High School Spanking

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When our youngest daughter, Teri, left school, it was the end of an era.

No more delivering and collecting kids from this school activity or the after class detentions.

After class detentions, we would have welcomed those when I was at school, instead of the beatings, which were handed out wily nilly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we did not deserve to be punished but in my case it was always a multiple of spankings.

Our school had what was called an open policy. It was a new innovation of the wonderful 60’s.

All classes were mixed, which made all punishments open to both boys and girls.

I remember one incident involving 2 class members. The teacher was Miss Jarvis.

She was a 50 something year old spinster. Hair in a bun and a buttoned up blouse and she always wore a thin blue skirt.

Our class was mainly 18 year olds, in their last year with odd student who had gone 19.

“Kelly Allerdice come to my desk.” This always meant trouble.

“You were seen by a playground monitor entering school over the playing fields.

You know this is contrary to school rules don’t you?”

“Yes Miss Jarvis.”

Miss Jarvis moved her chair in front of her desk.

“Right young lady knickers off and over my knee.”

Kelly immediately lowered her regulation green knickers to the floor and stepped out of them hanging them on the backrest of Miss Jarvis’s chair.

She placed herself over Miss Jarvis’s knee.

Miss Jarvis wasted no time; she lifted Kelly’s skirt up and tucked it into the waistband of her skirt.

Kelly’s bottom was facing the whole class and you could see her wince when Miss Jarvis’s next instruction came, “legs apart Kelly.”

Kelly was 18 and very well developed.

As she spread her legs there was a transformation from a cute hairy slit to an open cavern, all pink and in creases.

Miss Jarvis had started, when she spanked she took no prisoners. Girls got exactly the same as boys and Kelly was soon blubbering and by the time 40 spanks had arrived she was a heartbroken naughty schoolgirl.

“Stand up Kelly, stand in front of the black board, Alice Jones.”

Alice new she would be called as the playground monitor was an old adversary and had it in for her. Alice had once told tales on her for smoking. A grave sin, the punishment was a caning in font of the whole school assembly on the stage, bottom to the audience.

You had to change into your gym outfit if you were to make a star appearance. The girls wore their regulation green knickers. Green skirt and a white vest top which allowed nothing to the imagination for well-built girls.

The playground monitor had to march onto the stage with 2 the other girls accused.

The routine was, the girls removed their knickers, boys shorts, and stood facing the curtain with your back to the audience till assembly was over.

The skirts were very short and you could see the hot cross bun shape as their legs met their bottoms.

After the morning assembly, in, any other business, each girl to be punished had to climb up onto the punishment horse in turns, an adapted vaulting horse.

She would grip the 2 handles over the other side thus pushing her bottom pointing skywards. Her legs then had to be on either side of the punishment horse legs.

The young kids at the front of the assembly must have thought it was heaven, seeing girls of 18 showing their slits to the school.

Further back it was harder to make out the images but imagination is a fantastic thing and most of the older boys needed constant cock in pants adjustment.

Once in position the head master, Mr. Bell told the pupils the crime and the amount of strokes to be administered, usually six. In this case it was 10 as it was a second offence.

He let the first stoke go to a silent hall. Everyone heard the swish as it cut through the air and the thwap as it hit naked skin followed 3 seconds later by a scream.

He gave her 10 vicious strokes, evenly spaced as if done by a ruler, he was an old hand at caning and made sure that with a school of 1300 pupils that he got a regular supply, mainly in his office.

No one dare jump up from the horse as the punishment for that was being tied by hand and legs with the straps fixed onto the horse, and a double punishment and a repeat the next morning.

Next, kuşadası escort came his instruction, the first girl removed herself on shaky legs and immediately put her hands on her head, a spanking on the already stripped bottom was punishment for not abiding to that rule. She was an emotional wreck with free flow tears and earth shattering sobs.

It was unfortunate for her as her left tit had released itself from its chamber and was hanging over her vest top, what a result for the front row. You could see the boys fidgeting as hard ons took over their bodies.

The next girl assumed the position and was given six cuts of his cane. She was a change for the front row as she was blonde. We could not see her hairs but they could, but we could all admire her gaping slit.

She too was stood in front of the pupils whilst the last girl, of African descent took her place.

She also assumed the position. What an arse and what a covering of hair, how does she pee through that my mate said?

She got her six and she too lost a tit, a real beauty.

New to me was this anatomy. A black tit with a jet-black nipple, what fun to be in among them two I thought.

The head told the audience the show was over and we were all dismissed.

The head master told the three girls they had to stand at the front of the stage face the curtain and touch their toes. This was to show all what a cig would earn them.

They could not stand or touch their bottoms until the hall had been cleared and their form teacher came for them.

