House Rules Pt. 01

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As a junior in college, I had ended up sharing a house with three terrific women. Although they were looking for a female roommate, I had managed to convince them, that for safety reasons, it was always good to have a visible man around. They were skeptical but insecure enough to go with it, and I had ended up with a great furnished room at a terrifically low price. My housemates were all students at the same university.

Candice was French-Canadian – her short dark hair framed her tanned face perfectly. She was quite short but very nubile. Her breasts always jiggled as she moved and she always wore jeans and skirts that seemed to be one size too small so that her body seemed to be constantly straining. It became quite clear to me quickly when she was, or was not wearing, panties.

Marcie was almost the complete opposite, and as close to a fashion model as I had ever met in real life. She was tall, slim and blonde. Never a hair out of place and always impeccably dressed.

Josie was a bubbly redhead, almost tomboyish in her dress and behavior. A sports nut who was constantly playing something and who spent most of her time in sweats. Her body reflected her interests – tight and toned.

All three, in their different ways, were very attractive,. Moreover, they did all the cooking, although I was to help with the dishes and the house cleaning. They made it clear that they had no sexual interest in me – in fact it was a condition of my being allowed to live there that I also agree with that.

My perfect arrangement unraveled one night.

It was the middle of the evening and I was working in my room. As I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I absently glanced into Josie’s room through the slightly ajar door, and found myself transfixed. She was getting undressed, stripping of her leotard. With her back to the door she shrugged it off her shoulders and skimmed it down her body. My breath went out of me as her gorgeous ass came into view. It caught at her ankles and she bent to remove it.

Then from behind me, I heard Marcie’s voice.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at”

I turned to see Marcie looking at me looking at Josie. Moving past me, Marcie went into Josie’s room and saw the state of undress she had reached. She emerged shaking with anger. A couple of seconds later Josie emerged in a white silk dressing gown, also looking very angry. They stared at me icily and moved past me downstairs to the living room, where I heard them talking with Candice, who was watching TV. I was called downstairs in an angry tone.

The three of them sat on the couch and easy chairs. Marcie told me that they had discussed my behavior, and what they were worried about all along had happened – their female privacy being invaded by a man – and they wanted me to leave. I pleaded for another chance, saying that I could not afford anywhere else without taking on an extra job. Their looks afforded no sympathy. I promised to be extra careful where I looked, that I would never do anything like that again, if they would please give me one more opportunity.

I must have sounded pathetic because Candice finally broke down and said she was willing to give it another try, but that it was really up to Josie to decide as she was the aggrieved party. I looked pleadingly at Josie. Slowly her frown turned into a smile. She turned and whispered something to Marcie who also smiled and then to Candice, who giggled. Josie then turned to me:

“There are three things that have to be dealt with. You have to learn to keep your eyes to yourself, you have to apologize to me, and you have to stop thinking sexually around us. I think I have a solution to all three things. Do want to try my suggestion? If not, you can go upstairs, pack and leave now.”

I nodded quickly at the lifeline that was seemingly being thrown to me. Josie continued,

“Very well. To learn to keep your eyes to yourself, we are going to show you what it means to be watched and how uncomfortable it is when you do not have control of it. I am going to count to 10. By the time I finish you are to be standing stark naked in front of us! You will then spend the entire evening naked in our company so you can experience unwanted gazes. There is no negotiation of this. If you are not naked by the time I finish counting you are out. 1..2..3..4…”

My mind whirled but I realized what was necessary for me to keep living there. I quickly started disrobing and by the time Josie reached “10” I was nude, holding my underwear in my hand in front of my genitals.

Josie told me to put my shorts with the rest of my clothes and to move my hands to the side. I felt terribly humiliated as I did, exposing my cock and balls to their eyes. Josie just smiled, while Candice and Marcie looked on open-eyed and now amused at the turn of events. Josie then instructed me to go to the kitchen and make some coffee, and to serve them with it. As I turned to leave I could feel their stares on my cihangir escort ass.

