LOL!


He spotted her in the grocery store, shopping with what must have been her husband. She looked tired – as if she had worked all day and just wanted to get this over with. Immediately drawn to her fiery eyes and provocative walk, He turned His cart down the aisle she was in and pretended to read the labels on the canned fruit. He watched her picking over meat carefully, throwing back inferior cuts and revealing her dazzling smile when she found something that pleased her. He knew that it would only be a few minutes before soon she walked out that door and He’d probably never see her again.

It happened to Him all the time, but for some reason, this woman was different. He felt an attraction to her that He couldn’t explain. He was determined to know more about her. He followed her and her husband to the back of the store. When she looked up at him and left in the direction of the restrooms, He couldn’t help but follow.

She walked into the ladies’ room and locked the door behind her. He played around with the water fountain between the two restrooms, waiting impatiently. His interest and arousal increased by the moment. When He heard her hand on the door knob, He moved without thought. As the door began to open He pushed His way in quickly and closed and locked it behind Him. She looked up at Him with a mixture of fear and curiosity – not screaming, but certainly taken aback by His sudden appearance.

Then, she spoke, “Uh Sir, this is the ladies room. I think perhaps you’ve wandered in here by mistake.”

He looked at her, His green eyes slowly turning a bright blue, and waited without speaking. Her voice was like music…deep and sexy like an alto saxophone, and it drove straight to His core. Suddenly she made a move toward the door and without thinking He grabbed her wrist and pushed her back against the wall. His one hand covered her mouth, while the other slipped down between her legs and up under her skirt. He caught her gaze over His hand and noted that she did not appear overly alarmed. He was thrilled when she slid her feet a little wider, giving Him full access to feel beneath her skirt.

His touch felt so good and so sinful at once, but He was so handsome and strong that the submissive in her won the mental conflict between right and wrong. At that moment in time, all she could think of was how good His hand felt between her legs as she spread them open even wider. Her voracious cunt started pulsating, throbbing and sending waves of pleasure through her. Her need to be dominated by her husband had never been fulfilled, and this strange Man that was heedlessly exploring her womanly charms in the ladies room sent her mind reeling.

Her pussy was swollen with arousal as özbek escort He rubbed her through her panties and felt how soaked she already was. Her cheeks blushed rosy red as her eyes widened in wonderment. ‘Oh my God, what is He going to do to me?’ she thought. A bit of fear tinged the excitement within her as her mind reeled, not knowing whether to scream for help or to scream out in pleasure. Confusion reigned as His hands continued to molest her.

He whispered huskily, “Are you going to scream if I uncover your mouth? Just nod yes or no.”

She just stared at Him with wild eyes. But the sudden gush of fluids on His hand told Him all He needed to know. Releasing her mouth He gazed at her beautiful face. Her eyes fluttered between fear and arousal. Her lips dried then moistened as her tongue slipped out to wet them. In doing so, she made Him weak in the knees. His hand beneath her skirt pushed aside the fabric to come into contact with her heated core. Her hips ground into His open palm in a natural response far beyond her ability to stop or want to stop in her haze of confusion.

Finally, she spoke again, “What, what are you doing? Who are you? What do you want from me?” She let out a little moan as an exclamation point to this round of questioning.

Looking into her eyes and slipping His fingers between her cunt lips He answered, “You know what I’m doing, you know exactly what I want, and I’m the Man who’s going to fuck you. Right here, right now.”

At that precise moment He bent to take her lower lip between His teeth and drove His fingers into her tight molten fuck hole, almost lifting her off the ground with the strength of His penetration. She quivered and clutched at His arm trying to push it away as she begged, “Oh God no! Sir, You can’t do this,” But holding His forearm still, she began to ride His fingers like a good little cum slut.

“Oh Goddddddddd this feels so good. Please Sir . . . Please Sir fuck this nasty little girl. Fuck me. I need it. Oh god Sir!!”

Her hips rolled, thighs clutched and her hands on his arm urged His probing touch deeper into her, as He watched in total lust. Staring deep into His lust-filled eyes she whimpered, “Do what You will with me, just do it quickly! Please, I beg of You!”

Her voice was a low whisper, afraid someone would hear her. Her lower lip quivered as the heat between her legs grew with an unstoppable ferocity. She gasped and moaned, feeling His fingers slicing into her. Her natural urge to submit to this Man was simply overwhelming. She was gushing, her juices spilling from her and coating His hand, slightly embarrassed that her body responded so enthusiastically to this Stranger.

“Ohhhhh pleeeeeease,” her breath caught in her throat, “godddddd pleeease fuck meeeeeeeeee,” she moaned.

Rolling her head from side to side, she was completely lost in the ecstasy He was bringing her. He was turning this fine lady into a desperate slut with His magic touch. As He continually stroked her glistening lips, mecidiyeköy escort she inhaled sharply, beads of sweat forming on her brow. Her pulse raced as the blood coursed through her veins, boiling over with need.

She looked at Him yearning and pleading for more, “Pleeeeeeeease take me. TAKE ME!! Dear godddd nowwww!!”

She couldn’t believe her ears as she uttered these words to this Man with her husband possibly just outside the door. Her need was too great to care at the moment, though. All she wanted was HIM!

