Harry Potter – Part 2 – Diagon Alley

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The sun beamed through the window on a glorious August morning.

“Up at last, Harry?” said Ron, who was putting a shirt on.

“Yeah,” he muttered groggily. “You’ll never guess what happened last night though!” he continued on, recalling the events and suddenly waking up

“Did something happen after I fell asleep?” inquired Ron.

“I was feeling horny, so I took a look at the book and found a spell”

“Really? Well, did you use it on someone?”

Harry paused for a moment, gazing at Ron. His expression seemed eager to know, but there also appeared to be a hint of fear etched on his face; maybe he was worried Harry had stolen his love, or Harry had done stuff with his sister. Putting Ron out of his anxiety, Harry said,

“Yes… Fleur”

For a split second, Harry saw relief flood Ron’s face, before he asked how it was. Harry went on to inform him very graphically of the details, how he had found Fleur in the kitchen and had the opportunity to use the spell on her and fucked her pussy raw

“Bloody hell Harry, you’re one lucky bastard” said Ron, full of awe. “I need to use that book as soon as possible”

“Let’s look for another spell, ” said Harry.

Ron raced across to his trunk and opened up the book to its second page. The spell there was called “deus hora.” It read “For one hour only, you will appear to be a God to all women who see you. They will instantly be fully attracted to you and willing to do your every command, as a group. At the end of the hour, everyone subject to the spell will faint for one minute, giving you the opportunity to flee the scene. They will also have no recollection of the events.”

“Wicked” gasped Ron, “But I won’t be able to use this for ages, this house is too busy for me to risk any of my brothers catching on to what is going on!”

At that exact moment, Mrs Weasley banged on their door.

“Boys, we’re going to Diagon Alley today, be ready by 11. We are all leaving at the same time, it’s not such a safe place any more, so hurry up!”

“You’re in luck mate” said Harry, winking to his pal.


It was fairly deserted. Since news of Voldemort’s return, people had been afraid to leave the relative safety of their own homes. There had been killings, murders, even news of violent rapes, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that there were very few people around. Those who were, moved in tight knit groups.

“Is that all 8 of us?” inquired Mr Weasley.

“Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Molly, Bill, Fleur and me. Yes, that’s all 10” he said.

“Right, now we must stay together alright, all of us must do everything as a group. It’s too risky for people to go off on their own. First, let’s go to Madam Malkins, best get everyone’s clothing sorted out first.”

Ron realised it would be almost impossible to get a chance to be alone with any girls, but he desperately wanted to try this spell out. After all, Harry had some action last night, it was only fair that he got some now. He quickly devised a plan and rushed to the front of the group, so as soon as they entered the old robes shop, he would be taken care of first by Madam Malkin.

The first part of his plan had worked, she took his measurements first and found him the perfect set of robes. He knew he had about one hour to work with, as three other people had to be attended to, but there weren’t many girls around he could ensnare. Nor would it be easy for him to creep off without anyone realising.

Fortune seemed to be on his side, as at that precise moment, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell all entered the shop. He knew he would have to act fast, because as soon as the three girls realised the length of the queue, they would leave. He went into the furthest aisle of the shop and pointed his wand at his own neck, and performed the “deus hora” spell.

He felt a chill down his tingling spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end for a moment. He looked at his image in the mirror and he seemed to be emanating some sort of golden rays of light.

He walked out to the end of the aisle and peered out. He saw the three girls about to leave the shop, looking slightly disappointed.

“Hey!” he called out, loud enough for them to hear, but not so loud that it would attract the attention of his entire family.

The three girls turned to see where the call had come from. As soon as they saw him, their eyes grew wider for a moment and they marched over towards him.

“Your wish is our command,” they spoke at the same time.

Cool he thought to himself, this is going to be fantastic.

“Go across the street to Fred and George’s shop. Sneak past them and go upstairs to their flat. Take this key to open the door. I will be there in a few minutes. “

Angelina took the key and the three girls, transfixed on fulfilling their master’s wishes, left the shop.

For many years, Ron had lusted after the three girls, in the year above him. Especially when got into the Quidditch team, he had glimpsed their perfect bodies, fit after all the training they had done, şişli bayan escort in the changing rooms. He had wanked off many times to the mere thought of having all three girls to himself, but now this was becoming a reality! His flaccid penis twitched in his pants and he felt a hard-on growing.