In the kitchen it felt so strange to be doing something so mundane while naked. It also felt erotic, and as I went back to the room with the tray I realized that my cock was slightly sticking out in a semi-erection.

I set the tray down and brought each of them a cup of coffee. It meant moving very close to them, and at times my cock was just inches from their faces. As they sipped their drinks, I was told to stand in front of them again, hands behind me. Every second seemed an eternity as their eyes devoured me.

“Not so comfortable is it, having people watch you like this?” asked Marcie. “This is what we have to go through all the time and I expect some respite when I get home, is that clear?”

I quickly nodded.

“Well that takes care of the watching problem,” Candice said. “How about his apology to Josie?”

I took that as my cue to say sorry to Josie. She was not satisfied. Looking very serious she stood, grabbed me by the ear like a small naughty boy and told me to follow her to her room. Her dressing gown was silk and her shapely bottom undulated maddeningly before me as she ascended the stairs. My cock got slightly harder.

In her room she sat on the edge of the bed and told me to bring her one of the sneakers lying on the floor. Taking it from my hand, she slapped the sole of it into her open palm. I dreaded, but knew what was coming.

“I’m going to teach you properly not to spy on me again asshole. Your sore bottom is going to remind you. Now come over here and lay across my lap so I can give you the spanking you deserve.”

I moved over to her, and she reached for my cock with her free hand and pulled me across her lap. “We’re going to have to do something about this offending object before we get through.”

My cock rested under me over her lap, enclosed in the silk of her dressing gown. She started bringing the sneaker down on my ass. After about 5 slaps she asked for my hands behind me and she held them in the small of my back. This heightened my humiliation even more.

I heard a giggle from the corridor and turned my head to see that both Candice and Marcie had come up the stairs and were watching Josie spank me.

As she finished, she held her bare hand against my ass and reminded me to keep my eyes to myself from now on, and that any infraction of the rules would immediately result in a bare-bottomed over-the-knee spanking, administered by any one of them, no matter who else was present in the house. Then she told me to get my ass down to the living room again and they would be there in a few minutes. As I got to my feet everyone could seen my now full and hard erection. My cock bobbing in front of me, I made my way down the stairs. I felt the humiliation and shame from being naked and aroused in front of the three clothed women.

I waited downstairs for only a couple of minutes, trying to get my cock to go down but it wouldn’t. As they came back down, it was still hard and pointing to the ceiling.

Marcie spoke first. “We have just discussed what we should do now, and we all agreed that the main problem now is staring us in the face.”

So saying she moved to me and contemptuously slapped my cock lightly from side to side. She continued,

“As long as your penis is aroused you will look at us in sexual ways. That is unacceptable. As it seems your punishment is erotic to you, we have to remove that element of the situation for you. The only effective solution we can see is to relieve your arousal without affecting us. So, from now on, you will spend your entire time in this house naked, so that we can gauge your arousal around us. Anytime that we see an erection, or even the hint of one, you will be asked to get rid of it…”

A pause,

“… by masturbating immediately in front of whoever discovers it.”

I shook my head and said that things were getting out of hand.

Marcie responded by squeezing my cock hard and telling me that if that was not agreeable I should start packing. She moved back to her seat.

I thought for a few seconds, and not seeing any other option, nodded my head.

Thinking that was all, I turned to leave. Josie stopped me.

“Where do you think you’re going? Come back here and jerk off standing in front of us right now. I want to make sure you know exactly what’s expected.”

I moved back in a daze, and standing a few yards from their seats on the couch, reached for my cock and started to stroke myself. Marcie looked at me sternly, while both Candice and Josie watched with amused expressions.

For some reason it was very difficult to climax in this position. After a couple of minutes Josie told me to try harder. I started to really stroke myself, feeling even more humiliated at my predicament. Knees bent, head thrown back, my hand was a blur.

Then Marcie, impatiently, said that she was getting mecidiyeköy escort bored and that perhaps I needed some visual stimulation. Turning to Josie, she suggested in a joking fashion that perhaps she needed to expose her bottom to me again, as that was got me into this situation.

