Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 05

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Elaine Moore, 32 years of age, MA in Music Education, lately an awardee of the Advanced Music Fellowship at Lexington Baptist College in Texas, writhed breathlessly through yet another orgasm on the rigid, pounding cock of a small town young stud.

She was pretty “small town” too, she reminded herself. Her Southern Baptist upbringing had instilled in her a strict code of morality. She’d grown up to fear punishment both now and eternally in the Hereafter for even dreaming of sex in any form other than between man and woman sanctified in the eyes of the Almighty. She’d remained true to the faith throughout her young adulthood despite the continual invitations to stray and to experiment with which men responded to her smoky eyes, sculpted face and a body that was all at once lanky, athletic and voluptuous.

That is, she’d remained a virgin. She’d averted her eyes when other schoolmates had shared scandalous photos and magazine images of men and women enjoying themselves, and she’d refused to take part in or listen to those self-same friends recount their own many and varied sexual experiences-whether real or made up for the sake of impressing one another.

But “Laney” had her own imagination and a relentless sex drive that she couldn’t entirely mask…at least not when she was alone. Nightly she’d given herself up to binges of obsessive masturbation, fantasizing about things she’d never speak aloud or dare to act out.

Had she not been brilliant and a quick study Elaine might have flunked out of college, so little sleep did she manage on the many nights when she’d discovered a brand new way to play with her own body.

She was sure she wasn’t imagining it now, though, when she saw movement and heard furtive noises from behind the window at the other end of the music room. She wasn’t troubled by it. The doors to the building were locked and only a few of her favorite students had copies of the keys. Oftentimes one or more of the guys would slip in to watch her sexing a lucky classmate and despite the dangers inherent in the practice, Elaine let herself be guided by a simple principle:

It pays to advertise.

She contracted her inner muscles around Brandon Crane’s prick, adding to both their pleasure and ensuring that his attention was completely upon the lusty fuck she was throwing him. He was nearing another climax…she could feel it in the pulsing of his prick and she was determined that nothing would deprive her of the full, thundering discharge of this fine stud’s seed into her womanly canal.

If later on one or more other steely-dicked guys revealed themselves and joined in, so much the better, for Laney did love to practice her proficiency on multiple instruments.

* * * * *

When Nicole opened her eyes, Luke Gable was crouched over her. “There you are,” he said.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You kinda fainted away. I caught you, and made you, um, comfortable.”

Something in Luke’s tone triggered an alarm in Nicole’s head and she pulled herself quickly up to a sitting position. They were still in the darkened small room adjacent to the place…the place where that woman was having her way with Brandon. Nicole’s immediate fears were unfounded, though: she was still fully clothed in baggy teeshirt and unfashionable loose, grey sweatpants and jacket.

Luke read her look. “Here now, whatta think I am?” he said. “I just put you down there and made a bed out of those old furniture pads they protect the piano with. You were breathin’ okay so I didn’t even try, you know, CPR or somethin.” His irrepressible confidence flashed for just a moment and he added “Not that I didn’t want to give you a little chest massage.”

“Please!” As her head cleared Nicole remembered all that she’d seen and heard through the thin glass window. She needed to take action, to protect her son from traveling any further down the licentious road that had cost her so much in her own youth. But she didn’t want to humiliate him. What to do?

“How long was I…”

“Out? Five minutes maybe.” Luke shrugged. “Hard dick and wet pussy wait for no one, though, and the show in there has, uh, ‘progressed.’ Brando blew a load up Laney’s snatch and now she’s doin’ her own kind of resuscitatin’ on him.”

Returning in curiosity to the window Nicole saw Elaine now sitting on the couch in crosslegged “indian fashion” before Brandon. He was on his knees facing her, one hand braced against the couch back. She bobbed her head, taking only the first few inches of his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. She’d suck avidly for a few strokes and them release him, batting his saliva-slick rod between her hands, tickling his balls and gaziantep escort kız once again humming her little song of lust.

Nicole had her first unobstructed look in years at her eighteen-year-old son’s cock. She was transfixed. My, my how they grow up.

