Haitian Bisexuality in Montreal

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“Okay, I’ve got him now, so fuck him good, Hank!” My girlfriend Sheila Sebastien all but shouted as she held my ass cheeks wide open while my buddy Henry “Hank” Mathieu got behind me and rubbed his hard dick against my well-lubricated asshole. Truth be told, I was quite nervous but I must admit, part of me was also craving this. That’s what happens when you’re a bisexual brother. Got all kinds of desires which can take hold of you at any given minute, yup.

Guess you’re probably wondering who this is. The name is Christophe Robillard, my friends call me Chris, and I’m a young black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Montreal, Quebec. I attend the University of Montreal, and as you may have already guessed, I’m totally bisexual. If my bedroom is a tad bit crowded tonight it’s because I let my girlfriend Sheila talk me into a threesome with my good friend Hank, who got kicked out by his obnoxious and closeminded parents, hence why he’s crashing at my pad.

“Oh yeah, Chris definitely has a cute ass, thanks for prepping it with Aloe cream for me, Sheila, ” Hank said, laughing as he gently caressed my ass. I turned around briefly and locked eyes with Hank, who grinned at me. Hank is six-foot-one, dark-skinned and muscular, with a smooth shaved head and a slick goatee. The brother has been my best friend since our halcyon days at Saint Justinian Academy in the north end of Montreal, Quebec.

We are both from a Haitian immigrant background. I was born in the City of Montreal to immigrant parents, while Hank was born in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and moved to Quebec in his younger days. We grew up in the same neighborhood of Montreal-Nord, attended the same predominantly Haitian church, which, if you know anything about Haitians, is saying a lot. Our parents knew each other and everything. Yeah, Hank and I have always been tight.

After high school, Hank went to Concordia University to study civil engineering and I went to the University of Montreal to study computer science. Truth be told, I always had a bit of a crush on Hank but I never acted on it because I thought he was straight. I never would have guessed, since the dude always had a girlfriend, and not just any girlfriend. Hank always gets the dime pieces. Me? Not so much. I lucked out when I met Sheila Sebastien, seriously.

As you may have guessed, my girlfriend Sheila Sebastien is something else. Born in Les Cayes, southwestern Haiti, and raised in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Sheila is a newcomer to the University of Montreal campus. She transferred from Carleton University and is studying for her MBA. With a unique combination of altitude, beauty, brains and booty, Sheila is what I call a Haitian Amazon. Don’t come at a female like that unless you’re correct, brothers.

The first time I saw this six-foot-tall, thick, fine-as-hell sister with the Jill Scott type of Afro, the dark brown skin and thick round and heart-shaped booty, I knew I wanted to make her mine. When you meet the one, you simply know. Sheila is six-feet-tall, bodacious and fearless, while I’m five-foot-nine, somewhat chubby and nerdy with thick glasses, but we clicked anyway. I should mention she’s a sexual dynamo. More fun for me, I guess.

“Oh yeah, Hank, I’ve fucked his ass with my strap-on many times, it shouldn’t be too tight for your big ole dick, hope gaziantep bayan escort you like the feel of Magnum condoms, that’s all Chris and I use, ” Sheila said, laughing and playfully slapping my ass. Damn, I know we’re among friends, but does Sheila have to go there? Yes, I let my woman fuck my ass with a strap-on dildo. Don’t judge me.

Why is that, you may ask? Oh, there are a myriad reasons. It’s primarily because I’m kinky, and I’m usually a bottom with men, but I swore to my beloved Sheila that I’d be faithful to her, so she’s the only one I’ve let anywhere near my ass throughout our passionate, at times tumultuous relationship. Yes, bisexual men can be faithful to the women in their lives. Now it’s a different story, since Sheila revealed to me that she’s okay with threesomes.

“No worries, Sheila, I won’t wreck Chris’s ass too much,” Hank said, laughing and I shook my head. Why am I always surrounded by clowns? I felt Hank’s fingers up my ass, and heard Sheila tell him to add more lubricant. Damn, how did I let myself get talked into this again? Oh yeah, my best friend Hank came out as bisexual on Facebook, much to my shock ( and delight, since I kind of fancied Hank for years ) and my kinky girlfriend Sheila talked the two of us into this tryst that we’re doing now. Women, eh?