After a stage punishment all the children filed out in front of the stage to see for them selves how harsh it was if you broke the rules. All the young boys had tent poles sticking out in front of their pants as they glanced at the upturned girls.

The girls on the other hand walked slower to get a good view of each girls treasure. Even the girls from older years who had seen it all before took their time viewing from every angle.

I found out some years later why, a boy will see at least one and hopefully many slits in his lifetime from every advantage point. A girl who owns one may never have the chance to see other slits shapes and sizes as it is difficult to see your own and they all look the same from the front.

I have never thought my self as lucky but guess who was in the chair party, putting chairs away after assembly, on that day?

All the chairs stacked under the stage so I got a special viewing. The black slit mesmerized me.

I thought it was beautiful; the contrasting colours of each crease and fold, the bright pink of the inner lips the shock of dark black curly hair and her tit hanging down with her pronounced nipple almost touching the floor.

It took about 10 minutes to finish our task and just before we left Mr. Crane came into the hall, he was the girls form teacher.

He went onto the stage to the 3 still sobbing girls.

He asked them all to step forward 2 paces. He then landed an almighty spank on each girl’s bottom. Went back to the beginning and did it again.

In total 5 full bloodied spanks. This brought more tears and screams to the girls.

Stand up, he instructed, if you ever bring shame to my form again you find yourselves over my knee every day for a week, do I make myself clear?

“Yes Sir” came the crying response.

He slapped the 2 girls who had their tits out fully on the nipples, right put those away and follow me.

You can all leave your knickers off too; it will save me a job this afternoon when you are in detention.

He left the room with 3 sorry, sobbing girls following him.

So my plan was to find an excuse between now and home time to be able to spy on his detention class, I still had not had my fill of girls naked bottoms.

Got it, I asked Brian Paikes if he would swap his plant monitor job he was doing tonight with me for tomorrow night. I told him in had dental appointment.

“Sure no problem,” he said.

I planned my campaign; all the plant monitor did was cut off dead leaves and flowers and feel if the soil was dry.

During morning play time and dinnertime I sorted all the plants needs so I was free after school.

The classrooms were one big hall separated by sliding doors to make 3 separate classrooms.

When the bell went for home time kuşadası escort bayan I went to the potting shed and picked up the mini watering can and the wastebasket.

I left for the potting shed then opened the two sliding doors slightly of the middle classroom.

I could squeeze through the first door and the second door just gave me a view of his desk at the far end of his room. As I sat waiting the whole school fell into silence.

I tip toed into the middle classroom as I heard his voice get louder.

He told them again of the shame and embarrassment they had all brought on his form and he did not see why he alone should be embarrassed.

“Right girls strip.”

All three gasped together but a second later were removing their gym vests. What would they take off next?

What does a girl think is her most private possession, her tits or her slit, I was about to find out, tits or slit, slit or tits.

I would have guessed wrong it was their slits.

Each girl removed her bra next then her gym skirt, they had already left their knickers off.

Trainers and socks too, I said strip and he slapped the girl nearest to him hard across both bare cheeks, now hands on heads.


“Now jog around the classroom.”

Feel the embarrassment as I look at three pathetic naughty girls running round naked with their hands on their heads and their tits sticking out.

As they approached his desk he said stop.

Each pick up one trainer.

“Ok carry on round the room.”

Each girl showed the scars of this morning’s war.

Two once white bottoms with angry red stripes across and one black bottom with what appeared to be white stripes on. All the stripes were raised well above the bottoms.

“When I tell you to stop you will tell me that you have been a naughty girl and will I please spank you with your trainer, ok?”

“Yes Sir.”

Had he seen me he walked straight to where I was hiding and stopped and turned with his back to me

After 2 more laps he called stop right in front of my position.

Because it was winter the daylight had gone and the classrooms apart from his were in darkness.

I moved back a little and waited.

The first girl was pretty skinny and had lovely firm round tits that seemed to cling to her body; how one escaped during her caning is beyond me, her nipples were pink but not fully extended. Her belly was flat and she had a very tidy triangle of brownish curly hair covering the top of her slit.

“Please Sir,” she said, “I have been a very naughty girl and would you please spank me with my trainer?”

Happy to oblige, you two keep moving round, it will be your turn soon enough.

“Grasp your ankles and do not move or scream out.” She never responded so he hit her a hard spank on her right cheek, “well?”

“Yes sir sorry Sir.”

“Right,” he raised his arm above his shoulder and brought it down with force on her right cheek, then her left cheek, then right again.

She got 5 on each cheek and was crying uncontrollably. “Stand, what do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

Her tits were following her heavy breaths,” join the others.”

“May I rub my bottom Sir?”