“I reckon she’s fixin’ to titty-fuck him,” Luke volunteered. “You like to titty-fuck, Mrs. Crane?”

“Luke! How dare you?” Nicole almost shouted, but remembered in time to lower her voice. Yet…if she was determined to put a stop to this obscene coupling why was she hesitant to reveal her presence? She wasn’t sure.

“It’s a simple question,” Luke said. “Most of the babes in this town, they get hold of a big cock and two things they want to do right away is suck and then slide it up between their hooters. Heck, a lot o teachers are the same way, I oughta know.”

Luke smirked and put his face close to Nicole’s. “And older guys wives. And mothers. Hell, I gotta friend whose mom must be twenty years older than you, but you wouldn’t know it when her hair’s down and she’s naked. Nope, Lucille looks purty as a girl when she’s ridin’ my cock.”

Nicole just stared at Luke, so close, and recognition burst through her years of self-repression: her “discomfort” at his nearness was just plain lust.

Sex with George Crane was a meager thing, but Nicole had convinced herself that it was enough for her. Deep down she was terrified that loosening control of the horny female animal she’d been all those years ago would cost her too much…that she would somehow lose Brandon, as she had lost her father. Now Luke Gable was suggesting possibilities that Nicole had refused to think about for nearly two decades. What if…

But NO! Nicole shook off the tempting thoughts. She needed to focus. She had to save her son.

And, frighteningly, the only hope she saw close at hand was Luke.

“Luke,” she began calmly, soothingly, “You know that what these older women do with you and Brandon and your friends is not good for you or for them…right?”

“‘Course not.”

“Well then-“

“It’s fuckin’ great! We’re all over eighteen, right? Hell, you think that sexy lady who’s blowin’ Brandon seduced him? You got it all wrong, Mrs. Crane. Guys like me and Brandon and the rest of the gang know the score. He’s been gettin’ his share of prime pussy for a long time now, way before Elaine Moore hit town.” Luke paused. “You want me to tell you about her?”

“About her?” Nicole asked. “You mean about her and…and Brandon?”

“Uh-huh. And the rest.”

The rest…Nicole’s thoughts raced. She desperately needed to win Luke over. Perhaps if she listened to his boasts she could find some way to reach him. “Go ahead,” she said despite her misgivings.

“Okay, well Laney had a lot of book learning about bein’ a teacher when she got here,” Luke began. “But she was pretty shy and naive and when she couldn’t deal with the kids gettin’ out of hand she decided to try, y’know, “being our friend.” She’d hang out after school and listen to us gripe about our folks and the coach and like that. And it worked in a way. We liked her and we settled down a lot in her class.

“So at the end of the first quarter one Friday she threw a little pool party for her favorite students at the condo she’s rentin’ downtown.”

“That’s against school rules,” Nicole protested.

“Totally,” Luke agreed. A few of us guys on the team stayed late after the party to help her clean up. That’s what we said, anyway.”

“How many is ‘a few?'” Nicole asked. She could hardly admit to herself the kind of curiosity that this story aroused in her, but she had to know.

“Four. Me, Brandon, Trey and Bobby. We got a cooler of beer outta Bobby’s truck. “Miss Moore” didn’t want us to do that but she knew she was already in over her head, if word got out. She had a couple with us, not many, and she started to relax for the first time since she’d been in this town. She even got flirty with Brandon.

“So we talked her into doing some weed, and wow! Total one-eighty, man. She started dancin’ to the radio. She danced with us and then just got out there on the floor and danced all by herself. Nothin’ on but this little white bikini, and she strutted and shook those big jugs and that ass like she was a stripper.

“So Brandon finally seen enough. He walked up to her and they started makin’ out and she was totally into it. And then, a couple of tugs on the strings and her bikini top was on the floor. And then the bottom. She was naked, and for a minute she looked kind of confused.

“Then Brandon dropped down in front of her and slipped his tongue up in escort kız gaziantep her slit. We had to laugh because she looked so funny, her eyes kind of crossed and her knees buckled and Brandon just laid her down and kept eating her out. Her tongue lolled out and she screamed and beat her legs in the air. She just went nuts around his tongue.”