“Um, be careful you two, this is my ass we’re talking about,” I whispered and Sheila’s lovely face was suddenly in front of mine, her dark eyes glistening with mischief…and lust. Grinning wickedly, Sheila kissed me on the lips, and I kissed her back. Too late I realized that she was merely silencing me the best way she knew how. My buddy Hank’s dick popped into my ass, and a mixture of exquisite pleasure and wicked pain washed over me.

“Oh fuck,” I cried out, the moment Sheila stopped kissing me. Laughing, Sheila rubbed her big tits together, and then rubbed them against my face. I sucked on Sheila’s tits and she giggled and winked at me. Meanwhile, Hank was working his dick up my ass like a pro. Damn, his dick wasn’t as long as Sheila’s seemingly endless supply of strap-on dildos, but it was decidedly thicker. Which made it hard on my ass, pun intended.

“Chris, you alright?” Hank paused to ask, and I turned around once again, and was surprised to see a look of concern on Hank’s handsome face. I nodded, and Hank smiled, then resumed fucking my ass. I groaned as Hank’s dick sank deeply inside of me, going in places where no one had been before. Dildos are fun, and strap-on dildos even more so, but live dick is priceless. I say this as something of a connoisseur, folks.

“Yo, Chris, don’t leave your woman hanging, bro, eat her pussy,” Hank said, tapping my ass for emphasis. I turned around and shot him a look and my buddy grinned, and I turned and looked at Sheila’s grinning face. Looks like it’s two against one, not that I mind going down on my lady. Leaning back on the bed, Sheila spread her thick, sexy golden brown thighs invitingly.

“Hmm, yummy,” I said, looking up at a grinning Sheila, who nodded eagerly. Without further ado, I buried my face between my lady love’s thighs, and began to lick and tease the hell out of her wet, hairy cunt. A lot of guys don’t like hairy women but they’re totally my thing. I asked Sheila to stop shaving and she was totally fine with that. More fun for me. I like to go muff diving in an actual muff, you know.

“Oh yeah, Chris, go for it,” Sheila said, giggling as I stuck two fingers into her cunt, teasing her clit with my tongue while fingering her. Meanwhile, Hank buried his dick even deeper in my ass. The brother went so deep that I felt his balls against the groove of my ass. Damn, I hadn’t gotten fucked like this in a long time and loved every minute of it. Got to intense that I had to focus in order to lick my lady, seriously.

“Damn, that ass is too tight for me,” Hank said, and I heard him sigh and moan as he pulled out of me. I winced as Hank pulled his dick out of my ass, and suddenly felt empty, but whatever. Sheila laid her hand firmly on the back of my neck, and I looked up at her. The stern expression on my lady’s beautiful face surprised me.

“Eat it right,” Sheila said, and I smiled and nodded. I lapped away at her cunt like a thirsty nomad finding an oasis after many days in the desert. Sheila closed her eyes, and I saw her voluptuous, Amazonian body shudder as I pleasured her with my mouth and fingers. I chanced a glance at Hank, and saw him sitting on the other side of the bed, stroking his dick while watching Sheila and I.

“The two of you are beautiful together,” Hank said, and Sheila’s eyes snapped open, and she grinned, then looked at me. Sheila winked at me, and then smiled at Hank. Just like that, we switched things up. This might be my apartment but everyone knows the lady of a house always takes control of everything going on in said house. It’s just the way of the world. Besides, I was too horny to argue, and Sheila always gets her way anyway.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Sheila said, and next thing I knew, my lady shoved me against the pillows and then kissed me. Hank joined us, and I watched as my buddy grabbed my dick and stroked it. Winking at me, Hank kissed me on the lips, and then kissed Sheila, who caressed his muscular, tattooed chest and then looked at me.

“Chris, Hank and I are going to suck your brains out, think you can handle it?” Sheila said, a daring look in her lovely, fearless eyes. I grinned and nodded, and just like that, my best friend and my girlfriend went down on me. Sheila sucked my dick while Hank massaged my balls and then sucked on them like they were sugar cubes. Oh shit, this is driving me nuts in a most wonderful way.