Knowing that there was no time for niceties, He lifted her to the edge of the sink cabinet. Tearing her fine silk panties off, He lifted her skirt to see her glistening cunt pulsating with need. It had almost a life of it’s own, opening and closing like the petals on a beautiful orchid. He couldn’t resist . . . He dropped to His knees and buried His face deep between her thighs, basking in her fragrance and coating His face with her juices.

The hunger mounted as her thighs squeezed around His head, her hands gripping His hair and forcing Him deeper and deeper even as she wailed, “No! Noooooo . . . oh godddddddd nooooooo! I musn’t. Ohhh please Sir . . . oh goddddddddddddddddd, fuck me You bastard, fuck me!!!”

He stood suddenly and slammed His cock into her yearning cunt. Sliding halfway in on His initial thrust, He was surprised by her tightness. ‘She’s like a fucking teenager,’ He thought to Himself and grunted like a beast as He drove His cock the rest of the way in.

“Fuccccccccccccck,” He grunted, “it’s so fucking hot!”

“Uuh, uhh, ohhh my godddddddddddd!!” she shouted.

She was no longer able to think. All she could feel was herself drowning in desire. Her mind clouded with lust, craving more of Him as her tight cunt slowly gave way to His insistent advance. Her eyes rolled back in her head as He pushed harder, trying to bury Himself inside of her. She felt herself beginning to cum from the deep, rough penetration.

“Oh my godddddddd!!” she screamed out in pleasure.

Plowing frantically into her now, knowing time was short but reluctant to walk away from this amazing slut, He reveled in His control over her, laughing wickedly to Himself. He thought, with an inner chuckle, ‘She’ll never see grocery shopping the same again.’ He hammered His massive cock deeper and deeper into her. Her cries subsided to whimpers of lust and need; her body open and receiving, nay, demanding Him.

She somehow got the energy and the nerve to bite Him on the nipple as He reamed her little pussy and she growled, “Mooooooooore goddamn it! I need more! Give it to me you son of a bitch. Pleeaaaaaaaaaaase fuck meeeeee!!”

Grinning, He did that and more. His thrusts lifted her ass off the sink every time He entered her. Her pussy stretched, gripped and caressed the head and shaft of His rampaging cock.

“Oooooooh fuck you whore, you goddam bitch. You want it don’t you, you fucking cunt?” Slamming harder now, He growled, “Tell Me, slut. What’s it feel like to be fucked azeri escort by a real Man?”

She screamed, “JEEEZUSSSSS!! HOLY FUCKK!! OH MY GODDDD,” as her body surrendered.

Waves of pleasure seared through her like lightening bolts, burning and striking out at her causing her to writhe and thrash frantically. “My goddddddddd Man You feel soooooooo good.” Her eyes filled with flames as she looked at Him. “Fuck meeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeee, my dear Godddddddddd this feels amazing. YOU feel AMAZING!!!!!!!”

She ground her pussy into Him like some starved wild wench panting, growling and feeling every inch of Him. He spread her little pussy open and raked the inside of her with the hot friction of His cock; pumping, thrusting like a goddamn animal; taking her.

“Oh my goddddddd . . . I’ve never,” stammering, “I . . . I . . . I . . . ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk. I’ve never been fucked like this before!!” The hot little bitch looked like she was in heat the way she reacted to Him. “Fuck meeeeeeeee!!” she begged, as she raked her nails down His flesh, savagely fucking Him. Her pussy clamped tight, so fucking tight.

He had a hard time sliding in and out of her ever-tightening wetness. “Mmmmmmmmmm more . . . MORE!!” she demanded as she shook uncontrollably. “That’s it, do it to me. Take . . . TAKE me!!”

Her sweet fragrance filled His senses, intoxicating Him as He inhaled deep and dove back into the hungry bitch . . . possessing her . . . owning her.

“You’re pussy is MINE!” He exclaimed as His balls tightened.

Enjoying this beautiful woman and the passion plastered on her face, He fucked with a fury unknown to any woman He’d ever been with before. There was something about her that made Him want MORE.

Her passion and lust pushed Him beyond even His tolerance as He groaned, “HOLY SHIT WOMAN!!”

His hips worked frantically to keep up with her thrashing body; her hunger as great as His own. He thought to Himself, ‘What the hell did I get hold of here?’ as she crashed through several orgasms, her legs holding Him tightly to her. His cock shined wetly in the mirror above the sink as it slid in and out of her raging cunt. His hair suddenly stood on end as the long climb and thrill of His orgasm started in the base of His spine, raced to the back of His brain and erupted into her.

She howled when she realized that He was pumping His seed into her, staggering in their intensity, “Oh god yes you bastard, fill my fucking cunt. Drown this little bitch. Oh fuck, goddamn it you son of a bitch! You wanted it; goddamn it, fuck it!”

He growled like a wild animal and POUNDED through His orgasm, the sounds of their groins meeting like rifle shots echoing off the walls. He gasped for air, one arm extended on each side of her body as she collapsed back against the wall. Her hips still rode slowly up and down with cum drooling down to puddle on the floor. She looked up at Him, her eyes glazed with contentment. He zipped up His pants and let Himself out the door, crossing the store quickly.

As He dodged back into the loading area He saw her stagger out of the bathroom straightening her skirt and looking wildly from side to side. He noticed again her rare beauty and thought to Himself that He was going to have to start shopping at this store more often . . .

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