Luke paused. “You okay, Mrs. Crane? You’re sweatin’ in that thing.” He indicated Nicole’s workout top.

“I’m fine,” she snapped.

“I can’t have you faint twice on me,” Luke said slyly. “You want to hear the rest, lose the jacket.”

“Oh, all right,” Nicole said peevishly, unzipping and shrugging out of the garment. Her undershirt while loose fitting was now clinging damply to her shoulders and breasts. Luke let out an appreciative whistle.

“Go on,” Nicole urged. “Get on with it.”

“Your son made Teacher come a couple of times before lettin’ Trey have a taste. Then Bobby, then me. We all took turns lickin’ her pussy until Laney was beggin’ to be screwed.

“We carried her into the bedroom and got all comfortable and played with her some more. ‘I’m a virgin,’ she said. ‘Brandon. I want Brandon…first.’

“So your son got between her legs, put the head of his dick up between her pussy-lips and started to push. Then he winked at me and said ‘the hell with first.’

“I got on my knees by her head and said ‘Let’s make your first fuck somethin’ to really remember.'”

“She looked in my eyes and she looked at my cock and somethin’ clicked in her, her eyes lit up. She opened wide and sucked on my meat while Brando took her cherry.”

“My God,” Nicole breathed. She felt feverish. Lust flared fully to life for the first time in ages, deep in the center of her being.

“I think something just clicked in you Mrs Crane.” Luke sat down beside Nicole and wrapped one arm around her, pulling her tight against him. Nicole was mesmerized, unable to move or resist as he massaged her back through the wet tee-shirt.

“Trey and Bobby hadda get into the act of course,” he continued. “They each sucked on one of her tits while she squirmed and grabbed at their pricks. Miss Elaine Moore’s virgin fuck was four guys at one time. And then, ‘course we had the weekend ahead of us. The four of us and her, over and over, hardly ever just two at a time. She always said, ‘the best teachers are good students.'”

“Oh!” Nicole exclaimed. “Oh, how, how…”

“Terrible?” Luke guessed. His hand slipped under the hem of her shirt. “No way. She loved it all and she’s been unstoppable ever since. That’s what I’m tellin’ you, Nicole…a healthy chick fucks.”

With what Nicole recognized as a practiced touch Luke flipped open her bra clasp with one motion and before she could speak gathered the fabric of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

“Please, don’t,” she sighed…but she didn’t struggle. He hooked his fingers into the elastic waist of both her pants and panties and in yet another swift movement they were off.

“That’s more like it,” he said, frankly looking her up and down. “I like you better bare. Babe like you belongs naked.”

“I can’t. We can’t!” Nicole insisted, suddenly remembering the couple in the outer room. “What if they hear us?”

“What if?” Luke shrugged. “That’d kind of depend, wouldn’t it? But if that’s your only worry, don’t.”

The teenager stood up and started stripping. Nicole’s head swam. How had she gotten herself into this? How could she let this young man, Brandon’s age, his best friend, have his way with her? This was happening too fast and it was wrong and…

Luke Gable dropped his trousers and stepped out of them. He wore no underwear. All the voices of caution and protest in her heads fell silent at the sight of his erect cock.

“Beautiful,” Nicole thought, then realized with shock that she’d said it aloud. “It’s beautiful,” she repeated, then adding silently and only to herself Almost as beautiful as my son’s.

Luke stepped toward her. “Go ahead and give him a kiss,” he urged. Without a word Nicole brushed her parted lips across the head of Luke’s cock. The satin smoothness, the warmth, the almost-forgotten scent of male meat was both an awakening and yet worked like a drug on her senses.

Nicole licked the crown and salivated. She opened her mouth and let Luke feed his cock to her.

“Oh yeah,” he said, bucking forward to give her a little more. “You done this before, but I’ll bet not with Brandon’s old man.” The full emergence of the young man’s arrogant self-assurance stung her pride, but pride was far from important to her now. At that instant Nicole’s pussy gaziantep escort kızlar ruled her heart and mind.

Luke kept rocking his hips back and forth, shoving his prick deeper into Nicole’s mouth. A trembling shiver ran through her from tits to cunt when his balls first brushed against her chin and she knew she’d taken it all.

