Her Fantasy Cums True

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We hadn’t had sex in a few days. The pressure was building. I would get hard for seemingly no reason at all. If I was horny, well, she must be going crazy. There was no way I would ever be able to satisfy her in just one session by myself…absolutely no way.

The way she could orgasm was proof that she was built for sex. Her lovely ass that was fit for a 25 year old. Her solid B-cup, no-droop breasts with nipples squarer and larger than pencil erasers. She could climax from nipple stimulation alone. Her “sexability” was scary. She could probably fuck me to death (literally) if she tried.

She told me to wake her up when I got home. Well, this is the one night she will never forget. She will probably never say that to me again…then again, she probably will a hundred times. Ha!

It took months but I finally found someone that met all of my criteria to help me with my little endeavor. I wanted to turn the tables and fuck her senseless. I wanted her to be the one to be totally exhausted when all was said and done. I wanted her to thank me for the experience and then fall asleep from sexual exhaustion. Begging me to stop bringing her to orgasm…actually, us to stop bringing her to orgasm. I wanted another first. Can I cause a woman to pass out from climaxing? We shall see.

He is about 6′ tall. He’s in good shape, not overly muscular but no slouch either. He’s about 10 years younger than us and he carries a big stick. This and his stamina were a must. He proved he was clean and safe (shooting blanks so no babies here). He is single and very flexible with his schedule. So I set it up.

I scheduled leave for midnight. She does not go to bed early so I had to make sure she was asleep. I advised him to get a nap and I would meet him at his place. Once there, I looked it over to make sure we had everything covered:

Rope – check; Nipple clamps – check; Bondage tape – check; Lube – check; Camera – check; Video Camera – check

Everything appeared in order. At 1230, I had texted her that I was going to bed. She said she was tired and was going to bed as well. At 2am, I backed into the driveway as far back as possible. We walked around to the back door under the deck. I had turned off the sensor so it wouldn’t make a sound. Once we were in, we took our shoes off so we wouldn’t make any noise on the wood floors upstairs. We went upstairs with the hood, ball gag and cuffs (for both wrists and ankles).

We crept into the room very slowly and quietly. I made sure there was just enough light for us to see by but she could not see much at all. I motioned to go back into the hallway.

Once I saw her position, I told him we would push her to her stomach and he would cuff her arms while I put on the hood. Once we did that, he would cuff her ankles while I rolled up the hood a little, applied the gag and then rolled the hood down over it. She would effectively be prevented from screaming, fighting or seeing anything.

It went off like clockwork. She was completely caught by surprise. I was putting the ball gag in as she was just realizing what exactly was happening. By then, he had already cuffed her wrists kuşadası escort and ankles. She was ours. We were going to carry her out of here over my shoulder and down the stairs. Once downstairs, he would put his shoes on then I would hand her to him. I would put mine on the drape her with a blanket. Once locked up, we would walk out front where we would dump her in the back of the expedition. The lights had been covered with tape so they wouldn’t give us away and look like we were actually kidnapping someone.

I drove so he could caress her body. She would not recognize his touch and wouldn’t know what was going on. I’m sure she was WIDE awake by this point. He made a comment that she was really wet. He continued to grope her private parts at will for the 20 minute ride. He even made a comment that he couldn’t wait to punish her with his cock.

Once there, we traded roles. I picked her up and he draped her with the blanket so he could unlock his place and let us in. I carried her to a table where I laid her on her back after he cuffed her hands in front of her.

We stretched her arms out and restrained them with the rope. The legs followed. She was at our mercy. However, she still had her clothes on. He produced a pair of scissors and lightly brushed them against her breasts. He told her he was going to cut all of her clothes off and then she was his.

He slowly cut off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. As soon as the last snip was made, her breasts were bare in all their glory. Her nipples were larger than I had ever seen. She was more excited than I could have ever imagined.

He grabbed both her breasts in his hands and started kneading them somewhat roughly. She started to moan around the gag. He began talking to her. Telling her that she was such a tease to all the men with her fantastic body and he was going to user her for his enjoyment as he continued to knead her breasts. She moaned louder and a wet spot grew between her legs.

He made a small cut in her pants and then ripped at them until they fell off. She was now completely exposed as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I had helped to rip off her pants.

He went back to her breasts and started pawing at them roughly. She started moaning again. At that time, I rolled up the hood and popped the gag out then rolled the hood back down. It had an opening for the mouth but she couldn’t see and made it difficult to hear as well.

When he put his lips to her breasts, I thought she was going to faint. I’m sure she knew I was the other guy as we had discussed this fantasy of hers before. However, I haven’t said a word, nor have I touched her intimately in any way.

He licked her nipples and sucked her breasts roughly. I don’t think he realized just how hot her body was until he saw it naked even though he had seen her in public before.

As a matter of fact, we had dinner together one night! I said he was a buddy from past employment. In actuality, it was a meeting to see if there was any chemistry. They got along great so I figured it was a go.

He made his way down between her legs. He rubbed and probed her roughly kuşadası escort bayan but she pushed against him almost begging for more. She was like a bitch in heat. He even made a comment that she was super-hot and probably on the verge of her first climax. He toyed with her and kept getting her close but refusing to allow her to cum.