Josie smiled wickedly and very deliberately crossed her legs, her dressing gown falling to the sides so that they were in full view.

“I don’t know if her deserves that pleasure. But he does seem to need some stimulation to come so he can get rid of that ridiculous thing.”

She motioned with her finger for me to come to where she was sitting on the couch. I moved to stand in front of her. My cock throbbed as she told me to kneel. Still sitting, Josie then brought one of her feet to my cock and poked it from side to side. Then she started to move her toes over my balls. As she did this, I was ordered to start masturbating again.

As I reached for my penis to follow her instructions, I heard something to the side of me and saw that Candice was clicking away with her cell phone. The added humiliation of having this photographed seemed to drive me over the top, and within fifteen seconds or so I started to explode. As I did, Josie moved her foot in front of me and told me to make sure nothing hit the floor. I knew what she meant and directed my ejaculation over her foot.

Finished and exhausted and drained, I rested on my haunches. Josie simply leant back in the seat, crossed her legs so that the sperm covered foot dangled in front of me. That image seemed to capture and synthesize my humiliation even more.

“Okay, you also have to learn to clean up after you. Lean forward and lick your disgusting mess from my foot.”

Having come this far, as it were, resistance seemed useless. Leaning forward on all fours I brought my mouth to Josie’s foot and started to lick off my sperm. Candice kept clicking away behind me.

When I had finished to their satisfaction (it took a while because I had to lick between the toes), I was told to go the kitchen and bring them all back some wine.

As I came back in, still naked but now soft and without the erotic stimulation, the realization of my situation hit me. This was how I was supposed to be around the house all the time from now!

Marcie seemed to be thinking the same thing and said: “You know, I’m not sure I want him naked around the house all the time. Most of the time penises are not very attractive. I think we should have him covered up.”

The others nodded. Smilingly wickedly, Josie stood up, and reaching under her dressing gown, skimmed off her panties, knelt down in front of me and held them at my feet, telling me to step into them. As I did, she pulled them up my legs until they were fully on. They were tight but with my cock not hard they were wearable. They were black lace and see-through, and while the front covered me, the back seemed to be very thin and flimsy.

Standing back up, Josie told me to turn around. I did and after a couple of seconds I felt her hands on the waistband of the panties as she pulled them up so that they settled into the crack of my ass at the back even more.

“That’s better. They were advertised as emphasizing the bottom. And any excessive excitement will be immediately obvious.”

Telling me to turn around so I could look into their very amused faces again. Josie started to lay out the rules. From now on, when out of my room, I was to always be wearing panties. Starting tomorrow, a pair would be left on the handle of my room, and that is what I would have to wear that day. I could wear my normal clothes only if I was going to be leaving the house within ten minutes of exiting my room. Failure to follow these rules would result in expulsion or further punishment as she had described it. With that I was told to go to my room.

As I left, I heard the three women burst out giggling in a girlish fit.

Chapter Two

For the next couple of days I made sure I was out of the house most of the time. When I was in, I did not stray from my room.

Then on the third day, just as I was getting ready to leave my phone rang, and I was informed my class had been canceled that day, so I did not have to go in. I had been rushing and the news came as a relief. Thinking I was alone in the house (I knew the women all had classes today) I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table.

A couple of minutes later, I heard a noise on the stairs and realized I was not alone. Candice came into the kitchen and seemed surprised to see me. She had on an oversized sweatshirt and, I saw as she moved, black panties. Her legs and feet were bare. She asked me what I was doing there I and I told her I was on the way out but my class had been canceled. She nodded and said she has also got a similar message. Something to do with a burst pipe in one of the classroom buildings.

Coming to sit across the table from me, she said that she had not seen kurtuluş escort me around for a couple of days, and that now, I seemed to be breaking the agreement we had made about the dress code, as well as me doing the household chores. I tried to explain but she abruptly cut me short, and told me to go and put on the required clothes and come down again.