“Yo, Chris, which one of us is better?” Hank said, grinning at Sheila, before he flicked his tongue on my dick head. Sheila licked my ball sac, then looked at me expectantly. I looked at them both, and then bit my lip. Alright, that’s the bisexual man’s eternal dilemma. Whom does one prefer, the woman or the man? Fuck it, I’m greedy and I want it all.

“You both rock, can’t choose between my lady and my best guy,” I said, grinning, while mentally keeping my fingers crossed. Somehow, that answer seemed to satisfy Sheila and Hank, and they resumed sucking my dick like it was a contest. Hell, maybe for them it was. Whatever, I loved every moment of it. When I came, Sheila and Hank drank my seed, and I smiled, for I was a happy camper.

“That was fun, now I need you both to cooperate so you can satisfy me,” Sheila said, eyeing Hank and I lustfully, while licking those succulent lips of hers. What do you think Hank and I said to that? I kissed Sheila, and then sucked on her left breast while Hank sucked on the right one. I slid my hand between her thighs and fingered her pussy, and Sheila moaned softly, and urged me to continue.

“Hank, my dear, I want to taste you, if that’s okay with Chris here,” Sheila said, a challenge in her voice. I looked at her, then at Hank. Shoot, I’m not the jealous type. Grinning, Hank stroked his big ole dick, which served the hell out of my ass earlier, and fed it to Sheila’s full lips. Winking at me, Sheila grabbed Hank’s dick and began sucking on it with gusto.

Alright, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I didn’t feel a certain way when I watched my best friend Hank get his dick sucked by my girlfriend Sheila. Bisexual or not, a man is a man. Don’t forget that. About the scenario unfolding before me, I felt mixed emotions. Lust, envy, and more lust. A thought occurred to me. This is my three-bedroom apartment in Montreal-Nord which I pay for, and my damn bed, and fuck it, I can do whatever I want.

“Sheila, got room for one more?” I said, stroking my dick while looking at Hank. Sheila reached for my dick and stroked it, and then, amazingly, she managed to take both Hank and I into her mouth. Dammit, this woman is simply amazing! Sheila sucked us both, and in no time, I was harder than a rock. Which is good because I was horny as hell, and wanted to park my dick in someone’s hole. Didn’t matter to me whose hole it is.

“Alright, guys, let’s fucking do this,” Sheila said, laughing, and I kissed her, as did Hank. Reaching for the same bottle of Aloe cream that Sheila used on my ass earlier, I took some. So did Hank, who grinned at me. Just like that, we took Sheila. Now, in porno flicks, threesomes happen smoothly without any awkwardness. In real life, not so much.

“Sheila, ride Hank, and let me get a shot at that ass,” I said, slapping Sheila’s big brown butt for emphasis. Sheila rolled her eyes and I grinned then kissed her, while Hank gave me the thumbs up sign. We rolled condoms on our dicks. Hank lay on the bed, his hard black dick standing straight up, his muscular body glistening with sweat. For a brief moment I wished I were the one about to ride him like this, but only for a moment.

“Let’s see if you can handle all this,” Sheila said challengingly to Hank, then she turned around and blew me a kiss. I winked at her, then stroked my dick before adding more lube. I spread Sheila’s ass cheeks wide open and lubricated her hole thoroughly. You can never have too much lubricant when it comes to anal sex, I swear. I pressed my dick against Sheila’s backdoor and laid my hands on her wide hips, then I waited.

“Go for it,” Sheila said, and just like that, she impaled her cunt on Hank’s dick. That’s my gal, she’s such a trooper. A heartbeat later I eased my dick into Sheila’s asshole. Sheila shrieked, and I stopped, as did Hank. Sheila took a deep breath, and then nodded at me after I inquired if she was alright. I resumed fucking her, as did Hank. We buried our dicks into Sheila’s holes, and the tall Haitian Amazon howled in pleasure as we fucked her silly.

Much later, Sheila, Hank and I lay on the bed, happy as can be. I lay sandwiched between my best friend and my girlfriend. Had a big smile on my face that had little to do with sex. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy. I smiled at Hank, and Sheila, and they smiled in turn. Without another word, I hit the light, and then we went to sleep.

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