“Where is ze Ronald?” he heard Fleur say throatily from the other side of the shop.

“Ron!” called Mr Weasley sharply.

“Don’t worry Dad, I’m here, I’m going to try on a few more clothes, see if they fit any better, there’s a changing room this side”

“Okay” he heard the response.

Perfect, thought Ron, and quietly left the shop, running across the street and entered Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

Little did he notice a figure by the corner of the street, under a dark hood.

“What’s Weazelbee up to now?” pondered Draco. He had seen the three girls leave the clothing store and enter the joke shop. He hadn’t suspected anything until he saw Ron sprinting across the street moments later to join them. He had also noticed Ron’s suspicious, sneaking behaviour as he left the shop and Draco suspected something was going on. He decided to follow Ron into the shop


Ron Weasley, the youngest male Weasley, the one who always felt least loved by his mother, the one who was always second best next to his closest friend famous Harry Potter, was ecstatic. He was about to enter a room in which 3 sexy girls were waiting to give him an hour of pleasure. He was about to finally lose his virginity to three willing beauties. Life doesn’t get any better than this Ron, he told himself. Calm down and perform your best, he said, under his breath, before turning the doorknob and entering.

“Ohh Ron,” said Angelina coyly, the moment he walked through the door, “You’re so attractive”
“Handsome, dashing…” whispered Alicia
“You must fuck us” said Katie

Woah, thought Ron to himself, this spell seemed to have worked so well, he didn’t even have to tell them what to do, everything he wanted to do, somehow mentally led the girls into following his unspoken wishes.

“Ladies, please” said Ron, in a hoarse voice, barely believing his luck, “Start by giving me a show, undress each other, slowly and sexily.”

Ron sat down in the chair in the corner of the room, feeling like royalty.

The three girls immediately obliged to his wish. All three girls were wearing tight fitting t-shirts with a pair of jeans, muggle clothing, but it certainly suited them and made them all the more attractive. Firstly, Angelina and Alicia took off Katie’s t-shirt, taking their time to rub their soft hands all over her stomach, before unbuttoning her jeans and letting them fall to the ground. The same then took place on the other two girls. They paused for a moment, standing in front of Ron in their sexy lingerie, letting him take it all in.

Years of hardcore Quidditch training had left all three girls with very toned, defined and slim bodies. Angelina was wearing a white lace bra and a matching thong, which contrasted against her dark skin. Alicia was wearing a turquoise colour bra and a ruby red pair of knickers which also contrasted against her milky white skin. Katie, who was reasonably well tanned, was wearing jet black panties and a bra of similar colour.

The three girls then took off their bra and slowly pulled down whatever was covering their respective pussies. Ron could barely cope any more, there was a large bulge in his pants, the tight jeans were chafing his manhood.

Once again they stood there for a minute, letting their master have a good look at all three of them. Angelina had ample C cup breasts which dark areolas and big nipples, as well as a very large, juicy looking ass. Her stomach was tight and her abs were certainly visible. Her pussy had a neat triangle of jet black hair above it and was already moist. Alicia’s brown hair fell down on her breasts, just above her equally brown coloured areolas. Her boobs were smaller, only a B cup, but still looked perky. She was thin, but didn’t have the same muscular tone to her stomach that Angelina had, but was completely shaven. She had no hair whatsoever above her pussy Katie had massive D cup boobs, with large areolas, capped with small brown nipples, which stood erect in anticipation. She had also trimmed the hair above her pussy into an enticing triangle of dark brown hair.

“Come over and start sucking me off girls” said Ron, now desperate to get involved in the action. As the girls walked over to him, he stood up and yanked his jeans and top off, revealing a strong, muscular body. Angelina began to run her hands over his biceps, chest and defined abs. Since Ron won the Quidditch Championship with some immense goalkeeping for Gryffindor last year, he had been working out every day of the summer holiday, spending hours practicing keeping as well as lifting weights.

“You like that baby?” said Ron to Angelina, who nodded in delight and began to suck on one of his nipples.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Katie had fallen to their knees and pulled his boxers off. They began to fondle şişli escort and caress his dick and balls. Ron’s cock sprung out fully erect, standing tall and proud in all its glory. His cock was just short of 7inches and was reasonably fat.