I came down again five minutes later wearing nothing but the panties I had found on my door that day – red silk with garter straps hanging down from the legs.

I was totally embarrassed and humiliated as I walked back in. Candice was where I had left her, at the table. As I entered she pushed her chair back and crossed her bare legs in a very calculated way. My cock stirred.

Saying the agreement had been broken, she instructed me to come over to her, and uncrossing her legs, told me that a punishment was necessary. I was reminded that it would a spanking delivered immediately upon discovery of the infraction

So saying, she patted her lap. Resigned, I draped myself across her bare legs, resting most of my weight on my hands and feet. Her hand started coming down on my pantied bottom. After a few strokes she stopped, telling me she had forgotten that all punishments were to be bare-bottomed, and to lift up so she could prepare me properly. I felt her hand on the waistband of the panties, and as I took the weight off her lap, she skimmed them over my ass and down my thighs to the ankles, where they were left. Imagining the sight I must have made heightened the humiliation.

Also my cock was now in contact with Candice’s bare leg. Predictably I started to get hard. She proceeded with the spanking and to heighten the situation she left her hand on my bottom for a few seconds after every stroke. Occasionally her fingers would flutter along the crack of my ass.

As she finished the tenth stroke, she pushed me off her lap and told me to stand. As I did, the panties remained at my ankles. Although my penis was not fully erect yet, it was definitely not soft either.

Smiling, Candice told me to go the sink and do the dishes that were there, as that was my job. I bent to pull up the panties, but she sharply told me to leave them where they were. I moved with small steps over to the sink and started the dishes, aware that she could watch me from the back the entire time. For some reason the presence of the panties at my feet drew even more attention to my nakedness.

I heard her come up to me from the back, and before I knew exactly what was going on she hugged me and moving her arms under mine, started to caress my chest. She said she was sorry to do what she did, but that it was the rules.

The effect of her leaning into me from the back and her hands roaming over my stomach was predictable. My cock responded with a fierce erection.

After a minute or so Candice moved back away from me and told me to turn around. As I did my erection led the way. Leaning against the table she feigned shock at my condition. Then smiling she stood and quickly pulled her sweatshirt off over her head.

I gasped and my cock jumped. She was wearing a matching black bra and panties set. Her bra was the kind that was half cut, just hiding her nipples, and pushing her breasts up and together. She was exquisite.

Smiling, she teasingly told me that she was shocked, shocked, at my excited state and that, as house rules decreed, whenever I was found in that state I had to immediately lose the erection by masturbating to a climax.

Although I had been “tricked” into the erection by her deliberate actions, I knew I had no choice if I wanted to keep living there. I reached for my cock with my right hand and started to stroke myself. The panties at my ankles kept me from spreading my legs apart.

Candice moved to stand right in front of me, just feet away as I humiliated myself. Smiling, she slowly reached for the clasp at the front holding her bra up and opened it. Her firm breasts, freed from their confines, jiggled before my eyes and I groaned. I reached with my left hand to touch them but she simply slapped my hand away.

“No touching, only looking.”

Then, calculatedly, she turned around and I saw that her panties were actually a thong. All she had at the back was a thin piece of material that barely covered the crack of her ass. Leaning forward with her hands on the table, she wiggled her bottom seductively at me, as she looked over her shoulder.

As she did, I came violently and my sperm flew all over her back and onto her beautiful ass!

As I recovered, she did not move but told me to lick my sperm from her body.

I leant forward and licked my come from her back.

“All of it” she instructed.

I knelt down, and holding on to her hips for support, brought my face to the cheeks of her bottom. My sperm had landed all over and I had to go from one cheek to the other to get everything. As my tongue moved over her skin, Candice ground her ass back at me.

“Get everything.”

As I finished I leant back on my haunches, my cock now soft.?She remained where she was and said simply,

“You missed some – right between my cheeks.”

I leant forward and moving the thin material out of the way, licked along the crack of her ass.

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