He Sure Likes That Back!

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As a larger girl, you don’t get many offers for sex, let alone many boyfriends. When a bigger girl can find a guy that will treat her right, she better make sure he can treat her right in bed as well…

Destinee is 19 years old, she’s about 5 feet 9inches tall. She weighs about 350lbs. Destinee is a big girl. Just because she’s bigger does not mean that she’s in any way ugly. She has long, dark brown hair with lighter raisin colored highlights. The layers frame her beautiful face perfectly. Her dark brown eyes are accentuated even more by the black eyeliner and smoky eye shadow she wears. Her sensual lips form the perfect pout, glimmering with her sheer pink lip-gloss. Destinee’s body is proportioned rather nicely as well. She has a sexy jaw line, long neck, shapely shoulders, 44D cup breasts, a big round ass, and curvy, thick legs. She is a very stylish girl, and today she is wearing a short white skirt, a hot pink belt, and a white v-neck stretchy tee shirt. Underneath her clothes she has on her white lace trimmed cheeky panties, and matching bra. Her hair is down, and she’s got on a pair of hot pink sandals, showing off her pedicured feet. Destinee is excited today, because today she’s going out on her 5th date with her new boyfriend, Andrew.

Andrew is 23, typical tall, dark and handsome male. He’s got a good job in sales, a great apartment, a dog, and a sexy car. Destinee feels so lucky to be dating such a well mannered, intelligent, and insanely sexy man. Tonight is date for Destinee and Andrew, and to Destinee, this means that it’s time for the test.

‘It’s already 7:30, where the fuck is he?!’ Destinee thought to herself as she paced back and forth across her bedroom, ‘he should have been here 15 minutes ago!’

Destinee decided that while she waited for Andrew that she would tidy up her room a little bit more, perhaps set a few things up for later, when she knew that she would lead her sexy boyfriend up to her bedroom after they complete their kartal escort dinner date.

First she straightened out the sheets on her bed, fluffing her pillows and spraying some lilac scented room spray over her entire bed. Right as she finished putting it on the bed, her doorbell rang, Andrew had finally arrived.

Destinee bounded down the stairs to the door, opening it smiling, yet slightly out of breath.

“It’s eight already, where have you been Hun?” She asked him.

He handed her a bouquet of orange and pink tulips and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I had to pick up a few things on my way over.” He said, pointing to a bag at his feet.

“And what would those things be? Thank you for the beautiful flowers, I love them baby!” She said, sniffing the flowers while trying to take a look into his bag.

Andrew picked up the big brown bag and walked into her house. He went to the kitchen and Destinee followed. When she arrived, he was taking small takeout boxes out of the bag.

‘I guess we’re eating here tonight…maybe he has the same idea I do..hmm…Chinese…my favorite!’ she thought as she watched him lay out the chopsticks.

The two chatted casually throughout their meal. Destinee was trying to place her food in her mouth as sensually as possible, occasionally feeding him some of her food, and even licking his fingers after he fed her a bite or two. The sexual energy moving between Andrew and Destinee was extremely high. Destinee could feel herself getting wet at the thought of what was to come.

As their meal ended, Destinee started to clean up the table, putting the boxes in the trash, and the dishes in the sink. While she was standing at the sink, Andrew came up behind her and began to kiss her neck. He moved her hair to the side and kissed and sucked on her earlobe while she rinsed the dishes. Her body was reacting to his touch, her pussy was getting very wet, and she pushed her big ass up against his crotch.

“Mmmm, cumhuriyet mahallesi escort baby, that feels so nice, you are turning me on!” She moaned softly into his ear as he continued to kiss her, now moving his hands to unhook her bra through her shirt.

His hands felt their way up to her huge tits, her hard nipples brushing against his palms, her back arching to give him full reign upon her breasts.

She turned around to kiss him, and grabbed his hand to lead him upstairs to her bedroom. He followed like a puppy.

When they made it to the bedroom, Destinee took off her shirt and her bra, letting her tits hang free, her big pink nipples standing out proud. Andrew walked up to his big, gorgeous goddess and began to suck and bite at her nipples; she started to massage his cock through his pants, feeling his enormous length. She undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Andrew slid off her skirt, leaving her there on the bed in her white lacy cheeky panties. She pinched and rubbed on her nipples as she watched him strip down to nothing.

“God damn you are so sexy,” Destinee said to him as she watched.

“You are sexier Destinee. I love your body, your curves, your lips, and your eyes. I want to give you all of me tonight.”

“Give it to me baby,” she said, and took off her panties, leaned back and beckoned for him to come to her on the bed.

Andrew climbed onto her bed and spread her thick legs apart. He slid his fingers over her long, hot, wet slit. He spread her big lips apart and stuck two of his fingers into her steaming cunt.

“Mmmm oh fuck yeah baby, that feels so fucking good. How about you stick a finger in my asshole while you do that? I’d love that so much baby!” she moaned.

Andrew listened. He stuck one of his fingers in her ass while the other two were in her cunt; he began to piston them in and out of her hot sex holes, fucking her brains out with his hand. yunus escort He loved her scent, the smell of her wetness was driving him insane, and he had to taste it. He decided to take charge and suck on her clit while he fingered her.

Destinee loved it. She was screaming and thrashing at her bed with her long fingernails as he ate her pussy, fingering her cunt and her asshole. He could feel her body pushing down against his hands and up against his mouth. His cock was so hard, he wanted to feel that hot pussy of hers surrounding his thick cock.

“Destinee, bend over the side of the bed, I want to feel your big ass banging against me while I plow this cock into your hot cunt baby!” He said as he let off her cunt.

She bent over and he spread those big cheeks apart and slid his cock into her waiting cunt. She moaned loudly from the sudden fullness of his cock inside her.

“OH FUCKKK!! OHHH YEAHHH!! FUCK ME ANDREW!!” She yelled as he pounded her from behind, feeling her ass slap against his firm, muscular body.

He rammed his cock into her as deep as he could, slapping her big ass as he went along, feeling her juice dripping out of her pussy and all over her bed. He fucked her for what seemed like hours, her screaming and moaning the whole time. He was about to cum, and so was she.

“Andrew, I want you to cum on my ass, spank me and shoot your cum all over my big ass baby! I want to feel that hot goo all over it!” She told him.

He slid his cock in between her ass cheeks and started to fuck her crack while she franticly rubbed her clit. He spanked her ass cheeks hard as he slid his cock across her crack. His balls were tightening and she could feel him about to cum. She began to cum just as he did, his hot cream spraying all over her asscheeks and down into her asscrack. He kissed the back of her neck as he pulled her to him.

“Baby, that was the best I’ve ever had.” She said to him as he continued to kiss her neck and her earlobes.

“It was the best I’ve had as well sweetheart.” He said to her, pulling her closer so he could cuddle up and fall asleep with his head nestled on her big breasts.

“Good. You definitely passed that test!” She said and kissed him once more before falling asleep with him in her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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