Ron thought we was in a dream. Three girls were all over him. While Angelina stimulated the tender nerve endings in his nipple, his cock was being treated with immense care by the other two girls, who began to lick and suck the tip of Ron’s cock. His cock twitched at the new sensation, as Alicia and Katie began to kiss one another, their tongues engaged in a battle with each other, as well as taking part of Ron’s dick into their mouths. Ron let his hands wander, caressing Angelina’s boobs, tweaking her nipples, jerking them into life. He bravely moved further down and felt her fuzzy pubic hair. With one hand, he moved further down, feeling her wet juices already gushing onto his hand. He eagerly inserted one finger into her pussy, rather roughly, draw a scream of pleasure mixed with pain from his standing lover, who immediately released his nipple from her mouth and stared to the heavens, as he gently caressed her clit with the other hand. He pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly, while still rubbing her clit. It took mere seconds to send Angelina to her first orgasm of the night, letting out a sharp scream of joy. Fortunately for Ron, the shop downstairs was the only busy shop on the street and the noise of children yelling with mirth drowned out Angelina’s scream, so no-one downstairs would hear her.

Angelina collapsed onto the bed, panting after the rough fingering Ron had given her. As she recovered, Alicia had taken Ron’s cock into her mouth and Ron had his hands on the back of her head, pumping her mouth rapidly with his dick. Katie had taken to sucking on his balls in the meanwhile. However, both girls were fingering one another at the same time as pleasuring their master. Angelina decided it was time to help out her friends and lay down on the floor by Katie’s pussy and began to lick all over it, while beginning to finger Alicia. The three girls had given each other oral sex several times over the years as roommates in the Gryffindor tower, so Angelina knew exactly how to pleasure both girls. She only took a few moments to send them into their orgasms. They both moaned with carnal delight releasing their luscious vaginal juices all over Angelina.

Ron chose to take care of the mess, by joining Angelina on the floor and licking all the juices off her body and then sharing a kiss with her. He swallowed some of the nectar

“You two, ” he said, growing in confidence every moment, “On your knees and bend over so I can see your asses”

Alicia and Katie obliged, wiggling their asses enticingly in Ron’s face as he mounted Angelina. She was lying beneath him, rubbing her clit with one hand and grasping Ron’s erect penis with the other, guiding it into her pussy. Ron was about to experience something completely different to wanking off alone or even receiving a blow job. Angelina was no virgin, she had fucked Oliver Wood many times in her teenage years, yet she was still very tight. Her pussy was still wet from the orgasm, which provided the necessary lubrication for Ron to push his dick in all the way. His foreskin had been pushed back and the head of his dick made contact with the end wall of her vagina. She moaned in pleasure as Ron’s fat cock penetrated her pussy. He held his dick fully inside her for a while, allowing his cock to get used to this different environment. He wasted no time though, instead telling Angelina to squeeze her breasts together allowing him to suckle on both her nipples at once. He placed his hands on Alicia and Katie’s asses and began to lightly spank them, leaving sore red marks on their bums.

Once he felt his dick was ready, he began to pump in and out of Angelina; he felt new realms of pleasure as he ravished Angelina’s pussy. Her juices coated his cock while he began to finger the other two girls, who squealed as he inserted his thumbs into their anus. Ron began to increase the pace and Angelina’s boobs were bouncing all over the place. His hands were also moving rapidly, causing both girls to moan in jubilation. After a while, he told Angelina to get up and placed Katie on top of Angelina, and Alicia on top of her, all in doggie style. He also got down on his knees and stared at the sight in front of him. All three girls asses were staring him in the face, coated with shining, sparkling juices, ensnaring his mind. He snapped out of his staring when Angelina spanked the asses of both girls above her. Using the girls juices, he coated his hands with it, and then lubricated every girls anus.

He slowly eased his dick into Katie’s asshole, ignoring his groans of pain, began to ass-fuck her rapidly, destroying her anal virginity. He spent about half a minute on her, before doing the same to Alicia and finally returning to Angelina. Remembering he was yet to fuck Alicia or Katie’s pussy, he decided he would fuck them both, inserting his wet rod into one pussy and then into the other, alternating, causing them both to moan with delirious pleasure.

Eventually, he managed mecidiyeköy escort to send all three girls through yet another orgasm. As Katie’s pussy orgasmed for the last time, and her vaginal muscles clenched down on Ron’s dick, he felt his balls contracting and realised he was about to spunk a massive load.