While this was going on, I leaned over and kissed her. This was the first time I let her know that her fantasy was being fulfilled…albeit slightly different that she had originally imagined. I then broke the kiss and placed my cock on her lips. She sucked it right in. I slowly lowered and raised myself as I watched it disappear and then reappear. Mmmmmm, what a fantastic sight and feeling.

He stopped abruptly. I could see he could no longer contain himself. He walked to her head and placed his near rigid cock at her lips. She opened her mouth and gladly accepted it.

At which time, I moved between her legs and rapidly plunged myself in. The sensation was more than she expected. She was already trying to work his entire cock into her mouth. I could see it snaking its way down her throat. She would begin to gag and he would hold it there for a moment before removing it. I timed my movements with his. I would withdraw every time he thrust forward. The difference was I would slam my cock home every time. This made her moan loudly followed by gagging. I was in heaven…as was she!!

This went on for about 10 minutes. She climaxed at least twice while I fucked her and his member was in her mouth. She would grind against me as I pounded her. She continued to struggle to get his member down her throat. She didn’t lack the effort though. She was really getting into it.

We decided it was time for a change. We untied her and stood her up. She was a little woozy so she couldn’t struggle. By the time she had her feet under her, she was already cuffed with her hands behind her back.

He said he wanted to take her from behind so we walked her to the couch. He leaned her over the arm of the couch so she was at the exact height to penetrate her. I climbed onto the couch and grabbed her by the hair. I held her head up while he rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit. She actually begged him to put it in. He told her to say it again. She pleaded even more and asked him to fuck her hard. She said she needed to be taught a lesson to stop teasing all the men. He shoved the full 8″ up into her in one swift push. Her mouth was wide open and a guttural moan escaped it. All she said was “I’ve never been so full in my life!”

I gave her a minute to get used to it. That’s all the time it took for her to have her first orgasm. It was loud. VERY LOUD! It almost sounded like she was crying it was so intense. I didn’t think it would ever subside which made me even harder. Holding her by the hair, I began to use her mouth to fuck my penis. What a magnificent sight! It was all I could do to hold back. I would have to pause every 30 seconds to keep from cumming myself.

He tore her up like this for s good 20 minutes. She must have climaxed 5 or 6 times, each one as escort kuşadası intense as the last. I continued to use her mouth as I held her by the hair. The hood kept her blind the entire time.

We both needed a break…for the moment. He grabbed us cold drinks. I helped Jill up to her feet and placed a drink at her lips and helped her with it. We weren’t done with her so I wasn’t letting her go nor was I going to let her see anything.

Above his bed was an eyebolt. We helped her up into a kneeling position on the bed. With her hands cuffed in front, we raised them straight up and tied them to the eyebolt. Her breasts were sticking straight out in all their glory. He sucked on one while I sucked the other. I reached down and played with her clit simultaneously. She was squirming and moaning like crazy. She climaxed with yet another scream.

With that, he climbed under her. He raised her by the hips and impaled her on his cock. She climaxed immediately. I continued working over her breasts with my hands and lips. No way was I going to let an opportunity like this go to waste. Her breasts are delicious to begin with but there beyond imagination in this position. He kept bouncing her on his dick for what seemed an eternity. I had climbed on the bed and put my dick in her mouth. My hand was on the back of her head so she couldn’t take her mouth off. She was moaning around my dick which was driving me crazy. She came again and almost became limp.

We had been going at it for about 2 hours now non-stop. She had at least 20 orgasms if not more. At least 10 were screaming orgasms. She was finally getting worn out.

We lowered her arms but kept them cuffed. We decided to keep her on the bed and put a wedge under her hips. Her arms were then cuffed behind her back.

He rubbed his cock up and down her slit until she begged for it once again. Just like before, he buried it with one stroke. Same response…she came. You could tell she was getting physically tired because she didn’t have the energy to scream out but it was still very intense. I left her alone and let her enjoy this pounding without any interference.

Ten more minutes was all he lasted. I uncuffed her hands and cuffed them in front as he rolled her on her stomach. He placed his penis in her mouth until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and orgasmed all over her breasts. His last order was for her to rub it in like lotion. She did it without hesitation. Afterwards, she lay there exhausted.

I uncuffed her hands and sat her up after a few minutes. The blind was left on but I handed her a drink. When she was done, I helped her stand and had her wrap the blanket around her. At which time, I carried her to the car.

We were almost home before I told her she could remove the hood. She was trying to sleep. I had never seen her so beautiful before. Even though I had tinges of jealousy during the whole episode, I would do it 100 more times after seeing how she reacted physically.

Once home, I carried her inside and put her to bed. It was almost 6am by then. Thank goodness we didn’t have the boys and she didn’t have to work today. She could rest up. Unfortunately, I still had not cum and was at the bursting point. Every time I pictured what went on, I wanted to cum. My time would have to wait. Looking down on her as she slept, I know she would be grateful for having her fantasy fulfilled. I wonder what her next fantasy will be.

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