Then Luke yanked his prick away without warning. “Lie down, babe,” he ordered. Nicole slid to her back without hesitation and was rewarded by the sight of Luke’s fuck-rod dangling above, inches from her face as he straddled her in the sixty-nine position. She reached for his hips and guided his engorged prick back into her mouth. She felt his fingers delicately parting her pussy petals. Luke blew warm breath across her pussy, making her clit swell and expose itself. “Lookie,” he said and then started teasing her love-bud with his fingers and tongue.

Nicole orgasmed without expecting it. No slow warm build-up, no tingling in the soles of her feet, just instantaneous, all-consuming ecstasy. She thrashed beneath her young stud and would have screamed out, alerting her son and his teacher, were not her mouth and throat plugged with solid, hard-driving cock.

“Atta girl,” Luke said, recalling for her the lusty encouragement of her father. “If you like that so much you’re gonna go wild for this.” With that, he started sucking her pussy.

Nicole, a long reticent woman in her mid-thirties, was happily bewildered by the experience and technique Luke possessed. He brought her to the brink of coming with his lips and tongue, holding her there and then easing off. He did it again, and again. She slipped into a dreamy erotic trance. Is Brandon this good? she wondered without the presence of mind or inhibition left right now to feel embarrassment at the question.

The image of her son fucking Elaine sprang to mind as vividly as if the pair were coupling before her eyes and she had her answer. Somehow little Greenleaf had raised itself a bumper crop of precocious alpha studs.

Nicole sucked harder at Luke’s shaft, eager now to taste his jism. But that was not what he had in mind, not this time. With a final swipe of his tongue across her clit he rose and pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Please,” she whimpered, but before she could finish the sentence he was on top of her again, looking her in the eye and pinning her beneath him with his full weight as his fuckrod sought the entrance to her cunt. “Oh, yes, Luke! Yes!” she groaned, feeling his bloated cockhead slide across her moist pussy-lips.

He squeezed her ass cheeks and lifted her slightly off the matting, lunging his hips forward. With one thrust he stabbed his prick straight through the coral folds of his best friend’s mother’s cunt. She thought she’d split apart as for the first time in years a real cock worthy of the name filled her neglected cuntal cavern.

Nicole fought back the urge to scream in delight as Luke fucked his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Tears of joy ran down her cheeks and into her flowing red hair as he buried himself all the way inside her. She went crazy, humping her pelvis up to grind against him. She wanted everything he could give her.

Luke pulled halfway out. Nicole clamped her smooth legs around his waist, unwilling to take any more teasing. But Luke had no intention of abandoning the hottest, silkiest pussy he’d explored in many months. He thrust back into her and then out again, picking up the pace until his cock was hammering in and out of her like a fucking machine.

Finally Luke leaned down to kiss his lips. “Gonna come,” he rasped.

“Yeah, come for me baby!” Nicole urged. “Fill me up!”

He slammed all the way inside her quivering cunt one final time and with a low rumbling groan of pleasure blasted his hot load into her sizzling pussy. At the sensation of the first spurt of goo against her sugar walls Nicole shuddered and her nerves exploded with another orgasm. This time it took her in waves, each volley of Luke’s cum triggering a fresh spasm.

Eventually both their climaxes subsided. Nicole drifted on a cloud of satiated bliss. This young guy, she realized with a start, had made her come more in their first fuck than George had managed in twenty years. Amazing…

Nicole wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she became aware that the schoolyard and parking lot outside the temp building were much too quiet. She sat bolt upright, then crept over to the window separating the two rooms.

The music room where Brandon and Elaine had been was dark and deserted. “Luke!” Nicole hissed under her breath.

“Wha…huh?” Luke Gable propped himself groggily on his elbows.

“We fell asleep! What time is it?”

Luke checked his watch. “Quarter after eight.”

“Damn.” Nicole grabbed her clothes and dressed hurriedly. “My son must be worried sick. I hope Elaine gave him a ride home. It’s the least she could do.”

To her own surprise she threw back her head and let out a loud, lusty laugh…the first in a very long time.

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