“On your knees, in front of me, all of you” he yelled.

The three girls just managed to turn around and get in position in time, eyes closed, mouths open, eager to accept the gift of their master’s juice. He rubbed up and down his shaft at an incredible pace, releasing streams of cum, first aiming at Angelina, on the left, coating her dark face in his white fluid, before turning to Alicia and Katie, and depositing more cum down their throats.

After releasing almost 10 strands of sticky cum, he stuck his dick down all three girls throats once more, getting them to lick off any last bits of cum and told them to swallow and to kiss one another. As he reclothed, watching the girls smooch on the floor, their faces coated in his cum, their own juices forming pools on their legs, they all passed out.

He realised this meant the hour was up, and rushed out of the door, adjusting the zip of his jeans on the way.

Ron rushed across the street and back to Madam Malkin’s, getting through the door, only to hear his mother call his name.

“Ronald Weasley, where are you?” he heard her call from the other side of the store.

“Sorry mum,” he said, as he rushed to the main changing room area, to see his father paying Madam Malkin.

“I called you five times Ron!” she shouted at him, “I thought you had gone out on your own!”

“I wouldn’t do that mum, ” he pleaded with her, “I know the danger. I thought I heard you but wasn’t sure, doesn’t matter anyway,” he mumbled.

“Hmm” said Mrs Weasley, casting him a scornful look.

“50 galleons!” exclaimed Mr Weasley. Harry caught Ron’s eye for a moment and winked at him; Harry had seen his three Quidditch chasers leave the store and Ron follow soon after and knew exactly what had happened. Ron gave a wide grin back, realising his friend knew what he had done.

They left the shop soon after, Mr Weasley still muttering about inflation rates and overpriced clothing


As Ron ran out of the room, Draco had to hastily cast a Bedazzlement Hex, blending into the wall. As Ron made his way down the stair, Draco removed the charm and proceeded into the room, looking at the girls, lying unconscious on the floor.

“How the fuck did Weasley do that.” Draco exclaimed. “There’s no way three hot girls would fall for that bumbling buffoon, he’s not that good looking, he’s not even well off! Something unusual is going on here. He somehow tricked these girls into having sex with him. It’s not the Imperius curse, the Ministry would be onto that in a flash. I guess I’ll have to make it a point to spy on that bastard as soon as possible!”

Draco was by no means a virgin, he’d been fucking Pansy Parkinson since their first year at Hogwarts. She loved him and would do anything for him, despite the fact that he treated her like a worthless bitch and would fuck her pussy and ass raw just for sexual, animalistic pleasure, not because he had any feelings towards her. But he was definitely feeling jealous of Ron; he had never had sex with more than one girl and was furious that the cheap Weasley had beaten him to it.

His dick became hard at the sight of the three beauties and wondered if he could fuck them all now whilst they lay unconscious. However, just as he began to think this, he noticed they were stirring.

Shit, he thought to himself. They were still groggy and unaware of their surroundings, which gave him a few more moments. Suddenly he realised this was the perfect opportunity for him to put Voldemort’s plan into action. He had been forced into an impossible task of murdering the all time greatest wizard, Albus Dumbledore. A plan formulated in his mind and he grabbed hold of the nearest two girls, Alicia and Katie, who were still just waking, and with a loud pop, apparated away to the dungeon of Malfoy Manor. He knew that Voldemort would kill his family if he failed but he had an idea of how he could use these Gryffindor bitches to destroy Hogwarts and ultimately, succeed in his mission to kill Dumbledore.


“I want a firecracker set as well mum,” wailed Dennis Creevey.

“Dennis, ” she said sternly, “You and Colin can share this one.”

“Ma’am, don’t worry, we have more in the back room, ” said George Weasley courteously.

“Please mum,” said Dennis.

“Oh all right,” she said, giving in to her son.

“One moment please, I’ll be right back with it,” replied George.

George walked to the back of the store, but as he did so, heard a loud pop from upstairs.

“Hello?” he inquired, walking up the stairs. “Is anyone in there?”

He cautiously opened the door to find Angelina Johnson, stark naked, lying on the floor, covered in cum and her own pussy juices.

“Excellent…” he said to himself


Part 3 coming soon!

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