“Of course, I am not without feelings” he said.


The second girl got the same speech.

“Please Sir,” she said, “I have been a very naughty girl and would you please spank me with my trainer?”

“Happy to oblige, carry on you two.”

She was bigger all round than the girl who went first. She had full tits slightly sagging under the weight with pronounced pink nipples.

A bit of a chubby belly and a pussy of blond hair.

When she bent over I saw her blond hair all over her lips, did the other girl shave her lips I wondered, as she was quite smooth there.

With her legs open and her lips parted it looked like a magical forest, waiting to be explored. Thwack, Owwwwww broke my concentration, she too got 5 hard spanks with her trainer on each cheek making her bottom wobble with each swat.

“Stand; join the others,” as she jogged round in floods of tears her tits were up and down to her pace.

“Stop,” it was the last girl’s time.

“Carry on you two,” the girl passed Mr. Crane her trainer.

“Please sir she said, I have been a very very naughty girl and would escort kuşadası like it if you please spank me with my trainer on my bare bottom sir?”

What a speech just to be whipped I thought.

“Of course my dear, please bend.”

She eased herself over and grasped her ankles.

She was by far the best developed of the 3.

Huge tits, the biggest I had ever seen, even in my special books, nipples like fireworks just ready to explode into take off, not sure of her belly I had lingered on her tits.

Her mound was a mass of jet-black hair.

When she was over with her legs together it was a beautiful sight of hills and valleys.

Legs apart, was the instruction.

She spread her legs and her juices ebbed and flowed over her folds, boy was she excited about something.

Thwack, came the first wave of punishment, thank you sir she said.

The second cheek the same all the way to number 9, I noticed Mr. Crane raise his arm higher, it knocked the puff out of her and she let out a whimper.


“Thank you for spanking my naughty bottom with my trainer Sir” she said sobbing.

“You are most welcome, join the others.”

He let them jog round a few more times then pulled out the first girl near his desk. Then the second.

“I hope you two have learnt your lessons.”

“Yes Sir” they both said. He grabbed each by the arm and gave them 5 hard swats with his hand, which brought an immediate response of tears.

“Now get dressed in 1 minute or you will spend some time over my knee.”

The girls did not need any other encouragement to quickly get dressed, they did not bother with their bras and knickers, picked up the note from the headmaster to take home and get signed and left the room.

“Right stop, come here,” he said to the last girl.

She approached him and stood close so her huge tits were toughing his arm, how much better can this get I wondered and took my cock out.

It did not need much encouragement before it had reached its full throbbing size.

I rubbed it up and down as fast as my hand would go. I was a pro at wanking, I’d done it since I was 9. I persevered with it through all the dry come days, into the clear come days and now into my white come days.

I wanked 2 or 3 times a day if I could think of something to wank about.

I certainly had a year worth here and still some to come.

“Now my dear are you sorry for what you have done?”

“Oh yes Sir.”

“I think I may need you to go over my knee for a final spanking.”

“Oo yes please Sir.”

She threw up her tits and placed herself over his knee, well forward so her slit was almost in his face.

“This looks a little sore is it?”

“Its not too bad Sir.”

He brought his hand down with a light slap and gently spanked her. Then the spanking stopped and his hand moved between her legs and she cooooed.

“Oh sir, thank you sir, then came the crescendos Oooooooooooooooooooooo, thank you Sir.”

Her climax helped cover mine, I was about to come but where could I spit it, I picked up my small watering can and stuck the end of my cock into it, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Was that the best wank ever?

“Oh Sir I seem to have wet your trousers a little,” she said on standing up.

“Not a problem, now can I help you dress?”

“Oh thank you Sir.”

He picked up her bra and from the front held her by her nipple and placed it into a cup, same with her other tit.

“Ooooooo thanks you,” she fastened it from behind and he placed his hand in each cup to make sure she was comfortable.

He then took her green knickers and held them open for her, I was getting stiff again, she lifted one leg then the other as he started to pull them up.

He sopped at her cheeks and said her hair looked to be in the way and he moved his hand over her slit and clit.

I rubbed my cock again furiously hoping we could come together again.

Oooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhh I responded at the same time with another lot of fertilizer for the watering can.

He removed his hand and lifted it to his mouth, it was wet with her passion and he licked it dry.

He finished pulling her knickers up and left her to do the boring bits of gym vest, skirt and trainers.

“Will you need to see me again Sir?” She asked.

Yes, it is Saturday tomorrow; I think a Monday detention don’t you?”

“Thanks you Sir,” as she brushed passed him he went up her skirt and down her pants for one last touch.

“Ok off you go.”

I waited till all was quiet, I emptied the watering can over the Yukka plant, and very apt I thought.

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